Best Trail Running Shoes for Ultra Marathons 2021

If you are planning to run a marathon, do not forget to add the best trail running shoes on your checklist. You may enjoy a short run in your regular shoe, but as trail runners, you’ll need extra comfort and efficiency, which requires a pair of ultra running shoes.

To help you have the best trail run, we have here five best trail shoes, along with a complete buying guide to help you choose. It will give you a clear idea of what is suitable for you and how.

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Five Best Trail Running Shoes


Best Trail Running Shoes for Ultra Marathons


1. Hoka One One Bondi 6 -Antigua Sand / Caribbean Sea

HOKA ONE ONE Womens Bondi 6 Mesh Black Black Trainers 5.5 US

 out of stock
as of July 28, 2021 7:32 pm

Hoka One One is one of the best running shoe brands. It has achieved a milestone with its highly sought after shoes. The Hoka Bondi 6 –Antigua Sand / Caribbean Sea, is among the best running shoes for women. Hoka has offered the best cushioning with its Bondi 6 model, using the EVA midsole. The breathable upper mesh prevents sweat build-up and offers better stability and balance. With the new rubber outsole, Hoka ensures lasting performance, making your purchase worthwhile.

The lightweight frame of the shoes run perfectly over artificial trails, asphalt roads, pavements, woodland, flat tracks, and riverside trails. The Hoka Bondi 6 model comes in a variety of colors and designs, so if by any chance you do not like the cool Caribbean Sea color, you can try darker shade.

  • Best cushioning
  • Breathable mesh
  • Better stability
  • expensive


2. Salomon Sense Ride 3

Salomon Men's Standard Hiking Shoe, Lyons Blue/Smoke Blue/Lemon Zest, 10

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as of July 28, 2021 7:32 pm

Salomon Sense Ride 3 offers the best grip over almost every trail. It can easily tackle short pavements and long-running trails. It features a dual-foamed midsole that offers sufficient cushioning but not as much as the Bondi 6. The heel cups are designed to fit perfectly according to the specific sizes, which enhances stability and grip.

With the Quicklace system, it does not take less than a minute to be tied up. So you do not have to stop for long just to tie your lace. The anti-debris mesh makes the shoes look new and maintains its color, which saves you from frequent cleaning. The shoe weight about 0.6 lbs. and come in multiple color options. 

  • Quicklace system
  • Amazing grip
  • Anti-debris mesh
  • Heavy cushioning
  • Long laces


3. Inov-8 X-Tallon Sneakers

Inov-8 X-Talon™ 200-U Trail Runner, Grey/Orange/Blue, 11.5 M US

 out of stock
as of July 28, 2021 7:32 pm

The exceptional versatility of Inov8 X-Tallon makes it one of the best trail running shoes of the year. With this pair of shoes, you can easily switch tracks while running the marathon. It is suitable for a course running, fell running, off-trail running and mountain running. Moreover, they can be used by both men and women.

The amazing rubber studs efficiently tackle soft as well as harder surfaces with perfect grip and stability. For internal comfort, the X-Tallon features EVA midsole that also offers better speed and shock absorbency. You get all this with a weight of about 0.4 lbs., which is among the lightest in the category. So you can easily run long distances without hurting your feet. This feature also helps to improve speed. Some other added features include a breathable front mesh and a water-repellant coating.

  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Water repellant coat
  • Not equally comfortable on some solid surfaces


4. Karrimor Tempo 5 Trail Running Shoes

Karrimor Mens Tempo 5 Trail Running Shoes Lace Up Lightweight Mesh Upper Black UK 9 (43)

$72.99  in stock
as of July 28, 2021 7:32 pm

Karrimor Tempo 5 makes the best choice for a sweaty summer run. Its breathable mesh is the most effective in keeping the runner’s feet dry and enhancing stability as the sweaty feet can really take you off balance. The slight drawback of the mesh is its ability to let cold air in during winter runs. So you’ll need something else if you plan to hit the trail in winters.  

Its synthetic insole is comfortable enough but is unable to absorb shocks. However, the shoe tong is well cushioned and protective. They are fantastic for rough roads and challenging trails. The soft ankle collars allow for a comfortable run. For further efficiency, Karrimor has added cupped helps that offer the perfect fit for every size. Due to the incredible comfort, these men’s trail running shoes are also worn by women.

  • comfortable
  • durable
  • great for summers
  • soft ankle collars
  • unreliable sole
  • fidgety lace


5. Brooks Adrenaline GTX trail shoes

Brooks Men's Adrenaline ASR 12 GTX Trail Running Shoes Peacoat/AtomicBlue/Black Size 11 M US

 out of stock
as of July 28, 2021 7:32 pm

Brooks offers one of the best running shoes for men. These ultra shoes tackle adverse trails like a pro. They are the most reliable choice if you are planning for a challenging marathon route regardless of the season. Their waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex covering enables you to enjoy wet tracks while keeping your feet dry. It enhances stability and confidence as you can easily step wherever you want.   

You get the perfect traction over rough and slithery surfaces with the rugged outsole. The shoe is a little heavy compared to some of its competitors, but the subtle increase does not put your feet in trouble. To compensate for that, you get a well-engineered DNA midsole, which is made up of foam and offers the comfort required for a marathon.

  • Waterproof Gore-Tex membrane
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Brooks DNA midsole
  • Comfortable
  • Heavy


To run a marathon race you need to need to practice a lot it totally depends on you how you train yourself. Whether you go for running in the ground or use the treadmill for running.

What Makes Any Shoes Suitable For a Marathon?

If you are planning to run a marathon, you definitely need a reliable pair of shoes. Without comfortable, rugged, and durable shoes, you won’t even be able to run a mile, and even if you do, you won’t try it ever again. After all, who would want to run with swollen, blistered feet? To enable you to get the best available running shoes, we have highlighted a few pointers that you must consider before paying for your marathon shoes.

Determine Your Goal

The first thing you need to do is decide your goal. Be certain about a specific distance that you plan to run. For instance, if you plan for shorter distances of about 3-5 miles, then it is better not to go with shoes designed for 100 miles. They won’t harm you other than costing you more, but you’ll surely destroy their purpose. Similarly, if you plan to run over 50 miles, getting a cheap and short-lived pair of shoes will only be a waste of money.

Choose the Stack Height

Stack height is the cushioning the shoe offers. Some people prefer thin minimal cushioning for more natural runs while others prefer a thicker one for extra protection. Although a thick sole certainly enhances safety and comfort, the choice is completely personal. Hence, you should do some research about stack heights so that you can easily make a purchase decision.

Type of Outsole

You’ll need various types of outsoles for various terrains. For example, on a muddy, you should go with a shorter and deeper lug pattern. However, for the rocky trail, you’ll need a shorter distanced lug design for better traction and stability. Therefore, you need to choose your outsole according to the trail you plan to hit.

Shoe Width

You’ll find shoes with different width. A wider than normal forefoot gives your fingers better space and comfort. It is very beneficial for long runs as it prevents blisters and swelling. However, since they are wider than the right size, they tend to be less precise and clumsier.


Weight is an important determinant of trail running shoes. It is better to have lightweight designs as they do not add extra pressure on your feet. They offer easy and light stepping, which makes you feel more natural and easy. Shoes heavier than 0.75 lbs. are not suitable for the purpose.


High prices do offer better quality, but that does not mean you cannot get a valuable product for a lower price. Several running shoe brands offer amazing products for comparatively low prices. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, then do better research; it won’t take you long to find a suitable pair within your price range.  


When it comes to buying shoes, it is highly recommended to try as many as you can instead of deciding by just looking at them. That’s important because different brands offer different measurements. So to choose the best fit you, it is always preferred to try them on. However, if that’s not an option, then try to read as many reviews as possible that specific pair you are willing to buy. Also, make sure to check the return or exchange policies.  


Selecting a pair of shoes is quite a personal decision. People prefer various factors over the other. However, I have presented you with some of the main factors that can help you get the best product based on my knowledge, experience, and research. The reviewed models are also my most loved pieces. The good thing is that they have amazing customer reviews. So if you don’t believe my words, you can give them a try yourself. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.