A Guide To Taking Care Of Your Mattress

No matter the size – if you do not know what size yours is then view this handy mattress size chart – or material or your mattress, if looked after correctly, it should last you anywhere between 8 and 10 years, maybe even longer. If you want to ensure that your mattress lasts for as long as possible then keep reading to get some useful tips. 

Remove The Wrapping Immediately

Upon having your brand new mattress delivered or after you have picked it up from the shop, you should take it out of the packaging that it came in and store the mattress inside of your home. You should for no reason, leave the wrapping on or leave it stored in somewhere that is damp, such as a garage or a shed, as this could cause rot to set in. 

An additional reason why it is important to unwrap any mattress that you ever purchase right away is to help rid it of the strong chemical smell that some mattresses have when new. Once it has been allowed to air for a few days, this smell should disappear. 

Allow It To Have Some Air

In addition to the airing that your mattress should receive when you first get it, it should also be aired every so often if you want it to last as long as possible. To do this, pull the pillows and the duvet off each morning, although do leave the cover on, and allow the mattress to air out for some 20 minutes or so. Doing this lets anybody moisture that is on it to evaporate away. 

Flip It Over Regularly

Whilst not every single mattress requires flipping, where it is advised by the manufacturers, it should be done every week during the first few months that you have it. Not only should it be flipped but also rotated end to end. After this initial three month period, it can then be done once every three to four months. Doing this helps to keep the filling settled more evenly.

However, there are some mattresses out there, such as those ones that are made out of memory foam or come with toppers built into them that should never be turned over. They should still be regularly rotated through and some actually come with handles to make the process of doing so that much easier.

Do Not Allow Bouncing

If you want to keep your mattress in the best possible condition then you should avoid regularly sitting on the edge of it or letting pets and/or children jump around on it. This is because it puts unwarranted strain on the actual mattress, thus causing it to lose any support that it has much sooner than it normally would. 

Use A Mattress Protector

By using a mattress protector not only protects the mattress below from any unwanted damage but it also helps to keep it in good condition. Having a cover over your mattress that is completely washable will not only help to keep your mattress protected from stains but because they come in barrier fabrics, will also help to protect those people with dust allergies.

Clean It Regularly

The very latest research to come out of the sleep council states that on average, a fully grown adult sheds as much as 454 grams of dead skin throughout the course of a full year. The vast majority of this dead skin ends up in your bed and on your mattress. 

This is why it is beneficial to regularly vacuum clean your mattress, as it prevents the build-up of dust. In addition to keeping your mattress clean and hygienic, it will also stop any allergy episodes from occurring that are caused by dust mites and certain microbes.

Whilst there is no hard or fast rule on how regular is enough in regards to vacuum cleaning your mattress, a general rule of thumb is that doing it on a six monthly cadence is more than adequate. 

When going to the effort of cleaning your mattress you need to begin by gently running the vacuum cleaner over the top of it. This should be done using a specialist upholstery attachment that likely comes with your vacuum cleaner. It is important to make sure that it is clean prior to using it. After fully going over the mattress with your vacuum cleaner, it is important to then go back and pay particular attention to any nooks and crannies that there may be where dust and dirt can hide in. Once complete, flip the mattress over and then repeat the process on the other side. The final stage involved allowing the mattress to air out for a few hours before butting all of the linen back on.

Use A Mattress Topper

Over time a mattress can become less comfy than what it used to be, so when this happens you may want to consider using a mattress topper to make it that bit more comfortable to use. These come in a range of different price points to suit any budget and consist of a layer of padding or memory foam that sits atop of your mattress.

Make The Most Of The Guarantee

If you suspect that your mattress has started to show signs of sagging sooner than it should have, then you need to get in contact with the manufacturer or retailer that you purchased it from in the first place. Any decent mattress will come with a full warranty that covers against poor workmanship or faulty materials. That being said, the great deal of guarantees do not cover for the normal wear and tear that happens over time to any and all mattresses, which over time, lead to less support. 

However, if your mattress is in a really bad way and is beyond the point of repair, then make sure that you replace it as soon as possible as sleeping on a damaged or faulty mattress really can mess your back up.

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