Beats Flex Will Not Charge? [Do This]

You were getting ready to head out for the day, and you popped your Beats Flex into the charging station. Unfortunately, they were not charged! The strange thing is that you just took them off the charger. 

What caused them to fail to charge? 

Your day is off to a bad start now that you feel as though nothing is going right.

I have been there. If you discover that your headphones/earbuds are not charging at random, you are left wondering, “What should I do?” and “Can I even fix this myself?”

There is some good news, however: you can use a few different troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue. 

We don’t know whether they will work unless we try them. 

It may be necessary to attempt all possible troubleshooting methods, or there may be a need to try only one.

If you are experiencing difficulty charging your Beats Flex, there are a number of possible causes.

Please refer to the Apple discussion forums for further information. 

It is common for people to charge their Beats Flex, only to find that they do not function after it has beSome people report that their Beats Flex can be charged for many hours without the red light (which indicates that the headphones are still charging) blinking continuously.

It is important to recognize that neither of these situations are considered “normal”, but they are quite common across the range of Beats products.

The one thing that seems to help most of these cases is resetting the case, however Apple has not provided us with an explanation for why this is happening to some devices.

Chargers can be affected by random interference. 

On occasion, the earbuds and case will simply require a thorough cleaning to prevent dirt from clogging the ports. 

It is still difficult to know until you go through this guide’s list of potential fixes.

Is my Beats Flex not charging? Check this out.

It is possible for the Flex to stop charging or act as if they won’t fully charge all the way. There are many reasons why this could be happening, such as interference or dirty connectors. Perhaps your charging cable is to blame as well.

If it still won’t charge, what should you do? Could the issue not be with the cable? How can you resolve this frustrating issue?

Here are some suggestions.

Where can I see if my Beats Flex are charging?

The LED indicator light on the power button will let you know whether your Beats Flex are charging.  It will blink red if it still needs to be charged. 

If the light is white, the device is ready for use.

This light remains white until there is less than half an hour left in the battery, when it turns solid red. 

You should definitely plug them in during this time so that the battery does not fully drain.

How long does the Beats Flex battery last?

Beats Flex users should be able to playback music for up to 12 hours on a full charge with the Beats Flex.

Why won’t my Beats Pro charge?

If your Beats Flex isn’t charging, there are multiple reasons for it. The solution will depend on the cause.  Listed below are a few fixes for Beats Flex not charging.

Choose another power source

There are many different power sources, or “adapters”. 

The charging of the Beats Flex will be very slow or abrupt if you use a charger of a lower power output than the device requires.

It is therefore essential that you use an adapter that is guaranteed to work with your Beats Flex, and ensure that you allow enough time for the charger to charge. 

A different adapter will be able to charge the Beats Flex successfully if your other adapter is not functioning properly.

Reset the Beats Flex

The charging problem may be resolved by a simple reset. You will quickly determine whether this is the right troubleshooting method. Do not connect any cables to your Beats Flex headphones. 

You should then:

  1. Find the power button on your device. Hold it down for about 15 seconds. Then, release it.
  2. A successful reset will result in the LED light indicator lighting up three times. You should now be able to use your Beats Flex with your listening device.

Switch Cables

It is not uncommon for cables to break down over time due to deterioration.

Cables that are worn thin can sometimes be broken with a solid tug. 

The cable itself must be checked for breaks – exposed wiring can be a serious issue. 

If the problem persists, try using another charging cable.

Cleaning up the port

The Beats Flex may not charge due to a dirty port. 

This is inevitable as dirt and debris accumulate over time. 

You may wish to clean the port with compressed air or by gently brushing it. 

Once you have finished, attempt to charge the device again.

Use an audio cable to test them

If your headset does not charge, you can connect it to the audio cable that came with it or to a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. 

It should work either way. You’ve got a wired device, but at least you can listen as long as the problem doesn’t come from the Beats Flex itself.

Replacing the battery

Batteries that are older or have issues with the manufacturer may not be able to be charged properly. 

A lithium-ion battery should be changed. Despite their high energy density, lithium ion batteries have a limited charge cycle life due to their high energy density. 

Over time, your battery will become less and less able to maintain a full charge.

Look For a Broken Port

You may want to check for a damaged port on a very small electronic device if you feel confident enough to inspect and disassemble it. 

A power adapter transfers electric current to the Beats Flex’s own circuitry via the ports.

With age, these devices may lose their connectivity or even physically break. 

(If you have ever attempted to repair a broken iPhone port, you will understand how irritating this can be.)

It is possible to replace a broken iPhone port if you know how.

It may be possible for you to locate replacement parts at a discounted price, but trust me, this is best left to the professionals.

Closing Thoughts

There is a possibility that your Beats Flex might need to be replaced if you have serious hardware or software issues.

A tech can assist you by contacting Apple Support or by visiting an Apple Store. 

After a tech examines your Beats Flex, he or she can tell you what the damage is, and the price of repairs will vary.

You might just have to spring for a new set if you need your Beats Flex to work right away and no workaround or troubleshooting method works.

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