Best Upholstery Air Compressor 2022

If you are in the market for an upholstery air compressor, then this blog post is for you.

It is fascinating to see how upholstery can simply transform a few pieces of wood and nails into a trendy leather lounging sofa or a luxurious divan fit for a princess. There are a few essential tools that every professional upholsterer and upholstering enthusiast should have in their toolbox, one of them being an upholstery air compressor.

No doubt, an air compressor is one of the most important tools for upholstery work. It can be used to inflate and deflate pillows, cushions, and other items that may need a little bit of extra stuffing.  

If you want your upholstery work to be professional-looking and last for a long time, then it is essential to invest in the best upholstery air compressor on the market.

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Best Upholstery Air Compressor 2021

We have compiled a list of top upholstery air compressors, as well as essential tips one shall consider before buying upholstery compressor. These are the best upholstery air compressors that we will be comparing and reviewing in this article.

1. Bambi 50 Litre Standard Double Pump Silent Air Compressor – with wheels

Bambi BB50D Compressor - Silent Air - Budget Range (50 Litres, 1 HP)
as of April 17, 2024 5:32 am

The Bambi 50 Litre Standard Double Pump Silent Air Compressor weighs a hefty 46kg but comes with wheels to make transportation easy. Thanks to its double pump, this air compressor doubles the litres per minute performance compared with the single pump variant of the Bambi air compressor. This air compressor can also power multiple staple guns at the same time and is perfect for professionals. 

Despite its large capacity, the Bambi 50 Litre air compressor is largely noise-free and gives off a gentle hum, only about as loud as the motor on your refrigerator,  as it powers away.

9.9Expert Score

  • Silent
  • Wheels allow for easy transportation
  • Can power up to 4 or 5 staple guns at a time
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Great for professionals
  • Relatively heavy, so maybe difficult to transport
  • Useful mostly for professionals

2. DKIEI Low Noise Silent Air Compressor 25 Litre

Low Noise Silent Air Compressor 25 Litre 8CFM 2.5HP Oil Free
as of April 17, 2024 5:32 am

The DKIEI Low Noise Silent Air Compressor 25 Litre can power a single staple gun all day low so that you don’t have to stop when you’re in the zone. This air compressor is ideal for upholstery enthusiasts who mostly work on home projects, but can also be used in the workshop. Although the DKIEI air compressor is not quite as silent as the Bambi Silent air compressor, the sound level is only 62 dB, allowing you to work in a quiet, peaceful environment. 

9.8Expert Score

  • Silent
  • Great for professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike
  • Cannot power multiple pneumatic staple guns simultaneously

3. 24 Litres Dirty Pro Tools Air Compressor

24 Litre Air Compressor 8 BAR 115 PSI Electric

as of April 17, 2024 5:32 am

The 24 Litres Dirty Pro Tools Air Compressor is equipped with a 1.5HP motor that makes it ideal for both home and professional use. To make it easy to carry, the air compressor comes with an iron handle and two wheels. There is also a durable plastic cover to protect the air pump. Although the 24 Litres Dirty Pro Tools Air Compressor is not silent like the aforementioned air compressors, it features two quick coupling air outlets so that two tools can be connected to it at the same time.

9.9Expert Score

  • Easy to carry due to an iron handle and wheels
  • Great for professionals and amateur enthusiasts alike
  • Can power two tools at the same time
  • Makes noise while working

Best Upholstery Air Compressor Comparison

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Although the three air compressors mentioned above are some of the best-performing ones in the market, make sure you choose one whose specs meet the ones required by your pneumatic staple gun.

Tips for Buying an Upholstery Air Compressor

  • Before buying an upholstery air compressor, first, choose a staple gun. Each staple gun does not work equally well with all air compressors, and the compressor should match the requirements of the staple gun. 
  • When deciding on an air compressor, think about the tools you will use and how many at the same time. Some air processors can power a single staple gun at a time, while others can power multiple simultaneously. 
  • Check out the horsepower of the air compressor, which directly impacts its performance.
  • The PSI (pounds per square inch) or Bar value of an air compressor measures how much pressure is applied. If your staple gun shows its PSI requirements, you can check if the air compressor matches those requirements. 
  • Find out whether the air compressor you have your eye on has the CFM (cubic feet per minute) or LPM (litres per minute) specs that are required by your staple gun. 
  • Some air compressors produce noise while others do not. If you do not like a noisy work environment, make sure the air compressor you buy is a silent one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is an air compressor absolutely necessary for upholstering? 

Answer: If you are planning to do just one home upholstering project, you can make do with a manual staple gun which does not require an air compressor. However, if upholstering is a passion or a profession, a pneumatic staple gun is required. In that case, an air compressor is necessary.

Q2. I have not decided on a staple gun yet. Should I buy the air compressor now?

Answer: Every pneumatic staple gun has different requirements. Choose a staple gun before purchasing an air compressor. 

Q3. Which specs are most important in determining which upholstery air compressor is the best?

Answer: The pressure and flow (PSI/bar and CFM) are usually most important in determining the best air compressor. When all other specs are equal, the horsepower (HP) is the most important in assessing the air compressor’s motor’s efficiency. It measures the amount of work a motor can do. 

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