10 Bad Habits That’ll Reduce a Shaver’s Foil Life Faster than Expected

There’s a lot more to shaving and shaving habits than just scraping the razor over your face. Most men know the right way to shave and what foams and creams to use but many of them skip maintaining their razors properly. If you have invested some money into a good quality razor then it makes sense to take care of it. Correct care and maintenance will keep the electric shaver’s foil or blades in top condition for a long time. We’ve listed some common bad habits that people have while using their razors.

1. Ignoring overheating

Operating an electric razor for long periods of time heats up the foil. This results in friction between the metal components which can cause your razor to overheat. By applying a small drop of oil, you can prevent this problem by lubricating the metal. Check the manual to find out where to put the oil.

2. Pressing too hard

Pressing too hard while shaving can damage the foils. Generally, foils are made from a very thin, delicate piece of metal. The perforation along the foils means that any pressure is shared over an already weakened surface and this surface can be damaged easily. To avoid this kind of damage, use the razor gently.

3. Tapping the shaver

A lot of men tap the shaver against their palm, the sink or countertop to clean out tiny pieces of hair from the foil. This can cause the foil to crack and should never be done.

4. Too much hair

Don’t force the razor through heavy or thick hair. Trim the beard with a trimmer before using the razor. Longer hair won’t go through the foil holes easily and therefore, they won’t be cut. Trim the beard first as it allows the smaller stubble to go through the foil holes.

5. Storing the shaver wet

Clean the razor thoroughly after having the shave. Always make sure that all the razor components are completely dry before putting them back together and storing away. One of the best options is to wash all the pieces and let them drain on a towel before reassembling and using again. If you are packing the razor away for a while, apply a drop of oil first. This will make sure the foil and the cutter won’t go dull while in storage.

6. Using a brush to clean the foil

The best way to clean the foil is either under running water or with cleaning spray. Using a brush is not recommended.

7. Not assembling or disassembling the razor according to the manufacturer directions

Take a look at your razor manual before pulling it apart and putting it back together to avoid errors that can lead to damage. And remember to have patience while dealing with the fiddly parts.

8. Ignoring the protective cap

Always put the protective cap on the razor when you go for traveling or pack the razor away for a while. This cap will prevent the foil from breaking and also keep you away from getting cut on a broken foil.

9. Not cleaning your razor

Not everyone has time to clean their razor every day. This doesn’t mean it should be neglected completely. Cleaning your shaver after every 2nd or 3rd shave is imperative to keeping your shaver in top condition.

10. Don’t let children play with the razor

It’s not a toy. Keep your razor out of reach for children to prevent accidents and breakage.

If you follow these 10, relatively simple rules for shaver ownership, you will find that a good quality razor will stay in top condition for years before getting the new one.

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