Best Commercial Weighing Machines Reviews 2022

In terms of accuracy, commercial weighing machines have no replacement. Whether you are weighing products for commercial or retail purposes, these machines play a very important role in measuring things up to their unique measuring capacity. When it comes to weighing heavy products, normal weight machines don’t do the job and it’s necessary to replace them with commercial weighing machines. 

Rapid growth in technology has been successful in bringing a lot of innovative changes. Commercial Weighing machines can provide multiple purposes including conversion of weight into different units and calculation of numerous pieces etc. 

Commercial Weighing machines can provide a bunch of amazing features including accuracy, precision, utmost capacity, and digital readability support. Digital readability is supported by LCD technology that ensures easy access to the screen. This makes reading a very easy task for the buyer as well as the seller. 

Most of these weighing machines are incorporated with automatic technology that ensures maximum power saving when it’s not in use. These commercial weighing machines are suitable for warehouses, restaurants, industries, kitchens, and retail. They are designed to hold the capacity of more than 100kgs and in some machines even more than 300kgs. 

The purpose of this article is to enlist our top picks for you. They are as below:

Top 5 Commercial Weighing Machines

Best Commercial Weighing Machines

1. Honda Electronic Weighing Scale

Honda Electronic Weighing Scale Capacity 150kg
as of April 30, 2024 11:09 pm

We start off with the best weighing scale available in the market and is no other than the very famous electronic scale by “Honda”. With advanced and innovative technology incorporated into it, it not only serves commercial purposes but is also suitable for retail and industrial purposes. It has the capacity to hold up to 150kgs. Its build is strong enough to hold heavy items without damaging the machine. 

Pan attached to this scale is made of stainless steel which increases the durability of the scale. It comes with a warning indicator that ensures that you don’t overload the machine. In cases of overload, it switches off automatically so that the product remains undamaged. It comes with a 0.5 inch LED display and has an integrated system that alarms the user when batteries are about to go out.  

  • Stainless Steel Pan
  • Great quality build
  • Measures accurately and precisely without any error
  • Integrated Overload Protection feature
  • Can be operated by power and battery
  • The battery is efficient and saves a lot of power
  • Capacity is not extendable


2. Tata Digital Metal Plate Platform Weight Scale

TATA DIGITAL Metal Plate Platform Rechargeable Platform Weight Scale industry, Commercial Use, Capacity 200 kg/300 kg, Accuracy 20 gm Checked
as of April 30, 2024 11:09 pm

Next on our list has been in the market for many years now and has been successful in performing its duties in commercial sector specifically. It is by “Tata”. The quality of this scale is unmatched and its build is strong enough to bear harsh industrial and commercial environments. It is perfect for the wholesale market, automotive, and construction industry. It has a weighing capacity of 300Kgs which is double as compared to our last product. The accuracy of its measurement is up to 20gm. 

To make its readability easier, it has white LED technology that makes its display easy to read and understand. It also comes with intensity control that controls the visuals on the screen. The most unique feature of this product is its tare function. This product is build keeping in mind international standards, thus, it maintains very high quality. Like most weighing scales, it also comes with overload protection. It is powered by both electricity and battery.

  • Measures up to 300kgs
  • Measures accurately and precisely
  • Great build – Robust and Sturdy
  • Battery backup is also one of its unique features
  • Remains out of stock because of very high demand
  • Unavailable in many countries


3. Equal EIWS-22 Digital Weighing Scale

EQUAL Digital Weighing Scale, EIWS - 22, 120 Kg, Front & Back Red LED Double Display, MS Platform
as of April 30, 2024 11:09 pm

If you are looking for the best scale for purely commercial purposes, you should definitely go with the EIWS-22 manufactured by EQUAL. It carries a capacity of 120kgs with an accuracy of 20gm. It is suitable for the harsh atmosphere of industries since its build is durable. EIWS-22is incorporated with the latest LED technology that powers the front and back screen of this scale. Like most commercial weighing machines, it has many unique features including protection from overload and tare option. 

LED comes with a bright red display which makes reading from the scale easier. Piece counting is one of its amazing features; it lets users make the count of products accurately. The size of the pan is 350mm*350mm. When the battery is about to go out, an integrated alarm system notifies you beforehand. Battery backup is also available in this model which is up to 50 hours.

  • User friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Fixable
  • Great in terms of durability
  • 100% accurate
  • Material build is strong
  • 10 days’ return policy
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • No International Shipping Available for this product
  • This product is difficult to carry. Too heavy to lift


4. Metis Electronic Industrial Weighing Scale

Metis Electronic Industrial Weighing Scale, Capacity 200 kg

Rs. 13,500
Rs. 6,999
as of April 30, 2024 11:09 pm

If you are somebody who is looking for a weighing machine for industrial purposes, the Metis Electronic Weight machine is the ideal choice for you. It comes with a 1-year warranty and has the capacity to weigh up to 200kgs of any sort of material at once. The industrial atmosphere calls for something that is built with the strongest material and this weighing machine doesn’t disappoint its buyers. It has a very simple and aesthetic design which is different from most weighing machines. 

It gives out a great visual for just a machine. When it comes to industrial tasks, accuracy is very important. This machine ensures accuracy up to 20gm which is great for an electronic industrial weighing machine. Its manufacturers use stainless steel which increases the durability of this machine. Like most commercial machines it provides a platform of 20*20 inches. It operates on battery and in case you are running out of battery, there is a battery saving mode which is a unique feature.

  • Great aesthetic look
  • Accurate in terms of measurement
  • Precise
  • Low Maintenance
  • Can run on electricity as well as battery
  • Power Saving Mode
  • Breaks if capacity is exceeded


5. Voda Platform Scale

VODA Platform Scale (100 Kg)

Rs. 7,500
Rs. 5,000
as of April 30, 2024 11:09 pm

The last weighing machine in our list belongs to a very famous brand “Voda”. Voda is famous for its great quality products. Voda’s weighing machine is perfect for commercial, industrial and retail purposes. Tough material used in manufacturing ensures high durability on part of the machine. This commercial weighing scale has the capacity to weigh 100kgs of weight up to the accuracy of 10gm. It is a heavy-duty machine and serves many industrial purposes. 

When it’s not performing its task, it turns off automatically which is great for an industrial machine. It also comes with a tare function and shows up to 7 digits on the screen. Unlike the weight machines listed above, this one comes with a numeric clock and also provides the function of counting items accurately. You can also print bills with the inbuilt thermal printer. Isn’t that great for a product that serves many functions?

  • Accurate and precise in terms of measurement
  • Inbuilt thermal printer
  • Performs counting function
  • Durability is great
  • Efficient in terms of performance
  • Uses battery to function. Also functions on electricity
  • Not very pricy
  • No international delivery
  • Needs maintenance often

Buyer’s Guide

When you are out in the market to get a commercial weighing machine, you need to keep in mind a bunch of factors that are explained below:

  • Accuracy – It’s important to invest in a machine that is accurate in terms of measurement. What’s the point of measuring weight if it’s not accurate?
  • Capacity – Different sectors have different purposes for getting a weighing machine. It’s always better to invest in a product that has a greater carrying capacity. 
  • Digital readability support – Whatever displays on the screen should be easily understood by both buyers and sellers. It is one of the most important features of a weighing machine.

Final Verdict

If you are somebody who runs an industrial or commercial business, getting yourself a weighing machine becomes a necessity sooner or later. Investing in a product that is a perfect fit for your business does a great job. This article aimed at highlighting the best weighing machines out there along with their features, pros, and cons. The quality of all the products listed above is unmatched. 

They are great in terms of performance, efficiency, and durability. But before investing in any product, it’s important to know if it meets the need of your business because investing in a machine that will not do the job will be of no use. Thus, take a thorough look and let us know which product did you feel is the best one on this list. 


Q1. What is tare weight?

Answer: Any container that carries the actual weight of any product, basically the packaging, wrapping of the product is known as tare weight.

Q2. Do weight machines come with power-saving mode?

Answer: Not all but some do come with a power-saving mode.

Q3. Do these machines come with a warranty?

Answer: All the weighing machines listed in this article come with a 1-year warranty. 

Q4. Do they run on electricity if batteries run out?

Answer: Not all but some listed in this article work on electricity if batteries run out. 

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