13 Best Electric Lawn Mowers 2022

Beyond the common lawn mowers is something more exciting and better performing. The conception of electric lawn mowers has been gaining a better shape season after the other and today you can find some promising ones to romp your fields with a lot more ease and flexibility.

If you have got a chance to get your hands on one of the supergrass cutting machines then you can surely confess the undying experience and rock-solid performance.

In this write-up, we will give a cutting edge review on the best electric lawn mowers, included corded & cordless models, that you can get in the market today, Amazon and Homedepot.


Types of Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers come in two major classifications and have lots of similarities that they share. An electric mower can either be a corded or a cordless electric mower. While both types of electric mowers use electric motors to propel the blades the most notable difference is that the corded one simply has a cord while the other one does not have a cord. Each of the mowers has its advantages over the other and one should be keen when investing in either of them. Here is an overview detailing the two types of mowers.

  • Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

This type of mower draws power from an electric outlet to propel its blades. This type of mower is characterized by high performance and high mowing power. It consumes little electricity contrary to what many people might think. In fact, research shows that the average corded lawn mower can consume low worth of electricity in a full year considering that one is doing the normal mowing. It is, however, necessary to have a long cord if you are going to be covering a large area which may be a bit expensive and inflexible. This mower is most recommended for people with a small area to cover.

  • Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Cordless electric mowers are those without any cord attached and the propulsion of their blades depends on a rechargeable battery. With this electric mower, you can mow a wide area without ever worrying about the cord. The power is however deficient when compared to corded mowers and needs a recharge after some time. Despite this fact and with the way technology has been, there is a possibility to get hold of longer-lasting capacitors to store more energy for a long time. It is the most recommended mower when looking at a large portion to cover.


How to choose Electric Lawn Mower

Are you worried or just confused about how to choose the best electric lawn mowers to use in cutting grass in your yard? Worry not. Here is a comprehensive cover write-up detailing on what to consider when choosing the most appropriate electric mower to use.

  • What do you want to use it for?

You need to first establish why you need an electric lawn mower since they differ a lot in terms of performances. If you need to mow a large area, for example, you will need to focus on some that are known to cover large areas. After the review and the guide above it is clear that for one to cover a wide area it is good to have a cordless mower that allows them to move around without any limitations.

  • What is your budget?

People have different budgets and that does not mean that the compounds of the people with little budgets have to be less shabby. There are many lawn mowers that are perfect and still go for a little less budget. In the review above the use of the lightweight Black & Decker is an absolute bargain as it comes with a low price tag while also giving a high-quality performance.

  • Pick the best from the best-trusted stores :

Working with trusted sources ensures that one is getting only the original equipment and not a counterfeit or a faulty one. You will also be able to claim a warranty in case the equipment runs into some errors.

**Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Top 4 Electric Lawn Mower Brands

Albeit there are dozens of lawn mowers that will make you a clean swath, you need to know that there are also those that are poor in performance and will not work well for you. You should keep off from the dregs that give you low quality work and here are the top 4 electric mower brands that you will fall in love with.

  • GreenWorks Electric mower 
  • Black and Decker Lawn mower 
  • WORX Lawn mower 
  • Earthwise Electric mower


13 Best Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

If you are in a quagmire of figuring out the best electric mower to buy then the reviews below will help you get a better grip and know which one to invest in.

2 used from $98.94
as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm
3 new from $377.39
2 used from $205.91
as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm
6 new from $198.99
as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm
as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm
as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm
4 new from $349.00
2 used from $272.87
as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm
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Top 4 GreenWorks Electric Mower Reviews

If you are in the market for an energy-efficient, gas saving, grass cutting machine, the GreenWorks lawn mower is probably a brand that can benefit you.

GreenWorks is one of the most popular electric lawn mower companies out there, and they offer several lawn mowers to suit the needs of all grass cutters.

You can choose from an array of efficient lawn mowing machines that will make your experience to the next level of fun and comfort.

Rather than scavenger through the many different GreenWorks electric mower out there and waste your time, we have taken the liberty of providing you a list of the top four currently available.

It will help to sort out the best lawn mower in a short time with the least effort. These are the most popular models from GreenWorks, and certainly, electric mowers that will live up to your expectations.


GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25022

2 used from $98.94
Free shipping
as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

A Corded Electric Lawn Mower is one of the most important tools that every household with a garden or yard should have. They help homeowners keep their surroundings clean. There are different types of lawn mowers, including gas operated mowers, battery-operated ones, and those powered by electricity. However, our concern in this write-up is the newly designed Greenworks 12 Amp 20 inches Corded Electric Lawn Mower. We are going to take a critical review on this product, looking at its features, its benefits as well as its shortfalls

The Greenworks 25022 corded electric mower is a medium-size mower built for medium-sized lawns and yards.  One critical feature of this type of lawn mower is its zero carbon emission rate. It is preferred by those who want to work with an electrically powered device that emits no carbon and makes little sound.  It does not have a rechargeable battery since it is corded and connected directly to an electric current. However, most people are always skeptical about using this type of lawn mower because of its cords, which makes them carry cables along wherever they want to cut. It is really inconvenient and sometimes frustrating, especially if you have to cut a large yard.

But the environmentally conscious individual will see the overall benefits of the GreenWorks corded electric mower.  Below are its main features;

Main features

  • Single Lever 5 Position Height Adjustment.  With this feature, you can be able to cut grasses to whatever desired height. It has a wide range of adjustment options ranging from 5/8th”  to 25/8th”. This ensures that you cut the grass exactly to the level you desire.
  • Environmentally friendly and low maintenance
  • 20-inch steel 3 in 1 cutting deck
  • 12-Amp Motor
  • Ability to mulch, bag, or make use of side discharge
  • Mulch plug and grass collection bag included in the product
  • Designed with cord lock feature
  • 12-guage cord attached for cord length of more than 100 ft.
  • Sturdily built to prevent a cord from detaching while being moved
  • Single level height control
  • A fold-down handle for easy storage and transportation


There are several benefits of the GreenWorks 12 Amp lower.

  • Comparing it with most other electric mowers out there, its minimum height adjustment of 5/8 is the lowest available adjustment in all models.  This makes it very efficient for users who prefer very low and clean-cut grass.
  • It is environmentally friendly and makes little noise when being used
  • The Greenworks electric mower model is simple and very reliable.  It provides a great capability to make sure your lawn is looking clean without much stress. Greenworks lawn mower has 7-position height adjustment that ensures the most ideal height option for all kinds of grass. Its 20 inch steel deck moves quickly through the lawn, ensuring that the mowing operation is done swiftly and efficiently.
  • It has been properly designed where the operator can lower the 4 wheels by simultaneously adjusting them at the handle.
  • With the simple fold-down handle, folding and packaging the machine for storage and transportation becomes very easy.


There are few shortfalls of the Greenworks 12 Amp lawnmower.

  • The most notable is its reaction to moist grass. It is not very efficient when used on moist grass. For those who are trying to cut immediately after the rain, the blade might just slide over the moist grass without proper cutting.
  • It is not suitable for large areas. Greenwork 12 Amp is most ideal for cutting small or medium-sized lawns because of its size and cord length.

Bottom Line

If you a looking to buy a corded electric lawn mower, the Greenworks 12 Amp electric mower model may not be ideal if you intend using it on moist grass. It may not also be the best for cutting large yards or lawns because of its cord limit. However, if you want a well built and reliable electric mower for your small or medium-sized lawn, the GreenWorks 12 Amp 20 inches Corded Electric Mower will work well for you. It will prove to be a very efficient lawn cleaning machine for your lawn or yard. It has been highly recommended for its electric-powered efficiency, ease of operation, and rich feature set.


Related Product: Black & Decker MM275 Electric Mulching Mower Reviews



Greenworks 20-Inch 40V Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower, 4.0 AH & 2.0 AH Batteries Included 25302

3 new from $377.39
2 used from $205.91
Free shipping
as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

Reading electric lawn mower reviews can help you decide whether or not you want to purchase this type of mower, as well as which is best suitable for your needs. Here we will take a look at the GreenWorks Twin Force G-Max, model 25302.

What is the GreenWorks 25302 Twin Force Electric lawn mower?

This electric mower is available with your choice of a 16 or 19-inch deck and includes numerous features that keep it a top contender for electric mowers. Inside of the electric mower there is a 40 volt, Li-Ion G-Max battery and a backup battery of the same standards. The charger is included with the package.

Smart Cut technology is offered on the GreenWorks lawn mower, a tool that balances all of the mower’s mechanisms out so that cutting grass is a job that won’t take all day and night. There are also dual blades on the lawn mower, which means more cutting power in half of the time.

Not only can you keep your lawn freshly manicured with this mower, but you are also capable of handling other tasks at the same time. There are a mulching and bagging feature on this electric lawn mower.  This cordless lawn mower is capable of operating for up to 60 minutes on one battery, and automatically switches over to the second when it is necessary.  This lawn mower also features a height adjustment with a total of five settings, so no matter the height of your lawn, you can easily get the job done.

There is no perfect mower around, and this one has both advantages and disadvantages of using the machine. Here is a quick look at the pros and the cons of this cordless electric lawn mower.


  • Two batteries for larger jobs
  • Includes charger
  • 40-volt powerful battery
  • No gas to purchase
  • No cords to get in the way
  • Versatile so you can get more done around the house
  • Lightweight makes it easy to use
  • It’s quiet and smoke-free


  • The safety rubber as a toe guard is a way too flexible that may turn inwards when the mower moves back. It could hurt your toe.
  • This mower may not be suitable for lawns where the grass is tall nor for short plants that are a bit overgrown.

 What do Customers Say?

The GreenWorks 25302 has a plethora of reviews, most of which are positive.

For example, Alexandra P. of Ohio says “I feel good about using the mower, and it really makes the job much easier.”

However, Michael F. of Georgia said: “It is okay when you first start using it, then it turns to worthless junk.”

Jonathan Sprenke says: There are quality control issues that are to be improved like bad weld and assembly problems.

Overall the Twin Force 2-battery electric lawn mower has a great 4.7 Amazon rating.

Bottom Line

The GreenWorks lawn mower is among the best electric lawn mowers on the market, according to many people. It has lots of features and benefits, as you can see from this review. If you are ready to purchase the GreenWorks lawn mower, Amazon has the best price on the electric lawn mower, as well as free shipping and perhaps other exciting offers. If you prefer, continue reading electric lawn mower reviews to find the one best for you.


Greenworks 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25142

6 new from $198.99
as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

We all want the best for our home, and the same goes for the appliances we need for tasks around the house, such as GreenWorks 25142 Corded 16-inch electric lawn Mower. It is made to have great motor strength with impeccable performance. Take a look at some reasons Green Works Corded 16-inch Mower might be the right choice for you and your garden.

Main Features

This mower cuts in the range of 16 inches with amazing motor power. This increases the mower’s durability. It can also perform a great amount of work at low energy usage, making it economical at the same time. It is really comfortable to use, since the handle for operating the Green Work mower is flexible and foldable, preventing pain and allowing prolonged use. It also has an adjustable height, so you can customize it to fit you. Since it is small-sized, it is suitable for narrow and hard-to-reach areas in small gardens.


Maybe the best thing about the GreenWorks Corded 16-inch Lawn Mower is that it is extremely compact and light-weight, so managing and operating will be easy. An ergonomic design, due to a foldable handle means you put out as little effort as possible. It uses less energy, so an electric GreenWorks lawn mower is far better for the environment than those mowers running on gas. This will also lead to a much lower overall bill. An Electric Green Works mower is also more comfortable for others to be around since its noise emissions are reduced to a minimum.


Every product has drawbacks, but every flaw can be overcome. Comparing them to lawn mowers in general, the GreenWorks 16 inch Corded mower, while very economical, is mostly limited to mowing small gardens and small-sized areas. Also, using the electric mower, you will be limited to mowing only within the area of your mower’s cord.  If you have a large backyard or garden you need to mow, it would be best to purchase a gas mower rather than going for the electric mower, because, as efficient as they are, these mowers still cannot help you with bigger surfaces. Also, you may find cords very uncomfortable, since you need to keep them away from razors and stay in the radius of your power outlet, being unable to reach some areas that you might have wanted to take care of.

Bottom Line

All in all, despite minor disadvantages, you will definitely find the Green Works 25142 16-inch Corded electric lawn mower to be a great investment, as its design is very likeable, having an ergonomic handle for your convenience, which will certainly ease your lawn mowing with its flexibility and adjustment features. Even if the cord can get in the way of getting to hard-to-reach areas in your garden, you will be able to keep the environment clean along with keeping your bills lower. Gas mowers can also be very noisy, unlike an electric mower with maximally-reduced noise emissions, such as Green Works 16 inch Mower.

You can get your own great looking and highly efficient Green Works Corded electric lawn Mower at very affordable prices and extremely good quality, with all the benefits of a flexible and economic home appliance. Due to its ergonomic design, light-weight, and small size, you will certainly enjoy many tasks you probably didn’t like before.


Greenworks 21-Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower MO13B00

as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

Greenworks, 13 Amp, 21-Inch 3 in 1, Rear Bag, Mulch or Side Discharge, Converts Easily from Rear Bag to Mulch or Side Discharge Electric Lawn Mower

The GreenWorks lawn mower reviews not only tell about the quality of this product but also tell how it can make our lives easier, especially in our efforts with our lawns. Such technically advanced products are time-saving, and the results achieved are par excellence too. You will surely get mesmerized considering the qualities of this 21-inch lawn mower from GreenWorks . It has a 13 Amp motor, which is good enough to cut the toughest grass. The 21-inch frame is durable and convenient for any person to mow the grass easily. There are a number of other features as well which we will explore in the following section.

GreenWorks 25112 Features and Specifications: 

The following are some of the top features and specifications of this product:

  • Weight: 53.1 pounds
  • Height: 31.5 x 17.2 x 23.2 inches.
  • It comes with a sturdy 13 Amp motor.
  • It has a durable 21-inch frame, which allows for cutting the toughest grass with the utmost ease and in a quicker time.
  • It is a 3-in1 feature-enriched product which provides users with several options to cut or clip the grass in more innovative ways.
  • The system also offers 7 distinct height positions to adjust it as per the height and comfort of the user.
  • The system comes with bigger 10-inch rear wheels and relatively smaller 7-inch front wheels.


The system has the following notable pros:

  • It is a versatile 3-in-1 mower which allows different modes to cut grass in different lengths.
  • The 7 position height adjustment feature accommodates people with different heights as per their convenience.
  • It is made from durable steel, which is known to last for a long time.
  • It is reasonably lightweight, which makes it very easy to manoeuvre during operation.
  • It is very easy to assemble on arrival/delivery.
  • It is easy to operate with its simple plugging in and ON/OFF operation.
  • It also doesn’t produce much noise while operating.


Other than the pros, this system also has some cons which must be considered before making your decision:

  • It is a corded machine that makes it a bit of trouble while operating and takes some time to get used to while working.
  • It is useful for small lawns, but might not be useful for a large one due to its limited cord length.
  • The wheels and axles of the system are not shielded, which causes the cord to wrap up and around the wheels while moving.

Bottom Line

The users must take into account all of the above-discussed pros, cons, features, and specifications to make their decision about the product. It is definitely worth considering this product by looking at the customer GreenWorks lawn mower reviewsYou should consider getting it if you don’t have one, or are having trouble with your old one.

Top 3 Earthwise Electric Lawn Mower Reviews (2020)

Earthwise electric lawn mowers are created to be different from the rest, and they certainly live up to that expectation. Earthwise is a company dedicated to making the world a better place. All of the products that they offer are good for the environment, but they do not stop there. You can also count on their products to be easy to use to make your life simple. Founded in 2008, the past 5 years have been responsive to the company. Lawn mowers are one of the items produced by the company. Their lawn mowers are a cut above the rest of the mowers out there, operating off of electricity rather than gas. This saves you time, money, and hassle, while also protecting the environment.

Here are the top three Earthwise lawn mowers of the year. Using any of these mowers will help you see first hand why the company is going places with their environmentally-friendly products. You can compare each of these three products among them or else compare them with other available lawn mowers and you can easily get an idea which one is best for your lawn.


Earthwise 60120 20-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

With 3-in-1 performance that allows you to choose between mulching, bagging, or side discharge, plus a powerful 40Volt removable battery system that provides zero-emission performance, the Earthwise 60120 Cordless 20-inch Electric Lawnmower is a versatile, and easy-to-use tool. The single-lever height control, easy on/off mulch plug, removable battery,…

Service, quality and price are synonymous with WORX Lawn Mower Reviews which come with a generous array of features as well as offering a range of high-quality spares and accessories. Earthwise products have been one of the best cordless lawn mowers in the market. You can find its feature and how it works out for those who buy here in the following review.

Main Features:

Some features are as following:

  • 3-in-1 performance – you can mulch, bag or side discharge – the mower can be used in any season
  • 40Volt removable battery
  • No cords to worry about when you are mowing
  • The battery provides sufficient power to mow an entire lawn in a single charge – the lawnmower comes with a charger, allowing the user to charge it through the mower or to take out the battery and charge it somewhere else
  • The LED display on the deck at the rear reveals the battery level and it is easy to see this while mowing
  • Zero-emissions mower – environmentally friendly
  • The mower has a 20′ cutting path
  • The composite 7” front wheels and large 9½” rear wheels mean navigating over rough terrain is easy – the over-sized rear wheels make
  • It easy to manoeuvre the mower over rough and uneven terrain.
  • The wheels have also got ball bearings, making the mower easy to push
  • The V-handle with cushion grip also provides greater control over tough terrain
  • The single-lever height control system makes it easy to adjust the height of the cut – in fact, choose between 7 height positions
  • Handle-mounted safety-blade control
  • Easy on/off mulch plug
  • Earthwise lawn mower assembles easily with no tools required
  • Ergonomic design – Comfort ‘V’ handle with cushion grip. The handle is also easy-fold
  • Single lever height control – opt for 1¾” to 3¾”
  • Ball-bearing wheels allow the mower to roll along easily
  • Very cost-effective when compared to other similar type mowers

People who have used this mower say that the back grass gathering bag is one of this mowers key features as, without a bag, gardeners will have to rake up all cut grass which can be exhausting and time-consuming.

Customers say that although the grass gathering bag is limited and need to be emptied a number of times during the mowing process, it is one of this mower’s most useful features. Most customers review this lawnmower, with its shortcomings, as pretty reliable.


Customers who have bought this mower, don’t like the fact that the manual warns you to charge the battery every 30 days, even during off-seasons

  • The build of the mower isn’t robust enough for thick and long lawns
  • The 60120′ battery isn’t as strong as other mowers and the mower gets bogged down in these areas which deplete the battery quickly
  • Customers complain about the Earthwise electric lawn mowers website doesn’t provide enough information about the 60120 although it does provide contact information if you require additional information.

Bottom Line 

Want to be right ahead with the latest technology and customer care? Earthwise Lawn Mower Reviews could help you find the best product to match your lawn mowing needs and budget as well. You can go through the product reviews in order to get all the important information and make the right decision for your lawn mowing machine.


Earthwise 50214 14-Inch 8-Amp Mower, Corded

as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

The Earthwise 14-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower requires no gas, no oil, no fumes and starts every time. The 2 in 1 system has a side discharge and mulches. A single lever height adjustment makes it easy to change the mowing height for any yard. The 14-Inch electric mower is the clean air choice…

If you need to buy an Earthwise mower then Earthwise Lawn Mower reviews can help you know their product better.  The American Lawn Mower company started in 1895 and in keeping up with modern trends, today they are creating eco-friendly and non-polluting lawnmowers such as the Earthwise Lawn Mower; the 50214, a 14″,8 Amp Side Discharge and Mulching Electric Mower. This particular lawn mower gets a 4.4-star rating out of 5 and it is priced at $137.63. With dimensions such as 38 x 19 x 46 inches, the lawn mowers weigh 36.4 pounds and require no oil or gas to work.

This Earthwise electric lawn mower doesn’t have an internal battery so it needs to remain connected by means of a separate extension cord. This lawn mower comes with a 14″ cutting width which many customers are disappointed in. They would prefer a broader cutting width so that the mowing process is quicker. For a beautiful lawn, customers felt that the Earthwise 50214 electric lawn mower comes with all the features to help them achieve their purpose with their lawns and at a reasonable price.

This product is electric so for this model, it is always important to consider the distance from an electrical power outlet. The cord is sufficiently long for large lawns but not long enough for a rugby field for instance.


  • The height of the Earthwise 50214 is adjustable – from 1½” to 4″ which caters for different people and their heights
  • 14″ cutting width
  • Double layered deck made from sturdy, durable plastic
  • 8 amp electric motor
  • The single lever height adjustment allows you to change the mowing height for different size lawns and for different length grass
  • V-shaped padded handle for comfort and less fatigue with your hands
  • The handle is adjustable so that short and tall people can mow with ease
  • The handle can be collapsed and placed on top of mower for easy storage
  • Front wheels are 5½’” and rear wheels are 6½”- the variance in size between the front and rear wheels ensures that there is better control of the mower
  • Easy to assemble the mower – you need to attach the handle
  • Corded 14” electric mower


  • Customers love having no gas, no oil and no fumes to contend with
  • Light and easy to maneuver the mower
  • Single lever adjustment
  • No assembly required


  • No bag for gathering grass
  • Customers would have preferred slightly larger wheels to make pushing quicker and easier
  • The mower is louder than other models
  • After half an hour of mowing, power lessens

Bottom Line:

Reading about Earthwise lawn mower reviews would definitely provide you with a handful of information about the product.  There are so many good things about this lawn mower with a high standard of advice, tips and follow-up service with the brand name. The mower stands up well when compared to other similar mowers but having to rake all the grass after mowing is one huge disadvantage.


Earthwise 50120 20-Inch 12-Amp Electric Mulching Lawn Mower

as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

Earthwise 20″ Corded Electric Mower with Bag. NO gas to buy. NO, pull starting. NO fumes. NO maintenance. There are dozens of reasons why an electric mower is just plain superior. But in the interest of time, I’ll break it down: you get all the power and performance of a gas-guzzler in a quieter, lighter, cleaner, and easier-to-use Mower…

Earthwise provides corded and cordless mowers, with the larger cordless mowers having a removable, rechargeable battery. Earthwise lawn mower reviews provide valuable information on their environmentally friendly products manufactured by American Lawn Mower Company and with their slogan ‘The Clean Air Choice’. With Earthwise, you’ll be able to check out the different models, their specs as well as prices prior to making your buying decision. The Earthwise 50120 20″ 12 amperage Electric Mulching Lawn Mower with a Grass Bag is a 3-in-1 performance lawnmower which gives you the option of either mulching, bagging or side discharge. Customers appreciate the power of this 12-amp Earthwise lawn mower which doesn’t have the tricky and unreliable pull-start process as well as being an eco-friendly zero-emissions mower.


  • A wide 20” cutting path which shortens the mowing time
  • Heavy-duty steel mower deck which will ensure durability
  • Composite 7” front wheels and 8” rear wheels – wheels have ball bearings for excellent manoeuvrability
  • V-handle comes with cushion grip  – superb control over tough terrain – the handle folds down which makes storage much easier
  • Single-lever height control  – this feature makes for easier adjustments – you don’t need to adjust each wheel when changing mower blade height. The Earthwise 50120 Electric Mulching Mower complete with a Grass Bag makes life easier when mowing and the single-lever height control system gives you 7 height positions which range from 1½ to 4”
  • Handle-mounted safety-blade control
  • On and off mulch plug for mulching
  • Cord hook  manages the power cord during operation
  • Assembly is easy – no tools required
  • This 3 in 1 lawnmower adapts to a lawn’s varied needs, mulching in Spring, for instance, to add nutrition to the lawn while during Fall the bag can be used to clear leaves and debris
  • Weight:  60 pounds
  • Included in the box: the 12 amp electric mower, wheels, handle and grass bag
  • Warranty: two-year limited warranty


Customers love the idea of no having no pull-start mechanism and no fumes – easy push-button start a quieter, easier-to-use, cleaner mower

  • Even for long, tough grass, the Earthwise 50120 provides all the power you need
  • With no gas and blades designed for efficiency and lasting performance, you have a virtually zero maintenance cost mower.

Cons :

  • Customers don’t like the time-consuming reeling and un-reeling of the cord.
  • Another problem is that if you get anything damaged there is no way to get a quick fix and you will have to waste lots of time getting your mower back to work.

Bottom Line:

Want a reliable and environmentally friendly lawnmower that will stand the test of time? The Earthwise Electric Mulching Mower with a Grass Bag comes with so many good qualities and finding similar mowers to compare in terms of pricing and features will help you in your buying choice. The powerful mower is an outstanding mulching machine which is easy and safe to handle. Not worrying about gas is an added benefit and the fact that it is a low maintenance mower equals more savings. This versatile mulching lawn mower is designed for longevity and unlike other mulching mowers, it won’t leave little piles of grass everywhere. You can haul it out throughout the year to keep your lawn in peak condition.

Top 3 Black and Decker Electric Lawn Mowers Reviews

The Black and Decker electric lawn mower is one of the many items that the company offers, and one that customers around the world are excited to learn about. Black & Decker offers a wide range of appliances that can help any homeowner get all of the work done they need in a hurry.

So, if you are in need of a reliable lawn mower that would help you work easily through your lawn then you should be going through the most popular electric lawn mowers by Black and Decker in order to choose your best one.

With so many different Black and Decker electric mowers on the market, selecting the best for your needs can be difficult. Thus, we have reviewed the many different models and compiled a list of the top three. Those that won the honours include.


Black & Decker MM1800 18-Inch 12 amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

Fast, powerful, and easy to start, the Black & Decker MM1800 18-Inch Electric Lawn Mower helps make yard work less of a chore. Thanks to its powerful electric motor, this high-performance mower will help you create and maintain…

A new, powerful, and fast Black and Decker MM1800 18 inch electric lawn mower can assist you in making the yard work easy. This ultra high-performance mower will help you create and a well-manicured lawn devoid of the expenses, hassles, or emissions of the old-school gas-powered lawn mower model.

Easy Storage and Adjustments

The single touch height adjustment of height means that you can alter the height of the mower with the pull of one lever. Unlike the old-school mowers, this one can be folded for compact or upright storage, which makes it ideal for anyone with narrow or limited storage space in the garage or shed.

Performance and Power

This mower has a 12-ampere motor, providing an abundance of power for bagging or mulching the grass, with the bag assembly at the rear. Its advanced and improved design of the blade provides better results in cutting.

Rear Bag Collection

This particular mower is very well-suited for mulching the trimmings into your lawn. This provides natural fertilizer. For ease of collection, this mower is designed and structured with a rear bag, which lifts via the handle for emptying.

Quiet Operation and Fast Starts

This particular mower is very easy to use. It starts immediately with a pull of the handle. After it has started, its quiet operation, compared to the traditional gas mower, helps you to carry out your work without disturbing others.

Zero Emissions

According to the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, the engines powered by gas produce around a million tons of air-polluting emissions annually. However, this new mower ensures zero percent emissions of harmful gases in the yard.

This machine is designed differently, although it performs well. It does not come with a padded handle, and the top deck is located a little higher. The larger deck is convenient for work. The height adjuster is also much better; it changes with just a push and it moves quickly. This machine is guaranteed to meet all your expectations.

The electric lawn mower is much better than the old gas mower, especially for people with backaches. The old gas mowers not only required more work but also polluted the environment with the gas it produced. Although said all of the above, the cord can be a bit annoying if, for example, you move around in circles in order to mow the lawn. You will constantly have to keep adjusting the cord so that it does not end up in your way.

Bottom Line:

Though this electric lawn mower has all the features that could meet your lawn needs effectively, still you should keep in mind that it’s a corded electric lawn mower and the length of the cord has a limit and may cause a little bit of inconvenience while working on a large size lawn. But the advantageous aspects for this mower are more appealing as compared to the few or little cons that could be managed easily.

So, all in all, apart from you having to change your mowing pattern, this mower is an excellent choice.

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Black & Decker CM1936 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

4 new from $349.00
2 used from $272.87
Free shipping
as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

Featuring a highly efficient design, the Black & Decker CM1936 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Lawn Mower provides unparalleled power and convenience, making yard care better than ever before. With this high-performance cordless mower…

The Black -Decker CM1936 19 – inch 36 – volt cordless electric lawn mower features a highly effective, easy to handle design.

It provides convenience and unmatched power that makes your yard care better than ever. With the help of this cordless and high-performance mower, you can easily maintain and create a well-manicured lawn that is free of any hassle as well as eliminating harmful gas emissions.

The new CM1936 has an ultra-effective, powerful and improved version of designs of blades that cuts better in the long run. In reality, this particular mower can cut almost up to 1/3rd acre of your lawn in a solitary charge.

Quiet Operation: This new CM1936 is amazingly easy to use, all thanks to the highly developed features that live up to the needs of customers. First and foremost, it starts almost immediately when you pull the lever. After it has started, it operates very quietly; it’s so quiet that your neighbours will not even realize you are mowing your lawn.

Easy Storage: This particular mower is very easily folded and can be stored and adjusted in small and compact sheds or garages.

This equipment is outfitted for mulching clippings for your lawn. This provides you with an easy method of fertilizing. In addition, for painless clipping assortment, this mower comes with a bag in the back that can be easily emptied.

Battery: This electric lawn mower possesses a removable battery that could be lifted out easily. It also can be charged in the mower. You can also buy additional batteries for extended runtime, which give you the easy to handle large properties.

This mower is energy-efficient and causes no air pollution, preserving the environment. It is mostly made up of plastic exteriors that look pretty cheap in fact; it looks like a bigger version of a kid’s toy mower. Some consumers prefer a metal body that gives a better look. However, this will also increase the weight of the mower. The plastic body seems to look like a misfit.

The handle of this electric lawn mower is covered nicely with soft, grooved rubber for a better grip. This facilitates a much firmer hold on the handle, which is great. The key for the electric mower plugs in the charging port of the mower on its right-hand side. The key does snap into place; however, it could wear out over time. There is a possibility that the key can fall out because it is pointed facing out and a little downward.

Bottom Line:

Along with all the pros and cons of Black Decker CM1936, this electric cordless lawn mower could be a good appliance at home in case you need a noise-free lawn mowing along with easy handling and quality working due to its design and high-quality machine works.

So, if you need a rather economical lawn mower for your home that also works fast and easy then it must be your first choice.


Black & Decker SPCM1936 19-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

The SPCM1936 is incredibly easy to use, thanks to advanced features that address the needs and wants of cordless mower users. First, it starts instantly with a key and a push of a button. And once started, its quiet operation–much quieter than gas mowers–means you can mow when you want to–without worrying about disturbing your neighbours…

With so many cordless electric lawn mowers on the market, it can be pretty grueling to try and pick one that will excel your needs. However, if you are an individual that is interested in using energy-efficient, quality product, it is the electric mower that you probably want to own. We are here to make that decision somewhat easier, today offering a review of the popular Black & Decker model SPCM1936.

This lawn mower is cordless, easy to use and among the most popular of the models out there today. But is it all hype or does this machine live up to what everyone is saying?


This is an electric lawn mower that many people are enjoying.

  • This needs no gas, so it saves you money from the start. Thanks to the self-propelled blades and the removable battery, handling all of your lawn care needs is simple and easy.
  • You can easily adjust the mower’s speed according to the way that you are feeling or even the height of the grass, making getting the job done so much easier.
  • The battery inside is a powerful 36-volt, energy-efficient unit. Using this electric lawn mower saves you time, money, and it is even good for the environment, too!
  • There is a 19-inch deck and instant start feature that requires you to do nothing but push a button to get it started.
  • A feature that most users appreciate is the fact that this mower is very quiet. It is far less noisy than most of the gas mowers on the market.
  • Another benefit is that there is a bag on the rear of the machine where you can either mulch the cut grass or dispose of it.
  • The Black & Decker lawn mower makes things simple instead of complicated, ensuring a freshly cut, well-manicured lawn that your neighbors will envy.


There are a few disadvantages that come along with the Black and Decker SPCM1936 that you should know before determining if it is right for your needs or not.

  • Higher than average cost. It is priced less than the competition, yet more than the cost of the average gas powered lawn mower.
  • The battery may quit after about 2-3 years and may require continuous charging after being used.

Bottom Line

Overall there are far more advantages of using this lawn mower than disadvantages of using the mower. But it is your choice to make sure that you use electric lawn mower reviews such as this one to help you learn more about the choices and the selection before investing any money.

If you are ready to purchase a cordless electric lawn mower, the Black & Decker model is probably one that will exceed your expectations. It is available on Amazon at an exceptional price with mounds of special promos to back that price. You should not have to read any more electric lawn mower reviews after this one to know which lawn mower is best for your needs.

Top 3 WORX Electric Lawn Mower Reviews

The WORX electric lawn mower has come a long way when it comes to lawn mowing products that actually get the job done with ease. Every year, manufacturers of electric lawn mowers continue to bring out new advanced technologies with the intention of outperforming their competitors in the market.

This year, competition has grown to the wire as there are several good quality options for customers to choose from. This recent development is welcome because it gives customers the chance to choose which lawn mower will serve them better. Even with this fierce competition going on, there are some products that may not meet up to the required standards. If you are looking for high quality lawn mowers, the WORK electric lawn mower brand is up there as one of the best in the market.

But what are the special features of these products that make them stand apart? We are going to consider their features here. Remember, reviewing a product is not just about the benefits of the product; you have to consider the shortfalls as well. The other aspect of this article will dwell on the pros and cons of each of the reviewed products below.


WORX WG775 24V 14" Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

The WORX WG775 lawn mower was designed to ensure an effective and hassle free mowing of the backyard, home surroundings, and office area. Expectedly, this product has become very popular as one of the highly demanded lawn mowers in the market today. If you are looking to buy a lawn mower, this WORX lawn mower review will inform you of one of the most popular brands of lawn mowers in the market today.

Why you should use lawn mowers by Worx, Model WORX WG775?

Our busy schedule and ever-increasing office hours mean that we will need to make use of technologies that make life easier for us.  Fortunately, humanity has provided the needed technology required to carry out our work without any hassles. When it comes to home cleaning, lawn mowers have been doing a great job in that aspect. But there are several types of lawn mowers and it is very important to pick the most efficient for your house cleaning needs. Cordless lawn mowers are increasingly becoming the most demanded lawn mowers due to their efficiency and ease of use. One such product is the Worx WG775 cordless lawn mower.

The mower is quite easy to use. When you buy this product, you only have to take it out of the box and charge the battery. In the box, you will find the user’s annual, safety key, grass bag, charger, side discharge chute, mulch insert, battery, and the cordless lawn mower.

The battery can last for more than two hours on continuous use. It cuts hard grasses with ease as a result of the integration of IntelliCut technology in the lawn mower. You can decide to run it on more silent mode or preserve the battery by switching it to quiet mode. But when cutting through hard and heavy grass, the power dial enables you to cut into thick grasses effectively and efficiently.

Excellent cutting ability

The lawn mower has a great cutting ability which helps you maintain and keep your backyard in a good condition.  However, it may not be ideal to cut through very tall grasses due to its design. So, you should always make sure your lawn is maintained at a moderate height to be able to use this mower efficiently.

This lawn mower has a chargeable battery. Unlike most other types of lawn mowers, you don’t need to spend any amount of gasoline or add to the millions of gaseous emissions that are hazardous to the environment. It is also cordless which makes you easily maneuver the machine without the interference of cords.


  • Small, Sporty and compact design
  • Special mulching blade
  • Uses no gas which means that there will be not gaseous pollution when in use
  • No maneuvering of cord
  • Not noisy


  • With its small size and compact nature, it may not be suitable for very high grasses
  • It is also not suitable for wet grasses. In this case, those in humid regions may not find this product useful
  • Its narrow deck implies that it may take longer periods to mow

Bottom Line

Generally, the Worx cordless lawn mower has received lots of positive reviews and feedback from users of the product. Apart from the fact that its design may not allow for use at longer periods and in humid areas, the machine is very effective when in for up to two hours. Basically, you won’t be mowing for more than this period except you are mowing on a commercial basis.  If you are looking for a commercial mower you may consider other products but if your concern is to keep your compound neat and tidy, then this mower is right for you. It is therefore highly recommended for those who want to maintain a clean backyard without the hassles and pollution of the traditional gas powered lawn mowers.


WORX WG744 40V Power Share 4.0 Ah 17" Lawn Mower w/ Mulching (2x20V Batteries)

as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

The Worx WG744cordless IntelliCut mower takes the chore out of mowing. Completely cord-free, the WG744relies on a removable, rechargeable 40Volt battery and a simple, intuitive ignition system to keep your lawn in tiptop shape. Just charge up the battery and flip on the start switch to get mowing. It’s as easy as starting a blender…

Worx lawn mowers offer Reliability, affordability, and durability, which new lawn mower owners look for when looking to invest in a new mower. Not all lawnmowers offer the same performance and they don’t all have the same features, so if you want to enjoy a beautifully mowed lawn, the lightweight Worx lawn mower, at 33lbs, has been designed with specific lawns in mind; tough, long-grass lawns where a powerful engine will power the lawnmower to do an efficient job every time. Customers love the simplicity of simply charging up the battery, flipping on the switch to start and getting on with the job. Worx lawn mower reviews provide customers comments; providing all the good and the bad parts about the lawn mower so that customers can make a well-informed decision.

Some reviews will reveal that some customers don’t like the small wheels; there is too much pushing effort required and they feel that too much effort is also required for adjusting the wheel height. Reviews also reveal that the lawnmower’s power is not equal to that of a comparably priced gas mower.

Special Pricing

This lawnmower gets a near 4.0 star rating out of 5 and is priced under $300. You can buy a used Worx744 14” cordless lawn mower from Amazon Warehouse Deals and save 15% off the price.

How is the Worx Lawn Mower Powered?

The Worx WG744 is a cordless mower that features a powerful 40Volt battery. With one single charge, this battery is capable of cutting up to an area of 10,000 square feet. With no oil and gas, you can enjoy mowing without dealing with a cord and with no unpleasant toxic fumes. The mower comes with IntelliCut technology which means a more environmentally friendly mower; quieter and cleaner. The patented IntelliCut system offers users torque-on-demand technology which means you get all the power you need for tough areas of grass.

Why choose Worx 744 Cordless lawn mower 

  • 3 different cutting options – 2” to 3.5”
  • Removable battery which allows it to be charged separately from the mower
  • Power on demand with IntelliCut technology
  • The mulching features shreds clippings and spreads it evenly over the lawn, providing moisture and nutrients
  • Mulch blade which chops up clipping smaller than other mowers
  • The side discharge sweeps clippings quickly from the cutting chamber
  • Easy-to-read power level indicator – your mower tells you when the battery needs charging, along with a convenient detachable handle system for quick battery removal.
  • Two-year manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Quiet operating mower – the ability to mower any time of the day without disturbing the neighbours yet does its job with cutting thick grass
  • Energy Star certified.


  • It’s totally made of plastic so seem a toy like a machine and not a durable one
  • It’s not suitable for large-sized lawns and may take a long time to work through if your lawn has a big area to clean up.
  • The wheel adjustment is a bit awkward and not very easy to handle. Want to invest in a good cordless lawn mower? Check out WORX Lawn Mower Reviews, research the different models and you’ll quickly establish which one fits your particular lawn mowing needs. You can compare all features understand whole functions and make a confident decision to buy the best one for your needs.

WORX WG788 36V 19" Cordless Electric Lawn Mower with IntelliCut

as of April 30, 2024 8:30 pm

The Worx WG788 cordless mower takes the chore out of mowing. The WG788 is completely cord-free, relying on a removable, rechargeable 36-volt battery and a simple, intuitive ignition system to keep your lawn in tiptop shape. Just charge up the battery, push the key, and pull the lever. Within seconds, you’ll be strolling behind your mower sweat-free. No hassling with pull starts, worrying about mixtures, or trudging to the gas station to refill the gas can…

Looking for Worx lawn mower reviews to compare lawn mover’s features? Have a look at the following review to get an in-depth idea. The lawnmower which functions efficiently and without any trouble for a long period of time and which is also easy on the pocket is always a popular buy. With some lawn mowers, starting it is the beginning of hating it, but not so with the cordless range and the Worx WG788 lawn mower takes the dislike out of mowing as it relies on a 36 volt battery which is removable and also rechargeable, and a simple ignition system gets the mower going and keeps your lawn looking just the way you like it.

A lawnmower needs torque or pulling power and the Worx lawn mower has been designed so that the tougher and longer the grass, the more torque it provides with its IntelliCut mowing technology. This is what provides torque when you’re cutting tough grass. Set the dial to Power when cutting tough grass and then switch to Quiet when you’re mowing early and don’t want to disturb anyone. Shipping of this particular lawn mower is only within the United States.


  • IntelliCut technology ensures torque is there when you need it
  • Ergonomic features are part of the Worx – easy-to-adjust handle – a detachable handle system allows ease of use, reducing hand  fatigue and also giving you excellent control – easy to store as well
  • Light and easy adjustment features allow for cutting around obstacles
  • Mulching blades shred clippings better than regular blades
  • Removable, rechargeable 36-volt battery – the battery runs for about an hour or 18,500 sq feet per charge
  • 19″ cutting width
  • Several cordless functions – power level indicator and 3-in-1grass handling – the mower mulches, bags grass and also discharges grass to the side
  • Adjustable mowing height from 1.5 to 3.5″
  • To help you deal with seasonal grasses, the mower offers six height positions, so your lawn will look like it had a professionally landscaped cut. The detachable handle system makes it possible to remove the battery easily in a separate location.
  • The WG788 is quiet and emissions-free
  • Battery – 36 volt – battery warranty is 1 year
  • Deck size: 19 inches
  • Runtime charge – up to 60 minutes
  • Weight: 87lbs
  • What you get in the box: 36 volt battery which is removable, charger, WG788 cordless lawn mower, side discharge chute, mulch inset, safety key, grass bag, and user’s manual.


  • Quiet and emissions-free
  • An easy and convenient
  • Mower works well on wet grass when set on high power setting


  • There were a few cons with this mower.
  • Most customers found problems with the battery charging time and running out timing. But it could be solved through proper charging.
  • If your battery is worn out it’s hard to find another one quickly.

Always read the instructional manual to ensure you enjoy the maximum benefits from this Worx lawn mower model.

Bottom Line

The variety of lawn mower brands, models and features offered in Worx lawn mower reviews can be a useful guide to getting the best lawnmower for your size lawn type. Choosing the WORX WG788 cordless 3-In-1 lawn mower with its removable battery as well as IntelliCut technology is a wise option if you want a tip-top lawn for every season.

Final Conclusion

With these lawn mowers that have combined the best levels of craftsmanship and engaged genius modeling, they are undoubtedly the best electric lawn mowers that one can use to shave up their lawns to get the best-groomed yards.

Whether you are new to the lawn mowers or not, after reading this detailed buying guide choosing the best one that will perform to your expectation should now be an easy task.

The whole mowing process should be an easy task and not be a stressful moment as many people find it.

The above lawn mowers are recommended and they are the best bid for your money basing the argument on proven performances of thousands of users who have testified this.

It is, therefore, our recommendation to invest in one of them for the best results in your yard.

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