Are Bluetooth Speakers Worth It?

You have the option of purchasing either a wired or wireless speaker if you want to set up a home speaker system. You can connect your wireless speakers to your electronic devices using either Bluetooth or WiFi; the method that you choose to use is up to you depending on what is most practical for you.

The majority of sources will point out the differences in audio fidelity that exist between wired and Bluetooth speakers whenever the question of which is superior is asked; however, there are a great number of other differences that can be taken into consideration.

There are circumstances in which a wired speaker is more useful, while other circumstances call for nothing more than a Bluetooth speaker. Continue reading to find out more.

Should You Spend Your Money on Bluetooth Speakers?

When you have a need for portability, the convenience of not having to use wires, and the versatility of connecting multiple devices to the same speaker, investing in Bluetooth speakers is a worthwhile investment. You won’t have any trouble setting up these speakers, and the price is much more reasonable than that of comparable models.

If you are an audiophile, you might discover that the sound quality of the Bluetooth speaker does not quite live up to your expectations in this regard. However, unless you listen to the audio very carefully and analyse each note, most people won’t be able to tell the difference between the two versions.

 Even now, I have to concentrate very hard in order to differentiate between the two in terms of the audio quality they produce. Initially, I was completely oblivious to the distinction.

You can choose a wired speaker even if you don’t like dealing with wires if you’re an audiophile looking for the highest possible sound quality. Again, if you need a speaker that you can take anywhere, even if you are an audiophile, you will still need to go with a Bluetooth speaker. This is the case regardless of whether or not you are an audiophile.

The sound quality of modern Bluetooth speakers is significantly improved thanks to an upgraded version of Bluetooth known as Bluetooth 4.1 or Bluetooth 5.0. In addition to having an improved Bluetooth version, some of the most advanced speakers, such as the JBL Boombox 2 and the Sonos Move, have a number of other features that improve the quality of the sound they produce.

However, are these wireless speakers an improvement over their wired counterparts?

Do Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Sound Just as Good as Their Wired Counterparts?

This is the main point of contention. The vast majority of electronic devices sold in stores today are equipped with Bluetooth, and many of them also come with upgraded versions of Bluetooth that allow for quicker file transfers. If you buy a stick PC in the present day, there is a possibility that you will receive one that does not have an audio port; in this case, you will need to upgrade to Bluetooth.

Bluetooth speakers have improved their ability to deliver high-quality sound over the course of their development. If you are concerned about the sound quality of your music, you should invest in high-quality Bluetooth speakers. The sound quality that these speakers produce is comparable to that of wired speakers.

Why are Bluetooth speakers considered to have a lower quality of sound than other speakers?

When you use Bluetooth to transfer files, those files are first compressed, and then they are sent over the various wireless services. If you are using an older version of Bluetooth, one that is older than Bluetooth 4.1, the compression will lower the quality of the files, which will result in a sound quality that is of a lower standard.

The most recent versions of Bluetooth do compress the files, but the compression level is lower than that of earlier Bluetooth versions. The majority of people shopping for speakers in today’s market prefer the new Bluetooth speakers, while traditional audio enthusiasts favour speaker connections that are wired.

If you are not interested in constructing a recording studio, purchasing a Bluetooth speaker will provide you with an audio quality that you will enjoy having at your house or in your workplace. If you are extremely concerned about the quality of the sound, you have the option of purchasing the most technologically advanced speakers or selecting a wired speaker.

What are the inner workings of a Bluetooth speaker, and what are the benefits of owning one?

Audio can be played through Bluetooth speakers without the use of wires or the internet. You are able to send audio to the speaker so long as you have a smartphone, a computer, or any other device that is Bluetooth enabled. Radio waves are used when one Bluetooth device communicates with another Bluetooth device in order to transfer audio files.

A small chip within the speaker is responsible for receiving and deciphering the radio waves transmitted from an audio device that is connected to it.

When using these devices, one of the most significant benefits is that you do not require wires in order to play audio. The only thing you need is the power cable, and as soon as the device is fully charged, you are free to take it with you wherever you go. You can connect the Bluetooth speakers to a variety of devices, and you can also connect multiple speakers to the same device.

If you have multiple rooms and you want to listen to audio in each of these rooms, you can connect all of your speakers to the same device and control all of them from there. This is a convenient option if you have multiple rooms. You will be able to hear music wherever you are in the house, whether you are in the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, or the living room.

The installation does not involve a difficult process, and you will never need to get in touch with an expert. To get started, turn on Bluetooth on both the speaker and the device you want to play audio from.

This will allow the two devices to communicate with one another. After you have successfully paired the speaker with your audio device, you can begin playing audio. There is less than a minute of setup time required for Bluetooth speakers before they are ready to use.

What Are Some of the Challenges That Can Be Encountered When Using Bluetooth Speakers?

In comparison to a speaker that is hardwired, a Bluetooth speaker has a few disadvantages. To begin, the speaker does not provide the same level of control as a speaker that is hardwired. You do not have any control over the amplification or conversion that the speakers provide.

There are some Bluetooth speakers that come with an app that gives you control over the quality of the sound. Even when controlled by an app, the amplifier in a Bluetooth speaker is typically quite small and built right into the device itself. As a consequence of this, the sound quality is not nearly as impressive as it would be with a larger amplifier.

The amps and speakers contained within a Bluetooth speaker each contribute to the overall volume level of the device. This stands in stark contrast to the wired speakers, which feature larger amplifiers and speakers of their own. A wired speaker is the best option to take if you are looking for a device that can produce an extremely high volume of sound.

The range of a speaker that is connected via Bluetooth is limited. The vast majority of speakers can only pick up sound from a distance of 30 feet away. If you are more than 30 feet away from the speaker, the sound quality will suffer.

When using a Bluetooth speaker, you do not need to be overly concerned about the quality of the sound. Compressing files in order to send them over Bluetooth can cause problems with the audio quality, but newer Bluetooth technologies, such as aptX, have solved this problem. These cutting-edge Bluetooth technologies guarantee that even when there is a reduction in audio quality, it is imperceptible to the user.

When is it better to use a Speaker That Is Hardwired Instead of a Bluetooth Speaker?

You might be hesitant to use a wireless speaker if you have been accustomed to using a speaker that is wired to a power source. But should we really go ahead and make this choice?

Transmission of large amounts of data through wires is necessary for the operation of wired speakers. An external amplifier is utilised by these speakers rather than the amplifier that is integrated into Bluetooth speakers. 

The amplifier takes the electronic signal that is sent from the speakers and amplifies it so that it can be used as a source for the sound that is produced by the speakers. This is accomplished through the use of a wire.

These speakers require an amplifier in order to function properly. When you want to have complete control over the sound, using wired speakers is the best option. When you use wired speakers, you get amplification, a subwoofer, and a variety of other audio accessories, all of which make it simpler for you to control the sound.

Once you’ve connected the speakers, you won’t have to adjust their positions again even if you need to listen to audio frequently. However, the wiring can be difficult. The connection between the speakers is maintained.

The improved acoustic performance of these speakers is the primary benefit of purchasing them. Because the signal travelling from the audio source to the speaker is uncompressed and unaltered in any way, there is no degradation in the sound’s quality. Again, the superior amplifier and various other accessories contribute to an overall improvement in the audio quality.

Why a Speaker That Is Hardwired Might Not Be the Best Option

Although the sound quality of wired speakers may be superior to that of a Bluetooth speaker, the aesthetics of your home may be compromised due to the presence of the wires. The wires can be a nuisance, and if they start fraying, they can also be dangerous. In addition, they can be unsightly.

There is also the possibility of blowing out your speakers, which is especially possible if you do not purchase an amplifier with the appropriate amount of power. Nevertheless, unless the amplifier is exceptionally large, you won’t typically see this. 

You are also required to purchase some pricey add-ons, such as a separate amplifier, subwoofer, DAC, and LFE speaker, in addition to some additional speakers, if you want more.

A Few Parting Thoughts

If you need speakers for your home or office, the sound quality of the wired and Bluetooth speakers is identical, so you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two. However, you could still be wondering if the Bluetooth speakers are worth the investment.

You should think about the number of speakers you want, how simple they are to use, how aesthetically pleasing they are, how loud they need to be, and what they will be used for. 

Bluetooth speakers are ideal for beginners because they are simple to operate, they can be purchased for a low cost, and they produce sound that is of a high quality despite their low price. The wired speaker is not for general use and is reserved exclusively for audiophiles and events that require the most volume possible.

There are multiple Bluetooth speakers available for your selection. You have to make sure that the one you choose has the highest possible audio quality, the longest possible battery runtime, the ability to withstand water, and various other connection methods.

There are some of these speakers that cost as much as $3,000, but the majority of them cost less than $100, and some of them cost less than $50. The speaker that you choose is determined by how much money you have available to spend.


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