Best Push Mower for Rough Terrain Uneven Surfaces 2022

If you are looking for a push mower then you might have a small yard, most probably less than 0.25 acres. If you do not have an idea of how big or small your yard is then firstly you should estimate the size of your yard. You can simply do it by calculating the area.

Now once you have estimated the area of your yard then your next bigger challenge would be the humps and bumps in the yard, i.e. you have rough terrain.

So, it’s time to get your best push lawn mower for rough terrains. You know that feeling when you’re mowing the lawn and it’s like a battle? It feels like you’re wrestling with the grass instead of cutting it, and you end up getting frustrated. That is where best push lawn mower for rough terrains come in.

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Which push mower to choose for rough terrain?

Manual Push mower

The manual push mower or the real push mower is the simplest form of the mowers available in the market. Their operating system is based on the action of revolving blades that revolve as the mover is pushed manually by the operator.

These mowers may require the most physical effort as compared to the other types but produce the most precise and even looking grass cut.

Gas-Powered Push Mowers

These mowers are powered by gas engines to operate the cutting blades. Being gas powered the blades operate at higher speeds and cut more in less time.

Electric Powered Push mowers

These mowers are similar to the ones described earlier except they are powered by electricity. These may be corded or battery powered.

The gas-powered as well as the battery-powered push mowers also come with the self-propelled feature. In this type, the mower the power source also drives the mower. Some mowers also come with the personal-pace features so you can adjust the mower speed according to our comfort.

The electric walk-behind push mowers are not suitable for rough terrain because they lack power. The gas-powered push mowers do offer a good amount of power but they are not environment friendly. The manual push mowers on the other hand are harder to steer around but offer excellent exercise and are best for you if you have a relatively smaller yard.

What to look for in a Push Mower for Rough Terrain?

It is said that a problem well defined is a problem half solved. The tale of the tape is you must know all the factors that influence the performance and the mowing time on rough terrain.

These factors are described below:

Wheel Size

Bigger wheels provide better movement on rough terrain and can tackle the humps easily as compared to smaller ones. So always look for those with bigger wheels.

Cutting Width

Always look for a mower with a wider cutting area so you have to spend less time mowing and more time for your leisure.

Adjustable Height

While mowing on rough terrain you will probably face more uneven surfaces and hindrance in the form of ups and downs. The ultimate solution to this is having an adjustable height so your deck hovers without touching and rubbing the ground.


As you have to deal with the rough terrain choosing a heavier mower can cause difficulty in maneuverability. Always go for the lighter push mowers.

Engine power (If gas-powered)

Rough terrain requires more power so it is suggested to select the powerful gas mowers. But do not forget that it should not be heavy otherwise you have to push even harder.

There are a lot of push mowers in the market offered by numerous brands but it is not easy to select one that perfectly fits your rough terrain. So we have done extensive research on your behalf so you get the least tough time to find your need.

Read through the article so you can choose what you desire from the best options in the market. I have compiled a list of the best push mower for rough terrain.

1. Fiskars StaySharp 17 in. Manual Push Walk Behind Reel Mower – with Inertia Drive Reel

This mower acquires our top spot in this list. The best thing about this mower is that despite being a manual push mower it requires very little force to perform mowing due to its Inertia Drive Reel. This technology provides 50 % extra cutting power thus making it the best mower for your rough terrain.

These mowers are way more reliable as compared to the traditional reel mowers. Its ergonomic design makes maneuverability easier on rough terrain.


  • 17 inches cutting width for faster operation
  • 11 gauge steel deck for maximum durability
  • 10 inches wide wheels to make steering easy on rough and uneven terrain
  • 4 adjustable cutting height positions with increments ranging from 1.5 inches to 3.5 inches
  • Extremely lightweight weighing at 43.5 lbs
  • Adjustable handlebar with 3 positions to perfectly fit according to your height
  • Fiskar’s advanced technology requires 30 % less force to push
  • Inertia Drive Reel (Patent pending) 50 % extra cutting power for tougher spots like weeds and twigs
  • Stay Sharp cutting system cuts grass without touching the ground thus reducing friction and hence blade wear. This reduces sharpening costs.
  • Hassle-free and environment friendly
  • Suitable for all types of grass including Bermuda, St. Augustine, Zoysia, and Bahia.
  • 2-year limited warranty

  • Lightweight

  • Inertia Drive Reel

  • Expensive as compared to traditional reel mowers

2. Scotts 14 in. Manual Walk Behind Reel Mower – with 5 blade reel. Best reel mower for tiny yards

If you are one of the guys who owns a smaller yard, then it might seem easy to keep it perfectly cut. But this always is not the case as you may have very rough terrain. In such a scenario buying a gas-powered mower is not a wise and economical decision at all. Also, it becomes quite difficult to find the perfect light small manual walking mower for your tiny yard.

The Scott’s 14 inches manual walk behind small lawn mower is the right choice for you. You might be wondering why this is the perfect one. Let’s dig into its salient features, so you can know what this best push mower has got.


  • 14 inches wide rust-resistant cutting deck made up of 10 gauge steel to tame your toughest yard
  • A reel containing 5-blade ball bearing
  • Heat-treated alloy steel blades for longer life
  • Composite wheels having a width of 8.5 inches
  • 3 adjustable cutting heights ranging from 0.5 inches to 1.75 inches
  • T-style handle with cushioned grip
  • Extremely lightweight weighing at just 19 lbs
  • 1-year limited factory warranty

  • Easy to use

  • Limited features

3. Fiskars 18 in. Push Reel Mower – with VersaCut technology and unique design

This mower has a wide deck and a modern design. It features the VersaCut technology for easy cutting height adjustment. It is uniquely designed for maximum performance on rough and uneven terrain.

It is equipped with the Stay Sharp Max reel for ultimate performance.

Its great features make it 60 % easier to push.


  • 18 inches wide deck made from 11-gauge steel
  • VersaCut technology offers one-touch 4 adjustable cutting positions ranging from 1 inch to 4 inch
  • 4 adjustable handlebar positions
  • Weighing at 51.7 lbs
  • The Stay Sharp Max design and no contact blades make it 60% easier to push
  • Inertia Drive Reel for double cutting power
  • Inset wheels allow to cut through edges and fences thus leaving no grass uncut
  • Reversible grass chute to direct clippings forward, backward, or downward
  • 3-year limited warranty

  • Reversible grass chute

  • Slightly heavy

4. Einhell 15 in. Manual Push Walk Behind Reel Mower

Most of the push mowers suited for the rough terrain have a good build quality but the downside is that they are a little costly. So I have picked a model that contains all the qualities of the best push mower for thick grass and rough ground.

This model is named GE-HM 38 S-F and is perfect for the small to the medium-sized yard. The next best thing in this context is that it is extremely maneuverable due to its flyweight.


  • 15 inches wide reel for cutting grass and ABS plastic deck consisting of 5 precision blades
  • 7-inch wheels for easy movement over rough terrain
  • 4 adjustable deck heights ranging from 0.5 inches to 1.5 inch
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing at 3.53 lbs
  • Adjustable ergonomic handlebar
  • Rollerbar for added stability
  • Ability to attach a 6.9-gallon bagger
  • The mower is collapsible for easy storage
  • 2-year warranty

  • Quiet operation

  • Lightweight

  • ABS plastic deck

5. Toro Recycler 21 in. Gas Push Mower – Patented Recycler cutting technology

Toro is a legendary brand famous for producing lawn care equipment and is considered as the United States’ best push mower brand.

It is powered by a 163 cc EXi Briggs and Stratton OHV engine, which is perfect for uneven terrain.

All these qualities make it the best push mower under $300. So if you are tight on budget then this mower might prove to be the ultimate machine for your dream lawn.


  • 21 inches wide 14-gauge stamped steel deck with 1 blade
  • 6 Adjustable cutting positions ranging from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches
  • Deck washout port for cleaning
  • Rust-resistant steel frame
  • 7 inches front and 11 inches rear wheels provide maximum traction
  • Ready Start casts off the need for priming or choking the engine
  • Patented Recycler cutting technology
  • 25-gallon fuel tank capacity
  • No oil change just fill more when the level drops
  • Blue smart innovation enables the 2-point height of cut
  • Weighs at 59 lbs
  • 3-year guaranteed to start engine warranty

  • 2-year full warranty

  • CARB compliant

  • Not environment friendly

6. Power Smart DB8621PR 21 in. 3-in-1 Walk Behind Push Mower

As the name depicts this mower is a perfect blend of power and efficiency. The Power Smart DB8621PR has a 170 cc Power Smart branded engine that produces superior power making it the best push mower for thick grass.

Its unique attributes such as lightweight, easy maneuverability, and ample fuel capacity make it the best push mower to buy for your lawn care needs.

Its major characteristics are listed below:


  • Single blade 21 inches wide 16-gauge stamped steel deck
  • 5 adjustable cutting height positions ranging from 1.18 inch to 3 inches
  • Deep dome deck design to avoid grass clippings buildup
  • 7 inches front and 8 inches rear wheels
  • 3 in 1, bag, mulch, and side discharge
  • Weighs at 57 lbs
  • 4-gallon fuel tank capacity
  • Rear bag with a capacity of 18 gallons
  • 3-year limited warranty

  • CARB compliant

  • No deck wash port

7. Lawn-Boy 21 in. Push Gas Lawn Mower – with Tri-Cut cutting system

Its 160 cc Honda GCV OHC engine produces enough power to tackle all types of terrain. Its Tri-cut blade offers ultimate cutting performance, thus making it the best push lawn mower for rough terrain.

The Lawn-Boy gives excellent performance in all conditions either rough or smooth surface and thick or thin grass, this mower does it all in the best fashion.


  • Single blade 21 inches wide 14-gauge stamped steel deck with a deep dome design
  • 2-point height of cut for easy height adjustment
  • 6 adjustable cutting height positions ranging from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches
  • Adjustable handlebar with 2 positions
  • 7 inches front and 11 inches rear wheels.
  • Weighs at 62 LBS
  • 3-year Tru-Start guarantee

  • 2-year full warranty

  • Slightly heavy

Which is the best push mower for rough terrain?

After a thorough comparison of all the mowers described above, we conclude that the Fiskars StaySharp 17 in. is the best push mower for rough ground. It is the best option for those having a small yard.

Those who own a medium-sized yard or do not want to do the hard work with a manual push mower the Toro Recycler 21 in. is the best push mower for a large yard.

The Scotts 14 in. is the best push mower for a small yard. Its small size along with its excellent durability and handiness makes it the best pick for those having rough terrain yards equivalent to the size of a matchbox.

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