7 Ways To Get Rid Of Termites

Just imagine a scenario where you spend thousands of dollars furnishing your house with antique wood furniture and even throw in the expensive wooden flooring. Fast forward a few months and you notice wood dust in some corners. You would be right to be alarmed as this might be a termite infestation.

Termites are small enemies and are extremely difficult to detect. In fact, in most cases getting rid of termites through professional help is the only option as they cannot be detected before they have already done crucial damage to your house. Nevertheless, it is important to be on alert.

In this post, we discuss some ways to get rid of termites. This includes both preventive steps (as small as they may be) and curative steps. Let’s get started.

  1. Pest Control

    This might seem like a radical first point but hear us out. One of the reasons you landed up on this page is because you were searching for a way to get rid of termites, which means your house has a likelihood of infestation.

    In such a scenario, the only thing that you should do without delay is hire a good pest control agency, albeit one that specialises in getting rid of termites. One of the advantages if you handle your extermination needs with the help of Positive Pest is that you get professional help which you need urgently.
  2. Remove Unwanted Moisture

    One of the main reasons any insect or termite visits you and loves staying is the moisture in the environment. You need to remove all sources of unwanted moisture in your surroundings. This can prevent pest infestation of many forms.

    There are two easy ways of reducing moisture in the air. One is the use of a dehumidifier in case you are located in a very humid area. Second is the use of air conditioners if you are in a very hot area. Both these small steps can go a long way in reducing moisture in the air.
  3. Be careful with the wood

It’s common knowledge that termites are found in wood. There are a number of easy steps that you can take that will at least reduce the chances of your house being infested with termites. This begins the time you actually construct your house. Make sure that you leave a reasonable distance between the actual ground and your wooden patio or any other floor.

Further, always try to use termite-resistant wood. Yes, they can be expensive but if you compare the long-term benefits with the short-term costs, you will realize it is considerable savings. Not everyone can change or rebuild houses in their lifetime. So it makes sense to spend in the beginning.

  1. Regular inspections

    We always ask the question – How do you get rid of termites? when the real question that we should be asking is – how can we prevent termites? And the answer to that question is through regular inspection.

    Just like you cannot get rid of a substantial termite infestation on your own, you also cannot detect the early signs of a termite infestation on your own. It is always better to leave it to the professionals. Regular inspections of the woodwork in your house can help you sleep better at night. 
  1. Sunlight is the best disinfectant

Just like termites love moisture, they hate the heat from the sun. So one thing that you can do is to place your wooden furniture that is at a higher risk of being infested with termites in the sunlight for a couple of days every summer. This will kill any minor infestation.

Further, if you feel that one of your wooden furniture items has already been infested with termites but luckily it hasn’t spread to other items yet, you can remove as much of the infestation as you can first and then place it in the sunlight so that any remaining batches can be killed naturally.

  1. Cleaning and Organising

    When it comes to any kind of pest infestation, it is important to never undervalue the importance of cleaning your house and organising all the places, especially the kitchen. This can reduce infestation to a large extent.
  2. Understand the enemy

    Did you know that there are 13 different types of termites eating houses all over the world. Yes, we are not trying to scare you but termites are a huge problem and it is always better to understand the enemy first. 

While termites are a harmful menace in the household, they can be dealt with by a combination of DIY tips and some professional help. It is crucial to realize when you need to bring in a professional pest control agency and go ahead and bite the bullet. Timely decisions can save your house from being eaten up.

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