Best Treadmills With Smart TV and Internet Reviews 2022

Want to watch your favorite TV show while burning some fat on your treadmill? That’s not too much to ask though. So if you have enough budget to pay for such luxuries, there is nothing to stop you from what you want.

Display screen, media and holder, Bluetooth connectivity, and integrated speakers are common extras in treadmills. However, they cannot be relied on as they aren’t always the best quality. Also, some of the budget tread


mills don’t even offer these extras.

TVs also serve to keep you motivated through the different workout programs that they display. High-resolution screens and practical speakers really take your workouts to a whole new level. Experiencing interactive and customizable programs on the flashy touch screen gets super exciting.

Since we don’t want you to end up with a super attractive display and an equally crappy motor, we have reviewed some of the most efficient treadmills with touch screen and internet that offer amazing performance in all regards.

But before jumping to the products, we want to point out the features that you must consider when buying a treadmill. Therefore, you can ensure that you get the best product for your needs and have not thrown your money out to a useless machine.

Things to Consider When Buying a Treadmill With Smart TV And Internet

  • Display

Display, being the major requirement, here, tops the list of considerable features. Not only treadmills come with a smart screen. This is mainly an issue for most budget treadmills. You’ll find several of them offering a screen only for viewing workout progress, along with a tablet holder to watch the shows and programs.

For a lot of users, 10-inch seems to be fine screen size, but for most, it is smaller. Therefore, the size of the screen is mainly a matter of preference. You’ll find several models with screens as small as 5 inches, but such screens are only good for stats and not for entertainment.

Other than the screen size, you must also focus on the type of display you are getting. A low-quality display can turn even the best programs into the most annoying. Therefore, you must ensure an enjoyable quality screen.  

  • Internet Compatibility

The Internet is also among the crucial feature of your requirements. Some manufacturers offer Bluetooth capability which enables you to connect your device with the treadmill. However, a few top models also have integrated Wi-Fi system.

Such treadmills offer cavernous entertainment options as you can watch your favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc. along with tons of workout programs.

  • Motor

The motor power highly impacts the performance of the treadmill. Some high-grade commercial motors offer up to 4 CHP motor, ensuring a smooth and quiet performance. However, it can go as low as 1-1.5 CHP.

If you are a walker you must have at least 2.0 CHP motor, but for jogging the minimum requirement is up to 2.5 CHP. Runners need a motor with up to 3 CHP as it suits the best for the purpose. A lower power motor is comparatively slow and inefficient.

  • Belt and Cushioning

The belt is the part of the device under constant pressure and hard work. Thereby, it has to be durable and easy to maintain. Try to go with a thicker belt material with at least 2-3 ply, enabling it to withstand regular workouts. Moreover, you also have to be careful about the belt size. 20×60 is a standard size that can accommodate all types of users, providing enough space for walking, jogging, and running.

Some space-saving designs come with a limited sized belt, which restricts the user type. Conversely, a few generous manufacturers also offer larger sizes, but they are difficult to fit in limited space.

  • Warranty

Warranties are a good way to secure your transactions, only if they are long enough and can be availed easily. Some warranties hardly last for a year or so, whereas devices like treadmills are made to serve over several years. Therefore, these limited warranties usually prove useless.

Also, some manufacturers do not respond easily and the user has to wait months to hear one sentence from them. In some cases, the buyers have to even pay for the shipment, which might be super expensive. Hence, you have to be careful about the type of warranty you choose.

  • Built-in Programs

There is a huge variety of workouts one can enjoy on various treadmills. Brands like NordicTrack offer free iFit subscription ranging from a month to a year based on the model you purchase. The app offers a plethora of programmed and customized workouts, along with living interactive sessions where the trainers control your treadmill. It also offers several road tracks to imitate on your device to give you a realistic running experience.

Several other apps like Nike Run Club, Pulse Tread, etc. are also compatible with treadmills. If not that, you can install different apps on treadmills with internet connectivity and browsers. Other than these workout applications, you can utilize the built-in workouts that come free with almost every treadmill. They are also super effective and versatile.  

  • Extras

Some manufacturers load their treadmills with tons of extras including tablet holder, bottle holder, built-in speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, heart rate monitor, etc. These features add superior value to your running experience as they contribute to convenience and ease. Some treadmills are rich in such features while others may have a few of these. If there are any of these features you want to have in your treadmill, do check the feature-list.  

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Best Treadmills with Smart TV and Internet 


Seven Best Treadmills with Smart TV and Internet Reviews

1. NordicTrack Commercial 2950 –Best Overall

NordicTrack Commercial Series 22" HD Touchscreen Display Treadmill 2950 model + 1 Year iFit Membership

4 new from $2,000.00
Free shipping
as of June 20, 2024 6:57 pm

NordicTrack like many other categories wins this one too. It is the best commercial treadmill that offers one of the largest HD screens with a free one-year iFit subscription.  

Large Display

With a 22-inch display, this model stands out from others. It dons a touch system, which makes it super convenient to operate. You can watch your favorite TV shows or workouts and switch between them a mere touch. It is one of the best treadmills with Netflix capability.

Motor Power 

Sporting a 4.25 CHP power motor, this treadmill proves to be super-efficient, smooth, and quiet. It offers quick functioning, changing speeds and incline in seconds. It offers a maximum speed of up to 12 mph so that you can run, jog or walk without speed limitations.   

Incline And Decline Option

This amazing device comes with a 3% decline and 15% incline, only NordicTrack could be this generous! It perfectly simulates outdoor uphill and downhill so you can have the most rigorous workouts.

The Belt And Cushioning

Its belt is 22-inch wide and 60-inch long, the width over the standard size, making it suitable for almost every physique. It provides enough space for a rigorous walking session. The length, unlike in many other cheap products, does not impose any restriction.

Moreover, the Runners Flex cushioning amazingly highly reduces the impact of the hard surface from regular workouts on your knees and other joints to keep them healthy while you burn calories and shape the rest of your body.

iFit Subscription

Commercial 2950 comes with a one-year free iFit subscription, giving the pleasure to enjoy countless workouts on the 22-inch LCD. It offers interactive and customizable sessions with on-demand workouts for the most effective results. The treadmill is set to change controls automatically as per the trainer’s instructions. Also, it allows you to enjoy the tracks around the world.

Since iFit requires a strong internet connection, you need to arrange that separately or use your home internet, if you have, because the device does not offer internet facility.

Other Important Features
  • Built-in fans
  • Heart rate monitor
  • The warranty offers 10 years coverage for the frame, two years for parts and one year for labor
  • Bluetooth speakers
9.8Expert Score

If you are looking for a large enjoyable LCD paired up with an efficient power motor for the most encouraging and remarkable workout sessions, then I’d highly recommend NordicTrack Commercial 2950. However, it does not have a built-in internet connection.

  • Large belt
  • Comfortable and sturdy build
  • 22-inch touch screen
  • Easy controls
  • One-year free iFit subscription
  • Short side rails
  • No internet


2. FreeMotion 890 with a 15-inch TV

FreeMotion 890 Treadmill
as of June 20, 2024 6:57 pm

If a 10-inch screen doesn’t suffice for you and 22-inch is unaffordable, the FreeMotion 890 can serve as your middle ground. It comes with two screens, a touch console, and a monitor, free Android-powered browsing and internet connectivity.

Display and Control

With the 10-inch touch console, the controls become pretty much simple and quick. A 15-inch display monitor is a considerable option for people having issues with the 10-inch screen. Despite being a little old-fashioned in appearance, it delivers HD quality images and videos.

Internet Connectivity

The treadmill is compatible with any wireless internet source. It has an Android-powered browser, which may or may not be a good thing for you, because people who aren’t familiar with such browsers find it a little complicated.

Motor Power 

FreeMotion 890 dons a powerful 4.25 CHP power motor that offers smooth and efficient performance. Moreover, it’s super quiet so you can easily keep it in your home without disturbing others. You can go as fast as 12 mph, which sufficient for the fastest running.

The Deck and Cushioning 

This device features a wide deck, housing a large belt, which measures 22×60 inches. This size is quite sufficient for all users and all purposes. The tread belt features 2 ply, which is way better than the single-ply belts that wear away in a few months. However, it will need frequent maintenance and might not last as long as other thicker belts.

There is an efficient cushioning that can significantly mitigate the impact of the hard-core surface to give you a healthy workout. It can easily support a user as heavy as 400 lbs.    

Incline And Decline Options

Along with unique screen size, it offers another rare feature, the decline. So you can enjoy both uphill and downhill runs that you can control with only a foot-step. The decline is up to 3% while the incline is 15%.

Other Important Features
  • Built-in fans
  • iFit compatibility
  • Built-in workouts
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Lifetime warranty for frame and motor, five years for parts and two years for labor
8.8Expert Score

If you are looking for an all-rounder treadmill with an extraordinary entertainment system, FreeMotion 890 is a considerable choice. It can support up to 400 lbs. user weight, providing excellent functionality and controls.

  • Powerful motor
  • Incline and decline option
  • 10-inch touch console with extra 15-inch HD TV
  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • Strong internet connectivity
  • Difficult to put together
  • Browsing might be a little difficult


3. ProForm Pro 9000

ProForm PRO-9000 Treadmill
as of June 20, 2024 6:57 pm

ProForm Pro 9000 is the upgraded version of the ProForm Pro 2000. This treadmill with incline and decline has a  smart TV that shows you the perfect way to have a rigorous workout with your favorite shows and workouts programs. What’s even more amazing is that you can fold and store it away.

Display and Browsing

Pro 9000 offers one of the flashiest HD screens for excellent screen time. It comes with pre-installed Google Chrome for easy and quick browsing. All you need to do is connect the device to a stable internet source.


It has a heavy-duty 4.25 CHP motor that is not only efficient but also quick and smooth. it offers a maximum speed of up to 12 mph, serving runners and walkers sufficiently.

The Deck

Donning a 22×60 inch tread belt, the deck provides enough space for tall and wide runners. You won’t have to worry about hitting the side rails or the front. It features the Proshox cushioning, offering a luxury experience. As for the user’s weight, it can support up to 300 lbs.

Space-Saving Design  

Despite its massive size, Pro 9000 can easily fit in almost every residence due to its space-saving design. You can easily fold it and store it in a corner when not using it. It’s one of the best folding treadmill for small space.

Incline and Decline Option

You can enjoy up to a 3% decline and 15% incline with just the click of a button. You can move 1% at a click, which is also the recommended change. It is better to move slowly than to quickly jump from 0% to 6% and holding the side rail for support.

Other Important Features
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Integrated speakers and audio jack
  • Built-in workouts
  • iFit compatibility
8.8Expert Score

If you are looking for the best treadmills with smart TV and internet that can be easily folded and set aside, then ProForm Pro 9000 is all you need.

  • Powerful motor with a large belt
  • Incline and decline option
  • Space-saving design
  • Pre-installed Chrome
  • 10-inch HD screen
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Difficult to avail the warranty


4. Life Fitness 95T Elevation Series

Life Fitness 95T Elevation Series Treadmill w/ Discover SE Console | Commercial Grade Treadmill with 15 Percent Incline

4 used from $1,999.99
as of June 20, 2024 6:57 pm

Life Fitness 95T is for people looking for a treadmill with a screen for Netflix to make their workout sessions entertaining and enjoyable. However, it’s a little old fashioned in appearance.

Display and Control

This model comes with a 19-inch immersive display with touch consoles. The HD screen turns even the simplest workouts into a completely amusing and exciting session as you can watch your favorite TV shows. The touch screen makes the controls super easy and quick. Internet connectivity grants you limitless access to online content, which added to the delights of the device.

Motor Power 

The motor generates 4.0 continuous horsepower that offers sufficient performance to even the toughest runners. It offers a maximum speed of up to 15 mph, three units higher than other high-end treadmills.

Belt and Cushioning

The spacious belt measures 22×60 inches, donning a wider than standard dimension. The provided space suffices for even the most vigorous workouts. The great thing is that the belt is maintenance-free. So even if you put it through the roughest use you still don’t need to worry about it tearing away or regular cleaning.

Another excellent feature of the belt is that it has a stride sensor, which stops the belt automatically as the user gets off the device. Moreover, the Flex Deck cushioning is a super effective shock-absorbing technology that significantly reduces the impact of hard surfaces on your joints, allowing you to stay fit for a lifetime.  

Other Important Features
  • Heart rate monitor
  • 15% incline level
  • 13 language options
  • 400 lbs. user weight
10Expert Score

This Life Fitness treadmill with Netflix compatibility offers amazing entertainment during workouts. Its durable build, comfortable cushioning and smooth motor ensure excellent performance over the years. However, it is bulkier than other treadmills.

  • 19-inch immersive display with internet connectivity
  • Large weight capacity
  • Stride sensor that stops the belt when the user leaves
  • Effective cushioning with eight shock absorbers
  • The maximum speed of up to 15 mph
  • Heavier than other treadmills
  • Limited warranty


5. Matrix Fitness TF50 with XIR console

Matrix Fitness TF50 Treadmill with Xir Console

3 new from $4,419.00
as of June 20, 2024 6:57 pm

Here comes the most expensive treadmill with Netflix app, the Matrix Fitness TF50. Due to its commercial-grade build, tons of extras, and superior performance, Matrix is common among gym owners and clubs.

Display and Consoles

Matrix offers some highly personalized treadmills with three different consoles available to the buyer when purchasing. They are named as XR, XIR, and XER. So you can choose between them based on your requirements and preferences. The XIR on this treadmill measure 16 inches.

XIR and XER feature touch screens and an extensive system of entertainment with a few pre-installed apps like Facebook, Netflix, MyFitnessPal, etc. With XIR, you’ll also get a web browser. What more could one ask for!

Motor Power and Incline Options 

This model features a 3.25 CHP motor with a maximum speed of up to 12.5 mph. It proves great for dynamic running sessions, but it isn’t as efficient as other higher power motors. Despite that, the treadmill can support up to 400 lbs. user weight.

Mentioning of incline, it can go as up as 15%, which is perfect for a super dynamic workout session. However, it does not have a decline option.

The Belt And Cushioning

It has a standard-sized belt, measuring 20×60 inches. It’s spacious enough for all users regardless of height variations. Moreover, the thick belt is double-ply which makes it durable and contributes to reducing impacts on the joints. Not only that, but it also features a separate cushioning system for the purpose.

Extended Warranty

After a full-fledged entertainment system, Matrix proves its generosity again with an extended warranty. You’ll enjoy lifetime coverage for cushioning, motor and frame, 7 years for other parts, and 2 for labor. The console has a separate five years warranty.

Other Important Features
  • Integrated speakers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Built-in workouts
  • Virtual Active
7Expert Score

If you are in search of a treadmill with touchscreen and internet to enjoy Netflix and other amazing apps during workouts, Matrix Fitness TF50 is exactly what you need. However, its motor is slightly underpowered and the unit is bank-breaking.

  • Console choice
  • Extended warranty
  • Built-in workout out and entertainment apps
  • Internet and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Super expensive
  • Underpowered motor


6. NordicTrack T 9.5S Treadmill (Best Seller)

T Series 9.5S Treadmill
as of June 20, 2024 6:57 pm

NordicTrack never fails us. Its T series are another range of excellent treadmills that adds value to your workout routine. It features an efficient motor while donning a comparatively affordable price tag. Also, this treadmill with TV Netflix serves a good source of entertainment.

Display and Console

With a 14-inch smart screen, this treadmill lets you enjoy your favorite workouts and TV shows. The HD display turns everything more interesting and delightful. The touch screen offers quick settings that do not require you to pause your session even for a second.


The motor power on this device is highly appreciable as it offers 3.6 CHP, offering the best of both a home and a commercial treadmill. It is amazingly smooth, efficient, and quiet. You can enjoy a maximum speed of up to 12 mph even if you have a huge build and weight around 300 lbs.

The Belt

The belt comes with a large size, measuring 20×60 inches, which is roomy enough for almost all users. Moreover, the advanced cushioning, FlexSelect, protects your joints from the impact of dynamic sessions. What’s even more amazing is that you can adjust the cushioning based on your requirements, so if you prefer a real-road experience, nothing is stopping you.

iFit Subscription

T 9.5 S comes with a one-year free iFit subscription that lets users enjoy various trails and sceneries around the world. It grants access to a massive library of workouts with on-demand and customized results. The live interactive sessions with experts add amazing value to the device.

Space-Saving Design

Despite the large running area, the foldable design of this treadmill makes it easy to keep even in a limited space. It sports the EasyLift technology that assists the user in folding the deck up vertically and freeing the ground space. Unfolding it is also equally easy.

Other Important Features
  • Built-in speakers
  • AutoBreeze fans
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Programmed workouts
  • 12% incline
  • Warranty includes lifetime coverage for motor and frame, five for parts and two for labor
9.9Expert Score

NordicTrack T 9.5S is a commercial grade treadmill, suitable for home use at an affordable price. It comes with a one-year free iFit subscription and crystal clear HD touch screen. However, its weight capacity seems to be a little restricted.

  • One-year free iFit subscription
  • Space-saving design
  • 14-inch HD display
  • Internet connectivity
  • Smooth, responsive motor
  • Lacks Decline
  • Limited weight capacity


7. ProForm Power 995i

ProForm Power 995i World-Class Personal Training in The Comfort of Your Home
as of June 20, 2024 6:57 pm

If you are looking for a standard and affordable treadmill with a smart screen for Netflix, then this ProForm Power 995i is your stop.

The Display

The device features a simple 6-inch crystal clear monitor that offers a high-quality display. If that’s doesn’t do the task, you can use the tablet holder to mount your tablet and watch anything you want. Since the device comes with a free iFit subscription, you won’t get bored with the otherwise same workout programs.  

Motor Power

Having a 3.0 CHP motor, this treadmill isn’t the quietest but is efficient and smooth. It does take a few minutes to change the speed and incline, but it is still pretty competitive. The maximum speed it can reach up to is 12 mph.

The Belt

The belt is 20-inch wide and 60-inch long, which is the standard size as it suits almost all users. Also, it can support a weight of up to 325 lbs. Donning a Proshox cushioning, the device protects your joints from the impact of the hard surface that could weaken them over time.

Other Important Features
  • Built-in fans
  • Integrated speakers
  • 12% incline
  • Preset workouts
  • Heart rate monitor
8.9Expert Score

For a basic treadmill with sufficient extras to give you a gym-like run at home, ProForm Power 995i is the best option. Not only is it affordable, but also has six months free iFit subscription. However, its motor isn’t the most efficient.

  • Sturdy build
  • 6-inch clear screen
  • 6-month free iFit membership
  • High quality integrated fans
  • Effective cushioning
  • Low-powered

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For the best overall treadmill with touchscreen and internet, you can check out NordicTrack Commercial 2950. It has a super-efficient power motor that offers smooth and quick functionality. To offer versatility and add severity to your workouts, the treadmill comes with a 15% incline and a 3% decline. With the 22-inch display, you can have the best entertainment system on a treadmill.  

FreeMotion 890 is the runner up. It dons a 10-inch touch console with a separate 15-inch monitor for easy control and entertainment. It has an android-powered browser that lets you search your favorite apps and shows online. The efficient and smooth motor is utterly noiseless and can support a weight of up to 400 lbs. Like Commercial 2950, this treadmill also comes with both incline and decline options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Treadmills with TV screen and Internet 

Q: Is there any treadmill with the Netflix app installed?

Answer: Before buying a treadmill you must check the installed apps. Different treadmills come with different programs and apps. Models like Matrix Fitness TF50 feature a number of entertaining applications including Netflix to give you an enjoyable and encouraging workout session. You can watch any TV show or movie anytime you want.

Q: Do I need to buy speakers separately when buying treadmills with a screen for Netflix?

Answer: Yes and No. It mainly depends upon the quality of integrated speakers you get with your treadmills. Some treadmills come with excellent speakers that offer amazing audio even over the noise of treadmills. However, other cheap treadmills might not have such quality speakers. In such a case, you may want to buy them separately.

When considering this, you also have to check the motor power of the treadmill and the level of noise it generates. A low-powered motor is noisier than a higher one, so if you particularly need an entertainment system you’ll have to be careful about the motor too.

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