Top 5 Best Head Shaver Razor For Men Reviews 2022

The best head shaver razors will not only give you a neat and even shave off your head, but also ensure that the process is as trouble and pain-free as possible. There are a number of head shavers in the market, with an array of brands. This makes finding the best electric shaver for the head a rather complex task. To help you with the same, we have a list of some of the most popular head shavers ahead that will help you to know what to expect on this search of the best razor for shaving head.

Best Head Shaver Razor Reviews

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Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart
as of April 29, 2024 5:29 pm

The Bald Eagle Smart is a bald head shaver designed for making the process free of any mess and hassles. This shaver comes with a flexible shaving ahead along with 5 different rotary cutters for giving you a clean and fast shave. You can shave any kind of hair with this unit by using the appropriate rotary cutter, right from fine to thick and even hair growing in every direction. The rotating heads minimize cuts and nicks when you use this razor for shaving. In most tests, this shaver does not take more than 2 passes in one area to deliver the desired shave, covering a large area at once.

The motor used in the electric head of this shaver works up to 10,500 RPM, ensuring that there is sufficient power to cut through any hair type. The unit can be used with a power cord or without it. If you want to make use of the cordless feature, then you need to charge the Li-Ion batteries provided in the unit. With a single battery charge, the unit will give you around 90 minutes of charging time, as opposed to 50-60 minutes of time in most machines. A full charge of the Bald Eagle Smart shaver takes around 2.5 hours.

Instead of a vertical design, it has a horizontal handle that makes it possible for you to reach all areas on your head with minimal hassle. You do not need to move along the grain of your hair- but can go in any direction with this unit to make the shaving process easier. There is a small LCD screen on the handle of the unit, which tells you the battery level left in the machine. It can be cleaned easily by rinsing with lukewarm water. There are no accessories or charging stand included with the trimmer.

Key Features

  • 10,500 RPM motor
  • 90-minutes running time on 2.5 hours charging
  • Shave in any direction as desired
  • Cord or cordless operation
  • LED screen to indicate battery level


  • Fast charging time with long battery life
  • Powerful motor
  • Simple to clean
  • Horizontally shaped design to make usage easy


  • No accessories provided in the box

Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc4 Men's Electric Razor, 4-Blade Cordless with Wet/Dry Shaver Convenience
as of April 29, 2024 5:29 pm

What makes this one of the best razors for shaving head is that it uses the fastest linear motor in the world. This is easily the best Panasonic head shaver in this range, guaranteed to give you a clean and close shave- something that most shavers fail to deliver. The Arc4 has been given a classy design and makes use of quality materials. It has a perfect grip with the luminous surface, which makes it one of the best-looking trimmers in its range. The most important thing that you need to look for in a head-shaving razor is its closeness, and this is the factor where this becomes the best razor for shaving head. It has an ultra-thin vibrating outer foil, which is just 41 micrometres along with a 30 degree-hypoallergenic blades. Thus, not only will you get a very close shave with this razor, you do not need to worry about sensitive skin or irritation due to those hypoallergenic blades.

The 4-blade foil system that this blade uses makes shaving faster as well as more efficient. Most standard shavers use only 2 or 3 blades at the most, so the difference here is quite apparent. Razor burns are also avoided due to this since you do not need to press down the razor too hard- something that causes the most razor burns. If you are looking to make the shave even more comfortable, then you can use this razor for a wet shave instead of a dry one.

This razor can handle tricky areas and any type of facial contours without any trouble. Its head pivots from side to side and even back to forth, thanks to the 360 degree pivoting head. This shaver will deliver you 45 minutes of battery life in 1.5 hours. If you are in a hurry, then you can use the quick-charge feature to get one fast shave by charging it for just 5 minutes.

Key Features

  • 4-blade tin foil for a better shave
  • Uses the fastest linear motor
  • LCD Display
  • Pop-up trimmer
  • 45 minutes of running time with 1.5 hours charging
  • Can be used for dry and wet shaving


  • Delivers fast and neat shave
  • Quick charging & long battery life
  • Quality design and construction
  • Hypoallergenic blades suitable to the most sensitive skin types


  • Makes too much noise
  • Shaver head too big for certain areas

Philips QC5580 Do-it-Yourself Hair Clippers with Head Shaver Attachment

3 new from $129.00
as of April 29, 2024 5:29 pm

The Philips Norelco QC5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Headgroomer is one of the best Philips head shavers in this range. The comb attachment that comes with this groomer is specially designed for those who want to go completely bald. These combs follow the contours on your head, and with rounded edges, you get a comfortable shave without any scratches. However, if you do not want a complete shave and are only looking to cut those hairs to a particular length, then its adjustable zoom ring is what will help you. This ring has clearly marked settings that you can use to get the desired length of hair.

The Norelco head razor has a 180-degree rotating head on it. This makes covering every area of your head, right from the crown to the neck, very easy. You do not need any assistance for this- all you have to do is rotate it in the desired direction. For those who want a cleaner look, the trimmer has a balder attachment. With this attachment, you can get a smooth and close head shave. For those who shave their heads every day, this attachment is the best way to maintain that look. A common problem with shavers is that those with sensitive skin may find it hard to use them. However, no such issues will be there with this Philips trimmer, since it has skin-friendly combs and blades. The blades come with rounded edges that do not cause any skin irritation, something that is important in the best razor for shaving head.

The shaver is powered by a Li-Ion battery, which gives you 60 minutes of cordless usage after an equal amount of charging. The shaver can be used with the cord and cordless as well. There are no special steps to be followed for cleaning this trimmer- you can wash it under the tap for a thorough clean and that will be all. Along with the shaver kit, a small hand-held mirror is also provided to give you added visibility during trimming or shaving. A storage pouch is provided to help you keep together all the products and attachments.

Key Features

  • Self-sharpening blades
  • Rounded edges on blades as well as cobs
  • Use with cord or cordless
  • Hand-held mirror for convenient usage
  • Battery charging indicators


  • Smooth blade with cut-free shave
  • Quick charging
  • No need to oil the blades
  • Waterproof and can be washed easily


  • The combs are not as durable as the blades

Panasonic ES-RT97-S Arc3 Electric Razor, Men's 3-Blade Cordless with Wet/Dry Convenience, Comb Attachment for Trimming, and included Premium Automatic Clean & Charge Station
as of April 29, 2024 5:29 pm

The Panasonic ES-RT97-S Arc3 Electric Razor comes with a 3-blade cutting system that uses 30-degree blades to deliver a smooth and quick shave. The trimmer slides up to 45 degrees and has a 5-setting comb that takes care of all your trimming needs. This is from the range of ARC3 trimmers, which are supposed to be amongst the best Panasonic head shavers using state of the art blade technology. These blades are designed for delivering high-precision shave with a high degree of performance and strength.

The ARC Shaving system gives you a quick and close shave, no matter how dense, thick or stubborn your hair maybe. This system is what makes it amongst this list of best razor for shaving head. It is also ideal for trimming your beard. The ultra-thin and nano-polished stainless steel inner blades are aligned at a perfect 30 degree to cleanly cut hair on the base for a more efficient shaving experience. For those who have skin irritation or other related problems with trimmers, this one will not give you any such troubles for the blades are hypoallergenic to give an irritation-free and safe shave.

The ARC foil system uses ultra-thin foils that work great on even the thickest hairs. This electric shaver can efficiently cut hair growing in opposite directions as well. It has a flexible pivoting head that can glide over your face, chin & neck with ease to give a faster shave. With this unit, you have the choice of going with a dry or wet shave as per your preference. The trimmer can even be fully immersed in water, which means that you can use it in the shower or over the sink with any gel or shaving foam. This also makes it easy to wash, since all you need is warm running water to completely clean the unit. The five-setting comb attachments along with this trimmer have adjustable lengths from 1 to 7 mm to suit all preferences and needs.

Key Features

  • Advanced ARC hypoallergenic shaving blades
  • High-performance motor for a powerful shave
  • Waterproof unit
  • Wet/dry operation
  • A 1-hour charge gives 50 minutes of usage


  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Can be washed underwater
  • Can cut the hair of any type and length
  • Quick charge battery


  • Cannot be used while charging
  • Charging equipment is bulky

Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor for Men, 5 Blades Shaver & Trimmer, shave sensor Technology, Automatic Clean & Charge Station, Wet Dry - ES-LV95-S

3 new from $149.99
Free shipping
as of April 29, 2024 5:29 pm

The Panasonic Arc5 series has some of the best razors for shaving head, and the ES-LV95 is definitely one of them. This head shaving razor is a cordless, rechargeable, dry/wet shaving razor that comes with a host of other features that make it worthy of this title. This foil-style shaver has 3 thin-foils built in its head. These are what capture, hold and cut off the hairs on your face with the utmost ease. The Lift-Tech foil raises and cuts the hair that lies flat, while the Slit Blade foil will cut hair that grows in every direction and lastly, the Finishing Foil will snip off the thick and stubborn hair that the other 2 foils may have missed. Thus, together these three foils aim to deliver the perfect shaved look.

Arc 5 is the best Philips shaver range, delivering one of the best possible shaving results. It comes with a multi-flex pivot shaving head, which seamlessly moves with the curves of your head or face. Panasonic has used the best shaving system that it has in this razor, and the results are worth it. Its shaving head floats around the skin effortlessly, and this minimizes any redness or irritation that may be caused by other head shavers.

This shaver can be used both dry or wet, over the sink or even in the shower- and it will deliver the best results each time. For the smoothest shave, it is advised that you shave wet. Any form of soaps, gels or shaving foams that you prefer can be used with this electric razor. It is powered with a linear motor of 14,000 CPM, which is amongst the fastest and most efficient in this range. The Arc 5 in its name refers to the five precision-honed, hypoallergenic, ultra-sharp nanotech blades. All of these features come together to deliver the smoothest and cleanest shave each time with the utmost comfort.

Key Features

  • A foil-style shaver that cuts with utmost precision
  • Both wet/dry shave possible with it
  • 5 precision-blades for a smooth shave
  • 45 minutes of cordless use with 1 hour of charging
  • Cleaning and recharging all done by 1 unit


  • A precision shaver that delivers excellent results
  • Fast charging
  • Easy cleaning
  • Wet and dry shaves can be done with ease


  • Bulky charging equipment
  • Cannot be used while charging


Thus, with this list, you get some idea as to what you can have in the best razor for shaving head. Selecting a single best razor for shaving head may seem a bit too hard right now, but comparing what these offers with your requirements should get you on the right path for doing so!

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