Which food is Best To Try In The UK?

Best Food To Try In The UK

Full English Breakfast

The Full English breakfast traditionally includes sausage, bacon, mushrooms, a fried egg, grilled tomatoes, toast, baked beans, and maybe a side serving of black pudding. It is either served with tea or coffee, and this very filling meal is a fantastic way to prepare for a sightseeing adventure. Many restaurants also provide vegan or vegetarian versions.

If you want a really traditional version, try the Regency Cafe in London, which first opened its doors in 1946. Or the Trof in Manchester, which will leave your tummy full.

Scotch Egg

Scotch eggs are boiled eggs wrapped in sausage meat, coated with breadcrumbs, and then baked or deep-fried. These are delicious pub treats or snacks. These eggs are typically served cold, but most eateries will be glad to warm them up on request.

The best Scotch eggs are available in high-end gastropubs such as the Harwood Arms in London or Hinds Head in Bray. You can also find them in most of the outdoor markets. Try the Finest Fayre Scotch Eggs at Greenwich Market or London’s Broadway Market.

Beef Wellington

Lovers of steak will definitely enjoy Beef Wellington when visiting England. This posh meal, which is complex to prepare and make involves fillet steak which is then coated in duxelles and pâté, wrapped in pastry, and then baked. It is extremely delicious and highly indulgent.

It is the type of meal you will find in upper-end traditional restaurants. But if you are looking for the very best make sure you try Simpson’s in the Strand in London. This famous British eatery opened its doors in 1828, which makes it the ideal spot to experience classic Beef Wellington.


Scones are usually served with jam and clotted cream. These scones are not really breakfast items but rather indulgent treats. And there is always a debate on whether the jam or cream goes on the scone first. You will usually find scones on the menu of any establishment that offers tea and in many bakeries and grocery stores.

The most delectable versions can be found at National Trust property tearooms such as the manor house Baddesley Clinton or Goddards House and Gardens in North Yorkshire.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky toffee pudding is a favorite dessert in England and for great reasons. Made from chopped dates and sponge cake, smothered in a rich toffee sauce, it is a treat that can be enjoyed at any time.

It is usually served with ice cream or vanilla custard, and most pubs and restaurants have this classic dessert on their menus. Cartmel, a small village based in Cumbria, has claimed it is “the home of sticky toffee”, and Cartmel Village Shop is a great place to experience this sweet and delectable dish.

Bangers And Mash

Even though the name might sound quite lewd, bangers and mash are low-key items on menus in England. The bangers are Cumberland sausages. The mash and the sausages are topped with rich gravy. Take advantage of Durham hotel deals and enjoy this hearty dish.

It is a very common item served in just about every pub, but you can find the higher-end version of this traditional meal in fancy restaurants. For a traditional serving, try London’s Mother Mash, where you will find different types of gravies and sausages.

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