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best buy canon camcorders
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we attempt to cut through all the hype and techno-babble found on other camcorder review sites to give you real-life independent digital camcorder reviews written by the people who are the real experts…the camcorder owners themselves!

Regular people like you and me, who paid hard cash for their camcorders and use them on a regular basis. You won’t find any ‘paid’ reviewers here, telling you what the camcorder manufacturers want you to hear. Just the honest truth!

We are gathering owners digital camcorder reviews for all formats, brands, and models of digital camcorders including Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon, DV, DVD, HD and HDD.

We just concentrate on the important stuff. Like…

  • Is it easy to use?
  • Are the controls fiddly?
  • Does any editing software come with it and is it any good?
  • How long does the battery last?
  • What accessories come with it?
  • Which features are good and which ones stink?
  • Does it record well in low light?
  • What’s the on-board microphone like? Is it noisy?
  • How easy is it to connect to a computer?
  • Does it easily fit into your bag or pocket?

We even have video reviews as well, so you can see the video quality and hear the sound quality for yourself.

Canon Vixia HV20 Camcorder

A high definition camcorder, the Canon VIXIA HV20 HDV camcorder makes true 1080 HD resolution videos which it records into a MiniDV cassette tape. 

The high definition video that is in true 16:9 widescreen format is perfectly compatible with new widescreen high definition television around. It can also record in SD or standard definition mode for non-HD needs.

Photographs can also be taken using the Canon VIXIA HV20 camcorder. It can capture 3.1 Megapixel photographs in 4:3 aspect ratio or 2.07 Megapixel pictures in 16:9 aspect ratio and stores them in a miniSD card. You can also take pictures from a video previously recorded in the miniDV or capture photos while recording a video.

The Canon VIXIA HV20 utilizes a 2.96 Megapixel CMOS image sensor produces sharp videos and digital photographs with a resolution of 1920 x 1440. The DIVIC DVII image processor allows for fast image processing with the ability to shoot 5 photographs in a second.

The True HD CMOS image sensor produces high-resolution images with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and reproduces colors with high accuracy. It’s RGB Primary Color Filter and Bayer pattern separates light into red, green, and blue components. This allows for accurate reproduction of color and detail in images taken by the camera.

The SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer used by the camcorder eliminates the blurriness and shadow image effect caused by the shaking of the camcorder. The stabilizer produces steady images even if the video is being taken from a moving vehicle or just by shaky hands. 

Instant Auto Focus is another feature that is used by the HV20 which automatically adjusts the focus of the camera in shooting images. Its focusing technology takes very little time to make the image sharp for the user to start shooting. Manual focusing can also be done with the HV20.

Additional features include a built-in electronic lens cover that opens once the camcorder is turned on and closes when the camcorder is turned off, and an Analog-to-Digital Converter where the user can connect the camcorder to a TV or VCR and directly feed the output to the camcorder for it to covert the images into digital format and store it in the DV tape.


Canon DC410 DVD Camcorder

The Canon DC410 camcorder is an amazing DVD camcorder with a 37X optical zoom…

Are you searching for a gadget that lets one encapsulate the moments that will never fade away? Are you looking for a camcorder that will capture life in its finest? Then here is the Canon DC410.

In general, the Canon DC 410 camcorder is a remarkable gadget that has a digital zoom of 2000 x, 6.8. megapixels, 1/6 optical sensor size, a CCD optical sensor type, 1.3 lux illuminator. 

It has an NTSC analog video format, MPEG-2 Digital video format, and JPEG still image format that makes the camcorder’s recording and photo capture compatible with the common televisions, DVD players and computers. Also, its media type may be DVD-R, DVD-RW and DVD-R DL and its recording speed may be LP, SP, or XP.

Its camcorder features include a lot of special effects like television-like environment, portrait mode, sports mode, night mode, snow mode, beach mode, sunset mode, spotlight mode, and fireworks mode. 

These features allow one to change the scenic character of the picture or video captured and transform it into a livelier and more interesting appearance.

Other features of the camcorder include a max shutter speed of 1/2000 seconds, white balance option that includes custom, presets and automatic, exposure modes such as program, automatic and shutter priority, and widescreen video capture.

Additional features of the Canon DC410 camcorder include self-timer and a self-timer delay of 10 seconds, digital still camera function, LCD video light, built-in speaker, EXIF print support, Dolby digital, AC-3 2 channel recording, built-in light, and a built-in microphone.

In purchasing one’s own camcorder, it is important to know the upsides and downsides. These are important because it will guide the buyer on its advantages, and warn them of its disadvantages. 

Some of its advantages include a convenient and stable format that is perfect for saving and archiving, a great selection of image quality levels and bi-rate recording. Another advantage is its video and still, images are recorded on a disc instead of a memory card or a cassette which allows one to play it automatically in any home DVD players.

On the other hand, the disadvantages include a relatively short recording time when using the high-quality mode, the video cannot be edited through a computer and the discs are quite expensive.

Canon ZR100 MiniDV Camcorder

the ZR100 captures videos and photos in true-to-life color and with much clarity…

The Canon ZR100 camcorder is an affordable yet high-performing device that offers various advanced features that users can get a kick from. In line with Canon’s thrust of designing and crafting precision lenses, the ZR100 captures videos and photos in true-to-life color and with much clarity. 

Canon ZR100 camcorder standard features:

  • DV Format
  • VIC, an exclusive connection circuit
  • Night Mode
  • Image Stabilizer
  • High Resolution 16:9 Widescreen Video
  • Flexible 2.4″ LCD Screen and Viewfinder
  • LCD Backlight
  • Program Auto Exposure
  • Manual Controls
  • Analog Line-In/Converter
  • Skin Detail Function
  • Lithium-Ion Power
  • Photo Review Button
  • IEEE1394 (DV Terminal)
  • Selectable Display Languages
  • My Camera Function
  • PCM Digital Stereo Sound
  • Digital Effects
  • A/V Insert and Audio Dubbing
  • New Program Selector
  • Finger Rest
  • Easy Operation Buttons
  • Oval Grip
  • Flat Zoom Lever
  • Slim Operation Switch

One of the key features of the Canon ZR100 camcorder is its 16:9 widescreen format. With such a feature user can get better image quality as it provides more pixels captured.

The ZR100 makes use of Canon’s DIVIC DV which maximizes video quality for viewing on TVs. It also features 16-bit Digital PCM audio, ensuring that every footage captured sounds true-to-life.

The ZR100 also boasts of easy-to-use features which makes it appealing to every user. One such feature is the VIC, an exclusive connection circuit, which does away with multiple chips previously needed to perform the camcorder’s input and output functions. In a single chip, the VIC provides for smooth connectivity whether to a computer, TV or VCR.


Canon DC310 DVD Camcorder

The DC310 combines the convenience of straight-to-DVD recording.

The Canon DC310 camcorder is another device that is part of the latest camcorder lineup of the company. Just like the others in its DC class, the DC310 combines the convenience of straight-to-DVD recording with that of advanced zoom systems, resulting in the churning out of crisp and clear movie footage.

Canon DC310 standard features:

  • 41x Advanced Zoom
  • Straight-to-DVD recording
  • Quick Start
  • Joystick controller
  • DVD-R Dual Layer
  • True Wide High Resolution 16:9 recording
  • LCD video light
  • Captures stills to the memory card

With a 41x advanced zoom feature, the DC310 allows for superior zoom capability.

It offers the convenience of recording directly to DVD, making it easier for the user to play the footage back on practically any home DVD player.

And as has been customary to new-age camcorders, the DC310 is very much easy to use, making it appealing not just to seasoned moviemakers but to amateurs and beginners as well. 

The device features a built-in joystick found on the frame of the LCD screen, which makes it easy for users to explore the various shooting and playback options that the DC310 offers.

The DC310 also makes use of Canon’s advanced DIGIC DVII imaging processor which allows for faster speeds and reduced noise technology aside from the smooth and crisp pictures it brings.

The LCD screen works as a video light, making the DC310 ideal for shooting even in the dark.

Canon DC330 DVD Camcorder

The Canon DC330 Camcorder is innovative and powerful…

The Canon DC330 is an innovative camcorder that melds the convenience of directly recording to DVD with that of powerful zoom systems. Part of a series of Canon products that make use of new-age camcorder technology, the DC330 is easy to operate and provides very crisp and high-quality images.

Canon DC330 standard features: The DC330 has Canon’s state-of-the-art zooming system which offers a magnification of up to 45x.

  • The device provides for high-quality images with the use of the Megapixel CCD.
  • It captures still images and stores them in a high capacity memory card.
  • Software is provided for better handling of stills and video editing.
  • It has USB 2.0 Hi-Speed for speedy transferring of still images to one’s computer.
  • It has a multi-angle remote control which affords a video shooter more flexibility.
  • The DC330 has widescreen recording and quick start features.
  • It makes use of the DIGIC DV II processor for clarity and real-life colors of images.
  • An LCD video light helps in filming close range in areas with low lights.
  • The device is DVD-R Dual Layer-compatible.
  • It has an optional battery with high capacity for extra recording time.
  • It can easily be operated with standard DVD players.
  • A built-in joystick allows for easy controlling of the camcorder’s features.

With its progressive zooming capability, the DC330 is ideal for moviemakers or videographers as it provides longer zoom reaches than any camcorder in the market. The device, too, has an electronic image stabilizer that assures that footage taken is smooth. The DC330’s DIGIC DV II processor allows for the capture of sharper images as well as colors that are alive.

Because of its easy-to-operate features, even novice users can use, and have fun with, the DC330. With the help of the joystick controller, a user can easily find his way to the device’s many features.

And since the DC330 is DVD-R Dual Layer-compatible, the device makes for easy archiving and transferring of videos to computers.

Canon Vixia HF11 Camcorder

This Canon Vixia hf11 camcorder is one of the newer additions to the lineup of camcorders by Canon. To be exact this was introduced at the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 

A part of the well-regarded Vixia lineup, this specific camcorder embraces the brand’s optical and imaging technologies for better image quality and flexibility. 

This camcorder allows for the Advanced Video Codec Definition format recording with the benefits of Flash Memory. The technology used in this camcorder is the same one that you see on laptops and PDAs.

With the camcorder’s Flash Memory with Dual Flash Memory, you are given the opportunity to record to both the gadget’s 16GB internal memory and the removable SDHC card. 

This means that you will be given enough room to record scenes and images that you want and allows you better flexibility when transferring the file and when playing it. The other exclusive features offered by this camcorder helps make it rise above the other releases for the year. For example, there is the 3.3 Megapixel Full HD CMOS Sensor that captures 1920×1080 high definition video.

The technology used in this camcorder is a bit better than the CCD technology since technology delivers high color resolution and a more advanced colored reproduction for better results. 

This camcorder is also armed with the proprietary noise reduction technologies allowing for crisp and sharp images without the unnecessary interruptions. The presence of the technology means that dimly lit scenes aren’t a hurdle, thus making this Canon camcorder the ideal sensor for high definition.

Canon Vixia Hf100 Camcorder

This camcorder of Canon from the Vixia line is known for the brand’s technologies and a few more. As with any other Canon camcorders, the Canon Vixia hf100 camcorder is known for crisp images and videos. But this member of the Vixia line doesn’t end there since this also comes complete with Vixia core technologies.

For example, there is the genuine Canon HD video lens that brings in over 70 years of the brand’s expertise. The line is also known for the HD CMOS image sensor, the Instant Auto Focus, and the Super Range Optical Image Stabilization and a number more. And describing the Canon Vixia hf100 camcorder will not be sufficient if the Flash Memory is not discussed.

This is one of the brand’s gadgets that make use of the Advanced Video Codec High Definition format Flash Memory. This camcorder can record true 1080 high definition videos thanks to its MPEG-4 AVC. 

The use if the Flash Memory technology on this camcorder has a number of benefits. For example, this Flash Memory-equipped gadget can document twice as many scenes yet without needing extra storage area.

Another sweet benefit from the use of this technology is that there will be better response time. Want to immediately capture the moment? Well all you have to do is to press the record button and in a flash, the recording is initiated. Recording and reviewing the captured footage will be done with great convenience. And you want a power-saver, then you have the right camcorder here as this has consumed less battery power if compared to others.

Canon FS21 Dual Flash Memory Camcorder

The Canon FS21 can take video snapshots…

The Canon FS21 Dual Flash Memory camcorder is a camcorder and digital camera in one. It uses a 16GB internal flash memory and a Memory Card slot for an SDHC memory card to store video and photos. 

The memory card slot is used to expand memory for greater storing capacity. It uses a 1.07 Megapixel CCD Image sensor for both video and still images. It produces clear and sharp videos in MPEG-2 format and pictures with 1152 x 684 resolution.

The DIGIC DVII image processor helps produce images with optimal quality and accurate color. It’s hybrid noise reduction system produces video and pictures that are sharp and clear.

The Canon FS21 sports a Genuine 48x Advance Zoom feature that allows you to take close up pictures and video of faraway subjects that even the eye has a hard time of seeing clearly. 

It has a wide-angle and telephoto position that has almost no loss in image quality. Not like other cameras that achieve zoom by digitally enlarging the image, the FS21 uses Genuine Canon lens that is in constant motion to achieve the extended zoom it offers. The user can also choose from 37x Optical Zoom or 2000x Digital Zoom.

The FS21 can take video snapshots, which are movies made out of cascaded 4-second clips combined with background music. Charging time is also faster. The FS21 can be charged for 20 minutes to achieve a recording time of 60 minutes. 

The FS21 can also record in High-resolution Widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It has a dual shot feature that allows the user to shoot pictures while recording a video. The quick-start feature helps save power consumption by putting the camcorder in standby mode when the LCD is closed and allows the use of the camcorder after a second of opening the LCD panel. 

The Image Stabilizer feature helps make your shot steady as a professional took it. The Intelligent Lithium-ion battery accurately keeps track of how much power the battery has left. Its intelligence comes from being able to tell how much time is remaining before the battery runs out.

Canon FS100 Flash Memory Camcorder

The Canon FS100 records movies to flash memory…

The Canon Digital Video Camcorder FS100 is a compact and high-performing yet stylish device for every moviemaker at heart. A camcorder that records movies to flash memory, the FS100 boasts of a solid-state memory that affords for wider storage capacity only confined before to HDD, or Hard Disk Drive, models. It has been hailed as a device that revives the Standard Definition market.

Canon FS100 camcorder standard features:

  • The FS 100 directly stores footage to a high-capacity memory card which helps in the easy sharing of files.
  • It boasts of a visually appealing and lightweight design.
  • The device has a high-resolution Megapixel CCD.
  • The FS 100 camcorder records in widescreen mode.
  • It has an innovative zooming system that offers up to 45x magnification with a genuine Canon video lens and DIGIC DV II1 processor.
  • It can be operated in tandem with Canon’s latest DVD burner — the DW-100.
  • An intuitive battery system makes for easy tracking of recording time.
  • It gives out high-quality audio with its microphone input connection.
  • Boasting of an impressive zooming reach, the FS100 captures clear and crisp images even from afar. The device, being in synch with an advanced DVD burner like the DW-100, allows for easy sharing of the footage. With the burner directly connected to the FS100, one does not need a computer since videos can already be copied right then and there.
  • The FS100’s intuitive battery system gives out the exact recording time which comes in handy in the monitoring of the power available.
  • Another thing with the Canon FS100 is that it has both video and digital photo capturing features, resulting in superior image stills being captured.

Canon FS200 Flash Memory Camcorder

The Canon FS200 produces crisp and clear video and images and stores it directly to a removable SDHC memory card…

The Canon FS200 Flash Memory Camcorder, with its sleek, compact and lightweight design, boasts of having a DIGIC DVII image processor that produces crisp and clear video and images and stores it directly to a removable SDHC memory card. 

It produces MPEG-2 videos of different speeds ranging from 3 Mbps (LP) to 9 Mbps (XP) and photos with a resolution of 1024 x 768. The DIGIC DVII processor makes taking 5 consecutive still photographs every second possible.

The program AE Mode provides different pre-set settings to provide different effects for different occasions when shooting videos and pictures. Some of these settings are:

  • Portrait – provides a shallow depth of field for a nice background
  • Sports – increases the shutter speed to capture fast movement
  • Night – used when there is very little natural light
  • Snow – compensate for the brightness and glare of the surrounding
  • Beach – compensates for the glare coming from the sun and its reflection on the water
  • Sunset – adjusts settings so that it exposes colors without the glare coming from the sunset
  • Spotlight – to capture moments on stage with the right exposure
  • Fireworks – adjusts settings to capture the beauty of fireworks in the dark sky

The Canon FS200 comes with a Genuine 41x Advance Zoom Feature. It uses its optical zooming capabilities together with digital zoom with the help of the DIGIC DVII image processor to achieve zooming action with virtually no loss in image quality. The user can also choose what to use from 37x Optical zoom and 2000x digital zoom.

The FS200 also sports a video snapshot feature (a short movie made out of a series of 4-second clips bundled with background music), a quick start feature (standby mode so that the camera can be used after a second it is opened), a widescreen recording feature (records Hi-Res videos with 16:9 aspect ratio), a quick charge feature (charge for 20 min. for a 60 min. recording time), a dual shot feature (to take photos while recording a video), a pre-record feature (records 3 seconds of video before the record button is pressed), and a low light performance feature (built-in video light helps capture moments in the dark).

 just purchased the Canon FS200 camcorder – I purchased it for my daughter and her husband who are expecting a baby. 

The camera is new, but it has some fantastic feature that we are very excited about. the features that I am especially excited about are the 3 second pre-record mode – the camera in standby mode continually records 3 seconds of video to memory so that you never miss a shot – the camera also allows the user to snap a still shot while videotaping.

Canon VIXIA HF11 HD Camcorder

The Canon VIXIA HF11 boasts 32GB flash memory with a 12X optical Zoom…..

High definition is two words regularly tossed around by many camcorders out in the market, but as we all know some leave much room to be desired. But it’s not the case with Canon Vixia hf11 camcorder. 

This camcorder carries the tradition of excellence known for all Canon products through the years. Expect to get advanced image processing, superb performances and technological innovations in photographic and broadcast television lenses. 

This camcorder comes in lights and compact and submits better video clarity with the help of the Flash Memory. This is the same technology that you usually expect on laptops, MP3 players and cell phones.

With the presence of the Dual Flash Memory, you can easily record to both the large 32 GB internal memory and to the removable SDHC card. Twelve hours worth of quality time can be recorded to the internal memory. 

To sweeten the deal, you can also record up to 24 MBPS which is the highest bit rate in the AVCHD format. In general, the avid enthusiast of Canon camcorder will think that the Canon Vixia hf11 camcorder is simply an upgraded version of the hf10. 

This observation is true since the hf11 is simply the hf10 with minor add-ons. If the old hf10 boasts the best-looking video, the improved hf11 promises to push the envelope more by increasing the bit-rate. This makes this camcorder to record at the AVCHD specification ceiling of 24 Mbps. 

The video difference between the hf10 and the hf11 may not be that obvious but the main selling point of the Canon Vixia hf11 camcorder will be the increased flash memory capacity.


We discussed all the best cannon camcorders after hefty research. So you can choose a one according to your budgets and other requirements  


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