Boxed Packaged Goods: The Right Way To Pack Them

Do you need a packaging solution for your boxed packaged goods? The folding carton industry, which led the packaging industry over 100 years ago, now generates billions of dollars annually.  Folding techniques also vary depending on your application. You can also add Windows to allow customers to view your internal content. The locking mechanism on some of them is built-in.

In the case of electronic goods, there are a number of questions that arise, especially for manufacturers, given the variety of packaging materials available for boxed packaged goods.

What is the best method for packing electronics for shipping? What are the best materials for packaging electronics? Should boxed packaged goods be packaged in corrugated boxes or in plastic containers? In addition, how should packaging for shipping be prepared? Am I required to use rigid boxes? Is there a requirement for display boxes? Does void filling need to be used? Does a box provider offer ready-made boxes, or do I need to have boxes made to my specifications?

Packaging boxes are one of the most versatile, economically viable and environmentally friendly means of packaging your products.

I received a great deal of questions about boxes; and, on top of that, you must ensure that your packaging is cost-effective, that shipping boxes and packaging materials provide better protection than traditional materials, that shipping long distances is common, and that retail packaging plays an important role in providing a positive customer experience.

We decided that the best way to tackle this packaging challenge was to look at every packaging material, packaging box or packaging type, as the case may be, one by one.

Is there a difference between the different types of goods packaged?

Following are the five types of boxed packaged goods that require proper packaging:

  • Dresses
  • Medications
  • Cosmetics
  • Accessories

How to pack boxed packaged goods with different types of packaging boxes

There are two major types of cartons. One is a folding carton, the other is a robust carton.

You may use cardboard, fiberboard, or cardboard. Create a box or tray by stamping one sheet and folding it according to the template.

It is a sturdy cardboard box that is the opposite of a foldable cardboard box. This is the format in which shoeboxes are commonly delivered. Two-piece boxes are also common for clothing and electronic products.

The materials and construction of packaging units can be categorized into five broad categories

Boxed-packaged goods in the form of golf cartons

A cardboard box is made by folding pieces of cardboard to produce a lightweight and durable container. Corrugated board is composed of a board comprised of corrugated or curved paper sandwiched between two layers of lining board made from cardboard.

It is because of this that cardboard boxes possess higher bending stiffness and pressure resistance than most other packaging materials. The density of the arches and grooves, as well as the thickness of the board, determine what types of corrugated board are available.

Packing box made of cardboard

Cardboard with corrugations Cardboard with corrugations is a thick, paper-based material, weighing over 250 grams per square meter. In addition, cardboard boxes can be used for retail packaging that looks very attractive on store shelves.  Packaging made from cardboard is easy to print. Additionally, corrugated board can be laminated for strength and water resistance.

Container for aseptic use

Generally used to store liquid foods, sterile cartons consist of multiple layers. These containers are commonly used to store juices, soups, baby food, and even desserts. Furthermore, aseptic packaging preserves the product’s nutritional value, color, and texture in addition to extending its shelf life.

Carton with gable tops

In the refrigeration industry, gable top cartons are multi-layer cartons used to store food products. For example, milk and juice can be stored in these cartons. Essentially, an airtight lid consists of a sterile cardboard box topped with a clear plastic lid. Due to this, the cardboard can be reused. You can find them on the market.

Carton of eggs

There are several types of cartons for transporting whole eggs, including egg packs and egg bottles.  Pick a carton that will best suit your needs when it comes to packaging boxed goods.

Based on your business requirements, you will require a particular type of cardboard. In the packaging and moving industry, or for the transportation of heavy goods, cardboard boxes are an excellent choice. Cardboard boxes are best suited for packaging small products.

Concluding remarks

It is also possible to package your packaged goods in more than one box. You can, for example, pack sensitive electronic equipment in a sturdy cardboard box and utilize the cardboard box as a packing material. The cardboard box may also be packaged with a sterile cardboard box. It is possible to use packaging boxes in many different ways.

It is now possible to find packaging boxes for almost any need in the packaging industry. There are also options available for different budget levels. The package cabinet therefore offers the perfect solution to all of your packaging requirements.

Questions and answers

Does a packaging box have a standard size?

A regular size shipping box can be selected based on no specific criterion. If you were to examine your own personal and professional belongings, you would see boxes with a variety of shapes and sizes. You are likely to locate a box that suits almost any shipping package you desire.

What should I consider when selecting a box for packaging my products?

Make sure you measure your package by consulting the Shipping Box Guide, so you aren’t choosing a box that is too small or too large, considering the added padding space. Consider checking different box sizes in order to find the best fit for your product.

Is there a difference in price between various sizes of boxes?

Depending on which shipping company you choose and what process you follow, you can choose the cheapest size box to ship. In general, smaller and lighter weight packages are the most economical to ship.

What are the advantages of using packaging boxes?

Make sure that all packaging goods are packaged properly in the boxes in order to avoid breakage.

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