Some of The Best Oppo Selling Phones in Singapore

If you’re a fan of Android phones, there is a good chance that you have heard about the Oppo phone in Singapore stores which have some pretty high spec smartphones, increasing in popularity with every new model release.

In fact, since their first worldwide release back in 2009, Oppo has been expanding rapidly to more countries who want to get on this mobile revolution. It was only last year that they were first released outside of China, and now they can be found on sale in 19 further counties. Furthermore, by 2015 it’s thought that around 100 million Oppo phone in Singapore stores will be sold.

Some of the best selling Oppo Phones in Singapore

1. Oppo Find 7

The Oppo Find 7 was only released a few months ago, and it has already been named one of the top Android phones in Singapore. This is because it features some of the most impressive specs on any smartphone that’s currently available. If this sounds like your ideal phone, you can now buy it for around SGD$850.

2. Oppo N1

This is another great phone, which the Oppo Company has released. It’s their first phablet and was launched in China earlier this year. Now it can be bought online for around SGD$700. One of the best things about the Oppo N1 is that a special edition comes with Android 4.4 KitKat and CyanogenMod 11 preinstalled, making it one of the easiest phones to customize.

3. Oppo R5

The unique thing about the Oppo R5 is that it’s actually incredibly thin – at just 4mm thick, and yet somehow, they manage to fit a massive 3000mAh battery inside! The downside to this amazing feat is that you can’t remove the battery, but it does have a microSD card slot for additional storage.

4. Oppo N3

Another great smartphone from Oppo that will be released in Singapore soon is the Oppo N3. It’s similar to their previous model, the N1, but instead has a rotating 13-megapixel camera! This phone comes with Android 4.3 preinstalled and has some pretty impressive specs across the board. You can buy this new phone online too for around SGD 700.

5. Oppo R7 Plus

This is an even bigger version of the Oppo R5, which was just mentioned above. It only actually weighs 190 grams, though, despite being much at 6 inches compared to 5.5 inches. It has pretty similar specs to the R5, though, but it’s better value seeing as you can buy it online for around SGD$600.

6. Oppo R7

This is another great phone from Oppo and will go on sale in Singapore soon. It has a bigger screen than the R5 at 5.5 inches, but it’s also lighter at 166 grams compared to 190 grams. Again, don’t worry about the battery life because there is still a microSD card slot for additional storage, and you can buy this new model online for around SGD$500!


Oppo phones in Singapore stores are cool, and they make some of the best-looking smartphones. They often have pretty impressive specs too, but unfortunately, this does mean that they can be a little more expensive when you buy them in Singapore! However, don’t let that put you off because there are still plenty of good deals to be found in all price ranges available from both local and global retailers.

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