Best Power Tower for Your Home Gym 2022

Power Towers are wonderful pieces of workout equipment that target your muscles, upper and lower body. You can get a complete body workout with a single piece of equipment. You don’t need to buy other gym equipment when you can get your body in shape with the Power Tower.

These machines take up little space, thus making them an excellent fit for use at home gyms and apartments. Choosing the best Power Tower for a home gym is crucial because you’ll find a wide range of Power Towers in the market having unique features. No need to worry, because we’ll help you pick the best power tower that meets your requirements. We’ve rounded up the 11 best Power Towers for home gyms for you!

  • Steelbody Strength Power Tower STB-98501 – Best Power Tower For Small Spaces
  • Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi Function Power Tower – Best Power Tower With Weighted Dips
  • Stamina Power Tower – Best Power Tower For Everyday Use
  • ZENOVA Power Tower Pull Up Bar Station Workout Dip Station – Best Versatile Power Tower
  • M HI-Mat Multifunctional Height Adjustable Power Tower – Best Affordable Power Tower
  • RELIFE Rebuild Your Life Power Tower Workout – Easy to Assemble Power Tower
  • Weider Power Tower – Best Durable Power Tower
  • Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower – Best Entry Level Power Tower
  • Body Champ VKR1987 5-in-1 Power Tower – Best Power Tower For Tall Users
  • HYD-Parts Power Tower Heavy Duty Adjustable Power Tower – Best Overall
  • HARISON Multifunction Power Tower – Best Compact and Foldable Power Tower

11 Best Power Towers Review and Top Picks 2021

1-Steelbody Strength Power Tower STB-98501 – Best Power Tower For Small Spaces

The first product I will review is the Steel body Strength Power Tower. I am impressed by the features it has to offer, that too at an affordable price. The machine allows you to do a full-body workout at home. What I like about this machine is that it’s designed for multi-functional use. You can use a dip station and a knee raise station to target your upper body and define your shoulders. The build of the machine is what makes the Power Tower so durable. For someone like me who weighs less than 300 pounds, the equipment is perfect and doesn’t feel flimsy.

You don’t have to worry about the machine’s build since it’s made from durable steel with a coated finish, making it strong enough to handle up to 300 pounds and ensuring that it won’t move while in use. The Power Tower has been designed to last a long time for extensive use.
The handlebars include a multi-grip pull-up bar that strengthens your shoulder, arms, and core muscles to tone your upper body. The power tower also has an adjustable handlebar to perform push-ups and a leg foam roller for comfortable sit-ups.

With the Vertical Knee Raise Station, you can work on your abs and core. This machine can help you to achieve fitness goals. You don’t want to get a back strain while using the Power Tower. The soft cushion helps your back to relax during intense workouts. Keeping your back comfortable and well-supported is easy with faux canvas.


  • Dimensions: 58.3” L x 91” W x 42.3” H
  • Power Tower Weight: 119 pounds
  • User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Stations: Dip station, vertical knee station, and push-ups
  • Frame: Steel
  • Assembly required
  • Sturdy build
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Space-saver design
  • Not suitable for overweight users

Although the Steel Body Strength Power Tower STB-98501 may not be the best option for heavy-weight users, light-weight users are likely to have a comfortable experience when using it. The sturdy frame, multiple stations, and comfortable grip handles make it one of the users’ top picks.

2-Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness Multi Function Power Tower – Best Power Tower With Weighted Dips

The next model on the list is the VKR1010 Power Tower, designed by Body Champ, which is another excellent choice for beginners and bodybuilders who wish to have an at-home gym. I find the design of the Power Tower to be very appealing, and as the picture shows, the frame is built solidly. However, the Power Tower has the drawback of having a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs, which is not suitable for heavy-weight users.

Moreover, I enjoy that you don’t have to compromise on your limited space because of the Power Tower’s space-saving design. With the Body Champ Power Tower, you can add various exercises to your fitness regimen while buying only a single machine. The Power Tower has a solid H-frame, which means users can use the gym equipment on either side. With its two arched stability bars, the steel frame is long-lasting and stable when in use.

It comes with 4 power stations, each for performing push-ups, chin-ups, dips, and pull-ups. The handlebars have an ergonomic design that is non-slip and ensures a firm grip. The Body Champ is undoubtedly an all-in-one machine that targets your chest, arms, and core muscles without having to lift heavyweights. No need to purchase expensive weights. While exercising, the cushions will provide you with comfort. They would certainly last a lot longer.


  • Dimensions: 55” L x 41” W x 83 “ H
  • Power Tower Weight: 88 pounds
  • User Weight Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Stations: Dip station, knee raises, push-ups, and pull-ups.
  • Frame: Steel
  • Assembly required
  • Space-saver design
  • Strong build
  • budget-friendly
  • low user-weight capacity

The Body Champ VKR1010 is the best inexpensive power tower of its counterparts. It’s a complete package of durability, and versatility except that it isn’t suitable for heavy-weight users. It’s an all-rounder machine that does a great job.

3-Stamina Power Tower – Best Power Tower For Everyday Use

Most of us enjoy working out at our own pace without having to go to a gym. As someone who has got a busy schedule, I like to exercise in my own time, and I find the Stamina Power Tower to be an excellent option. The bar is padded and has two handholds on either end, allowing you to perform these exercises with some flexibility. Furthermore, you’ll find the dimensions of the Power Tower to be very accommodating since it can easily fit in any available space.

When using the Power Tower, I didn’t experience any wobbling . The entire time, it felt solid. Instead of skidding around, it stayed in place. The product lived up to expectations in every way. Moreover, It gives you versatile workout stations that include: pull-ups, push-ups, triceps, sit-ups and knee raises. For me, It’s a complete fitness gym equipment that will kickstart your fitness journey. 

The Power Tower has a solid steel frame that supports a user weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. Which is less compared to most of the heavy-duty Power Towers. What sets the equipment apart is the fact that it comes with various workstations. The Push-up station is best for strengthening your shoulders and chest. With this station, you can efficiently perform push-ups.

The secure foam padded handles ensure better grip and comfort. For targeting different muscle groups, you can make use of the pull-up and chin-up stations. For defining your abs and triceps, you can either use the vertical knee raise station or the triceps dips. For other ab workouts like sit-ups, the sit-up station is at your service. 


  • Dimensions: 49” L x 42.5” W x 81” H
  • Power Tower Weight: 61 lbs
  • User weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Work stations: sit-ups, chin-ups, push-ups, pull-ups, and tricep dips.
  • Compact design
  • Economical price
  • Stability issues
  • Not easy to assemble

Even though the Stamina Power Tower gets flimsy for heavy-weight users, it’s suitable for lightweight users who want versatile equipment that can help them to lose weight and build muscles. The only drawback is that for some users it may not be easy to assemble.

4-ZENOVA Power Tower Pull Up Bar Station Workout Dip Station – Best Versatile Power Tower

The next model on the list is none other than ZENOVA Power Tower that is sure to impress. We are talking about a 500lb weight capacity at this price range, which is the highest to date. Not only that, but it is also available in two colors (black and yellow) that appeal to those looking for more than just workout options. You don’t have to hit the gym when you’ve got the best versatile power tower.

The best part is that you can perform almost every exercise on a single machine which is guaranteed to last for many years to come. The only drawback is that it doesn’t cater to tall users. The ZENOVA power Tower has a sturdy steel frame with a U-shaped base with a high weight capacity of up to 500 lbs, perfect for heavy-weight users. The power tower is durable and doesn’t get flimsy at all. For heavy users, there is a non-slip foot that provides extra support and comfort. 

You’ll find the parallel, and horizontal bars for push-ups, pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, knee raises, and many more. For a complete workout, it is an ideal piece of gym equipment. It also has a barbell rest to secure barbells easily and does other workouts such as squats and weight press. To avoid spine injury, the Power Tower comes with elbow and 6 level backrest pads to make sure that you’re comfortable when you’re exercising. They are adjustable and removable for customization. 


  • Dimensions: 41” L x 40.5” W x 81.9” H
  • Frame: Steel
  • User-weight capacity: Upto 500 lbs
  • Work Stations: Pull-up station, Vertical Leg Raise, Barbell, and Incline Bench Press.
  • Incredibly stable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • High User-weight capacity
  • Not suitable for taller peoples

All-in-all, the ZENDOVA Power Tower is a decent piece of equipment that is affordable, strongly built, and durable in the long run. However, this may not be suitable for tall people due to the wide power tower and limited space.

5-M HI-Mat Multifunctional Height Adjustable Power Tower – Best Affordable Power Tower

Another best seller is Power Tower in terms of price, weight capacity, and workout stations. The problem with previous models was that the equipment couldn’t be adjusted, but with M HI-Mat Power Tower, it’s a universal model designed for anyone, tall or short. I find this model to be the best choice for full-body and strength training. With an adjustable design that targets core muscles, arms, shoulders, chests, and your back, you are sure to get extra comfort without spending a fortune.

One problem with this power tower is that it will take up a lot of space, so you will need to find an area big enough to accommodate it. The Power Tower can easily support 550 lbs, thanks to its rock-solid steel construction. What’s unique about the Power Tower is that the height can be easily adjusted, catering to users of all weights. The height ranges from 64.6” – 84.6”, which is adjustable.

The Power Tower supports push-ups, pull-ups, and vertical knee lift for a perfect upper body workout. The handles have an ergonomic design and support anti-skid to avoid any muscle injury. 


  • Dimensions: 30.7” L x 42.5” W x 84.7” H
  • Power Tower Weight: 60.5 pounds
  • User-weight capacity: 550 lbs.
  • Work stations: push-ups, pull-ups, and vertical knee lifts. 
  • Sturdy build
  • Affordable
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Doesn’t have a compact design

This Power Tower is a good choice for those who are serious about extensive workout training, despite its difficult assembly and non-compact design.

6-RELIFE Rebuild Your Life Power Tower Workout – Easy to Assemble Power Tower

I will review the Power Tower, which is made by Rebuild Your Life. This company offers several affordable Power Towers that let you do various exercises, from push-ups to crunches. What’s remarkable about this machine is that you’re getting a 4-level cushion system that can be adjusted according to the user’s height. 

As someone who heavily uses exercise equipment, a comfortable backrest cushion is something I am looking for to keep my back from aching. This power tower fulfills that need. Even if you purchase it with closed eyes, you won’t regret it because it’s not only budget-friendly but also offers features that aren’t found in other Power Towers at this price range.

The RELIFE Power Tower has a steel frame that is tough and strong. It can hold weight up to 330 lbs which is low in contrast to other Power Towers at this price. Nevertheless, for lightweight users, the gym equipment works like a charm and doesn’t shake. Power Tower is equipped with pull-up bars and vertical knee raises bars, so you can do any workout you want. Build your chest, triceps, and shoulders to make them look more toned and feel more confident than ever. 

It comes with a 4 level Backrest cushion that is adjustable, making it perfect for users of all sizes. A cushion can be adjusted before a person uses the Power Tower. The cushion can be adjusted from 7 to 9.6 inches. How about a Power Tower that also allows your children to exercise? You heard it right! The height can be adjusted according to the height of the family. It has got 9 levels of height adjustment ranging from 58.5 – 89”.


  • Dimensions: 59” L x 35.4” W x 29.8” H
  • Product Weight: 60 lbs.
  • User Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Work Stations: Push-up bar, pull bar handles, and knee raises bars.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for heavy-weight users.
  • Some users have experienced shakiness.

Overall, the Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower is an excellent piece of gym equipment for all age groups. This model is not suitable for heavy or tall users since the power tower would get shaky.

7-Weider Power Tower – Best Durable Power Tower

The Weider Power is living proof that size doesn’t matter. You can still accomplish your fitness goals with this small-sized power tower. One of the things that impressed me was the rock-solid build of the power tower, which can support heavy users without a problem. Whether you’re a heavy-weight user or a taller person, the Weider Power Tower will be able to provide you with a great user experience. The handlebars and pads are comfortable to use. You won’t face any stability issues with the gym equipment. 

Even though the Power Tower is smaller than its competitors, the equipment is built to last long because of its durability. It has minimal wobbling that is more or less negligible for heavy-weight users. It won’t get in the way of your fitness goals. This Power Tower has various stations to target your core muscles, such as push-ups, pullups, dips, and vertical knee raises.

With the padded grips, your hands and arms will remain comfortable during a workout. Aside from the power tower being comfortable and smooth, the cushions used on the Weider Power Tower are made from vinyl material designed to last for a long time.


  • Dimensions: 57” L x 41” W x 84” H
  • Product Weight: 87 lbs
  • User weight capacity 300 lbs.
  • Frame: Steel
  • Power Stations: Pull-up, push-up, knee raise, and dip bars.
  • Not suitable for heavy-weight users.
  • Some users have experienced shakiness.
  • It isn’t easy to assemble

If you’re looking for affordable exercise equipment and provides complete body training, Weider Power Tower is a good choice. However, some users have faced problems in assembling the Power Tower.

8-Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 Power Tower – Best Entry Level Power Tower

A budget-friendly, entry-level Power Tower that you should consider if you’re just getting started. The Gold Gym is among the oldest reputable brands known for producing barbells, belts, power towers, and many other products. One of my favorite features is that it has 4 different workout stations that can be customized to target specific muscles and help you achieve your goals. I highly recommend this model for tall users who want a Power Tower to add to their fitness equipment. 

Since the Power Tower comes with 4-stations, it has a heavy frame with a wide base. The user weight capacity of the exercise equipment is 300 lbs which means it can easily cater to heavy-weight users and has no stability issues. With Gold’s Gym Power Tower, you can perform more than one workout using different workout stations. The Pull-up bar stations let you perform pull-ups as well as chin-ups. These stations will help you to target lats and pecs. 

Speaking of the Dip bar station, you can focus on your pecs, triceps, and deltoids. For targeting your lower abdominal muscles, you can use the VKR station. The arm pads and the backrest have 3” padding made from synthetic material. Users may not find the padding to be of higher quality. Nevertheless, you can have a comfortable workout session without injuring yourself. 


  • Dimensions: 58” x 20” x 9”
  • Product Weight: 95 lbs.
  • User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Work Stations: Push-ups, Pull-up bars, Dip stations, Knee raise station.
  • Affordable cost
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suited for Tall Height Users
  • Not an adjustable Power Tower
  • For some users, the dip bars is high
  • Not an all-in-one gym equipment

Gold’s Gym XR 10.9 stands out for its affordable price among the best Power Towers for beginners. The machine can be assembled quickly and has a wide range of exercises you can perform daily. 

9-Body Champ VKR1987 5-in-1 Power Tower – Best Power Tower For Tall Users

If you don’t want a Power Tower with all the bells and whistles, I would recommend going for Body Champ VKR1987. It’s suitable for light-use and beginners who are okay with the basic features it has to offer. It is great how affordable it is and how many exercises you can do with this tower. Because the machine is painted with corrosion-resistant paint, you do not need to worry if you decide to keep it outdoors. The lack of arm-rest cushioned handles in the dip station is a major drawback. Overall, it’s a fairly decent machine that does the job.

It has a sturdy and robust steel frame that can support a user’s weight capacity of up to 300 lbs. Heavy-weight users can make use of it. Steel tubes are coated with paint to prevent corrosion. The size of the power tower is not too large. One element that makes the equipment different is its backbone bar, unlike other power towers. This makes the exercise equipment stable.

The Power Tower offers narrow and wide pull-up grips but doesn’t have a chin-up bar which is one drawback. However, you can easily do various exercises with the pull-up, ab crunch station, and dip station. The dip station lacks cushioned handles. As with any power tower, the Body Champ VKR197 has a backrest. Although it isn’t large enough, it still provides enough support to raise your knees and legs. 


  • Dimensions: 48” L x 23’ W x 84” H
  • Product Weight: 84 lbs.
  • User weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Frame: Steel
  • Work Stations: Pull-up station, push-up station, dip station, and ab crunch station.
  • 7 adjustable positions for height
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy build
  • Arm-rest cushions are missing
  • It doesn’t have a pull-up bar

If you’re looking for a Power Tower for home use, you should go for Body Champ VKR1987! It’s a 5-in-1 training system that lets you perform over 30 exercises with three workstations. Seven different adjustment options are available for its dip handles, along with a set of D-handles.

10- HYD-Parts Power Tower Heavy Duty Adjustable Power Tower – Best Overall

What a pleasure it would be to own a Power Tower in either of the two exotic colors, red and yellow. The HYD Parts Power Tower is all-rounder fitness equipment specially designed to target your upper body, abs, and core muscles. I consider this power tower to be nothing less than a gym machine that gives an excellent workout for the whole body.

Comes with a U-shaped base, the HYD-Parts Power Tower has a stable and sturdy frame that can easily handle weights up to 550 lbs, an impressive feature of the treadmill. It makes it an excellent choice for users who are tall and heavy.

The Power Tower has got both horizontal and parallel bars. You can efficiently perform push-ups, pull-ups, vertical knee raises, and many other exercises. The dip bar station can strengthen your muscles, shoulders, and legs. The power tower comes with an armchair cushion, so you won’t get injured when you use it.


  • Dimensions: 41” L x 40.5” W x 81.9” H
  • Product Weight: 83.8 lbs
  • User Weight Capacity: 550 lbs
  • Power Stations: Push-ups, Pull-up bars, Dip stations, and chin-up stations.
  • Frame: Steel
  • Ideal for heavy-weight users
  • Easy to Assemble
  • The elbow pads aren’t good quality

If you’re looking for a Power Tower that can help you achieve fitness goals without costing you a bank, HYD-Parts Power Tower won’t disappoint you. From light to heavy-weight users, anyone can use it without worrying about stability issues. However, one drawback is that the elbow pads may not be comfortable for some users.

11-HARISON Multifunction Power Tower – Best Compact and Foldable Power Tower 

What if you want to replace the power tower in case it malfunctions? Worry not, the HARISON has got excellent customer service. You can get a 1-year free replacement in case of any issues. I particularly like this power tower because it comes with a weight bench that lets you perform an even greater variety of exercises. 

Moreover, The high user capacity, adjustable height, and excellent warranty is what I love about this multifunctional power tower. You’re getting a great deal at this price. Steel is coated with powder lining to make the frame durable. This Power Tower is ergonomically designed for gym use and can easily support weight up to 500lbs. Harison’s Multifunction Power Tower is suitable for athletes of different heights. It comes with 4 adjustable height levels ranging from 70.47” – 88.19.”

It’s an all-in-one multifunctional gym equipment that supports pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and vertical knee raises that define your shoulders, back, chest, and core muscles. With the HARISON Multifunction Power Tower, you can adjust the weight bench in three directions (flat, decline, or collapsible) of your choice. 


  • Dimensions: 56” x38” x93”
  • Product Weight: 101 lbs.
  • User weight capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Workout stations: Push-ups, Pull-up bars, Dip stations, Knee raise station, weighted bench.
  • Compact foldable design
  • Lifetime warranty on components, and 5-year warranty on the body
  • Sturdy build
  • Easy to assemble
  • Some users have complained that the bench press isn’t easy to remove

All in all, the Harison Multifunction Power Tower is the best power tower with the bench press. It’s definitely gonna last for long and does a great job at strengthening your muscles.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Power Tower

This section will shed light on the features you should consider before you decide to buy the best power tower on the market. 


It’s important to choose the manufacturer that you can trust. A reputable manufacturer should provide a proper warranty and return policy. 

Availability of Exercises

Before you decide to purchase a power tower, you should consider the types of exercises you want to perform. Depending on how many exercises you can perform, the price of the power tower will vary. The more exercises you can do, the more expensive gym equipment will be. If you want to target a particular muscle group such as legs, you can buy a treadmill machine, or if you’re going to target your shoulders and triceps, you can buy a dipping bar. 

Frame Build

One of the important factors that you should consider is the build of the frame. The frame should be able to handle any weight. Therefore, you need to ensure that the frame isn’t flimsy. The best power towers are made from steel and have a higher thickness. If you’re looking for the best power tower dip station and decide to keep the tower out in the air, make sure it’s powder-coated to make it rust-resistant. 


With different workout stations, power towers can add variety to your workout. The stations are as follows:

1-Pull-Up Station

If you want to target your shoulders, back, biceps and forearms, you can use a pull-up station to perform various pull-ups and chin-ups. You can also perform a full abdominal workout using the pull-up station. 

2-Push-Up Station

Strengthening your quadriceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, and back is possible through pushup stations. Many of the machines have fixed bars, but a few let you increase or decrease the bars. With this feature, you can increase the resistance. 

3-Dip Station

The dip station allows you to perform workouts targeted at the shoulders, triceps, and chest to keep your body in shape. A dip station usually features dip bars that will enable knee raises or leg raises to be performed. 

User Weight Capacity

Before buying a power tower, you need to make sure that it can handle your weight to reduce the risk of injury. Thinner gauge steel might not be able to carry as much weight as thicker steel. Therefore, choose the Power Tower having a sturdy build and thicker steel.


Choose the best Power Tower For a Small space if you’ve got limited space. You can find compact power towers that are easy to fit in and aren’t too heavy, so it is easy to move them around.


The prices of the Power Tower vary depending upon the quality, the number of exercises you can do, and the tower’s level. If you aren’t worried about your budget, you can skip this consideration. Otherwise, you can go for the model that is economical and meets your requirements. 

Is it safe to keep power towers outdoors?

Not all Power Towers can be used outdoors. You should make sure the power tower is powder coated or has rust-resistant paint before purchasing it. Rust-resistant paint prevents the tower from corroding or rusting. Additionally, padded grips or elbow cushions on a power tower can also be affected by external weather conditions. Therefore, choose a powder-coated power tower or painted with rust-resistant paint and has a protective coating. 

Is it easy to assemble the Power Tower? What tools are required?

A power tower is easier to assemble than other complicated gym equipment, such as treadmills, pulleys, and weights. All you need to do is read the complete instruction manual and get started. You’ll need a few tools such as a wrench, screwdriver, and a mallet. 

Which power weight is better for heavy-weight users?

Different companies can accommodate heavier weights. M Hi-Mat Power Tower has a user capacity of 550 lbs. The 330-pound weight capacity is perfect for anyone looking for a lightweight treadmill. You can get the RELIFE Rebuild Power Towers, which can hold up to 330 pounds. 

Who Should Buy a Power Tower?

Power Tower is an ideal investment for both beginners and professionals. There is no need to purchase separate gym equipment to target different muscle groups when the Power Tower allows you to do push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. You can vary your workout routine using the Power Tower. 

Best Power Tower for the Perfect Leg Workout to Build Strength & Power

Final Recommendation

Now that you’ve read everything about the top 11 power towers. How can one make an informed decision? If you’re looking for the best power tower for your home gym, you should check out the HARISON Multifunction Power Tower. It’s a complete all-in-one versatile equipment with a high weight capacity, sturdy build, and plenty of workout options. Not to mention, it comes with a

If you’re low on budget, The Body Champ VKR1010 is a suitable option. Although this Power Tower has a low weight capacity, there are no limitations to the number of exercises you can do with it. The ZENOVA Power Tower is another best exercise equipment choice for the novice and professionals who want a comfortable exercise session. 

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