Best Shoes For Nurses and Teachers On Feet All Day 2022

Finding the best shoes for teachers and nurses is a must for anyone working in education or medical departments. Not only do they have to look professional, but they also need shoes that will keep them comfortable and pain-free for hours on end (you might be standing all day). When looking for a good pair of shoes for teachers to wear and nurses to put on feet all day, here are top shoes available on Amazon for educators and medical staff to consider.

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Top Shoes For Teachers and Nurses Review and Buying Guide

17 new from $96.97
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm
21 new from $129.95
2 used from $58.17
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm
14 new from $130.00
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm
11 new from $75.91
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm
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Best Shoes For Teachers To Stand All Day


Alegria Womens Paloma Black Embossed Rose 38 M EU/8-8.5 B(M) US

17 new from $96.97
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

The Alegria Women’s Paloma Flat is a very attractive and comfortable option for women looking for a good pair of shoes for teachers to stand in all day. It comes in a variety of colors and designs, including Black Patent, Forest Magic, Wine Glitter and Brown Pull-up. This cute but practical Mary Jane style shoe features a leather upper, a rubber sole and a heel height of approximately 1.5 inches. The hook and loop strap provides a secure fit while the rocker bottom lets teachers move quickly when needed.

Paloma Flat wearers rave about how comfy these shoes are, even when worn for as long as 12 hours. Wearers love that these shoes are cute and that they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. A few people had problems with the shoes squeaking or breaking down prematurely, but overall, wearers highly recommended this shoe as one of the best shoes for educators.


Crocs Women's Cobbler Stud Leather Clog,Black/Black,7 M US
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

Another great option for people looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for teachers, the Crocs Women’s Cobbler Clog is also stylish yet comfortable. This shoe is made of synthetic materials, and it has a manmade sole. With a heel height of approximately 2.25 inches and a platform height of approximately one inch, this shoe offers wearers a little height without using a large, narrow heel. It comes in both black and brown faux leather, and it features faux fur for a cozy look.

Cobbler Clog wearers repeatedly rave about how warm and comfortable this shoe is. They are quick to point out that this shoe is not what people usually think of when they think of Crocs—it is professional looking and work appropriately. A few wearers did have issues with these shoes squeaking, with the insides wearing down or with their feet sweating, but overall, wearers highly recommend this shoe as one of the best footwear for teachers.

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Dansko Women's Professional Mule, Scatter Floral Patent, 38 M EU / 7.5-8 B(M) US
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

Another great choice for people looking for a good pair of shoes for work, the Dansko Women’s Professional Clog is simply comfortable and professional. It is made with a leather upper and a manmade sole, and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. The rocker bottom makes movement seamless and the padded instep makes walking comfortable. Plus, the Dansko Women’s Professional Clog carries the American Podiatric Medical Association’s seal of acceptance.

It comes as no surprise that these shoes are some of the best shoes for educators; nurses and healthcare professionals have been raving about them for years. Purchasers love how incredibly comfortable these shoes are, even when worn for hours on end. A few purchasers were unhappy that these Danskos fit differently than Danskos they had purchased previously and a few purchasers felt that the shoes were too heavy, but most purchasers loved these shoes and would absolutely recommend them.


Naturalizer Women's Grey Leather Maude 7 B(M) US
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

The Naturalizer Women’s Maude Ballet Flat is a very comfortable and stylish slip-on shoe. This shoe features an interesting interweaving overlay, a low heel height, and a padded insole. It has a leather upper and a rubber outsole, and it comes in a range of conservative professional colors.

Wearers found this shoe to be incredibly comfortable and cute. They love that it is a casual, fuss-free shoe, while still looking work-appropriate. Many purchasers own several pairs of this same shoe and continue to buy this style time and time again. The main complaint that purchasers had is that this shoe tends to run small. A few other purchasers found that they had to break in their shoes before they would fit or that their shoes gradually began to hurt or stretch over time.


Skechers for Work Women's Clog, Black, 7.5 M US
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

The Sketchers for Work Women’s Clog, another great option for people looking for the best shoes for teachers to stand all day, is a no-fuss, comfortable yet simple clog that is perfect for teachers. They feature a leather upper, a rubber sole, and a fabric lining, and they come in white, black and patent. They are lightweight, and they have a shock-absorbing midsole, a padded collar and a removable, cushioned insole for ultimate comfort.

People who own this shoe love how amazingly comfortable it is, even when worn for as long as 12 to 16 hours at a time. They do note, however, that these shoes tend to run large, so purchasers need to adjust their orders according. Some purchasers had to get used to wearing clogs that have a closed but loose back, while other purchasers were frustrated trying to order the right size without first trying the shoes on in person.

Best Shoes For Nurses On Feet All Day

Today’s nurses are a symbol of dedication and diligence. Working in hospitals, private offices, clinics, and even patients’ homes, the scope of their work and compassion knows no bounds. But tending to patients’ needs round the clock is no easy feat. Long hours of administering care can really take its toll on health care providers. The right shoe can make all the difference in your daily performance on the job, keeping you active and comfortable so you can focus on what really matters. Take a peek at the best nursing shoes for women below and start enjoying every step of your day on the job.

Best Nursing Shoes Buying Guide


Lots of people choose nursing because it’s a stable and honourable career with good earning potential. Of course, the career fair brochures usually forget to mention that the average nurse works multiple twelve-hour shifts almost every week of the year, most of which will be spent running up and down the halls of a busy hospital. While jobs, and therefore a nurse’s work environment, will obviously vary, it’s almost a given that the chief attribute of any nurse-worthy footwear is durability.

Anything a nurse puts on her feet will need to work just as hard as she does and do so without tearing or wearing out before it should. That’s why nurses in the know (and those who give them gifts) choose shoes with the exceptional build quality, particularly in terms of overall materials strength, craftsmanship, and company reputation for product and service quality. After all, be it via fruit cups or Foley catheters, bringing comfort to the sick is what counts, and as any nurse can tell you, that is best accomplished in a great pair of shoes.


Just having a durable shoe isn’t enough. Combat boots are durable, and they have a terrible reputation for wearability! Here are some features a nurse or other interested party should look for when shopping for their next pair of shoes:

* A great support system, particularly in the arches, ankles, and other stress points

* No-fuss ties /laces/fasteners that stay in place without a lot of maintenance

* Non-skid / no-slip soles for safety

* Machine-washable + breathability for on the job comfort and quick turnaround come laundry day (your shoes will get extremely dirty – count on it!)

* Room to accommodate padded insoles/orthotics, thick winter socks, and so forth


The first half of this equation is a simple one: Nurses spend an unbelievable amount of time in their shoes, so they need to fit like a glove. Unless you really know what you’re doing, go to a shoe store and get properly fitted for your shoes – your feet will thank you! As for style, most registered nurses and hospital staff wear good quality sneakers of relatively muted aesthetics. Hospital hallways aren’t the runways of Milan, but that doesn’t mean you have to look or feel drab! Blinking lights and such are probably a no-no but don’t be afraid to allow a splash of color or similar touches to find their way into your footwear choices.


While most nurses work in hospitals, nursing homes / long-term care facilities, school systems, and the like, some nurses choose to specialize in fields which stretch the boundaries of tradition (and sometimes defy them altogether). One such example of specialization due to advanced nursing practice is the unique requirements of the flight nurse. Much like first responders on the ground, flight nurses can find themselves at the scene of a car accident, in the middle of a forest, or anywhere in between, and often in the same day. What’s more, they’re often the only thing keeping their patient alive in those critical moments between a pick-up and admittance to the ER.

When it comes to footwear, specialized nurses like these should be extremely discriminating in their choices – flight nurses may wish to choose heavy-duty work boots with lots of tread, steel toe caps, and similar features for instance, while CRNAs, who spend 12+ hours per day standing in the operating room giving anaesthesia and other sedatives to patients under surgery, ought to give some thought to prioritizing comfort and the promotion of good peripheral blood flow. Then again, other specialized or advanced practice nurses, like nurse practitioners, can often get away with the standard footwear discussed earlier. It’s all about one’s environment and the requirements imposed by one’s nursing role.

When in doubt concerning your own footwear in a situation like this, ask someone who’s done the job before you how to proceed. They’ll almost certainly be able to help you!

Top 8 Best Shoes for Nurses


Dansko Women's Professional Black Tooled Clog 8.5-9 M US

21 new from $129.95
2 used from $58.17
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

If there’s one thing Dansko knows, it’s comfort! These clogs are built for it and are sure to make a day on your feet feel like a day walking on a cloud. These gems are equipped with superior shock absorption and an anti-fatigue rocker bottom that helps to propel you onward into your next mission with ease. Experts agree that a little heel elevation goes a long way in providing comfort arch support, surprisingly much more than flat shoes. These tooled clogs boast a .75 inch platform and 2-inch heel which benefits your barking dogs but is right at the cutoff for recommended heel height for jobs that require long periods of standing. A roomy box toe gives your feet some wiggle room and prevents throbbing.

The beautiful, intricate tooled design available in black or brown adds a dash of style and sophistication to your work attire. Since Dansko cut ties with manufacturing company Sanita back in 2007, some have complained about changes in sizing and quality. Clogs may run large so consider sizing down. Though some felt the shoes were ready to wear right out of the box, others complained they now need some getting used to before putting them to the test during a shift. Like most Dansko products, the price is on the higher end. Despite some changes, women in forums and polls across the board still sing the Dansko’s praises as one of the best nursing shoes for women out there.


Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog, Black/Silver, 6 M US
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

Crocs have taken the public by storm and nurses are no exception. Less clunky than other nursing shoe options, the manmade material also makes these shoes super lightweight, easy to clean, and resistant to both odor and microbes. The platform measures .5 inches and the heel about 1 inch to enhances arch support while footbed circulation nubs massage and comfort soles all day long, earning its place as one of the best nursing shoes for women.

Non-slip soles keep you in motion though experts may argue against the infamous Crocs backstrap and instead suggest laced or Velcro shoes to prevent sliding forward. Unlike Crocs predecessors, these shoes are without holes to ensure safety in an often hazardous workplace and are comfier than ever. Unlike other Crocs styles, colors are more subtle and available in black or white, a feature some applaud as professional while others feel limited in their color choices. The Mercy Clog does not come in half sizes and some agree that going a size down maybe your best bet especially if you usually wear a half size.


Timberland PRO Women's Renova Slip-On,Black,9.5 M US
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

As a nurse, you can never be too safe at work and the best nursing shoes for women should reflect that. Timberland to the rescue! These slip-on allow you to keep up the pace with confidence no matter your surroundings with the help of a SafeGrip slip-resistant outsole that grips and steadies on wet and dry surfaces alike. The rocker sole reduces pressure while Timberland’s very own Pro-Exclusive Anti-Fatigue technology guarantees shock absorption and all-day support for your feet, legs, and back. Platforms measure .75 inches and heel 1.75, well within the healthy range to keep arches happy.

Premium full-grain leathers and microsuede upper linings make for a sleek appearance though the overall shape and silhouette are less feminine than other footwear options. Though the slip-on style with a full back relieves any worry about tripping over laces, however, laces or Velcro would help to keep feet locked in position. Customers rave about the quality, comfort, and easy cleaning. Half sizes are available and shoes should run true to size.


Alegria Women's debra Slip-On,Black Napa,40 EU/10 M US

14 new from $130.00
Free shipping
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

A shoe fit for the funkiest of fashionistas, the Alegria Debra Slip-On comes in a wide range of colors and patterns to add a little sparkle to your day. In addition to expressing your inner creativity, customers claim these shoes keep them feeling energized for hours. Thick, rocker soles are extremely shock-absorbent to protect feet, legs, hips, and back during movement and long periods of standing.

The removable footbed is made of supportive cork and latex while the ample box toe wards off pain from swelling. Some customers rave that their pair of Alegrias even erased existing, persistent foot pain. The shoe proves to make the grade as one of the best nursing shoes for women but also can seamlessly transition into after-work ensembles.


Skechers for Work Women's Soft Stride-Softie Lace-Up, Black, 9.5 B - Medium

11 new from $75.91
Free shipping
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

In addition to safety and comfort, the best nursing shoes for women must be lightweight. This mid-range sneaker has a lightweight midsole and slip free soles that let you fly across the linoleum from patient to patient. This sneaker is super flexible and features breathable lining and perforated accents along the side to prevent sweating and discomfort throughout your busy day.

Customers find this shoe to be especially durable despite the mileage while a high abrasion rubber outsole can stand up to all and any weather conditions. Still, the Stride-Softie Lace-Up remains chic, stylish, even compliment worthy. Though the footbed is cushioned, many customers felt the need to add gel inserts or orthotics to prevent aches and pains. This shoe lacks some of the pro comfort features of other shoes and may not endure an entire 12-hour shift. However, in appearance and function, a simple running shoe is still a worthy competitor.

With this list of the best nursing shoes for women in mind, every nurse can be at her best and enjoy a little more comfort while bringing comfort to others.


Anywear Women's Zone Mules Caribbean Chrome SIZE 8 M US
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

This pair of shoes is slightly different from other pairs you’ll find on this list of the best nursing shoes. The main difference is the simplicity of the shoe, which does not compromise comfort. The entire shoe is made of rubber. The outsole is slip-resistant and flexible, and the back of your foot will be supported by a rubber band. This allows for breathability throughout the day for those that are worried about a lack of freshness. The back strap is flexible so you can either choose to utilize it or turn the entire shoe into a traditional clog.

The main feature of this shoe that surpasses most of the pairs on this list is that this product is absolutely lightweight. If you are concerned about both the comfort and movability of your feet throughout the day, then this shoe solves the problem. Most customers have claimed that this is the shining benefit of this shoe. Furthermore, while most nurses choose to wear either white or black, this pair of shoes comes in an array of interesting colors such as red, blue, cameo, brown, leopard, zebra, and even pink with hearts. It’s fun and interesting array of colors perhaps may be an attractive aspect, as patients will feel less intimidated.

Colors: Blue, red, brown, cameo, leopard, zebra, and pink

Benefits: Very lightweight, not very costly, many colors to choose from, breathable shoes

Cons: Not as “advanced” as other options, all plastic not a good option for everyone


Alpro G-500 SG, White, 45 (US Men's 12-12.5) Regular
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm

This brand of shoes was chosen to be on this list of the best shoes for nurses due to their popularity among nurses and other service industry professionals. Also made out of leather, this pair of shoes features a strong but lightweight rubber sole that can trek through even the most gruelling and tough shifts. The top leather part of the shoe is covered with a substance known as polyurethane which provides protection against cold, heat, and chemical resistance. In addition, such frontal foot protection is even more useful for nurses as it protects their feet in an environment that warrants such protection.

Like all of the best nursing shoes, these shoes also mould to the shape of your foot through the interior and exterior longitudinal arch support that follows the natural curve of the foot. The toe area also features a raised toe bar for extra grip. As for the sole, the rubber material is manufactured in a way that absorbs a high level of shock, providing you with the comfort and support that you need throughout the day. Furthermore, the leather material is also built to prevent moisture from seeping into the shoe, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long. The final and perhaps greatest feature of this shoe is the EVA outsole, which can easily be repaired when needed.

Colors: White and Black


Brooks Women's Addiction, Bone, 8.5 B - Medium
as of April 18, 2024 7:51 pm


  • SHOE SIZE: "B" = Medium width, "D" = Wide width, "2A" = Narrow width, "2E" = Extra wide width
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT: Our Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar strategically supports your arch to guide and keep your body in its natural path of motion.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT, SECURE FIT: The forefoot MC Pod construction and an innovative outsole sets your foot in an efficient, balanced, and stable position.
  • SOFT CUSHIONING: BioMoGo DNA adapts to your stride, weight and speed, to make every step comfortable.
  • LONG-LASTING: Both comfortable and durable, this shoe with a full-grain leather upper will be a staple to your wardrobe.

The final entry on this list is manufactured by Brooks Company. This specific pair is sneaker-like walking shoes for women. These shoes are built for working professionals that find themselves constantly on their feet. Unlike other shoes on this list, these have the outer appearance of an everyday sneaker. The shoe is manufactured out of leather and includes a carefully crafted manmade sole to provide wearers extra comfort. This shoe’s leather is very high quality, as it is made with full-grained leather. Meaning, the entire hide is used, not just bits and pieces. This creates a much higher level of product durability.

As for the features of this product, you’ll find that this shoe includes rear and forefoot hydro flow that is designed to provide extra cushioning and shock absorption. Another aspect of this shoe that reinforces cushioning and shock absorption is the MOGO midsole. Lastly, for extra comfort and protection, there is an S-527 Cushsole, which is a midsole compound. This shoe has also been characterized as slip-resistant, moldable to the foot, and extremely supportive.

Colors: Bone (Sand), White, Black

Benefits: Provides enough support that feet do not hurt after a long shift, shock absorbent, extremely comfortable

Cons: Bulky appearance, heavier than other options, not friendly for wide-feet, costly


Without question, nursing is one of the noblest, needed professions anyone can pursue. They provide a great deal of comfort and aid to people when and where they need it the most. After giving so much of themselves to comfort others, it seems only right that they themselves should be comforted, if only in a small way. Now, thanks to this handy guide, such comfort is easier than ever to find. In fact, thanks to this handy primer, both new teachers and nurses alike should have no problem at all when it comes time to find the absolute best shoes for teachers and nurses on the market. All that’s left now is to start shopping!

Happy hunting!

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