Best Treadmill Lubricant To Buy in 2022

If you think paying for a treadmill is all it takes to enjoy it, think again! Treadmills aren’t all too easy to keep. You have to ensure the need for maintenance, including cleaning, treadmill lubrication, etc. Although treadmills vary in size, efficiency, build, price range and almost every other feature, the thing all of them have in common is the need for maintenance. 

In treadmill maintenance lubrication is the vital part. No matter how expensive your treadmill is, it will need lubrication now and then. Other cheap treadmills might need it more frequently. It ensures lasting and smooth performance, reducing the friction and wear and tear on the running belt. A lubricating treadmill also contributes to dampening the noise while using. 

Since there are various types of lubricants, it might be tricky to choose the right one for your device. However, you have to be very careful with your choice. That’s because the wrong treadmill oil can destroy your belt and its performance. So to help you get the best treadmill lubricant for your device, I have reviewed some of the most demanded and highly-rated options.

How to Buy the Best Treadmill Lubricant?

  • Size of the Bottle/ Volume 

Manufacturers use three different units to guide you when to lubricate your device. You’ll find usage hours, mileage, or months, like three months, 130 miles, or forty hours. Therefore, you’ll need to lubricate the treadmill based upon your use. 

If you use frequently and have already reached your usage limit in less than 3-4 months, then you’ll need a bigger oil bottle or spray that can last a year at least. If you do not use your device as much you may go with a smaller bottle. Remember, each treatment takes up about 1 ounce. Since these oils also have preferred-usage-duration, you cannot stock them to use forever. 

  • Method of Application 

Each treadmill belt lubricant comes with a particular application method. Some of the most common applicator designs are squirt bottles, spray bottles, squeezable bottles, and wand applicator. All these designs have their pros and cons. 

Spray and squirt bottles are the most effective options as they offer full control over the amount of treadmill grease applied. However, they aren’t the easiest. They require the user to undo the belt and lift it to apply the treadmill oil. The process can be a little tiresome and frustrating at times. 

The squeezable bottle features a hose attached to its tip, which easily gets under the belt and allows the user to apply the product without the need to loosen the screws of the belt. However, you cannot see how much of the product is being applied or where exactly. The wand applicator tube is used as a butter knife over a bread. Hence, you do not have to undo your treadmill belt. However, like the squeezable bottle, it does not let you see the amount of lubricant being applied. 

  • Type of Lubricant 

The two most common types of lubricants are pure silicone and silicone-based liquids. Here are a few others too that involve silicone but aren’t as pure. So make sure to check the composition before use. 

If you have purchased a new treadmill, you must find the preferred type of lubricant for your device in the owner’s manual. But with used treadmills, you might not get the manual at all. In such cases, you should use a 100% silicone lubricant for treadmills. These lubricants are suitable for almost all types of treadmills. Also, they are easily available in spray bottles. 

Teflon is also composed of silicon, but it has another dominating component, Teflon fluoropolymer. This lubricant claims to be more effective against high temperatures and extra friction than others. Based on its composition, it is only suitable for devices that specify their use. If you do not find any statement saying it is safe for your treadmill, do not try it. 

  • Price Range 

For some people, buying a treadmill might have left a big dent on your bank account. Hence, getting a lubricant after that adds to the damage. Although you cannot avoid this extra damage completely, you can reduce it substantially. 

The lubricants are available in different price ranges. Therefore, you do not necessarily have to shell out a large sum for a treadmill walking belt lubricant. Some might even be cheaper than your morning coffee. 

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Best Treadmill Lubricant To Buy in 2021

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Best Treadmill Lubricant Reviews


1. Spot On 100% Treadmill Belt Lubricant –Best Overall

Spot On 100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant - Made in The USA - with Both a Precision Twist Cap and an Application Tube for Easy, Full Belt Width Lubrication

1 used from $14.74
Free shipping
as of May 30, 2024 11:56 am

If you are looking for a formula that you can easily use for lubricating various workout devices, then this 100% treadmill belt lubricant by Spot On is the best option for you.

This treadmill  belt lubricant is completely based on silicone which allows you to use it over almost every old and new device. It does not stink or contain any toxins. Therefore, it is safe for kids and pets too. With its effective formula, it significantly reduces the noise and friction, ensuring a peaceful and lasting performance. 

Spot On offers a pure silicone lubricant with two easy application methods, including a precision-twist cap and an eight-inch long application tube. The extended tube gets to the exact spot you want it to, while the twist cap reduces the chances of wastage. Both these methods, combined with a squeezable bottle make the treadmill lubrication process a breeze. You do not have to undo the belt or go through other troublesome processes. 

The bottle contains 4oz liquid, which can easily last for a year because each session takes about one ounce. Hence, you can save your money by not having to purchase it every three-four months.

9.5Expert Score

If you are looking for a completely silicone-based product, then the Spot On 100% Treadmill Belt Lubricant is the best option. It comes with two super-convenient application processes that do not require unscrewing the there is no need to loosen the screws of the belt. There is a complete refund if the product does not prove effective to you.

  • easy to apply
  • non toxic and odorless
  • 100% silicone composition makes it suitable for almost every device
  • 4oz container
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Uncontrollable liquid flow at the lowest setting


2. Lube-N-Walk Deluxe Treadmill Maintenance Kit –Best Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant for Convenience

Lube-N-Walk Deluxe Treadmill Maintenance Kit

as of May 30, 2024 11:56 am

If you intend to jump to the easiest applicator, check out Lube-N-Walk Deluxe Treadmill Maintenance Kit. It comes with a wand applicator, which is the most convenient option on the market. It allows you to easily reach the most difficult spots without undoing the running belt. 

The application process is simple. Take the required amount on the wand and apply it underneath the belt. This method ensures maximum coverage without extra efforts. Along with convenience, this lubricant extends the life of the treadmill belt and motor by reducing friction between belt and deck. Moreover, when you trace the wand over the spot to apply the treadmill grease, it cleans away all the dirt, saving your engine from such unwanted particles. The lubrication reduces noise. 

Although this lubricant is silicone-based, we don’t know if it’s 100% silicone or synthetic. Therefore, it might not be the most versatile option. Some tested brands that you can use it for are NordicTrack, Freemotion, Sole, and Gold’s Gym. The good thing is that it is non toxic and odorless so you do not have to deal with the nose-twisting smell associated with cheap lubricants. 

The treadmill belt lubricant does not mention a certain amount, thereby, I cannot give you a number, but one thing’s for sure that it is not more than 3oz. However, the description does mention that the lubricant will easily last for about 6 months with at least one application each month.

9Expert Score

For the easiest application method, you can check this Lube-N-Walk Deluxe Treadmill Maintenance Kit. It is quite effective and convenient, but since it requires monthly applications it lasts for about six months only.

  • easy to apply
  • Removes dirt from underneath the belt
  • Odorless
  • Small lubricant supply


3. IPO Multi-Purpose Lubricant –Best Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant for Versatility

IPO Multi-Purpose Lubricant Treadmill Lube 100% Pure Silicone with Applicator Tube Easy to Use Squeeze for Bike Chains, Hinges 4oz Bottle (1 Pack)

1 used from $6.40
Free shipping
as of May 30, 2024 11:56 am

If you do not prefer short fat squeezable bottles of lubricators, you can try this elongated design. Not only is it easy to use but also offers better control over the liquid flow. 

IPO Multi-Purpose treadmill belt lubricant is a 100% silicone-based lubricant that can be used over a number of devices without destroying them. Since it does not involve any kind of toxins it is safe for everyone around, even kids and pets. Not only that, but it is also safe for the environment. 

This treadmill belt  lubricant efficiently enhances the belt’s and engine’s performance, which helps to reduce noise and wear and tear. The formula remains effective even at high temperatures. Therefore, it ensures a lasting performance by your heavy duty treadmill. You can also use it for other such devices, including fans, bicycles, etc. 

Moreover, the fluid does not stain the belt and it is thereby safe for its appearance, unlike other cheap greases that leave huge marks on the belt. You can even use it with acrylic paint.     

The shape of the treadmill lubricant does not affect its size, hence, it offers enough lubricant to last a year. So be generous with each application to enjoy desirable results, though don’t waste it through excessive use. 

Although this product has proven effective to tons of people, the treadmill manufacturers have offered a complete money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

8.5Expert Score

If you are looking for an elongated bottle instead of a fatter one, then you may not find anything better than IPO Multi-Purpose treadmill Lubricant. You can use it over various moving parts without involving toxins, polluting the environment, and staining the spot. The only issue with this silicone lubricant is that it does not come with a hose applicator and requires you to purchase it separately.

  • Better fluid control
  • 100% silicone-based
  • Can be used over different moving parts other than treadmills’ belt
  • Does not stain the belt
  • Money-back guarantee
  • easy to apply
  • Does not come with a hose


4. Spirit Sole Fitness Tread Belt Lube –Best for Sole Treadmills

Spirit Sole Fitness Tube of Tread Belt Deck Lube 100% Silicone Lubricant Oil Maintenance Treadmill Lifespan Spray N020001

as of May 30, 2024 11:56 am

If you want a specially designed lubricant for your Sole treadmill then, this is the best Sole treadmill lubricant. Since it is a product by the brand itself it is safe to use with all its models.

It’s a silicone-based lubricant, which makes it a great choice for almost all other workout devices along with Sole’s models. The brand has renewed its formula to make it odorless. If you have experienced smelly Sole lubricants, you must try this one. 

Since this lubricant comes in a tube, you get better control over the amount of liquid used. For application process, you need to undo the running belt, which isn’t much preferred by most users. Also, you’ll have to buy an applicator separately. 

The bottle contains 4 oz. of liquid lubricant along with the precision twist spout dispensing top. You can use it as needed, but make sure to follow the instructions provided by the brand on the manual. Usually, Sole treadmills do not need much lubrication especially if they are cleaned properly after every use. However, according to the instructions on this lubricant, you should use it after 35-40 hours of use.

8Expert Score

If you do not want to risk your heavy duty treadmill by using just any treadmill lubricant, try using this specially designed formula by the brand itself. It works perfectly for all Sole devices. Since it is made up of silicone you can use it for other devices too. However, you’ll have to buy an applicator individually along with having to deal with a difficult application.

  • 100% silicone-based
  • Non-toxic
  • Smell-free
  • Perfect for Sole treadmills
  • Difficult to apply
  • Does not come with an applicator


5. TreadLife Fitness Treadmill Belt Lube –Best for Reebok Treadmills

100% Silicone Treadmill Belt Lube 4oz- Same Stuff - Lower Price - Best Value! (Easy to Apply, Instructions on Bottle) by: TREADLIFE Fitness

as of May 30, 2024 11:56 am

TreadLife Fitness Treadmill Belt Lube is the best Reebok treadmill lubricant. However, that’s not the only brand it can be used for. Instead, it is compatible with tons of brands, including NordicTrack, ProForm, Horizon, Weslo, etc. whats makes it so widely compatible is its 100% silicone composition.  

This treadmill oil for the belt is completely toxin-free and smell-free so you do not have to lock the device away for a day or two after treadmill lubrication. Hence, it is safe for kids and pets. Also, it does not pollute your environment with its smell. 

It’s one of the best treadmill lubrications great in reducing the constant annoying treadmill noise that gives a throbbing headache. It is especially a must-have for every treadmill owner living in a shared space or with family. Also, it enhances your heavy duty treadmill’s performance for a smoother run. Since this lubricant is odorless you can apply it anytime without having to lock the device away due to the nose-twisting smell. 

Containing about 4oz. of liquid lubricant along with the twist top, this bottle can last for a year. Such a generous quantity keeps you worry-free for a long time. According to the instructions, you’ll need to lubricate your treadmill every 150 miles or three months. This time bracket will ensure effective results and save you from early reparations. 

The bottle is a squeezable plastic bottle with an adjustable nozzle that offers excellent control over the fluid flow. When it comes to application, you’ll have to unscrew the treadmill belt to get the liquid at the desired point on the deck surface, which should mainly be the front. It is recommended to run the treadmill at 2 mph for about one minute to spread the lubricant all over the deck surface. 

8Expert Score

If you are looking for one solution for all your different devices, this TreadLife Fitness Treadmill Belt Lube is the perfect option. It’s a silicone based lubricant that can be used for various devices. It is odorless and toxin-free. However, it requires you to undo the treadmill belt, which is a little troublesome.

  • Silicone-based
  • non toxic
  • Odorless
  • Can be used with almost all brands
  • Difficult to apply


6. NordicTrack Treadmill Accessory Kit –Best for NordicTrack Treadmills  

NordicTrack Treadmill Accessory Kit

5 new from $38.50
as of May 30, 2024 11:56 am

Going a little extra, NordicTrack provides a complete maintenance kit, instead of offering the lubricant only. The kit includes a cleaning spray and cloth, three lubricant tubes, an applicator wand, two replaceable safety keys, and a cover. You get all of this at the price of a quality lubricant. 

This NordicTrack treadmill lubricant is a silicone treadmill belt lubricant, designed especially for Nordic devices. Therefore, you must be careful using it on other brands. The lubricant reduces noise and wear and tear and increases the device’s useful life. 

The lubricant is supplied in three tubes, each of them measures 1/3oz. Since NordicTrack itself offers such high-quality treadmills, you can go by for years without lubricating them. To ensure that, you must clean it after every use and try your best to keep dirt and dust from entering the engine. As suggested by the brand, you must lubricate your device after three months of use for 130 miles of the run. 

Since the kit comes with an application wand you do not have to buy one separately. It also indicates easy application as a wand does not require you to unscrew the running belt. You can apply the lube on the wand and pass it under the belt, then move it up and down a little. However, a slight issue is that the wand in the kit isn’t as durable. 

 The kit also includes a detailed guide over the use and application of each product. About the lube, the manufacturer instructs to avoid touching it and keep kids away from it.

7.5Expert Score

If you are looking for one of the best treadmill lubricants particularly for your NordicTrack, then this NordicTrack Treadmill Accessory Kit is the only option. It is mainly composed of silicone and wax that gives it the desired viscosity and lasting effect. It comes with an entire maintenance kit, including cleaning spray, cloth, etc. The slight downside to the product is the difficult application and flimsy wand.

  • Best for NordicTrack
  • Comes with a complete kit
  • Reduces noise
  • Difficult to apply
  • Flimsy wand


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7. Proform Lifestyler Treadmill Lubricant –Best Silicone Treadmill Belt Lubricant for Proform Treadmills 

Proform Lifestyler 219168 Treadmill Walking Belt Lubricant Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part

as of May 30, 2024 11:56 am

For people in search of a genuine Proform treadmill lubricant, this is your stop. According to the mentioned instructions you can use it for Proform and Weslo. Therefore, it is better to dedicate the product for those two brands only. 

Since the packaging does not mention the composition, I cannot be certain about the base component. However, from what I found from others, it is a silicone-based product but not 100% silicone. It comes in a transparent tube but does not mention the quantity. 

So it might be difficult to estimate its longevity. However, based on some reviews, this is a one-time product, but by looking at the tube, I think it can last for about 2-3 uses. 

Despite all the confusion and missing pieces of information, this product is a highly recommended option. It is quite effective in reducing noise and increasing belt efficiency. You can use it for the driest treadmills and enjoy excellent results in return.  

Since the tube does not come with a wand, you’ll have to buy one separately. There is no point in trying to get the fluid under the tread belt with your hands. Also buying a wand can help you lubricate your device without disturbing the belt’s settings.

7Expert Score

For the best Proform treadmill lubricant, you can turn to Proform Lifestyler Treadmill Lubricant. Not only is the fluid effective but also quite affordable. However, it does not come with an applicator.

  • Can deal with the driest system
  • Perfect for Proform
  • Effective in reducing noise
  • Does not come with an applicator


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Final Thought 

For the best overall silicone lubricant, you can check out Spot On 100% Treadmill Belt Lubricant. It is a 100% silicone lubricant, which makes it appropriate for a variety of brands and devices. Since it is toxin-free, it is safe for kids, pets, and people with allergies. It comes with a precision-twist cap and an eight-inch long tube. Both the application methods are quite convenient. The only issue here is the reduced control at lower settings. 

Lube-N-Walk Deluxe Treadmill Maintenance Kit is one of the best treadmill lubricants to try. It comes with a wand to easily apply the lubricant so there is no need to loosen the screws of the treadmill belt. It is 100% silicon-based, toxin-free and smell-free. With its effective formula, it substantially removes the treadmill noise and cleans away the dirt from the deck. The only downside to this lubricant is its limited amount in each package.


Q: Do treadmills need to be oiled?

Answer: Yes, it is essential to oil your treadmill every once in a while. Doing so maintains its engine efficiency and ensures a smoother run. It reduces friction between belt and deck that mitigates the chances of premature wear, which otherwise leads to a belt replacement. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the process. Some prefer using specific formulas while others vary in regards to the time gap between two lubrications. 

Q: How to lubricate a treadmill?

Answer: The answer to this mainly depends upon the type of lubricator you have. For desired results, you must check the manual before buying and applying a lubricant. Some products require the user to undo the running belt while others involve a wand that passes underneath the belt in a breeze.

Q: How often should I lubricate my treadmill?

Answer: According to some manufacturers, you should lubricate your treadmill after 130 miles. However, others prefer to mention hours like 40 hours or so. Also, some may highlight months like 3 months.


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