10 Best Geeky Stores Online

While mega e-commerce giants like Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba dominate the online market. We often fail to find something specific to what we want. If you’re someone who’s geek, or if you know someone who is, perhaps Amazon isn’t the best place to find gifts or action figures. 

As a geek, you’d like to have something unique; a basket of unique collectibles, that no one else possesses, gives you a great sense of satisfaction. This is exactly why we’ve come to you with a detailed list of the best geeky stores online. 

These stores have limited edition collectible, cosplay costumes, roaring machines, and a lot more. Whether you’re looking to buy something for yourself or you want to gift a limited edition collectible to your oldest friend, make sure to check these stores.

10 Best Geeky Stores Online

1. ThisIsWhyImBroke

At the top of our list, ranks this website. Though it is not only for geeks, it’s got a separate category just for you; and this section alone is enough for it to rank as the best geeky online store. It’s got products ranging from little gadgets and toys to movies, games, and comic books. 

You find little collectibles from famous TV series like Doctor Who and Star Wars as well as movies like Star Trek and Batman. With such a wide range of products and a variety of options to choose from, the store makes it hard for you to leave the cart empty. They certainly have the coolest things you can find on the web.

2. ThinkGeek

Next comes this store that has got all the unique stuff that you possibly couldn’t find anywhere else. If you’re obsessed with authentic collectibles and the little things that were used on real-life TV sets, you’ll find most of them here. The products you find on ThinkGeek play with your imagination and trigger the inner geek inside you. 

Find great clothes, gadgets, electronic and decoration pieces that you can show off to your friends when they visit. Moreover, you get to browse unique survival gears, outdoor collectibles, and a lot more all on one site. 

3.  Mental Floss 

This one is more focused on apparel, rather than little pieces you would want to collect. However, you can also find storybooks, comic books, video games, and other products for your home. 

Another great feature about the website is that it’s got two sections; the right brain and a left brain section. As you may have figured it out, this way, the owners can categorize the gifts to appeal both creative geeks and smart geeks separately. You can also then browse more efficiently if you’re looking to gift something to someone. 

4. NeatoShop

NeatoShop has hired highly talented artists from around that world that create unique designs of fictional characters and write jokes. The store then prints those custom designs on shirts, hoodies, and phone covers and sells them to appeal the geeks out there. 

With more than 52,000 different designs available, comic lovers and geeks like us will have a very hard time choosing which one’s the best. If you think you’d look great in a Spiderman hoodie, make sure to check this one out.


Like Mental Floss was dedicated to clothes, Jinx concentrates on the gaming niche as well. With a mixture of both, Jinx manages to bring the crazy fantasies you have about your sci-fi heroes to life.

The clothes are very comfortable, the fitting is great and the style never goes out of style, if you know what we mean. If you’re a gamer, you like wearing geeky shirts but also want to stay in style, Jinx has got you covered with there unique products.

6. Shut Up and Take My Money

Another great geeky online store is his one. It’s got a great variety of products and a wide range of collectibles you can choose from. The store also makes sure to entertain the website visitors by inserting puns and jokes on all of their products’ descriptions. If you like something slick, make sure to give them a visit. 

With cool gadgets, unique collections of the little things from movies, lightsabers, and a monopoly board customized for the geeks, this one really gives the others a run for their money. Let’s put it this way, if you find yourself on this website, it would be really hard for you to leave empty-handed. 

7. Funko’s Pop! Vinyl

Funko is a licensed company based in Everett, WA. They’ve got unique collectibles and possess the license to create and sell thousands of characters. With this, they perhaps have the largest portfolio when it comes to the pop culture industry or the collectibles industry, as a whole. 

They’ve already sold millions of action figures and collectibles across the globe and have gained popularity amongst the geeky, nerdy section of our society. If you know someone who’s a real collector, there’s no way possible they don’t have anything bought from Funko. 

8. Geeks Store

This one’s more concentrated on PC and laptop shopping. Not only can you buy fully-customized, but sci-fi also designed laptops and PCs. But you can also create your own PC by buying the peripherals separately. With different insignias printed on gaming mouses, keyboards, media boxes, and monitors, you get a geeky, yet classy, PC setup in the corner of your room. 

9. Star Trek Store

As the name suggests, this one’s solely for the diehard fans of the movies. It is the warehouse of all the little things from the movie set. From costumes, apparel, and towels to stickers, action figures, and gadgets; this one’s perfect for all the Trekkies out there. 

Know someone who loves the movies, browse this store to get something for them this Christmas!

10. Geek Alerts

Last but not the least, Geek Alerts. The website has some of the coolest merchandise on the internet when it comes to comic books and video games. Most of the items here are related to Marvel and DC universe but you also find stuff from other movies like Star Wars. 

These were ten of the best geeky stores online. We made sure to only include the ones with great, authentic reviews from satisfied buyers. If you’re a geek or know someone who is, make sure to surprise them with a gift from any one of these stores. 

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