Best Running Shoes For Women With Flat Feet In 2019 – 2020

Whether you are hitting the open road or you are jumping on the treadmill, having comfortable and supportive shoes is a vital part of running. This is especially true for women with flat feet, as shoes that are poor in quality can lead to a variety of pain issues. And while there are quite a few options to choose from, here are the best running shoes for women with flat feet.

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New Balance Women's W890v3 Running Shoe

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Pros: Brooks is a shoe company that is known throughout the running industry for the quality of shoe that they make. Unlike other brands that dabble in the running shoe market, Brooks maximizes their efforts in running shoes. What’s special about the Dyad 7 is that they offer a neutral platform that is perfect for women with flat feet. Furthermore, the Omega grooves on the bottom of the shoe compliment the design by adding flexibility and a segmented crash pad.

Cons: The color options for the Dyad 7 are quite limited. They only have two different options, one of which is yellow and grey and the other is a baby blue and grey. If those are colors that you like, then you are in luck. However, they somewhat look like something an older woman would wear as she walks laps around the track during her lunch break. Many other brands offer electric colors that really look great while you are running.

Bottom Line: If color isn’t a concern to you, then the Brooks Dyad 7 is a fantastic option as one of the best running shoes for women with flat feet. You can find these shoes in the $100 price range, which is comparable to other running shoes.

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Pros: We go from one end of the color spectrum that is available with the Dyad 7, to the complete opposite side with the ASICS J33. These shoes also come in two colors, one of which is a white, yellow and hot pink base, and the other is white and two shades of blue. In terms of the way these shoes fit and feel, they are great for flat fleet because of the minimal heel-to-toe differential. ASICS highlights what they call F.A.S.T. technology, which helps runners get more traction due to shoes that respond better when running. That traction and the

Cons: If the colors are too electric for you, that will be one thing. However, the other concern with the GEL-Super J33 is the limited breathability provided. If you have excessively sweaty feet, you may want to consider a different option. That’s not to say that there isn’t any ventilation from these shoes, but there are many other models on the market that may be better for overly-sweaty feet.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a shoe that won’t go unnoticed, the J33 is certainly among the best running shoes for women with flat feet. And for runners who don’t sweat much, it gets even better. With a price tag less than $100, they are certainly worth giving a go.


Pros: Finally an option that comes in as many colors as the heart desires. The New Balance Women’s W890v2 Neutral Running Shoe comes in eight different colors, so they will surely match whatever your workout attire is. The outsole of this shoe is a blown rubber, which makes for a comfortable and flexible run for those with flat feet. And with a mesh outer material, they also are a fantastic option for those who have excessively sweaty feet.

Cons: It’s hard to find much wrong with the W890v2 because they are a quite comfortable fit and they look great too. However, they are a bit pricier than some alternatives. The difference between these shoes and others mentioned on this list may only be about $15-$20, but it’d be nice if they were closer in the price range. Furthermore, for those that are looking for a second pair of shoes, or even those who have never tried New Balance before, it may not be worth the investment when there are other options available.

Bottom Line: You won’t find many other shoes with more color options. And when it comes to comfort and breathability, this is a great option for one of the best running shoes for women with flat feet. But if you are looking for less of an investment into a running shoe, you may be better suited going with a different option.


Pros: One of the best-ventilated shoes on this list is the Reebok Women’s Real Flex Scream. They are made with fabric, and along the outside is a mesh pattern that allows for plenty of breathing room. On top of that, they also have a handmade sole that makes for a solid run where runners will grip better to the surface. This is great if you are running outdoors, as there are a variety of surfaces that you may come across. Another reason that this is one of the best running shoes for women with flat feet is that you can find them for a ridiculously low price. You certainly shouldn’t more than $100 and, if you look hard enough, you are more likely to find them for around $50 or so. $50 for the Reebok name is a great deal for a quality shoe.

Cons: The biggest downside for this shoe is that it takes a bit of time to wear in. It may be because of the handmade sole, but they are certainly a bit more firm than other options. Obviously having a firm shoe is great while you are out running, but you also want to have plenty of flexibility.

Bottom Line: It should be reiterated that for under $100, you can get the Scream which is a steal of a deal. There is no doubt that this is one of the best running shoes for women for flat feet, especially with a price tag that makes it even more worth it.

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