5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Need of Hour for Your Med Spa

Whether you own an old and popular medical spa or have just opened a new one, you must have tried all those traditional marketing methods like ads on TV and in magazines. But have you tried hopping onto something more personable, easy, yet amazingly effective? Something like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.?

As a med spa, you might think that your prime marketing space lies in fancy fashion magazines. But you couldn’t be further from the truth. Social media is the new “it girl” of marketing. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, 57% of the total world population uses social websites. So from small, local med spas to big franchises, all are hopping onto these digital platforms to attract more leads and manage old customers. And so should you. To know why exactly, read on!

Everyone is at home

You already know this. The world went into lockdown, and people are still not entirely comfortable staying out. And what do they do while staying home? Among other things, they use social media far more than before. The average usage time for social media increased in 2020, and the trend continues

So why not jump onto their Facebook and Instagram feed? Producing aesthetic reels and TikTok clips, making funny videos, and posting creatively can attract a lot of attention to your medspa. People will remember your med spa and talk about it on social media even as they stay home. So if you want to be visible to even those who are quarantined, in complete lockdown, or barely leaving home, you must get social media marketing right. 

You Can Save Money 

Let’s be real: even as a luxury medical spa, you don’t have a lot of extra budgets to spare for marketing post-pandemic. You can’t post your ads on the front page of the Times or host a banner atop Times Square for cheap. But social media marketing isn’t that expensive at all! According to recent data, social media marketing is the only way that exposes you to more than a thousand people for roughly $2.50. So even with a tight budget, you can hope to have a broad reach. 

To begin with, social media accounts for your business are free to create. And if people like your posts, your followers and engagement will increase automatically. Even if you’ve started your med spa recently, you can get popular just based on sound social media engagement. 

Engage With Leads and Customers Directly

Who doesn’t love a thank you post, an appreciation note, or a quick reply to messages? Your customers sure do! Social media is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most accessible ways to engage with your audience. It’s a direct one-to-one conversation with your customer. 

Through it, you can also focus on reviews and honest feedback and know where you need to work to improve. Your med spa can also directly reach out to potential or past customers and offer them special services, discounts, etc. Seriously, no other platform gives you such freedom and flexibility.

Paid Advertising on Social Media is Also Amazing

Paid advertising on popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram ensures engagement. They will directly lead customers to your website as they click on the ads. And these ads play a significant role in brand discovery and even impulse purchases. Social ad impressions have increased by a whopping 20% year over year. And 27% of internet users find new brands and products through paid social media ads. 

But what if you don’t know how to design and post these paid ads? Simply hire experts! Practice Bloom is one of the best medical spa marketing companies that can do everything from planning and tracking your social media marketing campaigns to designing and posting geo-targeted ads. Avail their services, and you will soon find more people sliding into your inbox. 

Global reach

Unlike billboards or other offline marketing means, which are restricted to one city or country, social media marketing has a global reach. This is because people from everywhere in the world are on a common platform. But what if you aren’t a multinational medspa franchise? Is this reach still important? YES!

Suppose you sell products that can be delivered to multiple locations. In that case, social media marketing is one of the cheapest and best ways to reach audiences in all those locations simultaneously. And even if that’s not the case, having a global reputation gives your brand immense authority. And this authority, in turn, makes people trust you more. 


Greater visibility, lesser expenditure, and creative space for advertising your spa services – social media has it all. So if your brand is not already running high-quality social media marketing campaigns, you must start now!

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