Are Airpods Good For Phone Calls?

Bluetooth quality is important while you’re on the road.

Bluetooth technology can enhance or hamper your capacity to have clear phone calls with clients, business colleagues, employers, friends, and family.

Airpods can let you speak with whoever is on the other end of the connection more clearly. Are AirPods, on the other hand, useful for phone conversations and worth the hype?

Is Using Airpods For Phone Calls A Good Idea?

Airpods provide excellent sound quality, making them great for making and receiving phone conversations while on the go. They are generally crisper than Bluetooth in automobiles and do not drop out as frequently. While battery life may be compromised, there are several benefits to utilizing Airpods for phone conversations.

AirPods are long-lasting, designed to interact with your iPhone, and offer superb sound quality.

What you need to be aware of is how phone calls affect their battery life.

A phone conversation can reduce the battery life in half, forcing you to charge the Airpods again – which is difficult to accomplish while on the move.

However, the good news is that Airpods charge quickly.

So, if you do need to use them for phone conversations, you may charge them in the case afterward.

This is a significant benefit over other wireless Bluetooth earphones, which take longer to charge.

If you’re planning to use the Airpods for phone conversations, you’ll undoubtedly want noise-canceling features.

Let’s look at how you may make the most of your Airpods’ ability to manage phone conversations without a lot of outside noise disturbance, as well as why they’re pretty good at it.

What makes the sound quality of Airpods so unique? And how do you make phone or Zoom calls with them?

Are the Airpods Max better at taking calls than the regular Airpods or the Airpods Pro?

And what should you do if your Airpods aren’t working with phone calls? Continue reading to find out.

Is the sound quality of AirPods good?

The sound quality of your Airpods will vary depending on the model you have.

It may not sound as clear if you possess the original generation.

Apple didn’t include active noise cancellation in the Airpods until the Pro edition, which is a nice feature to have when you’re on the phone.

It’s worth noting that ordinary Airpods don’t seal into the ear canal, which reduces sound quality.

Because background noise slips in and distracts the brain, you won’t hear as much detail or clarity.

How Do You Use AirPods to Make Calls?

Making a call using the Airpods is straightforward.

If you have the original version, you can make a call by double-tapping one of your AirPods (which activates Siri), waiting for a chime, and then make your call.

Simply say “Hey, Siri” and tell Siri who you want to call on the second generation.

To accept or end a call, double-tap either of your Airpods.

Can You Make Zoom Calls With AirPods?

Zoom calls may be made with Airpods, and the Airpods Pro or Max are especially useful because they feature active noise cancellation.

To avoid interference, make sure they’re connected to the device you’ll be using and unplugged from any other devices.

Is the Airpods Max more capable of managing phone calls?

The AirPods Max doesn’t have a lot of audio distortion.

Transparency mode and active noise suppression are also included, which is a huge plus.

And, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, they have a strong connection.

However, they are significantly more expensive than normal Airpods and will cover your whole ear canal.

What if my Airpods won’t connect to my phone during a call?

You’ll need to attempt a few troubleshooting options if your Airpods aren’t working with your phone calls.

The first step is to change the audio output of the call. To do so, navigate to the phone’s screen > audio, then choose your Airpods from the list of devices.

If your Airpods aren’t mentioned, it’s because they haven’t been linked with your phone.

To check for a connection, press and hold the Bluetooth icon in the Control Center for a long time.

You may also want to check your Airpods’ volume, re-enable Bluetooth on your iPhone, or even reset the Airpods.

You may need to restart and wipe the wifi networks clean.

To enable the Airpods to operate for phone calls again, customers have had to block Bluetooth access for a specific app – the Tile app in particular – in certain situations.

Closing Thoughts

Airpods, Airpods Pro, and Airpods Max are all excellent options for usage with iPhone calls.

Although active noise cancellation is a major plus on certain models, they all offer good enough sound quality for phone conversations.

Remember to keep them charged because phone calls are notorious for draining Airpods batteries.

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