Bosch A.I Powered SoundSee module to be part of the ISS

In the first of its kind, the sound seeing technology is going to make it to space. The brick-sized SoundSee module is set to launch for the International Space Station on November 2. The event is going to make history, and its success in outer space will decide the fate of its many applications. This Artificial Intelligence powered technology is poised to be used in wide-ranging industries including automotive, smartphone, infrastructural applications.

Astrobotics, NASA and Bosch have collaborated to fly SoundSee to space on the Northrop Grumman’s 12th commercial resupply mission. In space,  Astrobee, an autonomous robot, will be waiting for it to get mounted.

SoundSee’s Working Principle:

Astrobee will navigate Soundsee module around the space station. The robot job is only limited to that. The brain behind the operation will be SensorSee Module. It will collect sound signals, however minute they are, using a microphone and then feed that data to AI program for further analysis. The AI will make a 3D sound intensity model using the feed data. And if you know machines, you will be familiar with the fact that they sound unusual when any of their component is malfunctioning, or has stopped working. The key idea behind the SoundSee is the same. Its first 3D sound intensity model will act as a baseline, and any atypical behavior in future will flag the problematic part.

SoundSee would perform some other functions too. It includes providing a continuous report on the sound intensity, which in its absence costs astronauts their valuable time. Also, it will keep the sound level below 60 decibels to protect astronauts from psychological pressure.

This space mission will set the stage for a revolutionary technology to enter human life. The future of machine-maintenance is going to change for the better. Your car won’t break unexpectedly, and neither does your lawnmower stop working prior to warning. It would all be predicted by SoundSee. The future is going to be very exciting.

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