Can A Fitbit Be Repaired? [Answered!]

Fitbits have a high level of durability. Unfortunately, they are not resistant to wear and tear. Once you have come to this realization, you may wonder what the lifespan of a Fitbit is. Can the Fitbit be repaired?

Is a Fitbit repairable?

In most cases, Fitbit issues can be resolved by following simple troubleshooting steps, but if your Fitbit fails due to normal wear and tear within the first year of purchase, it is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and may be repaired or replaced. However, Fitbit’s were not designed to last forever. For this reason, repairing an older Fitbit is likely not economically viable.

It is estimated that Fitbits have a lifespan of 2 – 4 years if you sync them one to three times per day and if you have a current model. In case you were wondering how to determine which Fitbit you own, we’ve got you covered.

Syncing occurs when your device transmits your data to Fitbit servers for storage and analysis.

For Fitbits to operate, they must be synced at least once every 24 hours or once every seven days.

Failure to sync can result in inaccurate Fitbit data, such as calories burned, steps recorded, and floors climbed.

Fitbits are becoming increasingly popular among athletes as fitness trackers become more popular.

Repairing your Fitbit

If you have just purchased a Fitbit and it will not sync, or the display is not working, do not dispose of it immediately.

What do you do when your Fitbit ceases to function?

Ideally, you should begin by troubleshooting the cause of your Fitbit’s malfunction.

It is important to troubleshoot the Fitbit to determine the root cause of its inefficiency.

The following are some common problems that may affect your Fitbit and the solutions that may be required:

1. I am unable to sync my Fitbit

The Fitbit is supposed to sync with your device via Bluetooth. The following are some possible solutions to try if your Fitbit does not sync:

  • Make sure your Fitbit is positioned correctly. The Fitbit should be placed within five feet of your device and be securely attached.
  • Make sure both your device and the Fitbit are connected to Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth on both devices if it is off using the settings on their menus. You can try Googleing “How to Enable Bluetooth on a Fitbit” if you still cannot get a connection after that.
  • Using the Fitbit connect mobile app will assist you if you are having trouble syncing your Fitbit device with your Android or iOS device.

2. There is no response from the screen

Try these troubleshooting tips if your screen is not responding to your finger touches:

  • Remove the back cover of your Fitbit if it does not respond to finger touches. A tool such as tweezers may be necessary for removing the back cover.
  • Warning! Do not remove the battery until you have learned how to replace it. It is not necessary to remove the battery if the Fitbit is not syncing.
  • You can determine whether to perform a reset by touching your screen while it is off. Try turning your screen on and off again a few times if it is not responding; this can sometimes resolve issues with non-responsive screens (especially in cold environments).
  • Otherwise, you may wish to attempt a hard reset.

How to Hard Reset a Fitbit

  • Press the button on the back of your device for approximately fifteen seconds. Before the screen goes black, you will see the Fitbit logo appear.
  • Connect your tracker to your charging cable and unplug your tracker. The tracker is now going through a boot-up process, which should take approximately ten to fifteen minutes (more than usual).
  • Please sync the tracker again.

It is recommended that, if the reset did not work, you back up all of your data before attempting any repair steps, including:

  • We have access to all information stored on your tracker, including logins and passwords for third-party websites and applications that access Fitbit data, such as and (these sites allow you to keep track of calories burned and kilometers as well as view graphs).
  • You will be able to access all your data and settings from /undefined [], including your account settings, personal information, and settings for any third-party websites you are using. From your account management page, you can download the backup file.
  • Software updates for the device. When new software is released by Fitbit, the device restarts automatically to update functionality and resolve bugs; this can be beneficial if the latest update is not working.
  • You may receive notifications through your Fitbit, such as text messages, e-mails, and even push notifications from apps.

3. the Fitbit can’t receive notifications from iPhones and Android devices

The Fitbit does not sync with the apps on your phone for a variety of reasons:

  • It is not a problem if your Fitbit is an older model. If your device is running Android OS 4.3 (or higher) or iOS 2.3 (or higher), you can still sync it with an iPhone or an Android device via Bluetooth.
  • Before attempting a sync, please ensure your Fitbit and smartphone applications are updated.

4. Connecting the Fitbit via a USB cable is not possible

Your Fitbit may not be defective if it is unable to connect.

You are likely attempting to sync a different device than your phone or tablet if you can connect via Bluetooth.

There may be a hardware problem with your smartphone, but the Fitbit appears to be working properly.

  • It is possible that your device is incompatible with the cable you currently own (many of these cables are USB 2.0, whereas modern devices require USB 3.0).
  • It is imperative that you use the correct type of cable to connect your Fitbit. In addition to supporting USB 3.0 connections, only one cable supports USB-C (the new, reversible connector found in newer smartphones and computers).
  • If this does not work, you might try connecting via Bluetooth. If you are not able to access Bluetooth settings (e.g., your smartphone does not have Bluetooth), try resetting the device.

5. There is a problem with the Fitbit’s temperature

The majority of fitness trackers are designed to be worn 24 hours a day, which can cause them to overheat in some circumstances.

In the event, the Fitbit is not functioning properly, disconnect it from the charger or charging cable and let it cool for at least 10 minutes on its own.

  • Fitbits are water-resistant to a level of 1 ATM, so avoid wearing them when swimming or taking a shower.

6. A screenshot of the Fitbit home screen shows the Fitbit frozen

This can happen if your Fitbit has been left on the screen for too long, resulting in a frozen screen that does not respond to user input, including the home button.

  • For a quick fix, try performing a hard reset.

You can hard reset your Fitbit by following the steps outlined above.

Questions and Answers

What is the compatibility of Fitbit with Windows and Mac computers?

Answer: Yes. Both Windows and Mac OS are supported.

Is it possible to use a Fitbit as a pedometer while using a treadmill, bike, or other cardio equipment?

Answer: Yes. You will need to turn on the “Run” mode on your treadmill or bike if you wish to monitor your distance and speed while exercising. Fitbits do not have GPS, so you will need to track your distance and speed while doing cardio exercises. In addition to using a Fitbit as a pedometer while you walk, run, or do other activities, you can also use it as a stopwatch.

Is the Fitbit able to sync wirelessly with a computer, or is it necessary to connect it to my personal computer?

As a rule, you will always connect your Fitbit to your computer using a USB cable.

Does the Fitbit have waterproof capabilities?

It is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. It should not be used while swimming or taking a bath.

Do I have the option of receiving notifications from my Fitbit device on my iPhone or Android device?

The answer is yes. With Fitbit’s mobile application, you can create an account and receive notifications directly to your phone.


There is no doubt that the Fitbit is a quality product.

Even though the device does have some shortcomings, it is still among the best fitness trackers on the market.

Please ensure that you purchase your device from a trustworthy source.

Depending on the issue your Fitbit is experiencing, you can troubleshoot and try out each of the solutions listed above.

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