Best Men’s Crossfit Shoes for Running & Workout In 2020

Crossfit is perhaps one of the most challenge workout commitments that you will ever make. It requires a high level of endurance, strength, and the ability to push yourself beyond a level that you thought possible. While painstakingly tough, CrossFit has been declared as a highly effective and useful program by many individuals.

Due to the high standards that CrossFit requires during a workout regimen, it is a given that you require a strong pair of shoes that can sustain the workouts that you are performing. For this reason, below is a stellar list of the best CrossFit training shoes available. This list of the best Crossfit shoes encompasses all that a member of the CrossFit workout lifestyle will need in order to optimize workouts without compromising on comfort and durability.

What are the best shoes for CrossFit?

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Inov-8 F-LITE(TM) 195-U Black/White 10.5 Men/ 12 Women M US

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as of May 26, 2021 4:57 pm

Available in both a male and female version, as with all shoes on this list of the best CrossFit shoes, this pair of shoes is brought to you by a British Company that specializes in off-road running products. Their shoes are geared toward providing wearers with shoes that are lightweight, flexible, and extremely durable in even the toughest conditions. Their products are designed with human biometrics in mind, thus providing you with an optimal shoe that considers the human body. In addition, the shoe is built to withstand extremely difficult terrain, taking away the needless worry of destroying your shoes during a workout. Apart from the outstanding general features, this shoe also has a number of qualities that are highly beneficial for CrossFit trainers.

To support the lightweight component, this shoe is manufactured out of synthetic materials and a rubber sole. The upper area of the shoe is covered in a mesh lining that provides wearers with breathability and protection. As for the sole, the rubber helps to maintain foot support during runs. To further support the foot, this shoe also features and injected EVA midsole and a sticky sole compound. So, when you run, you can enjoy from constant support and a shoe that molds well to your foot. The sticky sole compound will also help prevent injury due to the anti-slippage properties. Lastly, all of these components together lead to a shoe that is lightweight and stable, and therefore ideal for a crossfit workout.

Colors: Standard Black and white, red, blue, pink, green, grey, mixed

Benefits: Lightweight, stable, specifically for crossfit workouts, comfortable

Cons: Poor flexibility, costly


New Balance Men's 20v7 Minimus Training Shoe, Black/White, 10.5 D US

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as of May 26, 2021 4:57 pm

The third entry on the list of the best Crossfit shoes is a pair by New Balance. This brand manufactures shoes that are mainly geared towards athletes that require a high level of stability and support through high-intensity workouts. Their main investment is the research and development of their shoes, which serves to explain why this pair of shoes is on the list of the best Crossfit shoes. By wearing these shoes, you’ll find that among the qualities that will be described, these shoes are also designed to fit the form of your foot. While Crossfit training, you will not need to worry about slippage or immobility.

Minimus shoes are the first important feature of this shoe. The minimum standard is descriptive of shoes that operate through minimal tactics, which includes not requiring wearers to utilize socks. This particular model is a low-profile shoe, meaning that your feet will feel very close to the ground. The comfort and stabilizing mechanisms such as the synthetic sole, antimicrobial treatment, and 4mm drop heel to toe provide you with the minimum components to ensure that you receive all that you need in a shoe. Furthermore, as a minimal shoe, you’ll find that it is extremely lightweight. While the characteristics deviate from other shoes on this list of the best Crossfit shoes, the characteristics are especially useful for high-intensity Crossfit running sessions.

Colors: Black with black, blue, or pink laces

Benefits: Lightweight, minimal standards, stable, perfect for running

Cons: May not be useful for weightlifting, the minimalist design does not suit everyone

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Merrell Men's Ice/Denim Blue Hammer Glove 9.5 D(M) US

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as of May 26, 2021 4:57 pm

Also a unique entry on the list of the best Crossfit shoes, these too employ minimalist standards, hence the “barefoot” feature. Merell is another athletic company that is dedicated to providing specifically tailored products to individuals with athletic ambitions. These particular shoes are a unification of their regular shoes and barefoot standards. While they may use minimalist features, these shoes still provide you with the perfect amount of traction and support when running or performing regular Crossfit exercises. You’ll find that you do not need to worry about losing stability and comfort even during your most intense workout days.

Aside from being a barefoot type of shoe, this particular model is made out of both textile and synthetic components. The sole itself is also of synthetic material, providing you with an extra amount of cushion. The fabric around the ankle is low-cut, allowing your foot just the right amount of breathability. In order to enhance the stability aspect of this shoe, Merell has employed a unique hook-and-loop closure forefront stabilizer feature. Lastly, in order to optimize breathability, the inner material of the shoe is made out of mesh lining treated with Aegis.

Colors: Cream, black, white

Benefits: Barefoot shoe, great for CrossFit running, very stable due to the strap, breathable

Cons: Barefoot feature does not appeal to everyone, not comfortable for wide-footed people


Speedo Mens Hybrid Watercross Water Shoe, Navy/White (10)

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as of May 26, 2021 4:57 pm

Crossfit training requires a lot of weightlifting. Therefore, this list of the best Crossfit shoes has put in mind individuals who gear their CrossFit workouts specifically towards weightlifting. VS Shoe Company mainly provides shoes that can withstand the stress of weightlifting, while also increasing the lifting efficiency by enhancing the platform by strengthening stability and safety. This shoe is great for both advanced or beginner weightlifters.

In order to provide wearers with extra stability and support, the heel of this shoe is a bit high, measuring at 3.3 centimetres. There are also two support straps over the laces to further enhance safety and stability. In addition, the heel of the shoe is reinforced with a heel cup which is useful to prevent possible injury. The sole of the shoe is rubber that is reinforced with leather. Those that purchase this shoe should keep in mind that this specific shoe runs true to half a size large. So when purchasing, pick your size wisely.

Colors: White

Benefits: Specifically tailored for a high level of weightlifting standards, very supportive, safety features, cross-strap, reinforced sole

Cons: May not be useful for other CrossFit exercises, not very attractive


Overall, if you are looking for a good CrossFit training shoe that will provide you with all the qualities you need to have a safe, stable, comfortable, and outstanding workout during your CrossFit sessions, you’ll find them on this list. The shoes compiled on this list of the best Crossfit shoes take into account all of the necessary qualities that are beneficial for any individual undertaking a Crossfit workout regimen. Lastly, if you are purchasing any of these shoes online, it is best to try them on at the store. This will help you purchase the ideal size for your foot.

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