7 Kitchen Essentials For Healthy Eaters      

With new year’s right around the corner all of us are busy making our resolutions for the coming year. However, as we all know as the year passes the motivation to fulfill your resolutions goes down as well. Especially if that includes prepping healthy meals for yourself, in a boring kitchen. 

Worry not! We know just the right way to keep you motivated to prepare healthy and appetizing meals for yourself throughout the year. With the right kitchen tools and gadgets, you’ll be ready to cook yourself healthy lunches! 

Here’s a list of our favorite tools: 

1. Air Fryer 

Air fryers have been all the hype ever since they came around whether you are planning on living a healthy lifestyle or not, adding this to your kitchen is essential now! Some of the best air fryer companies claim that air fryers use at least 75% less oil as compared to normal deep frying. This means your consumption of unhealthy fats is already down by 75% and if you’re a big fan of deep-fried foods and cutting down on them is not easy, air fryers will be your best friend on your journey of healthy eating. 

2. Bullet Blenders 

Taking your expensive big juicer/blender out every morning and making yourself a fresh juice will become a whole exercise that you won’t be interested in every day. So we strongly recommend that you invest in a good bullet blender that will allow you to concoct yummy smoothies and delicious fresh juices every day. There won’t be a lot to wash afterward and taking this small lightweight bullet blender every day won’t be that much of a task. The powerful blades of these blenders can literally chop up everything so you don’t have to spend time cutting your fruits or veggies for a nutritious drink every morning. 

3. Vegetable Spiralizer

At least one meal of your day as a healthy eater should be salad. And if it’s not then you’re doing something wrong! In my personal opinion, having a salad at lunchtime at your workplace is the best way to cut on the extra fat. Because we all know how bad it gets when you and your colleagues decide to order take out. A vegetable spiralizer will reduce your meal prep time to literally zero minutes rather than 20 full minutes of cutting your vegetables and then cleaning your countertops. Most spiralizers have an amazing blade that allows you to turn boring vegetables into yummy pasta shapes so you can enjoy a healthy and fun meal easily!  

4. French Press

A very unusual suggestion as you may be thinking right now but interestingly coffee is known to help with weight loss! And if you are dependent on caffeine then having a french press would make it easier for you to have black coffee to go every morning. Rather than the usual cream-filled drink from Starbucks, the french press will allow you to avoid the unhealthy sugars and fats that have so easily become a part of your morning routine. Coffee also contains multiple antioxidants which will help your body fight against the free radicals in your body. 

5. Water Bottle 

Hydration is a crucial part of healthy eating! Without maintaining your daily water intake, having a well-balanced diet will be nearly impossible. But once you have a water bottle with you at all times there’s no way you are going to miss out on your daily intake of water. Make sure you get a cute dishwasher-safe bottle to easily wash it every day. Just make sure you fill it throughout the day and measure your daily water intake. You will eventually start seeing a difference in your skin and physical health! 

6. Silicone Baking Mats 

Gone are the days of your veggies getting stuck to your baking tray. All you need is a silicone baking mat that will not only prevent your food from getting stuck and burned. It will also allow you to use almost no to very little fats to grease your food before you put it in your oven. So your healthy oat cookies and roasted veggies can now be cooked with almost no excessive fats. And the best part about silicone mats is that they are cheap and easy to clean as well! 

7. Food Scale 

As you try to be more healthy each day, measuring your food becomes important so you can measure your calorie intake. A compact smart food scale is a must-have for any health junkie! It can measure both liquid and dry ingredients which means that all your meals and drinks will easily be calorie counted. This will also help you perfect your recipes because the key to making a one-person recipe is measuring your ingredients right. 


We hope that our suggestions will help you uphold your resolutions in the new year and start your healthy eating journey!  

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