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When purchasing speakers, you should always keep in mind the specifications and settings for a better audible output. The quality of speakers depends on the type of stereo system it has and how much you actually paid for it.

Cheap and inexpensive speakers don’t really work well compared to high-quality speakers. Thus, it wears out easily. In some cases, when you turn the volume up, there is a possibility that you might blow the speakers off.

If you are not satisfied with your previous speakers, it’s about time that you buy new ones to fit with your system or computer. What makes the best PC speakers? Again, it depends on the price, manufacturer and overall quality of the speakers.

Still, every customer differs from one another. Some want great sound and loud noise, some want to have decent and appropriate. Here are some choices for the best budget cheap PC speakers.

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M-Audio AV42 | Compact Active Desktop Reference Monitor Speakers For Premium Playback, Professional Media Creation and Immersive Gaming Sound
as of May 31, 2024 7:46 pm

“Punchy, Crisp, With Perfect Mids”


· Magnetic Shielding – coexist with the PC, does not create any interference

· Precise stereo imaging and accurate response

· Compact and mobile PC speaker system

· All-around multimedia speakers – best for movies, gaming, and music

· 4 inch woofers coated with polypropylene

· M-Audio’s AV42 improves audio detail and clarity while minimizing issues that can plague other compact monitors.


· Don’t really sound as good on the low end as a set with a subwoofer

· Built and design issues, big relativity to other pc speakers


The M-Audio AV42 is a great PC speaker that is capable of providing excellent audio for movies, gaming, and music. It also features a magnetic shielding that prevents interference with media devices such as TV, radio, speakers or the PC itself.

The design looks dated and the big blue LED serves as a power indicator, it looks fancy but doesn’t really matter.

M-Audio speakers are being used at recording studios all over the world so one can say about their audio quality, the AV42 is one of the top choices for PC speakers in this price range. The sound is vivid and clear which will make your audio experience phenomenal. Overall, the speakers generate positive raves among many amazon consumers, although it should work on some aspects like the subwoofers and build quality. But is this worth buying? Definitely!


Harman Kardon Soundsticks III 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Subwoofer

9 used from $149.12
as of May 31, 2024 7:46 pm


· Produces vivid and clear audio levels

· Adjustable angles

· Compatible with many devices; has a mini stereo minijack output

· Fancy controls (touch-sensitive volume and mute controls)

· Industrial design with elegant black accents and a luminescent white LED glow

· Energy efficient

· Cheap


· Setup process takes a while (instructions are not written clearly in the manual)

· More suitable for playing regular movies, bass should be enhanced

· Sternly phallic-looking


Harman Kardon Soundsticks III is a fancy looking PC speaker. Its design may appeal to some people but not with everyone. It looks very industrial which is too severe at some point. However, it comes with a decent price which attracts many customers.

But how does this speaker perform with playing audio materials? Truthfully, the speaker is very powerful and it produces vivid and clear audio levels. The speaker still needs to work on the bass level in order for a louder output.

The Harman Kardon Soundsticks III is a pretty decent PC speaker that is relatively designed for a specific customer. If you want your PC speaker to look fancy and cool and have great sound then this certainly the choice for you.


Logitech Z623 200 Watt Home Speaker System, 2.1 Speaker System

8 new from $169.99
3 used from $133.15
Free shipping
as of May 31, 2024 7:46 pm


· Powerful speakers capable of delivering crisp, clean high notes and warm mid-range levels

· 2.1 speaker system – THX-certified audio

· Responsive volume and bass dials (controls)

· Sleek and bold design

· Quick connections to media devices such as iPods, PS3, etc

· Inexpensive


· Speaker wires are a little short. Maybe 2 feet more would have been nice

· Wired remote which necessary to operate the system is annoying


The Logitech THX-Certified Speaker System Z623 is an impressive PC speaker. Logitech has been a leader of computer hardware for many years now. The company continues to cater to consumers with budget-friendly electronics and this speaker is one proof.

The THX sound shines as far as the mastered sound. The subwoofer does its job really well. If you love rock and hardcore music then you will surely appreciate these speakers. However, the speaker wires would have been better if extended a few more inches.

Overall, the Logitech THX-Certified Speaker System Z623 produces clean audio which decent for music, gaming, and movies. Is this worth buying? Yes, it is!


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