Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Goggles For Snowboarding

Going out on a snow studded track to do skiing! Don’t be so impatient. Getting properly dressed and accessorized with suitable wearables is critical both for safety and enjoyment to the maximum.

Apart from the ski gloves and snowboard jackets, ski goggle is an integral part of the wearable list and this article discussed the best women’s ski goggles a.k.a snowboard goggles but before we jump straight towards the models, there are some purchasing considerations that must be taken in to account.

Is women’s goggle different from men’s?

A woman skier can wear unisex or men’s goggles but those entitled to be particularly for women come in a slim face fit. They tend to get adhered to your face much more effectively so your vision remains steadfast and clear.

Do lighting conditions affect the option of lens tint?

The lens color that offers suitable Visible light transmission (VLT) must be worn for enhanced color identification and depth perception. In low lights, lens tints with high VTL ratings like yellow rose and amber are the perfect ones while on sunny days, you should choose from low VTL rated colors like copper, dark grey, and dark green.


Must-Have Features For Women Snowboard Ski Goggles

The significance of a particular feature varies from a person to person. We would rather call the following features important but not necessary because it depends on the weather conditions, the expertise of the rider, the nature of the track and the duration of the skiing activity.

1. Ultraviolet rays protection

UVB rays are very dangerous as they can cause sunburn on the eyes and UVA rays penetrate deeply in the skin causing skin diseases and premature skin aging.

Lenses that protect against such rays should be purchased. Modern options prevent even 100 percent rays from reaching the eye.

2. Anti-Fogging Feature

What is more frustrating than a sudden surge of fog diminishing your vision on a perfectly enjoyable ski trip! Look for goggles that have anti-fogging features like preventive coating, or vents.

3. Anti-Break and Anti-scratch

You are prone to falling while skiing and the goggles might break in the process. To prevent this and destroy your entire investment on the glasses, buy those which are stronger and are made of anti-break materials or ones that are very hard to get fractured.

4. Holding Power

The goggles you choose must stay on your face and not come loose while you are skiing especially over dunes and bumps. It can be facilitated with a locking system or any other mechanical fastening method.


Top 10 Best Women’s Ski Goggles For Snowboarding

Check out the listings of the top 10 best Women’s Ski goggles available on the Amazon.

Now, we move on to the descriptions.

1. Zionor X10 Snow Goggles – Best Women’s Ski Goggle

With narrower lens dimensions of 6.7 x 3.9 inches, this choice comes at an affordable price. It includes 5 different lens tints that have different VTL ratings to be used in all light intensities. The double-layer lens helps to give a clear optimal image while you are going over highs and lows.

The goggles offer a detachable lens option whereby you can switch on to different lenses according to the weather conditions.

Had there been locks to keep the lens in shape more securely, that would have been brilliant.

The strap is also detachable so you can clean it, wash it, or wear the goggle over a helmet that contains prescribe space for the goggles.

The strap is integrated with fix-point drop rubber technology for a hassle-free strap adjustment and contains anti-slip silicone which keeps them in place even when wearing over a helmet.

The ventilating system which incorporates small pores for air passageway works in conjunction with the double-layer lenses to offer anti-fogging capability but some customers have complained about its non-effectiveness.

The goggles feature spherical lenses that provide a panoramic view so you are aware of everything around you which becomes very helpful in case of an obstruction.

The sponge lining on the inside keeps you cozy and the material of construction for the product is TPU which is flexible and very durable. It can be bent and folded but quickly regains its original shape. It preserves your investment for a long time.

An exciting size of OTG ‘Over the Glass’ is also available in this series which is an enlarged size that is designed specifically for bespectacled riders. The company defies neglecting any group of potential customers and is providing a warranty of one year.

Key Specifications

  • Double-Layer Lens With Anti-Fog
  • Comfortable Wearing X10 Ski
  • Ruggedized Lens With ZION OR Special EDT
  • Wide View & Helmet Compatible
  • Cheap
  • Detachable lens
  • Detachable strap with anti-slip silicone
  • Panoramic view
  • OTG size for bespectacled riders
  • The interchangeable lens should have been more securely fastened
  • Complaints about the effectiveness of the anti-fogging capability


2. WildHorn Outfitters Roca Ski Goggles

Landing in a comparatively expensive area but worth every additional penny, these goggles will be a treat for every sort of rider.

It may not be specifically made for women but their versatility in design and customization capability has adhered excessively well to the demands of women.

It is designed by the snowboarders of Utah, land of elegant snow, so they have inculcated every little detail that a ski goggle must contain.

The implementation of their expertise and their hard-earned knowledge imparted on the design is enough to uplift its purchasing charts.

We would discuss the lens changing capability first. It comes in five different lens tints that are sold properly and they can be adjusted on the goggle easily by a system of six rare earth N45 magnets and a clip locking system.

The clips can be used to hold the lens in position during your curling ski ride and the magnets make engaging and disengaging seamless. Whenever you want to remove the lens, it wouldn’t just flip off like ordinary lenses but stay intact with the body unless you pull it off completely.

The second quality is the nature of the lens. They are integrated with Aurora technology which provides the spherical lenses with a wide panoramic view so that you can view everything in a broader spectrum.

The glass is anti-scratch to a good extent due to the lenses being polycarbonate in nature and anti-fog due to the presence of vents above and below the frame. It has to be scripted, however, that one must not count very highly on the anti-scratch capability.

In addition, the lenses are 100% UV protected which protects against eyesores, sunburns, and skin-related diseases. Even women with sensitive skin can wear these goggles without any concern.

Key Specifications

  • Optimal Performance In Almost Any Light Condition
  • Wide View Panoramic Spherical Dual Lens
  • Urethane Polymer Material With A Premium Soft Touch Anti Slip Coating
  • Locking Magnetic Lens
  • Clipping system and magnetic engagement makes lens changing very efficient
  • Aurora lens technology gives a wider view angle
  • Different lenses available with suitable VTL rating
  • Anti-scratch polycarbonate lenses
  • Some complaints regarding the anti-fog and anti-scratch capability


3. Outdoor Master Ski Goggles – Photochromic Women Ski Goggles

This is a highly popular choice of the skiers but what makes it so well accepted and reputed? It is the fact that it is reliable and is compatible with or without a helmet.

Yes, the flexible strap enables a user of any facial dimensions and head size to wear it with ease and feel comfortable while skiing for a long time.

It can be stretched to fit all head sizes without being pressed tightly around the head. In addition, it can stay stable over the glossy surface of the helmet with an equal effect so that it ensures its high productivity.

There are 20 different lens tints available which are sold separately, each with its unique VTL rating.

If you are skiing at an area that receives bright sunshine usually, you could get the lenses with low VTL ratings like dark green and black whereas if your area remains under the effect of low lights and cold winds, you must purchase the opposite.

The lens can be interchanged easily due to the magnetic system implemented in the product which is smooth and long-lasting. It doesn’t include the clipping system as the previous model but the magnetic system alone is quite good.

The lenses offer a wide view but not a 180-degree panoramic view. You can see the rims of the goggles when worn and it could be a distracting thing for some riders although most of the customers neglected its concerning distractive magnitude.

The anti-fogging quality is made possible with the vents up and down the frame that works perfectly well to ensure little or no fog comes over the lens. In case it does, which happens occasionally, as you go down the slope, the wind and the vents work quickly to discard it.

The goggles are puffed with thick padding that makes it a very comfortable wearable. The glass in anti-scratch and can sustain falls of mild to medium scale. The good thing about the anti-scratch capability is that even though it receives scratches, they are seldom evident on the glass and don’t seem to distract your vision.

The customers can get a protective cover and a bag to carry the goggles safely from one track to another and they even have an OTG model that can be worn by bespectacled people.

There have been reported to be excessive reflections inside the lens by some customers and we would mention it here so that you are fully aware of what you are buying but mind you, the percentage of these complaints was less than 5%.

Key Specifications

  • Lens Size: 8.27 inches
  •  Injection Molded Polycarbonate + UV Coating
  • Frame Material: Bendable TPU
  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • Flexible strap for all head sizes and face sizes
  • OTG size for bespectacled riders
  • Magnetic system to keep the lens in position
  • Good insulation
  • 20 different lens colors available
  • No clip system to keep the lens in position
  • It can receive scratches but seldom, are they evident from the inside.
  • Some complaints regarding reflections.
  • No 180-degree field of view


4. Smith Optics Cascade Goggles – Top Budget Women Ski Goggles

Smith Optics is another brand that specializes in ski goggles and has an enormous customer base with purchases that have been loyal to the brand for a long time.

Every product they come up with manages to fulfill the majority of the expected customer’s demands and this model gives nothing away as well.

It features a dual layer carbon X material that is bendable and flexible just the right amount.

It can be adjusted over the face very easily and can contour to the feminine face cut effectively due to this quality. In spite of being flexible, its holding capacity is well above normal.

It contains cylindrical lenses that offer slightly more distortion in viewing angles compared to the spherical lenses. The quality of these, however, is quite good and has received only a few complaints.

They are not interchangeable which is a big drawback but at such an inexpensive cost, the provision of this feature would certainly mean no profit for the company. It exhibits an airflow ventilation system that allows the wind to enter from one side and leave from the other thus discarding off the fog.

The lens, when placed over the frame, allows some wind to pass through from the edges which can cause dryness to the eyes when riding for a long time.

The compression molded foam cushioning lined in the inside helps to reduce any other wind passageway and keeps the rider warm as well. It also accounts for a very gentle fell when wearing the goggles and gives no clue of pressure or tightness on the head.

Even long term wearing of these goggles does not compress the foam and it remains puffy as usual. It is also hypoallergenic so no worries for riders with sensitive skin too.

The strap is dual slide adjustable and can be increased in length to fit people with big head sizes. The silicone lining ensures a strong connection with the head or helmet. It can survive scratches to good effect which enhances its list of usability.

Key Specifications

  • Cylindrical Dual Lens With Airflow Ventilation
  • Dual-Slide Strap Adjustment System
  • Helmet compatible
  • Ultra-wide, silicone backed strap
  • Flexible frame that contours well to the narrow face cuts of women
  • Good anti-fogging quality
  • Compression molded foam is comfy and hypoallergenic
  • Dual slide adjustable strap
  • Cylindrical lens which are not interchangeable
  • Some wind can pass through the edges of the lens


5. Odoland Women Ski Goggles Under $50

It is another likable option by many skiers but comes with the disadvantage of having no interchangeable lens option.

Available at very cheap rates, the frame is fashioned out of TPU which is nearly nondestructive as it can be bent so much.

The force exerted, either normal or shear is converted to spring potential energy which consequently, creates no breaks or fractures.

There are options for adults and kids and women can choose the size of their liking from both. Different VLT rated lenses are available which can be chosen according to the light conditions of your area.

Two way venting holes combined with an anti-fog coating on the lens makes certain that no fog settles on the glass and if does, vanishes into thin air quickly.

The triple layering foam lining keeps the rider warm, safe from cold gales of wind and ensures that long exposure to skiing exerts no headaches or pressure on the head. There were some complaints however regarding the foam being pressed from particular spots.

Another good feature is the adjustable strap. It is not merely flexible but contains elastic band clips that can be used to alter the length of the strap so it can be worn by your uncle with a head the size of a watermelon or by your sister with an ostrich-sized head with equal effect.

If you are ready to live with the fact that it provides no interchangeable lens option, we would regard this product highly and one the best budget option of the entire list. If you have a group of 4-5 skier friends, everyone can buy different goggles and share them one by one to solve the one problem this model poses.

Key Specifications

  • An Adjustable Strap
  • UV 400 Protection
  • Product size: 18*11*7cm
  • Frame material: TPU
  • Inexpensive
  • Great anti-fogging capability due to double support system
  • Durable TPU frame which is nearly non destructive
  • Adjustable strap
  • Lens not interchangeable
  • Some complaints of foam being pressed


6. Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles For Women

It might be an expensive option but the standards it has set in terms of reliability, usefulness, and convenience are very high. Its dimensions are a 4×7.2 inch which is a bit wide but can easily contour to narrow women’s face due to the flexible frame.

But before we talk about it, there are other significant features to be highlighted.

It features a rimless design that not only adds slickness to the design but enhances the peripheral vision and gives a wider angle of view.

There are no side panels, edges or rims to obstruct your vision when skiing.

It is lined with a triple layer of polar fleece foam which is squashy on the feel but sturdy in terms of resistance against pressing. It absorbs the moisture, keeps you dry and cozy.

The Prizm technology integrated lens would come at $20 extra but carry a worthy benefit with them.

They filter out the unwanted wavelengths and give a clearer, more appropriate picture. After an extensive study, they have come up with this technology that absorbs certain “peaks” from the dye spectrum that many lenses fail to detect.

If you don’t opt for the Prizm technology, the High definition optics technology alone is enough to satisfy your skiing needs. It doesn’t distort, manipulates or magnify the objects of the vision but give the correct placement, and size of them.

The plutonite coating on the lens aids to sustain impacts. The cherry on the top, it blocks all ultraviolet rays with full efficiency and protects the eyes and skin from any sort of harm.

The lens can be interchanged but the design makes it not very user-friendly and time-consuming but when wearing the prism lens, you wouldn’t feel the need to change your lens repeatedly.

Another sublime feature is the anti-fogging ability which is facilitated by a coating of F3 material inside the lens. It is thermally cured, provides breathing for the skier along with allowing an unobstructed passageway for the air. This capability earns it a high reputation in the skiing community.

Key Specifications

  • PRIZM Is A Revolutionary Lens Technology
  • Optically Correct Rimless Lens
  • F3 Anti-Fog Coating
  • Flexible O Matter Faceplate
  • Prizm technology for clear vision
  • HDO technology for an accurate view
  • Rimless design for a wider view angle
  • F-3 anti-fogging coating
  • Plutonite coating to resist impact
  • A wide range of lens colors available
  • Expensive
  • Interchanging the lens is not very user-friendly


7. COPOZZ – Best Snowboard Goggles For Women

Another absolute masterpiece, this model! It has been raved by skiers and customers all around the world. It comes in twelve different lens tints which can be suitably used for nearly every lighting condition.

The magnetic system to hold the lens in position is the first spot we would be hitting. The lens snaps on to the frame and gets locked from the sides with the help of clips.

This double holding capability ensures that the lens stays in position even during impacts, high intensity jumps and falls occurring during the learning process.

The strap is adjustable over every head and face size. Due to big goggles size, it might seem unsuitable to some women but if you consider the intention of ‘enhanced utility in a single frame’, you might throw out your concern.

COPOZZ snowboard ski goggles contain silicone strapping which increases the holding strength on helmets especially.

The frame is manufactured with TPU material which is flexible and durable and can sustain shocks without being fractured. It is lined with triple-layered foam which is high in density, soft in feel and breathable in nature.

It provides comfort for the skier and is FDA approved which means its benefits outweigh the risks associated with it.

There is plenty to talk about the lens too. The strength is enhanced by CSHT super-hardening technology because the company realizes that the lens must have the ability to absorb impacts.

It is 100 percent UV protected and coated with an effective CPAC anti-fogging substance that prevents the whitening effect while skiing. It is supported by the vents built in the frame. The lens offers clear vision and as their size big, the viewing angles are wide too. The real REVO mirror coating enables it to be scratch-proof as well.

Such is the belief of the company that they provide a 30 days money-back guarantee to the customers while their customer service is positioned at exalted standards.

Key Specifications

  • 2X Anti-Fog Performance
  • Great Helmet Compatible
  • Soft, Warm & Breathable Sponge
  • Premium Safe TPU Frame
  • Anti-Slip And Adjustable Extra-Long Head Strap
  • Magnetic system with clips to hold the interchangeable lens in position
  • Foam is FDA approved
  • Lens is CSHT treated and coated with CPAC anti-fogging material
  • REVO mirror coating to make the lens scratch proof
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • OTG size also available
  • The lens size is a bit large


8. Retrospec Traverse G3 – Cheapest Women Snowboard Ski Goggles

This is the cheapest option on the entire list. Available in eight different lens tints, this model is will be a decent skiing partner along with being excessively light on the pocket.

The frame is cast out of thermoplastic polyurethane material which is very light in weight, durable in nature and ductile enough to contour to the face cuts of women.

This is regarded by some as kid’s goggles but can be worn effectively by women.

The lens is ideal for fighting against tough climatic conditions because they integrate stratus technology to keep it scratch proof.

Among the many technologies implemented for improving the anti-scratch capabilities, this is one of the most impressive ones. The vents of the frame develop a thermal layer that ensures that fog doesn’t settle inside the lens and if created, is speedily washed off.

In addition, they are UV protected so that eyes are protected from any harm. Such health consideration at a low price yields positive points for the name of the company.

The foam sealing is hypoallergenic and thus can be worn without worrying about any reactions. It also prevents the entry of any unlikely material like small gravels and snow pebbles that are formed out of hardened snow. Consequently, they serve their primary purpose of comfort and coziness.

The strap is adjustable and can be conveniently worn over small head sizes which are a usual characteristic of females. The frame is not very durable so one has to take its proper care and prevent from serious impacts.

Key Specifications

  • Lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane Frame
  • Hypoallergenic Dual Layered Face Foam
  • 100% UV400 Protected Dual Layered Spherical Lens
  • Stratus Anti Fog/Scratch Dual Lens
  • Available in eight colors
  • Stratus technology to make it scratch proof
  • Anti-fogging quality
  • Hypoallergenic foam which also seals the entry of unwanted materials
  • Frame is not very durable so care must be practiced


9. Gonex – Best Ski Goggles for Young Girls

Suitable for cloudy and medium-light weather, these goggles offer two color options for the lenses, namely blue and silver with two frame color choices of black and grey.

The non-interchangeability of the goggles is the biggest downside of it but other than that it serves the purpose well.

It features a rimless design with no big side panels that obstruct the vision and provide a wide view while skiing on curvaceous tracks and smooth snow dunes.

The lens is spherical so the viewing angles are wide. It is adorned with anti-scratch and UV protection quality as well which enhances its durability and effectiveness in harsh weather conditions.

The material of the frame is TPU which, as talked earlier, provides durability due to ductility.

It includes vents up and down the frame which allows an unhindered passageway for the air to eliminate the factor of fog.

The inner side is bordered with triple layer memory foam which is squashable yet firm and is a reliable solution of insulation and comfort.

It is superior to the general triple layer foam which is prone to be pressed. The memory foam enables the shape to be regained once the force exertion is lifted. It can absorb impact and shock with excellent effect too.

The straps are elastically adjustable and can be worn over all types and sizes of helmets. The chic shape of the lens allows it to be popularly worn by women as they are quite particular about such features.

It comes in an EVA foam case so can be carried around easily and safely. It resembles the box of highly expensive glasses meant to be worn only on special occasions.

Key Specifications

  • Outer Lens Material: PC
  • Spherical Lens -Wider & Clearer Vision Anti-Scratch & Impact-Resistance
  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • OTG Design-For Wearing Your Glasses
  • TPU Frame – Soft, Tough& SafePolarization
  • Durable frame material
  • Anti-scratch and much better anti-fogging quality
  • Rimless design offer a wide view
  • Chic shape makes it a popular choice to be worn by women
  • Non-interchangeable lens
  • Limited options of lens tints and frame colors (as to this writing)


10. OMORC – Best Women’s Ski Goggles For Small Faces

This sleek piece marks the end of our list. We started off with a high and are terminating it in the same way. This model is being rated high on which is a reputed platform and is commented highly on Amazon as well.

First things first: it doesn’t provide an interchangeable option and comes with a single frame with a VTL rating of 18.5% which partially suited for every light condition.

It has a wide, rimless design so no part of the frame will be obstructing your vision. The material of construction is TPU which is bendable and can absorb impact without being broken or cracked.

It is protected and ‘perimetered’ with a triple-layer, an ergonomic sponge that accounts for a snug fit.

The vent holes are there for the anti-fogging ability however their effectiveness has been questioned by some of the customers. They complained that it doesn’t work at all which comes across as somehow biased to us.

Maybe there could be a blockage in the vents or they got a faulty product because the overall reviews have been very good.

Now, turning towards the lens; it is bendable and very durable. It provides a 180-degree spherical view, and the provided view is more color accurate and highly contrasted.

The lens is imported from Italy and has excellent anti-scratch quality. It provides protection from UV400 rays and is supported by a dual-adjustable strap that is detachable for easy washing and cleaning.

Key Specifications

  • Helmet Compatible;
  • 100% UV400 Protection
  • Anti-Wind And Keep You Warm
  • Comfortable Triple-Layer Foam For Face Fitting
  • Anti-Fog And Two-Way Venting For Clear And Clean Vision
  • Spherical Lens And OTG Design Contribute To A Wide And Clear Viewing
  • Bendable lens with excellent anti-scratch quality; imported from Italy
  • Lens provide color-accurate and high contrasted display
  • Rimless design for a wider view
  • Detachable and dual-adjustable strap
  • Non-interchangeable
  • Some complaints about the anti-fogging effectiveness

Wrapping Up

It is as simple as this: all the models deserve your purchase however your personal considerations will have to act to weigh which pieces contain the most likable features.

The size of the goggles could be a consideration, and so can be the prices, the interchangeable lens feature, the company’s name, and the customer reviews. Before pushing you on the verge of confusion, here is an outtake!

Our personal best pick is COPOZZ Ski goggles with WildHorn Outfitters  Roca goggles giving a very close competition. Outdoor Master goggles lead the way in terms of available color options while Oakley Flight Deck goggles could be an immediate pick for those wholes can pay a larger sum of money.

Other models could also be engraved here with regards to their personal features but then the point of deriving a conclusive thought would be lost in thin air.

So here is our verdict, what is yours?

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