How do I connect Bluetooth headphones to my iPhone?

The advancement of Bluetooth technology has increased the popularity of Bluetooth headphones. 

Because iPhones do not have a headphone jack port, Bluetooth headphones have become increasingly popular.

I have been using Bluetooth headphones as part of my iPhone experience, which has been a learning curve. 

I researched how I should use my Bluetooth headphones when I first acquired them, and this is what I learned.

How do I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my iPhone?  

Your Bluetooth headphones should be turned on before you connect them to your iPhone, and you will need to navigate to the Bluetooth tab in your iPhone’s settings app to do so. 

You will find your device listed under other devices under the Bluetooth tab, and you can then connect it to your iPhone by clicking on it. 

The device should then be recognized by your iPhone, and subsequently, you should be able to turn it on and it will automatically connect to your iPhone. 

It is possible that if you do not use it frequently, you will need to disconnect and reconnect it every time you use it.

Can all wireless headphones be considered Bluetooth headphones?  

It is incorrect to consider all wireless headphones to be Bluetooth headphones. 

Headphones with Bluetooth functionality have a wireless connection between devices. 

If you have headphones that have a wireless connection, then these headphones are described as Bluetooth headphones.

It is possible to purchase headphones that are classified as wireless. 

Wireless headphones have no wires, but they are not considered Bluetooth headphones. 

An example of wireless headphones is a pair of headphones that transmit sound using radiofrequency waves. 

The earliest versions of wireless headphones used infrared waves to transmit sound.

What can I do to get my Bluetooth headphones to automatically connect to my iPhone?  

The process of automatically connecting your Bluetooth headphones to your iPhone is straightforward. 

It is possible to do this by turning on your Bluetooth headphones and pairing them with your iPhone for the first time. 

You will then be able to connect your phone to them every time you turn them on after that. 

The automatic connection can be disrupted by a few circumstances, however.

The first instance occurs when the Bluetooth features on your iPhone are not turned on. 

If your iPhone’s Bluetooth features are not enabled, then your headphones will be unable to be connected to the device. 

You may also establish a Bluetooth connection with another device in this situation. 

The result is that your iPhone will not automatically detect your headphones if you use them with another device. 

When your headphones connect to a device, they attempt to connect with the most recent device connected to them.

Is it possible to connect my headphones to multiple devices via Bluetooth?  

Depending on how you phrase this question, the answer will vary.

This is because Bluetooth headphones can be registered with multiple devices, but they cannot be used simultaneously.

You can register your Bluetooth headphones on up to eight devices simultaneously.

The result is that your headphones are capable of being recognized by up to eight devices simultaneously. 

If you use an iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS device, then your headphones will work with it. 

It is not possible to play audio from multiple devices simultaneously, however. 

There can only be one Bluetooth device paired with your headphones at a time.

Due to the limited Bluetooth connection, it is not possible to connect to multiple devices simultaneously, nor does it support simultaneous playback of audio from multiple sources.

Are there certain Bluetooth headphones that work better with iPhones than others?  

It has come to my attention that certain Bluetooth headphones work better with iPhones than other phones and that there are also Bluetooth headphones that are preferred by the iPhone.

It is Apple’s AirPods that are the best Bluetooth headphones for iPhones. 

The headphones made by Apple, the company that produces the iPhone, are most likely to be compatible with this particular device. 

Other headphones can be used with the iPhone besides AirPods. 

The iPhone works well with other headphones, which allows you to choose a pair that is comfortable and stylish for you.

Ultimately, AirPods are the best Bluetooth headphones for the iPhone, but other Bluetooth headphones perform equally well.

Is there an alternative to Bluetooth?  

There are alternative headphones to Bluetooth if you are experiencing difficulty with Bluetooth headphones.

Earlier in the article, wireless headphones using radio and infrared waves were mentioned. 

This type of headphone is, however, a bit obsolete. 

You may want to consider induction wireless headphones as an alternative to Bluetooth headphones that are more modern. 

Magnetic induction is used to transmit audio through these headphones.

I would strongly recommend Bluetooth over these alternatives, but if you are completely opposed to Bluetooth, these are the alternatives available.

How come my Bluetooth headphones won’t connect?  

If your Bluetooth headphones do not connect, there may be several reasons for this. 

If your Bluetooth is not turned on, your headphones are not recognized, you have more than one device connected to your Bluetooth and you have already connected your headphones with another device, these problems may exist.

If your Bluetooth is not turned on, your iPhone will be unable to recognize your headphones. 

It is possible to turn your Bluetooth on and off in the settings app on your iPhone. 

If your headphones are not recognized by your iPhone, there may be a problem with the lighting, or that you have not paired them with your device before. 

You should be able to pair your headphones with your iPhone when you turn on your headphones.

You may have difficulty connecting your headphones to your phone if you already have a Bluetooth device connected to your iPhone. 

If your headphones are connected to another device, you will have difficulty connecting them to your iPhone. 


Based on my research, I have discovered that there is a simple explanation for why your Bluetooth headphones are not connecting to your iPhone. 

It is more often than not caused by the fact that your iPhone is not connected to Bluetooth, or that your headphones are not turned on. 

The best way to determine if your headphones are connected to your iPhone is to go to the Bluetooth section of your settings.

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