Beachcomber All Terrain Mac Sports Wagon Review (Heavy Duty Collapsible)

Wanna go to your favorite seaside with your loved ones to have fun this weekend! If yes, it’s a great idea. You might be thinking about all those things that could make your day special or valuable. Right! We want to present a remarkable cart for your goods that could perfectly place your items in place during your journey there.

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Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart

We want to share the analysis of Beachcomber Mac Sports heavy-duty collapsible wagon with you. Some analytical points are:

Foldable/Collapsible wagon:

This beachcomber Mac wagon is a collapsible wagon. So, you could easily fold this blue and white-colored cart whenever you need to. And, you might reliably keep it anywhere like in your vehicle, storeroom, or wherever you want. Another impressive point is that you could fold and unfold the wagon in seconds as no assembly is needed. Yes, you heard that right. Now, let’s move to our next point.

Mesh cup holders:

Life’s boring without refreshments anywhere and especially on the beach. Isn’t it! That’s why this wagon has two notable medium-sized mesh cup holders for your juice cans, cold drinks, and beer cans. Isn’t it great!

Portable cart:

The wagon is highly portable or easy to move and store anywhere because of two reasons:

  • Its weight is low or just 23.1 pounds.
  • Due to its foldable nature, it doesn’t cover much space, so you could easily lift and store this wagon wherever you want. Isn’t it interesting!

Weight capacity:

The load capacity of this cart is high enough as its frame allows load up to 150 Ibs reliably. It means that you could put various heavy items in this vehicle like some mineral water boxes, locked umbrellas, beach chairs, and bags, etc. Not bad! Right!


The cart is neither a kid’s stroller wagon nor a collapsible wagon with canopy. This cart is a standard option for properly holding your goods. Hmm, just remember that it’s not made to transport your cute little kids.

Wagon components:

Its frame is made of standard/heavy-duty powder-coated steel to avoid rust as far as can be. And, the cart’s blue fabric is 600 D denier. The cloth is UV and mildew resistant as well.


Its big wheels are made of hard/durable plastic and are all-terrain. Therefore, you can use this cart on all surfaces like a cemented mall floor and beach soft sand. Impressive! Don’t you feel so!

Adjustable pull handle:

This wagon has a padded and adjustable pull handle for providing comfort to its users. So, you could pull the cart as painlessly as possible due to the handle’s padded front end. And, whether you’re small or big according to your height, you’ll pull the cart without any issue due to the handle’s flexibility.

Now, let’s inform you about the pros and cons of Beachcomber Mac Sports heavy-duty collapsible wagon that are:

10Expert Score

The special feature of Beachcomber Mac Sports all-terrain heavy duty folding wagon is it's easy to fold nature. You don’t have to waste much of your time in joining its various parts together to use the cart. You can fold and unfold the wagon in just a few seconds. A remarkable feature indeed! Don’t you feel the same! And, this wagon also got a high number of reviews and stars on Amazon. Yes, it got 800+ reviews and 4+ stars at present. A credible beach cart! Isn’t it!

  • This wagon has a high storage capacity (150 Ibs).
  • It is highly portable for you due to its low weight and foldable nature.
  • The cart has 600 D denier fabric.
  • It has a padded and adjustable pull handle for giving you comfort and adjustability according to your height.
  • It has big and all-terrain wheels that are made of reliable/hard plastic.
  • Its frame is made of durable and powder-coated steel to hold your items and avoid rust reliably.
  • It has two quality mesh cup holders for your drinks/beverages.
  • No assembly is required to use this cart.
  • The product is somewhat pricey as compared to similar beach carts in the market.
  • It has no push handle for providing more comfort.
  • It doesn't come with a canopy.



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