Best Buy vs Apple Store Repair? [Which Is Better For Repairs?]

You are making a very expensive purchase when you purchase a new Apple MacBook, iMac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. 

You might even call them investments. The cost of high quality is high. 

Therefore, you will want to protect your investment.

Purchasing a protection plan is among the most common methods of protecting Apple equipment. 

Specifically, AppleCare is the protection plan used for Apple products. 

AppleCare is the protection plan you will purchase regardless of where you purchase your Apple products.

The AppleCare program is available at both Best Buy and Apple Stores thanks to Apple’s arrangement with Best Buy. 

Which is better for repairs, Apple Stores or Best Buy?

A broken Apple product may be repaired at an Apple Store or at a Best Buy depending on where the nearest Apple Store is located and which Best Buy is located in your area. 

Some Best Buys do not employ Apple-certified technicians on-site, in which case your product may be shipped elsewhere, which may take longer. 

It is important to note that there are far more Best Buy stores than Apple Stores, so you may want to contact your nearest Best Buy store to determine whether they have Apple-approved technicians on hand.

It would probably be better to go to Best Buy instead of searching for an Apple Store if they do.

The important thing to keep in mind is that, in some cases, a product may need to be replaced rather than repaired. 

This can be accomplished at either an Apple Store or at Best Buy. 

It may be more convenient for you to go to a Best Buy store, since Apple Stores are more sparsely distributed than Best Buy stores.

Apple Watches, iPhones, and iPads are the most likely to be replaced rather than repaired. 

This is mainly due to the fragile nature of these devices and the need for special equipment to repair them.

Apple requires that employees not attempt to access or replace internal components. 

The conclusion is that, in most cases, bringing your Apple products directly to an Apple Store will result in expedited service.

Service and repair at Best Buy

The company has been positioned as a leader in consumer technology sales.

The company offers a range of consumer-friendly services, such as financing options and protection plans, in order to maintain its dominant position. 

It is widely known among heavy users of technology that Best Buy protection plans are worthwhile. Unfortunately, accidents do occur.

To prevent expensive replacement costs, it would be better to have the coverage in place before they do. 

The Best Buy protection plans have saved me thousands of dollars by replacing expensive monitors, desktops, and laptops with their three-year coverage. 

Under these protection plans, Best Buy will replace products that have been accidentally dropped, spilled, or damaged by normal use.

The associate may simply replace the damaged product with a new one right off the shelf if it cannot be repaired. 

Setting up a new device may be required, but it is a relatively painless and quick procedure.

AppleCare is offered by Best Buy for Apple products. 

The protection plan is precisely the same as that offered by Apple. At the time of purchase, Apple registers the device for the protection plan.

The AppleCare plan provides the same types of coverage and technical support as the Best Buy plan. 

This is a combination of services that Best Buy does not offer separately.

The downside of AppleCare is that the company can incur additional costs for product replacements or repairs.

You should keep in mind that these costs are much lower than those associated with a new device.

Best Buy and Apple have become more closely allied, Apple products can only receive AppleCare product coverage rather than Best Buy’s handling, drop, and spill protection plan.

Apple Store: AppleCare and Apple Repair

Screens, hardware, and software problems associated with Apple products are repaired by the Apple Store’s own technicians. 

AppleCare offers repair and replacement services for damaged devices, as well as support for software.

There are additional costs associated with AppleCare, unlike some other insurance-like protection plans. 

Due to AppleCare’s lower initial cost, AppleCare is cheaper than competing services such as Best Buy’s Accidental Damage from Handling protection.

AppleCare offers ongoing service as well. 

This protection can be extended as time passes. 

The plan restricts the number of replacements and repairs that can be performed.

AppleCare may not cover all services provided by Apple repair technicians.

There may be a charge for services that are not included in Apple’s protection plan.

Differences between AppleCare and Best Buy Protection

Most of the differences between the plans are related to what products are covered. 

Protection plans offered by Best Buy can only be purchased in stores that do not carry Apple products. 

Due to a partnership between Best Buy and Apple, Best Buy provides consistent services and information. 

AppleCare also offers coverage for additional devices in addition to the main purchase. 

An AppleCare plan purchased for a MacBook would also cover an Apple HomePod, for example.

In order to promote Apple’s ecosystem, AppleCare is offered with purchase of any Apple accessory (Apple HomePod, Pencil, or AirPods) with a primary device (such as an iMac, MacBook, or iPad). 

The protection plans offered by Best Buy are only applicable to the device for which they are purchased. Additional protection plans usually accompany accessories that are more expensive. 

Neither Best Buy nor Apple Stores are able to repair your Apple device using AppleCare. 

However, not all Best Buy locations are equipped with the necessary equipment to repair Apple devices. 

If the Geek Squad representative at Best Buy decides that the device needs to be repaired at an Apple service center, he may refer it to Apple.

The result is that you may have to wait longer for your device to be repaired. 

Should a return period of one week or more be unacceptable or unworkable, you may wish to visit an Apple Store directly.

There is no guarantee that it will reduce the amount of time you wait for repairs, but it can increase the likelihood that they will be completed sooner.

Which Is Better?

There is only one official solution for Apple products, which is Apple repair technicians. 

Although Best Buy offers Geek Squad support, Apple has more readily accessible specialized equipment to repair and diagnose problems specific to Apple products. 

In addition, Apple employees will have access to the full list of Apple services, allowing them to provide more accurate repair quotes.

Geek Squad will find the quickest and easiest solution for any other products. 

This often means that the products will be repaired or replaced the same day. 

It really depends on the route that you wish to follow and what protection plan you have purchased from Geek Squad. 

As an aside, Geek Squad does offer a yearly service that can reduce repair costs for $200 annually.

There is no harm in visiting either of these establishments if you need your Apple product repaired. 

Nevertheless, going to an Apple Store may eliminate a few extra steps from the process of having your device repaired. 

It is my opinion that both Apple and Best Buy technicians are more than capable of providing the services you need to have your technology back up and running once again. 

There will be fewer hurdles for Apple to overcome. 

Apple has the advantage of being able to direct assess issues without following extra-legal loopholes.

It should be noted, however, that despite Best Buy being an official Apple partner, the Geek Squad is available for a much wider range of devices. 

Only Apple associates can assist with Apple products. 

Apple Store associates are often more knowledgeable and experienced about issues specific to Apple products, such as the iPad, iPhone, MacBook, iMac, and Apple Watch.


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