Best Treadmill under $1000 Reviews 2022

Planning on getting a treadmill but cannot afford over $1000? Well, I believe I have got your back. Find out some of the best treadmills under 1000 of the year that too within your budget, in this article. Not only are these devices reliable and smooth but also quite sturdy and lasting. So you can easily invest in them without having to frequently reinvestment as maintenance or repair.

Before jumping to the review list, here is an extensive buying guide to give you a clear idea of what you’d be getting on a treadmill in the given price range. You can look through the features to easily settle on a treadmill that offers you the best for your money.

Buying Guide


The dimensions of the treadmill depend upon your build and the area available to keep it. If you have a small room you must ensure that the device does not block the entire space, disturbing others. In such a case you must go for a compact design that can provide you enough workout space without troubling others.

Remember, you cannot compromise on your workout space. So if you are a walker under 5 ft. you should at least have a 20-inch wide and 50-inch length. However, for runners, these dimensions might not be enough. They usually require up to 22×55 inches. That length is still insufficient if you are taller than 6 ft. In that case, you’ll need at least a 60-inch long deck.

Folding Mechanism

To save users from giving away a substantial room of their residence to their home gym, most manufacturers offer foldable models. They are quite easy to fold and store away to clear up space for other activities. Most units fold vertical but some can also be folded flat and stored under the bed.

Power Motor

The HP or CHP of the motor is the most crucial aspect of a treadmill. It defines the overall performance and longevity of the device. 3.0 CHP is a standard power in the market, but you’ll also find lower power motors for light use. There are several even higher powers up to 4 CHP.

The greater the power, the more efficient, quiet, and smooth the treadmill will perform. You can easily get the required power easily within the range.

Weight Capacity

Not all treadmills can handle the heaviest weight. Therefore, it is important to check the weight capacity of each model. A few manufacturers offer up to 450 lbs., which is massive enough to suit a hulk. However, for the given price range, you’ll find around 300 lbs. weight capacity.  


Most treadmills feature a layer of padding under the belt that reduces the impact of the workout on the joints to enable the users to stay healthy and fit. A few brands offer adjustable cushioning to enable you to customize your experience. I’d highly recommend a shock-absorbent layer, but if you prefer the feel of the hard outer surface, you might want to go without cushioning.

Incline Level

Incline or decline animates the struggle of uphill or downhill trails, giving the user simulation of an outer track. Different treadmills offer different incline and decline levels. A lot of models don’t even come with any such option. It might be necessary for you if you are a fitness enthusiast, but for light uses it might not be as needed. However, do not keep your hopes high of getting the incline option under $1000. 

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Best Treadmills under 1000

Best Treadmill under $1000

1. ANCHEER Pro Folding Treadmill –Best Overall 

ANCHEER 3.25HP Folding Treadmill with APP Control, Electric Automatic Incline Treadmill with Bluetooth Speaker, Motorized Running Jogging Machine for Gym Home & Office Workout (Black)
as of August 16, 2023 3:48 am

ANCHEER Pro is among the best treadmills under 1,000 that sports a powerful motor with app control, efficient incline, and excellent speakers. Also, it is easy to store and has a compact design suitable for walkers.

Power Motor

With a 3.25 HP power motor, you can enjoy the smoothest and quietest performance for the price range. Its maximum speed goes up to 9 mph. It might not be the best for the given HP but is effective for not-so-dynamic users.


To keep the device compact, the manufacturer has kept the belt at the minimum required measurements that are 17×47 inches. This length is not suitable for runners, leaving this device considerable for walkers only.

The cushioning is fine for the price. It isn’t the best but it is effective in protecting the joints. Furthermore, the device can support up to 300 lbs. 

Incline Level

You can enjoy up to 15% incline level for a vigorous workout session. It offers a better simulation of the outdoor tracks than the flat surface.

App Control

This folding treadmill comes with a free FitShow app that is downloadable on Android and iPhone mobiles. It makes your workouts really enjoyable and fun. Also, it eases the download of workout stats to your device.

Other Important Features

  • Foldable design
  • Safety features
  • Preset programs
  • Heart rate monitor
  • One-year warranty for frame and motor
  • Easy storage

8.5Expert Score

If you are looking for a treadmill that has bells and whistles, then this can be a great option. It offers a 15% incline along with app control and safety features.

  • Smooth and quiet performance
  • Safety features
  • Free FitShow app
  • 15% incline level
  • Small belt
  • Short side rails


2. ProForm Performance 600i –Best for Runners 

NordicTrack C 990 Treadmill
as of August 16, 2023 3:48 am

ProForm 600i stands among the best treadmills for runners under 1000. It has a large belt, a smooth motor, and a stable build that lets you enjoy dynamic workouts.

Power Motor

Proform 600i has fitted a 2.5 CHP motor in this treadmill that makes it quiet, smooth, and efficient than most others. You can enjoy the standard high speed of up to 10 mph so you can have a rigorous running session.


The deck features a large belt measuring 18”x55” inches, providing sufficient space for runners. Even tall users can comfortably use it. 


Although it has around 50 built-in workout programs, it is iFit enabled and provides access to a vast library of workouts. So you can easily customize the workouts as needed and enjoy the routes from Google Maps.

HD Touch screen Display

The treadmill comes with a 10 inch HD touch screen display that allows you to take control of your workout training. You can check your speed, time distance, calories burned, and heart rate.

ProShox Cushioning System

With the ProShox cushioning system, you can have a comfortable running experience without feeling any impact on your knees or joints.

Other Important Features

  • EasyLift Assist
  • Workout Fan
  • 0% – 10% incline
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty for frame and motor, two years for parts and one year for labor

9Expert Score

ProForm 600i is a versatile option that fits for walkers as well as runners. With its smooth and efficient motor, you can have a commercial-like performance, but the transfer of data is a little difficult with this.

  • Quick and smooth performance
  • Maximum speed of up to 10 mph
  • Large running belt
  • Efficient fans
  • iFit enabled
  • small running belt

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3. ProForm 505 CST Treadmill –Best Value for the Money

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill – 2016 model
as of August 16, 2023 3:48 am

If you are looking for a decent and sturdy treadmill, loaded with extra features, then ProForm 505 CST stands to be number one consideration. It’s one of the high grade treadmills under 1,000 that dons a quiet motor with a space-saving design and a one-month free iFit subscription.

Power Motor

The 2.5 CHP motor is surprisingly quieter for the rating than most of its competitors. It isn’t the smoothest but is efficient enough to not have you wait longer for speed and incline changes. You can easily reach up to 10 mph, which is good for walking as well as running.


The belt size is 20 x 55 long that provides enough space for vigorous workout sessions for people under 6 ft. If you are taller than that then you need to keep searching.

Moreover, to protect your knees, hips, and other joints from the impact of the hard running surface, the device features sturdy cushioning for a comfortable and healthy workout. It supports up to 325 lbs. 

Storage and Portability

With a space-saving design, it’s one of the best folding treadmills for a small space that lets you have enough room for other full-body workouts to meet your fitness goals as planned. It is easy to fold so you do not have to put much effort into that. Once folded you can take it to wherever you want using its sturdy wheels.

iFit Subscription

The treadmill comes with a one-month iFit subscription for free, which lets you enjoy unlimited workouts including, full-body exercises and yoga as well. It also enables you to enjoy several tracks around the world for a stunning experience.

Other Important Features

  • Heart rate monitor
  • 10% incline level
  • LCD Display
  • Built-in speakers
  • Built-in workout programs
  • Media tray

8.9Expert Score

ProForm 505 CST is the best treadmill having bells and whistles for home use under 1000 with a durable build and enjoyable extras to take your experience to a whole new level. However, it is difficult to put together and a little slow in performance.

  • Free one-month iFit subscription
  • Easy to store
  • Convenient controls
  • Quiet motor
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Not the smoothest drive system


4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515 Folding Treadmill –Best Performance

Goplus Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Electric Treadmill, Motorized Power Exercise Fitness Running Machine with LED Touch Display, Bluetooth Speaker, Pulse Monitor, for Home/Gym/Office (Black)
as of August 16, 2023 3:48 am

If you’re looking for a treadmill that has high-performance and offers all the necessary features then you won’t go wrong with the Sunny Health Fitness SF-T7515 treadmill. It’s one of the best treadmills under 1,000

Power Motor

It has a 2.2 HP motor that offers smoother performance than most of its competitors that are noisy and rough. Its maximum speed is 8.0 MPH.

The Deck

The belt size is 16.6-inch wide and 49.5-inch long. It isn’t the largest; neither is it suitable for runners but works fine for walking and jogging. The weight carrying capacity of the device is 240 lbs.


Sunny health fitness is easy to fold and store as it becomes flat and stands in a corner. You can also place it under your bed if you have enough space. Thanks to the soft drop system that makes it easier to fold and unfold the treadmill.

Display and Control

With a large display screen, you can have the clearest and accurate workout stats such as speed, time, distance, calories burned and heart rate. It is super flashy and attractive with a touch system that enables switching settings quite conveniently.


The treadmill offers 12 manual incline levels ranging from 0% – 12 % which you can easily adjust.

Other Important Features

  • Integrated built in speakers
  • Pulse Sensors For Monitoring Heart Rate
  • Manual incline

8Expert Score

Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill has an attractive design and an efficient motor. It has a digital screen and an easy-to-fold build. However, it does not have a cushioning system.

  • High-quality belt
  • Smooth performance
  • Easy to fold and store
  • No cushioning
  • low user-weight capacity


5. XTERRA Fitness TR300 Treadmill -Best for Heavy Use

Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill
as of August 16, 2023 3:48 am

XTERRA fitness TR300 is a go-to option for this price range. It is among the best treadmills under 1000 dollars for beginners with light to medium use.

Power Motor

It has a 2.25 HP motor which works well for heavy or dynamic running sessions. For its rating, it is quite smooth and noise-free. It offers a maximum speed of up to 10 mph.


The belt measures 22×55 inches, a standard size for people under 6 ft. It is suitable for running as well as walking. The comfortable cushioning under the tread belt has shock absorption system when landing or taking off. Moreover, it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, which is a little surprising for the given power motor.

Lcd Display and Consoles

The 5.5” backlit LCD displays the workout stats pretty clear and accurate, which helps you achieve your fitness goals. Also, the controls are quite straightforward. You can check you speed, time, distance, calories burned and heart rate.


Now, this is something to boast about. This treadmill has the lift assist system that offers easy folding and unfolding and reduces the chance of accidents such as falls during the process. So you can easily store the device away to clear up space in your room.

Incline Level

You can enjoy up to 10% incline level for more robust jogging or running. All you have to do is press a button, the rest is all automatic.

Other Important Features

  • Built-in cooling fans
  • Integrated bluetooth speakers
  • XTRASoft Cushioned System
  • Lifetime warranty for frame and motor.
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Around 24 workout programs

8.5Expert Score

If you are a professional runner looking for a commercial-grade treadmill that has bells and whistles and can conveniently fit in your residential space, then XTERRA fitness treadmill is a highly considerable option.

  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Integrated speakers for an enjoyable run
  • Built-in fans to keep you cool
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Expensive


6. WALKINGPAD A1 Pro Smart Walk Folding Treadmill -Best Space Saving

WALKINGPAD A1 Pro Smart Walk Folding Treadmill - Slim Foldable Exercise Fitness Equipment Under Desk Running Walking Pad Outdoor Indoor Gym

3 new from $549.00
Free shipping
as of August 16, 2023 3:48 am

If you are looking for a minimal walking device then this is all you need. It is light, compact, and stowable like luggage.

Power Option

To start the machine, just plug it into the nearest socket and switch it on. Turn on the device using the button beneath the front head.


The running belt measures 16.4×42.2 inches, which offers enough space for walking and light jogging. Its maximum speed range is 3.75 mph, that’s where you start jogging. The weight capacity is 220lbs.

Build and Storage

The device dons a durable and light steel build that also makes it sturdy and enhances stability, helping the users maintain their balance even without side rails.

The walking pad is mainly divided into two surfaces that fold onto one another for storage. Since it is pretty low weight it is quite easy to fold and unfold, unlike other fully assembled treadmills. Also, you can keep it under a bed or sofa to save your floor space.


To ensure easy control the manufacturer has offered a remote for the purpose. It allows for quick speed and mode changes. So you do not have to stop or risk your balance to access control.


These machines offer two modes, automatic and manual. The manual modes let you change the speed as required while the automatic changes the speed based on your position on the deck.  

Other Important Features

  • Display screen for workout stats
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wheels

8Expert Score

WALKINGPAD A1 is the best folding treadmill under 1000. The device is super convenient for quick workouts in home, office, or garden. Not only is it light, but also quite efficient and noiseless.

  • Almost noiseless
  • Super light, compact and stable
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Dual-mode
  • Remote Control
  • Not suitable for runners
  • Limited speed


7. Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill –Lowest Weight Design

Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill, with Touchable LED Display and Wireless Remote Control, Built-in 3 Workout Modes and 12 Programs, Walking Jogging Machine for Home/Office

as of August 16, 2023 3:48 am

If lighter build, more speed options, and a touch screen, are what you wanted in the WALKINGPAD A1 Pro, then this Goplus model has you covered. It seems to be an upgrade to the WALKINGPAD.


Made with high-quality steel, this device dons a compact build that reduces its weight and makes it easy to store. It has been sectioned into two that folds onto one another. The rubber struts are quite effective in reducing vibration and noise, making the device more stable and suitable for home use.

The Belt

The tread belt is 17-inch wide and 41-inch long, which makes it a standard size suitable for walking and light jogging. It can bear up to 220 lbs. user weight.

Backlit Display and Controls

It features a touchable LCD that makes viewing stats much easier. You can view your speed, distance, time and calories burned. Along with the remote, you can also use it for changing the settings. The remote control makes walking quite enjoyable and convenient, though.  

Dual Mode

Like the WALKINGPAD Pro, this device also features dual-mode, automatic, and manual. The manual mode lets you change the speed through the remote while the automatic does it on its own.

Other Important Features

  • Offers to speed up to 4 mph
  • 12 workout programs
  • Safety button

8.9Expert Score

Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill can serve to be a convenient device if you can deal with a little slower performance. It has an attractive display and easy controls.

  • 4 mph speed
  • Built-in workouts
  • Quiet and smooth
  • Convenient remote control
  • Slow performance


8. 3G Cardio Lite Runner –Best Home Treadmill for Beginners

ASUNA Space Saving Treadmill, Flat Folding with Speakers for AUX Audio Connection - 8730/G
as of August 16, 2023 3:48 am

3G cardio offers a compact treadmill under bed that ensures a rigorous workout. This high quality treadmill is slim and portable with a sufficiently powerful motor.

Power Motor

The 2.5 HP motor works like any standard motor of the rating. It works smoothly without creating any noise. So you can easily keep it in your home gym. The maximum speed range you can enjoy with this motor is 12 mph.

The Deck

Its deck features a tread belt of about 18.5” x 51.5”. Considering its aim of being a space-saving design, these dimensions are fine but not for runners. The shock absorption treadmill has an Orthoflex cushioning system that reduces the impact of hard surfaces on your joints to keep them healthy.    

Display and Control

The backlit display flashes out the workout stats clearly for you to see while running. The controls are pretty simple and do not require much practice to get used to.

Folding Design

Its folding mechanism isn’t among the most convenient ones but is super reliable. It requires you to use the folding key, enabling you to turn it flat and keep it under your bed or sofa.

Other Important Features

-10 preset programs

-Integrated blue-tooth speakers

-weight capacity of 300 lbs

-Maximum incline upto 15%

-Quick touch buttons

-Lifetime warranty on frame, three year warranty on parts and 1 year on labor.

8Expert Score

If you are looking for a folding treadmill for walking or light jogging with side rails and complete control then 3G Cardio Lite Runner can be a considerable choice. It's great workout equipment.

  • Folds flat to be easily stored away
  • device holder
  • Shock absorption system
  • Integrated speakers to have enjoyable workouts
  • Limited workout programs


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Final Thought

For the best treadmill under $1000 2021, I’d highly recommend ANCHEER Pro Folding Treadmill. The device has a powerful motor that offers smooth and quiet performance. It can carry up to 300 pounds. user’s weight, but its limited deck size and speed are not suitable for runners and heavy workouts. To compensate for that, ANCHEER has offered a 15% incline level that adds intensity to the sessions. App control installed in the device allows for safe data transfer.

ProForm 505 CST stands as the runner-up. It is a versatile choice that fits walking, running, trainer, and all the other types of requirements. It has a powerful motor that dons a quiet and efficient performance, offering up to 12 mph speed. The belt is large enough to fit almost all users. The built-in fans, incline options, and sound system take your workouts to another level.


Q1. Is $1000 a good budget for treadmills?

Answer: Yes, you can easily get a durable and efficient treadmill between $500 and $1000. They are usually suitable for beginners or light uses, but brands like NordicTrack offer models that can be used for dynamic workouts. You can also get the most space-saving designs in this range.

Q2. Do cheap treadmills have warranties?

Answer: Most treadmills have warranties, but their validity varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Usually, you’ll find lifetime motor and frame warranties, some even specify it to be of 25 years and others might offer even lower. The part and labor warranty is usually around three years and one year respectively.



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