Best Digital Baby Weighing Scales in 2021

As a parent, there is nothing better than bringing home a newborn baby. However, it must be noted that along with the baby, you bring a whole lot of responsibilities as well. Newborns have a weak immune system; this is why it is of utmost importance that you keep your baby healthy and fit at all times.

Get the best milk, the best baby food and regularly feed your little one. Along with this, you should regularly weigh your baby as well. This is why we recommend getting a digital baby weighing scale. No need to rush to the doctor’s appointment every weekend just to see if the baby’s healthy; cut down costs by buying yourself a weighing scale. 

The latest digital scales come with new technology and great features that help you keep track of your baby’s weight. Some come with a feature that tracks your baby’s growth in the form of a graph and lets you know whether or not you’re on the right path. 

Buyer’s Guide

Before getting into the reviews of some of the best products in this niche, it is important to know what to look for when buying a digital scale for your baby. 

  • Capacity and Accuracy 

Digital machines are not only more accurate than analog ones, but they also have a higher capacity. This way, your one-time investment at the time of birth pays off for the next ten years (at least). While some models have a capacity that reaches around 40kg, most of the products in this list have a maximum limit of 20kg. 

Besides, you should also check for the accuracy of the readings. Readings accurate to the nearest 10 grams is considered to be pretty precise. 

  • Tare Function 

This function allows you to subtract an extra weight your baby may be carrying with itself. This provides you with better, more precise results.

  • Weighing Pan

For babies, the first thing you should think about is their comfort. Make sure the weighing scale you choose from this list comes with a comfortable, wide weighing pan. Some of these come with extra paddings just to enhance your experience. Others come with a curved surface just to ensure your baby doesn’t roll over when it starts fidgeting. 

  • LED Display 

This is perhaps a common thing when it comes to digital screens. Every piece of digital equipment comes with an LED screen. They are cheap and allow you to see more clearly even when there’s a reflection of light on the display. 

  • Extra Features

Other features include the ability to connect the weighing scale to your mobile over Wifi. This will, in turn, help you with keeping track of data as well as analyzing the growth rate of the baby. However, models that come with these features can be a bit out of budget and are not included in this list. 

On the same note, we understand how frustrating it would be to browse hundreds of models, and then further narrowing down to choose the best one can be tiring. No need to worry; we’ve got you covered. We decided to take it upon ourselves to do the research for you. We’ve gathered six great devices with unique features and excellent reviews from the users. Here are the top 6 digital baby weighing scales in 2021.  

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6 Best Digital Baby Weighing Scales 2021

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Best Digital Baby Weighing Scales


1. MCP Digital Baby Weighing Scale

At the top of our list ranks this weighing monitor by MCP Store. With accuracy to the nearest 10, it’s a product that suits well with babies, children as well as adults. It is simple to use; all you need to do is turn it on and place your child on the platform. The numbers on the LED screen fluctuate and once they start blinking at a certain number, you’ll know that’s the final reading. 

The scale gives out the reading within a few seconds. You can also customize the units and choose between kilograms or pounds. It comes with the ‘tare’ button to increase accuracy; it takes into account other factors such as the weight of the blanket your baby may have on him/her. Moreover, it is foldable, easily stores underneath your bed, and is easy to carry. 

  • Can monitor both weight and height
  • Comfortable
  • Measures within seconds
  • The capacity of around 100kg
  • Does not come with a warranty

2. Equinox EQ-BE-55 

Equinox EQ-BE-55 Baby Weighing Scale-Digital (White)

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Another great product on this list is the EQ-BE-55. The device comes with a 1.2 inch LED display that clearly shows you the readings. Not only does the scale monitor weight, but it also measures the height of your baby. It can store the data of as many as eight different infants and keep the last 15 measurements of each of them. 

It is lightweight and easily portable. It notifies you when the battery’s low and also notifies you when the weight limit exceeds. A unique feature of this weighing scale comes with is that it displays the difference between the latest reading and the last reading. This way you can analyze how quickly your baby boy/girl is gaining mass.

  • Turns on and off automatically
  • Delta weight feature
  • Sturdy build
  • Small and compact
  • The weight limit is only 25kg


3. VMore Weighing Scale

vmore Plastic Baby Child Bathroom Weighing Scale Machine, White, 3 Inches

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This product by Vmore comes in a plastic body and is white in color. It has the capacity of weighing up to 40kg of mass and is accurate to the nearest 10 grams. It offers you two ways to weigh the mass of your baby; they can either lie down on the double-scaled tray or they can weight themselves while standing. 

Moreover, you can customize the units on this as well. Whether you’re looking for a reading in kilograms, grams, pounds, or ounces, it’s got you covered. The overall size of the machine is 61 x 25 cm which works out well if you’re looking for something for your toddler.

  • Accurate readings
  • Can measure both weight and height
  • Split design
  • Smooth comfortable surface
  • Plastic is of poor quality


4. Techsun Mart Electronic Baby Weighing Scale

Techsun Mart Plastic Electronic Smooth and Safe Surface Baby Digital Weighing Scale (White)

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Also on this list, is this great product by Techsun Mart. The features are a lot like the one we saw in the previous one. This, too, has the capacity of holding up to 40 kilograms while being accurate to the nearest 10 grams. It has the same dimensions as well; 61 x 25 cm. it comes with a double-scale tray, it is convenient to use and easily portable. 

Moreover, the scale can be used for kids with ages 1-10. However, with the plastic body, make sure you do not put more weight than necessary, even if the age lies within the range. It tracks your baby’s mass to help you make sure you’re feeding the baby just the right amount of nutrition.

  • Stylish and elegant design
  • Auto on/off
  • LED display
  • Small-sized, compact and portable
  • Gives you the reading within a few seconds
  • Weight capacity only 20kg


5. Rossmax WE300

Rossmax We300 Baby Weighing Scale (White)

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The WE300 comes in a very simple, basic design. It is comfortable and measures masses of up to 20kg while the minimum value stands at 100g. It comes with a large display that is easy to read while the units can also be changed between kilograms, pounds, and ounces. 

As we saw in the first product on this list, this model also comes with a ‘tare’ function. This allows you to accurately get the reading even when the baby is wearing unnecessary clothing items. There is also a discretional hold function that keeps the readings constant while your baby fidgets constantly.

  • Auto turn off
  • Low battery indicator
  • Notifies you in case of overload
  • Firm build with a sturdy construction
  • Maximum weight limit stands at 20kg


6. MCP RCS-20

MCP RCS-20 Digital Baby Weighing Scale Heavy Duty

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As we saw before, MCP really does offer something unique to its customers, and this one’s no less. Though you may be looking for something to use at home, this device is extensively seen being used in small clinics as well. it works with both a power adapter as well as on AA batteries. It can be folded to save space and can be reassembled quite easily as well. 

The curved surface is comfortable for the baby to lie on and the tray does not block the LCD display either. Moreover, the tray is removable so that you can quite conveniently measure your toddler’s weight.

  • Foldable; easy to carry, easy to store
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sturdy construction that makes it durable
  • Elegant design
  • A bit expensive than competitor models
  • Capacity stands at 20kg, which could’ve been more since it is for toddlers as well



These were some of the best baby weighing scales in 2021. All the products come with a comfortable weighing pan, tare function, and high accuracy, although the maximum weight limit could’ve been higher in some of them.