The Best Shoes for Standing All Day (Men, Women) In 2020

It’s no secret that working in today’s world is an all-day, maximum effort affair. As the competition for available jobs intensifies, work weeks are getting longer and the demands placed upon employees in terms of performance and output are growing. Still, the “daily grind” of the J-O-B is nothing new in itself; folks have been looking for that little edge to help them through the rat race since time immemorial. With the working world in its current state, it goes without saying that nothing has changed. But when working for a company with great perks (Google, for instance), the thrill of an exciting job you genuinely enjoy, or even a giant cup of extra-strong coffee just don’t seem to get you through the day as they once did, well, that’s when it’s time to bring out the big guns: When the chips are down and the deadlines loom, you need a secret weapon, and as any woman will tell you, nothing completes a personal arsenal quite like the perfect pair of all-day shoes.

5 Overall Best Shoes To Stand In All Day

Shoe Type
Shoe Features
Clarks Women’s Ashland Alpine Slip-On Loafer Slip-on shoes for casual office wear, everyday wear and teachers All day standing and walking
slip resistant
Good cushioning
Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog Professional clog shoes for healthcare workers, teachers and restaurant workers All day walking and standing shoes
High arch
Provides great back and leg support
Crocs Unisex Specialist Clog Shoes for healthcare workers and restaurant workers Good cushioning and comfortable
Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walking Shoe Shoes for teachers,
restaurant workers and casual office wear
Comfortable shoes
Good arch support
New Balance Women’s WW847 Health Walking Shoe Shoes for healthcare workers, teachers and restaurant workers Good for all day standing and walking
Good for those with low arch
Provides good support

The fact is, men and women both have a lot to gain from using shoes that fit like a glove. The combination of style, comfort, and durability that a good pair of shoes can bring to the table – or the asphalt! – is something that can’t be overstated, to say nothing of the psychological benefits offered by simply feeling great in one’s own skin. Still, knowledge is only half the battle.

Knowing you need the best pair of shoes for standing all day that you can find is worthless if you don’t know how to pick one! With that in mind, here are a few things to look for when shopping for your next bit of fabulous footwear:

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Top 12 Shoes for Standing All Day (Men, Women)

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Best Shoes To Stand In All Day Guide

Fit: This one’s simple – if your shoes don’t fit well, they’ll make you miserable! When shopping for shoes that you know will be a permanent part of your professional wardrobe, it only makes sense to call in the experts. Have the shoe store attendant assist you in both shoe selection and proper fitting. That’s what they’re for! You may be surprised at how helpful the knowledge they possess can be. Oh, and don’t forget to consider your specific working conditions/environment and the needs of your own position! Don’t try to buy a “one size fits all” shoe; lounging around the house or catching drinks with friends can be a far cry indeed from the demands of a professional setting – dress accordingly. With proper planning and the aid of a shoe store attendant (and perhaps even a tailor, if you want to get very detailed or you require a dress shoe), you should have no trouble at all finding the best-fitting shoes around.

Durability: Another rather obvious consideration to be taken into account when shoe shopping is the degree of durability afforded in your chosen shoe. The best shoes for standing all day is determined in large part by how well it stands up, no pun intended, to the rigors of the workplace and one’s specific job. Executives, for instance, can get away with a snazzy pair of something that would send a construction worker or busy ER nurse home with about ten safety code violations in their pocket. Similarly, an oil rig worker needs something that can be beaten up, thrown around, and come back for more, day after day – lawyers, as a rule, don’t. This isn’t to say that durability and quality can be glossed over in some professions and not in others. On the contrary, some basic quality standards must be observed for any shoe to be worthwhile, let alone a good-quality pair of work shoes. Still, it’s worth noting that variance in workplace duties and environments can go a long way in determining what shoe fits the wearer best. Make sure you take that into account when purchasing your own footwear.

Style: While the overall style and appearance of shoes is rather less important than other factors mentioned so far, it isn’t entirely without worth or consideration. The fact is, people like feeling good, and part of that is wrapped up in looking good. While you should never sacrifice safety or comfort for a shoe if you expect to use them on a regular basis for long periods of time (you’ll hate yourself if you do this!), there’s no harm in making a purchasing decision with some thought toward your own definition of “stylish”. Happily, modern technology means that there are usually some nice-looking shoes available for use in even the most extreme occupational environments. As a general rule, however, the larger a slice of the overall pie goes toward style, the less rigorous the work and workplace the wearer is a part of needs to be. In any case, the judicious use of one’s common sense should be more than enough to allow for a bit of pizzazz in one’s footwear choices without sacrificing an all-day shoe’s other requirements. In other words, don’t be afraid to express yourself, if only just a little bit.

Price: Ah, price. No guide to picking out something like this would be complete without a mention of the common denominator for all of us: the almighty dollar. To be succinct, buy what you can afford. If your needs run toward the expensive end of things and you truly can’t do without them because of workplace requirements, don’t hesitate to check into any uniform reimbursement or assistance programs your employer might have. In most specialized careers, uniform allowances are not unheard of. Those with a more general or traditional career are usually on their own, but it never hurts to ask! Regardless, there’s no need to go into crushing debt to get a set of quality footwear, so do your research and shop wisely.

Reviews OF Suggested All-Day Shoes

Now that you know what to look for in a shoe that will be with you all day, every day for the foreseeable future, you may be tempted to rush right out and get the whole shoe shopping experience over with, whether out of distaste for the activity itself or from simple necessity or convenience. Lucky for you, you needn’t go to the trouble, at least not right away! If you keep reading, you’ll see a selection of shoes that are perfect for all day wear whether you need a pair for the office, hospital settings, school, etc. Take a look below and see for yourself – you may just find the best shoes for standing all day that you’ve ever seen, and all without leaving home. Not bad, eh?

6 Best Shoes For Standing All Day For Women


New Balance Women's WW847 Health Walking Shoe

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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

The WW847 by New Balance is a great “healthy shoe” for women. It also happens to be a slam dunk in terms of comfort and longevity.

Pros of the New Balance WW847 include, first and foremost, their manufacture by a company with a reputation for quality. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that these shoes get rave reviews from owners, with glowing reports of little to no “break-in” time, a superb degree of comfort (especially for those with underlying or pre-existing foot problems), and decent construction and materials. If purchasers need one final nudge to tip the scales in favor of these shoes, let it be this: New Balance donates five percent of the purchase price of select shoes to various cancer-fighting charities. Check with your retailer for details.

If there are cons to this shoe, they would have to be aesthetics and price. To be fair, both of these points are subjective, the cost is something to consider. As for their looks, they do come in several color iterations, but some of them are, well, let’s be kind and say “unattractive”. Individual taste and budget will ultimately determine if these points are true negatives, but it is worth saying that one could do worse than to buy a pair of New Balance WW847s.


Dansko Women's Professional Mule,Black Oiled,38 EU/7.5-8 M US

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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

Billed as “The Most Comfortable Shoe Ever”, these Dansko women’s clogs have a loyal following, as does the company itself. These shoes make for a great bit of all-day footwear, as the reader will soon discover.

Pros for these Danskos mostly revolve around craftsmanship. Dansko is a truly hands-on operation, and as such, each pair of these shoes are made by hand. This results in a great-looking set of shoes that are designed quite literally from the ground up to be as comfortable as possible over long periods of time. Cushioning and arch support are particularly good, and their proprietary rocker bottom is great for overall posture preservation and musculoskeletal endurance. To top it all off, they look great, too! Dansko even offers free returns in the event of problems with their product.

These professional leather clogs aren’t without their drawbacks, however. In fact, one of their selling points is also a problem. The fact that these shoes are all hand-made by Dansko means that no two pairs are exactly alike. This makes buying them online, something that most people prefer to do these days, a real bit of Russian roulette. The only way to ensure a proper fit is to go into an actual store and try on multiple pairs.

Additionally, it isn’t well-publicized, but these shoes come with a false back / slip-on design. Inherent looseness may be mistaken by the unaware as an ill fit when in reality the reverse is true: If these shoes fit snugly, especially in the heel, they’re too small and will cause problems. The fact that this problem exists as a potential hassle-slash-turn-off for buyers is a real shame since the shoes themselves are pretty great.


Propet Women's Tour Walker Strap Sneaker,Black,7.5 N US

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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

These women’s sneakers by Propet are situated firmly in the casual footwear category. This carries its own basketful of good and bad points, but for those who can pull it off, these can be great shoes.

Like the shoes themselves, the pros of the Propet Tour Walker II are rooted in comfort. Materials favor breathable, functional shoes with no-brainer Velcro closures and ample cushioning at common stress points. What’s more, diabetics will find, to their benefit, that these shoes are Medicare/HCPCS code compliant (A5500). These Propet come in an attractive Oxford style which is available in a wide variety of color options, and the price can’t be beaten.

The cons of this shoe are all trade-offs based on an almost overwhelming emphasis on comfort/casualness. For instance, these are sneakers, not professional shoes, so with the possible exception of hospitals, where jobs are often high-traffic, high-motion affairs, these just won’t do at the office. Second, women may find these shoes to be overly masculine in stylistic terms. One’s choice of color can affect this, though, so try a few out and see for yourself.


CLARKS Women's Ashland Alpine, Black, 8 B-Medium

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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

Clarks offers the ideal slip-on loafer for comfort, style, and value. The Women’s Ashland Alpine Slip-On Loafer’s fabric lining and unique cushioning OrthoLite footbed cradle your foot for long-lasting comfort, making this one of the best shoes for standing all day at work. Additionally, this shoe’s traction outsole withstands even the most slippery of work environments, and you do not have to sacrifice fashion for this comfort.

These leather loafers feature contrast stitching and 2 bungee loop buttons, combined with a slight heel and stylish platform, for a trendy casual look that pairs well with denim or trousers. They are also versatile and are available in 4 neutral colors: brown, mid-brown, black, and navy.

Ranked in the top 100 best shoe sellers on Amazon, Clarks Women’s Ashland Alpine Slip-On Loafer gleans rave reviews from shoppers. Most comment on this shoe’s comfort and durability, though a few have critiqued that sizing is an issue. Reasonably priced, this loafer has women boasting most about its value.


Madden Girl Women's Getta Pump,Black Patent,8.5 M US

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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

For those women who are looking for more feminine professional footwear, something with a heel may be enticing, but heels can also be notoriously painful if you are standing for long periods of time. Amazon’s #1 women’s pump, Madden Girl Women’s Getta Pump, combines a uniquely feminine style with cushioned comfort, making it one of the best shoes for standing all day. The soft synthetic uppers, silky printed lining, and lightly cushioned footbed support your feet without sacrificing style.

This pump also earns high reviews for its style. The Getta Pump flaunts a 3 ½-inch heel with a 1-inch wrapped platform that gives you height and support, helping you to balance and easing any strain on your calves. Stylish seaming on the toe box give this slip-on pump an edgy detail that modern women appreciate. Available in nearly twenty different colors, including wardrobe basics like nude and black patent as well as pops of pizzazz like blue fabric, red patent and black glitter, these pumps earn high praise from most reviewers for their stylish comfort.

A few unsatisfied customers point out that Madden Girl Women’s Getta Pump lacks flexibility, compounding issues of a tight toe box and a loose heel. Complaints range from pinched toes to blistered and painful heels from the pumps slipping, but with positive reviews far outweighing negative ones, these pumps deserve high marks for comfort and class.


Jessica Simpson Women's Js-Waleo, Cool Aqua Patent 7.5 M US

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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

For those fashion-forward professionals looking for flirty, fun, and yet comfortable footwear, Jessica Simpson Women’s Waleo Platform Pump is the answer. The well-crafted leather or suede uppers and lightly-cushioned insoles offer a comfortable foundation for your foot in a sexy and sophisticated stiletto. The 5-inch heel and 1 ¼ -inch platform and slightly-pointed toe exude glamour that will draw compliments from men and women alike, and they are perfect for a transition from a day at work to night on the town.

With nearly twenty-five different colors to choose from and a very reasonable price tag, fashion-conscious women want multiple pairs of the Waleo Platform Pump in their wardrobe. And why not splurge on these stylish platforms since they are both sexy and some of the best shoes for standing all day long?

Reviewers seem to either love or hate this Jessica Simpson shoe. A majority of women comment on the beautiful, stylish colors and silhouette or the comfort of the all-day wear, while the negative reviewers focus on sizing, many pointing out that these shoes run at least a half size smaller than most.


2 Best Shoes for Nurses On Feet All Day


Dansko Women's Professional White Box Clog 8.5-9 M US

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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

No one said that the best nursing shoes needed to be a pair of sneakers. Dansko is a shoe company that specifically specializes in providing shoe wearers with the highest level of support, comfort, and durability. This specific shoe is one that the company has been providing hospital employees with for years. This is exemplified by the fact that this specific shoe has earned a seal of acceptance from the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association).

The first great quality about this shoe is that is made out leather and includes a manmade sole. Leather is known for its durability and ability to handle years of wear. When wearing this shoe, you will not need to worry about needlessly purchasing another shoe because this one is bound to last you a long time. There is an advantage to wearing a pair of shoes with manmade soles, and it is that the shoe is built with more precision and care than it would have been built via factor.

The manmade sole is tailored to provide wearers of this shoe a high level of comfort and support in just the right places. Apart from strong materials and manmade components, this shoe is also lightweight, as it weighs only 1.6 pounds. This prevents you from suffering from heavy shoes that can damage your back and cause an excruciating amount of foot pain.


Timberland PRO Women's Renova Slip-On,Black,8 M US

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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

Made with durable leather, you will not need to worry about your shoes wearing down quickly, as they will last you a long time. While the soles are not manmade, these shoes still include a strong rubber sole that features a full support system for your feet so that even the most active days are still met with comfort.

One very beneficial advantages to these shoes, which is an exclusive feature of this band, is the Anti-fatigue technology. This system allows for optimal shock absorption which then transfers energy to your feet’s key zones to enhance stamina and strength. This system also creates very strong support system for your feet, preventing foot pain and injury.

An additional feature that is worth mentioning is the heel-to-toe rocker profile, which reduces flexing of the forefoot that leads to strain. Therefore, you can be confident that when utilizing this shoe, your feet will have a neutral and effortless gait. Lastly, because Timberland is so confident in its product, they offer buyers of this product a 30-day comfort guarantee. Thus, if you are not satisfied, you can return them for a full refund.

4 Best Shoes For Standing All Day For Men


Birkenstock Unisex London European Loafer Hunter Black Size 47 EU (14-14.5 M US Men)

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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

Birkenstocks are classics in the world of footwear, and there’s a good reason for it. They consistently turn out some of the best products around, and these London clogs for men are no exception. Comfortable, nice-looking, and functional, there’s a lot to like about these shoes. Pros include their stylish, “goes with almost anything” appearance, their high degree of comfort & arch support (making them useful both for those with foot problems and without), and the fact that they are reported as being superb winter wear.

Negative points include their tendency to need a little breaking in around the ankle cuff area and isolated incidents of stretching, loosening, or other fit problems after initial wear. Speaking of which, fit can be tricky – these shoes are, true to their title, sized after the European convention, so make sure you get them in a U.S. size, or you may be in for a nasty surprise! Finally.


ECCO Men's New Jersey Loafer,Black,43 EU (US Men's 9-9.5 M)

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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

These men’s shoes from ECCO are a great buy for the guy who wants to marry style and ease in one pair of shoes. ECCO’s aim with these shoes seems to be the manufacture of a dress shoe that wears like an old pair of comfy sneakers. Happily, for the men who end up wearing them, it looks like they nailed it.

Pros of these ECCO New Jersey Slip-Ons include their overall comfort and a high degree of durability, stylish leather construction, and moisture-resistant insole/footbed. In addition to these other factors, these shoes are designed for the man who spends the bulk of his time in a professional environment. Case in point: The traveling executive or employee will find that the 51504’s slip-on construction makes negotiating TSA thuggery that much quicker, and really, any shoe that can do that, and do it in style, must be worth a second look!

Cons of this shoe are few, but they do exist. For starters, they seem to come in one color only (black), but research may yield other options. Second, being made of leather means that rough wear will show – while they aren’t made of tissue paper by any means, these aren’t the sort of shoe you can treat carelessly.


Dockers Men’s Gordon Leather Oxford Dress Shoe,Black,11 M US

$49.95  in stock
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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

If you are in the market for a professional shoe for men, Dockers Men’s Gordon Cap Toe Oxford combines modern comfort with a classic shoe design suited for the workplace. Its padded collar, padded, breathable insole, and sturdy outsole ensure all-day relief from standing and walking.

Available in both black and cordovan, this oxford features a smooth leather upper with a cap toe and a four-eyelet design. Clean-lined and affordable, reviewers praise these shoes as durable, easy to maintain, and some of the best shoes for standing all day. Although most reviewers found few faults with the shoes themselves, nearly everyone pointed out that the factory shoelaces are poor quality and should be immediately replaced. Even if Dockers Gordon Cap Toe Oxford barely misses a rank in the top 100 best shoe sellers by falling in at 122, shoppers are happy with the comfort and style of this professional footwear, one of the best shoes for standing all day.


Clarks Men's Bushacre 2, Beeswax,10 M US

$55.56  in stock
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as of April 4, 2021 4:10 pm

Whether you are looking for a sleek style, rugged durability, or endless comfort, Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Boot is ranked #26 in Amazon’s 100 best shoe sellers, as well as #2 for men’s boots, for good reason. Fans of Clarks Desert Boot have embraced the Bushacre 2 for its same fashionable leather upper paired with a sturdy synthetic sole that withstands the harsh elements.

This boot’s smooth lining and cushioned insole ensure its status as one of the best shoes for standing all day, while the Clarks name signals timeless fashion and lasting quality to customers. The stylish full-grain leather uppers feature a two-eyelet lace on the front and are available in a wide range of colors from neutrals like beeswax leather, several shades of brown, and black to a pop of color in red or blue suede. These boots work well with both denim and dressier slacks, making them an affordable and chic addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Though the majority of reviewers boast of these Clarks, remarking on quality materials, comfort, and durability, several notes that this boot runs half of a size to a size larger than most and others comment that they are disappointed with the boot’s performance in rain and snow. So wearers in harsher climes should definitely invest in some waterproofing and a bit of time for TLC with this choice.

Smart shoe shoppers who need the best shoe for standing all day seek out Amazon; these 5 selections promise comforting wear and durability.


And there you have it – a first-rate guide to picking out the best shoes for standing all day, whether you’re a man or a woman, a labourer or a CEO, or something altogether different. With this in your possession, you should have no trouble whatsoever when picking out the perfect shoe for you – all that’s left to do now is buy! Happy hunting!

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