Best Vegetable Cutters (Electric & Manual Choppers) 2021

I love cooking! It is one of my favorite hobbies, especially if I cook for other people. Although I enjoy it a lot but my least favorite part is to cut the vegetables. Ugh, I’ve always been lazy to do it.

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Because of this, I searched the web for an artifact that would save me this task, that’s how I found the vegetable cutters. According to the information I found, I decided to make this little guide with the best vegetable choppers that the market offers today, to help those who are looking for which vegetable cutter to choose.

I can assure you that it is not easy to decide between so many possibilities of existing and qualified products for this task.


Types of Choppers

Food processors can be electric or a manual chopper. The difference, in this case, is obvious. In the case of electric models, they work with a small motor and are very similar to a small blender. Manual choppers contain a set of very affiliated blades that are activated with a crank that must be quickly turned by the cook. Although the results of a manual chopper can be as effective as those of the electric chopper, it can take much longer and more energy to complete the cuts.

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Best Electric Vegetable Choppers

What is the best electric vegetable cutter?

Moulinex Fresh Express Plus – A maximum versatility cutter

This vegetable chopper that Moulinex offers is of the highest quality, offers different types of cutting or grating thanks to its interchangeable blades. Equally important to the types of cut it offers, it is the shape it has: it has a modern, compact, beautiful design, with ruby-colored stainless steel finishes. All its accessories are easy to store thanks to its design with integrated accessory storage, saving as much space as possible in your kitchen.

This cutter has five different blades, for different cuts that fit your requirements. Its parts are dishwasher safe, making cleaning a simple task.

The negative point that I could find in this chopper is that you get stuck with certain vegetables, but if you are careful this is reduced to a minimum.

If you are looking for a machine that facilitates the process of cutting and grating vegetables, this Moulinex option is to take it into account. It allows you to cut, slice and grate vegetables very simply.


  • It includes different cutting blades
  • It has a compact and quite nice design
  • It is very comfortable to use


  • It can get stuck with some vegetables


One of the best vegetable cutters that can be found on the market is this WMF product. It has a very compact design, easy to store anywhere, convenient and easy to use. With its different leaflets, it is a large spiral vegetable cutter, such as potatoes, carrots, zucchini, among other vegetables. Making it perfect for making vegan pasta, or spiral fritters.

It also has a power of 80 watts, achieving quite considerable performance. Its container is 1.5 liters, made of high strength plastic for durability. All its parts are removable, which considerably helps its cleaning, and all are dishwasher safe.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that it does not include any other type of blade that allows cutting in a way that is not spiral.


If you are looking for a machine to make vegetable spaghetti, this spiral cutter is a great option to consider. You can have a much more balanced diet, with the great alternative of making vegetable pasta.


  • Its different leaflets for spirals of different thickness
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • The design it has is very modern


  • It does not have other types of leaflets that are not spirals


3. Severin KM 3923 – Electric spiral and vegetable cutter

This machine for cutting vegetables is one of the most versatile that the market offers at the moment. It allows not only to make vegetable spirals easily, but it also allows cutting into slices and strips, to achieve a greater variety of possibilities when cooking food, all according to what you require.

It has removable parts for easier cleaning and includes a brush suitable for washing parts, in addition to being completely dishwasher safe. It is very quiet when processing vegetables, with minimal waste, since unused pieces can be processed later.

The negative point that I could find this vegetable cutter is that its upper nozzle is not large enough, so you have to cut products such as apples.


For those who want to find a machine for cutting vegetables that are super versatile and comfortable, this is a great possibility. It has a motor with a power of 80 watts that will facilitate all tasks in the kitchen.


  • Its five blades allow different cuts
  • Includes removable parts dishwasher safe
  • It is quite silent when working


  • His mouthpiece is something small, having to cut into pieces some vegetables or food


Manual Vegetable Choppers

4.  Kilokelvin Multifunctional Food Chopper – Cutting Tool Quickly

With this model of manual vegetable choppers, we change style: now we will save electricity and we can take them away from home. This vegetable chopper has a capacity of 700 ml, made of ABS plastic completely suitable for food contact products. It also has three blades made of stainless steel to cut your food as you wish. The level of cutting is regulated thanks to its ergonomic handle.

Its parts are removable, and since it is not an appliance that works with electricity, it is totally suitable for the dishwasher, making cleaning something simple.

The negative point that I could find in this manual chopper is that if you put a lot of ingredients it will lock.


If you want a manual chopper that can be used to take camping, to the beach, or to the mountains, this is a great option. Practical and very simple to use, cleaning and assembly very easy.

  • It is safe to use thanks to its lid
  • Very versatile when itching
  • Very simple and easy wash


  • It can be locked if many foods are added


5. Lurch Spirali 10203 – Excellent vegetable cutter

A great, and classic choice among manual vegetable cutters is this Lurch model, with which cooking in a healthier way is possible. With this machine to make vegetable spaghetti, you can create much healthier and lower calorie variants of traditional pasta recipes.

It has three interchangeable blades, which are made of very resistant stainless steel and with an edge that manages to make spirals very easily. It has suction cups on its legs for greater stability and safety when using it. Washing this vegetable chopper is very simple, just by putting it under running water you can already clean it perfectly.

The negative point that I have been able to find this vegetable cutter is that I usually have difficulties with the hardest vegetables to make spaghetti.


If you are looking for the best vegetable cutter, this is an option that has not disappointed since 1998 that it was put into sales for the first time.


  • Includes suction cups for added safety
  • It washes quickly and easily


  • Has problems with the toughest vegetables


6. Fissler 105100062 Finecut – Compact and multifunctional

This is a super versatile product, not only allows you to cut quickly and conveniently, but you can also centrifuge and mix food very easily. Its small and compact size makes it very practical to use outside the home when camping or on the beach. With this vegetable chopper, you can slice fruits, vegetables, and even aromatic herbs in almost no time, regulating how many times the mechanism is activated, the desired cutting thickness.

It has multiple accessories that will help you get the most out of your mower, such as a storage lid, a rotating basket to spin herbs or leafy vegetables, a blender, an elevator, and a spatula.

The negative point that I could find this vegetable chopper is that it does not work very well to leave the
vegetables in larger pieces.


If you want a vegetable chopper that is portable, comfortable and serves as a tool in a campsite this is a great idea. It will be in charge of chopping, mixing and centrifuging your vegetables.


  • It contains numerous accessories
  • It has a 900 ml container and its storage lid
  • Easy cleaning and dishwasher safe


  • Wanting to leave the larger pieces are not homogeneous


Spiral Vegetable Cutters

7. Kenwood Spiralizer FGP203WG – Vegetable Paste Processor

This spiral vegetable cutter is specially designed to be a specialist in making vegetable paste quickly and easily. It allows to create new versions of the most classic dishes such as salads, pasta dishes, and even desserts, to create fruit spirals, increasing the consumption of vegetables and fruits in your family and improving your diet.

Its three sheets are stainless steel with which you can have three different types of thicknesses in the spirals of vegetables or fruits you want. It is very simple to use, its parts are removable and dishwasher safe.

The negative point that I could find for this slicer is that it has a certain problem with vegetables, sometimes generating irregular slices.

If you want to add more vegetables to your diet, this spiral vegetable cutter will be of great help. You can greatly suppress your meal intake by changing wheat pasta to vegetable pasta.


  • It has 70 watts of power
  • It has three different blades
  • Its size is quite compact.


  • The spirals of some vegetables do not come out


8. WellToBe CS-668 – Espiralizador vegetables

This vegetable cutter has a patented one-hand operation technology, it moves forward automatically, without the need to push the shaft. It is made of high quality stainless steel that gives greater durability. For greater safety, this chopper has four suckers on its legs that will ensure that it does not move when it is in operation.

It is very easy to clean and is fully compatible with the dishwasher. It works optimally with long and thick vegetables, creating spirals and noodles of almost any vegetable or fruit.

The negative point that I could find this spiral vegetable cutter is that its size is very large and can be somewhat cumbersome to use.


If you are looking for the best vegetable cutter, this could be an option that you have to consider. It has a large cutting capacity, it is made of steel which makes it very durable.


  • Its stainless steel structure is extra-long
  • It is easy to clean and compatible with the dishwasher


  • Its size is something big


CockJoy Spiral Cutter – Excellent spiral slicer

With this product you can create spiral slices of almost any vegetable and many fruits, allowing you to make pasta substitutes, fry vegetable spirals, or cake fillings very easily. Its washing is very simple, it only needs running water. It is made of excellent quality materials, from stainless steel in its blades to plastic in its body.

It has a suction pad on the bottom for added security, avoiding a slip accident.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that its size is somewhat large. However, it does not influence its use too much.


If you want to buy a machine to cut vegetables and fruits in a simple way this is a great option. It is easy to use and wash, giving quality results.


  • It has five leaflets for different cuts
  • Includes a lower suction pad for added security


  • Its size is something big


Buying Guide: Best Vegetables Cutting Machines of 2021

Next I will give you a small guide of the things to consider when buying a vegetable cutting machine.

Materials and blades of your vegetable chopper

The materials in which the vegetable cutter is manufactured are of the utmost importance, ranging from different plastics to stainless steel, the latter being the ones with the greatest durability.

Manual or electric cutter?

Depending on your needs and requirements you can opt for a manual or an electric cutter. If you like to go camping or hiking, the manual is your choice. If instead, you need a higher performance product at home you should consider an electric one.

Easy to clean the vegetable chopper

The ease with which the choppers are cleaned usually varies according to their manufacturing materials, the best option is always that they are removable and dishwasher safe.

Size and capacity

The sizes of the cutters range from very compact to larger ones, all varying to your needs. If you want large productions you must have a larger slicer.

Types of the vegetable cutter

  • Manual vegetable cutter – They are ideal for camping trips, allowing them to be used in any situation
  • Electric vegetable cutters – Their power and size vary greatly, and are the best for the home
  • Spiral vegetable cutters – For those who want more balanced diets, these are a great option, allowing you to make pasta from numerous vegetables

You may also be interested in these types of vegetable cutters :

  • Best electric vegetable cutters
  • Best manual vegetable cutters

Tips for using your vegetable chopper


First of all, the first thing to keep in mind is safety when using a vegetable chopper, if it is manual you should always have suction cups that hold it well to the work surface. If it is electric, it must have a safety cover so that our hands are not in danger.


Vegetable choppers must have the proper performance for your requirements. If you want to slice enough vegetables you must have a chopper that will make your task easier.


The size is of the utmost importance in these appliances, it must be ideal for your kitchen and for the use that you will give it. If you want it to help you with your trips and excursions, a compact one is always better.

What are vegetable cutters?

They are a fundamental tool to use in the kitchen. These teams are favoring culinary tasks, being able to chop and crush all kinds of vegetables, vegetables, and fruits, in a short time and much with ease. Initially, these equipment were completely manual, but as technology progressed, they have presented many advances to further facilitate household chores.

In this way, they have become very popular, to the point of being essential not only in the home but also in large establishments, such as in restaurants.

What are vegetable cutters for?

These teams are a great help in the kitchen because they are versatile and effective in all the tasks that are broken at the time of cooking, so it is supposed to save us time. They can do all these tasks:

  • Cut, chop, peel and chop vegetables.
  • Give shapes and different cuts to vegetables and other foods.

What kind of vegetables can be cut with an electric cutter?

Because of the quality of its sharp blades, this device can cut any amount of vegetables and vegetables that are desired, but those that can be cut, such as those with a solid body so that they can pass through the blades, are certain and determined without them falling apart. Among the main ones are:

  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Cucumbers
  • Potatoes
  • Cabbage
  • Onions
  • Peppers
  • Pumpkins
  • Radishes
  • Zucchini

If they are fruits, they should still be solid, such as pears and apples, then avoiding the softer ones such as bananas, strawberries, and papayas, as it will end up crushing them as a puree instead of cutting them in a certain way.

How to choose the best vegetable cutter?

In order to make the right choice, certain aspects that are important to avoid mistakes and choose the best kitchen assistant must be taken into account:

Electric or manual?

Either option brings a lot of benefits, and each one has its specific characteristics. For example, manuals are smaller and more compact sizes, they can make different types of cuts. The spiral format can be handy for noodles to vegetables.

On the other hand, those that are electric are very versatile, especially since they use less time to fulfill their functions. They are larger and include a large number of blades to make different cuts in food.

For the types of cuts they use

This is another important point to consider, and based on what we mentioned before, choose the right one according to your type of cut in food, which is usually:

  • Thick slices cuts
  • To make cubes
  • For large square pieces
  • Cut thin slices
  • Thick julienne cuts
  • Thin julienne cuts
  • Grater Shaped Cuts

Materials with which they have been manufactured

In general, the blades are made of stainless steel and ceramic, this makes their duration much longer since they do not rust or lose the edge easily, nor is there the possibility of staining with any component.

The armor or container of these tools is made of BPA-free plastic, which is why you should not be afraid of having health risks.

Accessories that may include

Some of these devices may include certain accessories that can be very useful when cutting vegetables. An example of this is the different types of blades that can be alternated to achieve cuts in various ways. Also, the containers can be exchanged.

Size and weight

It will be depending on the type of cutter that is chosen, although anyway, either of the two options, electric or manual, do not have such an excessive weight and on the contrary, they are very comfortable and easy to transport. Also, it will not give headaches to find a location for them in the kitchen, since they do not need much space.


It will depend on both the type of cut and the technology used to do that action. The manuals will always have a simpler design, while the electric ones will be a bit more complex, for the simple reason that they are looking to make cuts that are not as common and with greater speed.


A point in favor of the user is that these appliances are not usually so expensive, so their prices are accessible enough and will not influence their quality. However, the more professional the device, the more expensive it will be.

Advantages of using a vegetable cutter

In the past, to make cuts to foods such as vegetables, fruits, and vegetables, only a very sharp knife was needed, today thanks to technology, this work has been facilitated, so the electric cutters offer us:

Offers diversity of professional cuts

Making professional cuts in food manually is not easy, but for this machine, if it is, they are specialized for this, the cuts are made in different ways: strips, cubes, squares, slabs, spiral, julienne, and other forms. Everything to total perfection, without errors.

Safety during cuts

With this tool you will have the security that there will be no accidents, as in the case of knives, since inexperienced people in the kitchen would have more risks of being injured by cuts, therefore, this would be the best option. It has an ergonomic design and its blades are coated so that, suffering an accident is almost impossible.

Accurate and symmetrical cuts

This advantage can be taken advantage of when you need to use decorative food for dinner and any type of special event, with a professional result, since their cuts are perfectly equal. Trying to do it without the help of this machine is not the same, as the end result would not be so perfect.

Time saving

Cutting the ingredients of a recipe is what takes time away in the kitchen, but with this electric appliance, that time will be reduced to one-tenth, because of thanks to its advanced technology.

Help keep cleanliness in the kitchen

The fact of cutting the vegetables on the table can cause a real chaos in the kitchen and will end up dirty while using a professional electric cutter, this will not happen, because they include a compartment where all the cuts that are made directly are falling, so that, just emptying the container and the kitchen will remain clean and neat. In addition, large cleaning processes will be avoided.

Technical characteristics of vegetable cutters

Each brand or models of this electrical device has its specific technical characteristics, this is also essential to know to have it as a reference when choosing one:

The number of cuts

They offer a greater amount of cuts, all in a single team, while others can only make a single type, such as the spiral that only serves to make spaghetti of vegetables, the other can cut into cubes, chop, cut into strips, in Juliana, grate, among others.


This translates to the fact that there is no possibility of accidents, as we mentioned before, even childproof. Therefore it is advisable to choose a product that is safe and with coated blades.


In this regard, the needs of each of the users must be considered, larger-sized devices are a great advantage when processing food and in turn store more, but usually take up a lot of space, especially if the kitchen is very small.

Quality in the materials

It is vital that the materials used to manufacture these devices are of exclusive quality. Their blades must be and remain in perfect condition, they must also be sharp so that they can correctly fulfill their function, which is to cut the vegetables. Also, the plastic must be resistant so that it can withstand the entire daily workload in the kitchen.

Practical and ergonomic design

This feature will allow easy and simple use of the cutter, especially when it is used in restaurants, which usually do not stop because they are in constant work.

Easy to clean

They are mostly of an easy to clean design, as this is an extremely important aspect that will not only save time in the kitchen but also keep food that is cut in perfect condition.


Where to buy the best vegetable cutters?

Acquiring a chopper of this style is easy to find anywhere, the problem is the quality of the materials with which some choppers are made. That is why Amazon offers a great solution to these types of problems with these features:

  • Offer a refund within the deadline if you are unhappy with the product.
  • You can find a wide variety of brands and models, but you will undoubtedly find the highest quality in your store.
  • Free shipping and in less than 24 hours.
  • Discounts and incredible offers that you won’t find on another page.

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