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A few decades ago, the concept of Smart Homes was just a pipedream. A mere concept, reserved for the pages of sci-fi novels and movies. Technological innovations have improved our lives drastically, giving us more options to control our environment. With SmartThings, this control is afforded to us by the touch of a button or a tap on our smartphones. 

A key component of SmartThings and Smart Homes, in particular, is the access to 24-hour surveillance of your homes. This is only possible when you have eyes and ears in the form of security cameras looking out and informing you at the same time. 

Modern technologies integrate these functions to provide round the clock surveillance to us. This article will guide you on some of the features you need to consider before buying cameras for your Smart Homes. Moreover, it will touch upon some of the best available ones in the market, giving you options to ponder over. 

Things To Look For When Buying A Camera For SmartThings 

Security cameras are an integral part of the Smart Homes concept linked with SmartThings. This makes their selection for the surveillance purpose, a crucial decision. This decision must not be done in haste and hence made after a careful analysis of the various aspects of a good camera. Here are some of the features to look for in a security camera:


Resolution is one of the most important factors to consider when investing in a security camera for SmartThings. The crispness, as well as the quality of the video recordings by the camera, depending on its resolution. Nowadays, security cameras can easily record in FullHD mode. However, one should keep in mind that the higher the resolution means you have to have higher storage options, local or cloud.


A good security camera with a built-in auto tilt feature goes a long way in securing your house. It will let you have a greater field of view, hence greater surveillance coverage around the house. Using the live stream feature, you can easily view your house’s surroundings on your smartphone. Options like zoom in and panning also increase accessibility and better security. 

Night Vision

For a security camera to work efficiently for SmartThings, it’s necessary to record each and everything round the clock. This includes capturing night time activities too. Hence, investing in a camera that supports high-resolution night visions would prove to be great. 

Sound and Motion detection

Sound and motion detection in a camera system adds an added layer of security. It ensures round the clock surveillance as well as a two-way speaker system helps ward off burglars and intruders. Also, getting a camera capable of sound and motion detection will make for a more alert security system. 

Wireless capability

Wireless capability in security cameras is the most basic need of SmartThings technology. This feature makes your security apparatus Smart as it lets you stay connected with the interior and exterior of your house no matter where you are. Since SmartThings connects the entire house to your smartphones, it’s imperative to get a camera with WiFi capabilities for round the clock surveillance. 

Local storage

Although we live in a world of cloud storage, local storage is equally important. Security footage from your cameras must be recorded on local storage for safekeeping and later viewing. Internet connections can be flaky and non-existent in some parts of the world. Hence, the need for efficient local storage to keep safe your video recordings.

Top 3 Cameras Available In Market 2021

Last update was on: April 25, 2024 3:47 pm

Best Camera For SmartThings

1. Arlo Pro – Wireless Camera Security System With Night Vision

Ebitcam Solar Security Camera Outdoor (Black)
as of April 25, 2024 3:47 pm

The Arlo Pro wireless home system provides you with the best protection possible. Rechargeable batteries that support fast charging, seven-day inbuilt cloud storage, wire-free design, night vision, HD video recordings, wide-angle lens, 2-way audio, and weatherproof design makes this security system an unbeatable proposition. 

The system comes with a two-way audio system that allows you to communicate with people on the outside. It comes with no wires making your life easier with seamless installation and the ability to view live recordings from anywhere. It also possesses the smart siren features which are triggered by motion sensors as well as from remote devices, practically warding off any intruders. 

9.8Expert Score

  • motion detection,
  • IFTTT compatibility,
  • cloud storage,
  • software integration,
  • long-lasting battery timings.
  • The WiFi connectivity is not the best as well as a below-par night vision.


2. Wyze Cam Smart Security Camera 1080p (Amazon Choice)

The next on the list of super cameras is the Wyze Cam that can record astonishingly clear videos at 1080p. The camera is also capable of providing night vision up to a distance of up to 30 meters with the help of its Infrared LEDs. It also offers live streaming of the video recordings on the Wyze app on your smartphone. During this recording, you can use the dual speaker functionality and speak with friends or family on the other end. 

Moreover, the cam can record clips of 12 seconds if motion or sound is detected. The app then sends this recording directly to the cloud for free storage for 14 days. The system also supports Wi-Fi and recording straight to Micro SD cards of up to 32GB storage.

10Expert Score

  • Wyze Cam system include Amazon Alexa integration
  • Night-vision capabilities
  • High video quality
  • Two-way audio, and free storage on the cloud
  • The camera system includes no weatherproofing
  • Do not have geofencing capabilities.


3. Ebitcam HD IP Camera

The Ebitcam HD IP camera combines versatility with functionality. It can be used as a pet monitor or mounted on the wall, ceiling, and other exterior parts of the house. This makes it a multi-dimensional powerhouse with 1080p recording at the helm, say goodbye to blurry videos. 

Wifi connectivity, SD Card recording, motion detection, smart alarm with night vision, and a two-way alarm system makes this security camera everyone’s envy. With a super-wide 100-degree viewing angle coupled with pan and tilt features, makes this camera have almost a 360-degree field of view, making it an optimum choice as a surveillance expert.

9.7Expert Score

  • Includes the option of multiple viewing angles
  • Two-way audio
  • Smart night-vision
  • An intelligent digital zoom, and motion detection technology.
  • Single-axis to be mounted
  • Night-vision can be average at best


Final Thoughts

We have entered into an era of SmartThings where our surroundings are constantly molded and reshaped by technology. In this era of great technological innovations, cameras play the part of our eyes in modern security systems. These wireless security systems are equipped with sound and motion sensors as well, but we have seen how cameras and their quality makes any surveillance system the best in the business. 

We have discussed the key ingredients required for the best camera for SmartThings as well as some of the best ones available on the market. Moreover, we have also elucidated how they play a big role in securing our homes and making them Smart.

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