Best Sprinkler for Small Lawn 2022

If you have a busy routine at home and cannot find enough time to water your lawn despite its small size thoroughly, then a water sprinkler is what you should order right away. You will find a wide range of sprinklers for every size of the lawn such as sprinkler for rectangular lawns, squared shaped lawns. They are categorized based on the land coverage and type of irrigation they offer. Here is a list of the best water sprinklers I came across and decided to share with my garden fellows.

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Top Five Water Sprinklers for Small Lawn 2021


Best Sprinkler for Small Lawn


1. Blisstime Rotary Three Arm Lawn Sprinkler – Best Overall

Lawn sprinkler Rotary Three Arm Lawn, Sprayer Water Sprinkler
as of June 18, 2024 9:28 am

This Rotary Arm Sprinkler seems to be the best sprinkler overall. It offers a minimum spraying distance of about 26 ft., but can also reach up to 33 ft. if the water pressure is high. It also depends upon the speed you choose your sprinkler to move at. For a high speed set the nozzle to 45⁰ and enjoy a spraying diameter of about 8-10 meters. But for slow speed set the nozzle to 90⁰, which offers a spray diameter of about 4-6 meters. 

Based on the spraying distance, it covers the total garden area of about 645-755 sq. ft. The rotary arm makes the task a lot easier by rotating to a complete 360⁰, ensuring every end of your garden is well nourished. Moreover, the three arms together house twelve nozzles and you can easily adjust the two independent of each other. Imagine the number of patterns you can create with such controls.

I like the water-saving design of the sprinkler. It does not waste even a drop of water. Also, the two-way hose connection is quite convenient as it allows you to connect a traditional hose using the connector kit as well as modern hose with screw heads.

  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Better control
  • Wider coverage
  • Low price tag
  • Does not come with the connector kit and user manual
  • Lightweight makes it difficult to stay in place


2. Melnor Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler –Most Versatile

Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler with 2-Way Adjustment and QuickConnect Product Adapter Set, Amazon Bundle
as of June 18, 2024 9:28 am

Melnor Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler offers the best value for your money. You can use it for almost every size of lawn from small to large as it covers a total land area of about 4500 sq. ft. But that’s the maximum it covers if you want to use it for a smaller lawn you can easily adjust the rubber nozzles. There are twenty nozzles along the length of the sprinkler that can be adjusted using the Twin Touch control system to change the width according to your requirement. For length adjustment, you’ll have to use the range adjustment system.  

This lawn sprinkler features QuickConnect Adapter that makes connecting the disconnecting the water hose super convenient. The Product Adapter remains connected to the sprinkler and all you have to do it attach the garden hose. Although Melnor offers some of the best sprinklers, it backs its products with a limited lifetime warranty. So if you have any issue with the product, you can easily return or replace it.

  • Twenty individual nozzles
  • QuickConnect Adapter
  • Exceptional control
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Suitable for small as well as large lawns
  • Frequent issues with the oscillatory motor


3. Orbit Metal Three Arm Sprinkler –Most Durable

Orbit 58257N Metal 3-Arm Sprinkler with Wheeled Base

3 new from $25.50
Free shipping
as of June 18, 2024 9:28 am

Orbit offers the most robust and lasting lawn sprinklers. It’s Metal Three Arm Sprinkler is a heavy-duty sprinkler head that’s completely free of stability issues. You can easily move the sprinkler due to its wheeled-base that allows you to take it to every possible corner of the garden. Therefore, if you can give it a little time and input, you can move it around to cover the whole garden. For even better coverage, the sprinkler incorporates rotating arms that ensure the water reaches every inch of the area. Hence, you can use it for both medium and small lawns. However, if you are looking for a sprinkler with a wider spraying diameter, then this might not be a good choice as it only covers 24 ft. Since it’s mounted with a hose adapter, you can directly connect the hose without needing any connector kit or adapter.

One thing to remember is to avoid hot water with this sprinkler. It lasts longer if used only with cold water.

  • Comes with wheels
  • Durable build
  • Reasonable coverage
  • Does not require much water pressure
  • Not customizable
  • Rotating arms are not permanently screwed


4. Melnor Spike lawn sprinkler –Most Affordable

Melnor Multi Adjustable Lawn Sprinkler on a Spike with Integrated Flow-Control, Waters Up to 30 ft. Diameter, Adjustable Spray Angle ,Direction and Length

3 new from $18.99
as of June 18, 2024 9:28 am

This spike sprinkler is the most affordable product on my list. But that does not make it any cheaper in quality. Instead, it is among one of the most durable sprinklers with a lasting plastic build. To further guarantee a reliable purchase, Melnor offers a two-year warranty. So you can get your product repaired or replaced at any time during the period

This sleek sprinkler offers effective water flow at 60 PSI and does not require any higher pressure. You can quickly adjust the density of water and the range it covers with the multiple adjustability options, saving both water and time. Mentioning of range, the sprinkler covers up to 30 ft. of the garden area from where it stands. You can place multiple of these at a different location for full coverage over a larger area. An important feature to add here is the angle control. It allows you to water a narrow area by setting the head’s angle to 5⁰ and for a larger area, you can take it to 360⁰.

  • Spraying angels between 5-360⁰
  • Most affordable
  • Warranty
  • Hose connections need to be checked constantly


5. Hozelock Round Sprinkler –Most Convenient

Hozelock Ltd 2520 0000 2520P0000 Round Sprinkler Plus 254 Sq m, Multicolour

2 new from $33.99
as of June 18, 2024 9:28 am

The Round Sprinkler by Hozelock features four rotating arms with spray openings at the end. Upon rotating, they cover an area of about 2734 sq. ft. with a diameter of about 59 ft. That’s a lot for a small lawn. If you ask me you could use it for a medium lawn too.

Since the sprinkler is mounted on a sled base, it can be placed over a variety of surfaces without stability issues. Based on the two types of nozzles, the sprinkler seems efficient for grown plants and turfs as well as for delicate seeds and seedlings. You can easily change between the two modes with the turning knob. Unlike a few other sprinklers, it does not work sufficiently with lower water pressure. Therefore, for best results, you need to maintain the water pressure.

  • Wider coverage
  • Stable
  • Suitable for turf as well as seeds
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • Does not cover the area under the sprinkler


What to Consider When Buying a Lawn Sprinkler?

Getting a lush green garden requires a lot of input; it doesn’t happen overnight. One of the main factors that lead to it is an efficient irrigation system. Here the good news is that buying a lawn sprinkler isn’t much difficult. All it needs is a little consideration over a few factors. Let’s have a look at some of the important factors that determine a suitable lawn sprinkler.

Type of Sprinkler

You’ll find several types of sprinklers when out in the market. Even in my reviews above, I have mentioned various types like rotary and oscillating as they are quite suitable for small lawns. Along with them, is a stationary sprinkler as well. It stays at a place and unlike the other two types does not rotate. It waters in the same direction all the time. I find rotary and oscillating sprinklers more effective than a stationary head as the latter may leave the farthest and closest areas unattended.

Lawn Area

On average, small lawns have an area of 1500 sq. ft. or less. Try to know the right dimensions of your garden before getting into a transaction for a sprinkler. Some sprinklers cover a smaller area around 200 sq. ft while some cover over 1000 sq. ft. So to ensure sufficient water distribution, you need a sprinkler that matches your garden area.

Ease of Use

If you ignore this step, you’ll end up with a lot of headaches. You may take the trouble of a difficult to use a sprinkler for a day or maybe a week, but you’d not be able to tolerate it for long. Therefore, make sure to check the instructions and usage before paying for a sprinkler.


Lawn sprinklers aim to make your life easier and your lawn greener. So make sure you get the one that can fulfill its aim. Keep all the mentioned pointers in mind when choosing a sprinkler for your lawn to make a lucrative purchase. However, if you directly want to jump to the best possible options, then you can check my reviewed products. I found Blisstime Rotary Three Arm Lawn Sprinkler to be the best overall, hope it will not disappoint you either.

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