Are AirPods Waterproof?

I had previously owned different Bluetooth earbuds before purchasing AirPods.

My previous earphones were not waterproof, therefore I was interested to see whether the AirPods were.

This prompted me to do some research to see if AirPods are waterproof, and here’s what I discovered.

Is it true that AirPods are waterproof?

AirPods aren’t water-resistant. Airpods are water-resistant, which means they can endure brief exposure to moisture such as perspiration or rain. There are no models or generations of AirPods that are waterproof enough to be used while swimming.

AirPods aren’t designed to be water-resistant. AirPods, on the other hand, is resistant to perspiration and dust.

This may allow AirPods to withstand some water contact without sustaining substantial harm.

Is it okay to use AirPods in the shower?

It’s not a good idea to use your AirPods in the shower.

However, depending on the AirPods version you have, they may be able to tolerate some shower water.

If you have the basic version of the AirPods, you should not attempt to use them in the shower.

This is because these AirPods are not waterproof.

Any splash of water might cause major harm to these AirPods, causing them to fail.

If you have the AirPods Pro, you might be able to get away with wearing them in the shower on occasion.

Because the AirPods Pro are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant, I would not advocate using them in the shower.

These AirPods are designed to handle perspiration and water in tiny amounts.

So, assuming your AirPods don’t get too wet in the shower, you might be able to use them there.

Sweat Can AirPods Be Damaged?

Sweat may cause your AirPods to get damaged, depending on the sort of AirPods you have.

Sweat might harm the first version of AirPods, but the AirPods Pro is designed to be sweat-resistant.

Water-resistance is not built into the initial version of AirPods.

This implies that any amount of perspiration you produce has the potential to cause harm.

Small quantities of perspiration may not cause immediate damage, but they will accumulate over time and cause them to malfunction.

The AirPods Pro has a water resistance rating, which means it can withstand perspiration.

Due to their resistance to sweat and other minor amounts of water, these AirPods are far more suitable for use at the gym.

What happens if I accidentally get my AirPods wet?

If you have the original version of AirPods, they may be damaged by water. Because AirPods aren’t waterproof, they’ll most likely break if they come into contact with water.

If you have AirPods Pro, they will be resistant to water damage.

They will, however, only be able to survive water damage to a limited degree.

Water-resistant sealing on this version of the AirPods Pro weakens with time.

The seals on your AirPods will degrade as they are exposed to more and more water.

Your AirPods will no longer be water-resistant and will malfunction if they are exposed to water after the seals have degraded.

Is it possible for Apple to notify me if my AirPods have been harmed by water?

Apple will not be able to notify you if your AirPods have been damaged by water.

Liquid contact indicators can also be found in other Apple products.

These signs indicate whether or not the technology has come into touch with water.

These liquid contact indicators are available on iPhones, however, they are not available on AirPods.

What happens if I put my AirPods on and it starts to rain?

Depending on the type of AirPods you have, wearing them in the rain might cause them to malfunction.

If you have the original version of AirPods, they may become damaged if they come into touch with water.

Small amounts of rain should not affect AirPods Pro if you have them.

Because of the water-resistant seals on these AirPods, they should be safe when they come into contact with light rain.

If they are exposed to big amounts of rain for an extended period, they will begin to fail.

If you must, though, you may wear them in the rain.

What are the chemicals that AirPods can withstand?

The major pollutants to which AirPods are resistant are water and dust.

These are the two most frequent chemicals found around AirPods.

Because the initial generation of AirPods areis not resistant to certain chemicals, you should be cautious about cleaning them correctly to avoid dust collecting in or on them.

You don’t have to worry about exposing your AirPods to these chemicals because the AirPods Pro are resistant to them.

When your AirPods are exposed to these contaminants, you should still clean them.

What is the best way to clean my AirPods?

Wipe off your AirPods with a dry, lint-free cloth before cleaning them.

If the AirPods have been exposed to anything that can stain them, try wiping them off with a slightly moist cloth to see if the stain can be removed.

You must avoid getting liquids into the AirPods’ apertures, and you must wait until they are totally dry before using them again.

If you want to clean the AirPods’ cushions, you must first remove the ear cushions from the AirPods.

You may soak them in a solution of water and detergent.

After that, wipe them down with a dry towel and leave them to dry fully.

You may listen to them on the AirPods once they’ve dried.

Is it necessary to spend a higher price for Waterproof AirPods>

Yes, waterproof AirPods are more expensive.

The waterproof feature isn’t the only reason for the AirPods’ increased price, but it is one of them.

The AirPods Pro costs around $180 and comes with a waterproof function, while the first-generation AirPods cost around $100.

If your earphones are continually becoming wet and damaged, you may want to upgrade to the more costly AirPods for more protection.

There are also a plethora of low-cost Bluetooth earphones available.

So, if you’re searching for a less costly pair of earphones, you might want to avoid AirPods.

Are There Any Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds?

Yes, there are waterproof Bluetooth earphones available.

Waterproof earphones, on the other hand, may have problems maintaining a Bluetooth connection if submerged in water.

Any Bluetooth device that is submerged in water, regardless of its waterproof capability, will struggle to maintain a good Bluetooth connection.

If you’re thinking about getting some other earphones, keep in mind that they might not be as good as AirPods.

Additionally, if you possess an iPhone, they may not operate as well as iPhones.

Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can use AirPods with your smartphone.

However, another pair of earphones could be more appropriate for your smartphone.


To conclude my investigation into whether AirPods is waterproof, I would advise you to avoid exposing them to any type of water or other material.

You should avoid exposing any type of technology to water or other contaminants in general.

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