Can AirPods’ Serial Number Be Fake?

Apple’s AirPods are the company’s latest true-wireless listening device. AirPods stream audio from your iPhone or any other smartphone via Bluetooth technology. They’ll also operate with any Bluetooth-enabled tablet, laptop, or desktop PC.

Is it possible to forge the serial number on a pair of AirPods? The short answer is no, genuine AirPods have a unique serial number. A pair of Apple AirPods has a serial number that is always unique and legitimate.

AirPods’ Features

AirPods have several characteristics that distinguish them from other wireless headphones on the market.

Wireless Networking

AirPods are truly wireless, which means there’s no cord connecting the two earpieces or the earpieces to your iPhone.Wireless charging is also possible with AirPods.

Charging on the Go

On a single charge, the current generation of regular AirPods may provide up to six hours of uninterrupted listening time.

The MagSafe charging case that comes with each pair is only around two inches long, yet it can carry a charge that lasts up to thirty hours of listening time. A Lightning cable is utilized to charge the charging case, which is the same connector used to charge an iPhone and some earlier iPad models.

A USB-C cable is used to charge new MacBook laptops and iPads. The USB-C connector is incompatible with the MagSafe charging case for AirPods.

Once your AirPods’ charging case has enough battery life, it only takes approximately five minutes in the case to get an hour of listening time on your AirPods! Bring the charging case with you to keep your AirPods safe and secure when not in use, as well as to keep them charged all day.

Audio in Space

Your AirPods’ spatial audio can be turned on and off. It’s a unique characteristic that distinguishes Apple’s products from the competition.

“Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking offers theater-like sound from the movie or video you’re watching, so that sound seems to be coming from all around you,” Apple writes on its website.

The battery on your AirPods will deplete a little faster when you use spatial audio, but it’s worth it for an immersive, surround-sound-like audiovisual experience.

Microphone (internal)

You may utilize the integrated microphone for phone conversations, recording audio, and recording video on your AirPods in addition to listening to audio. With AirPods in your ears, you can put your device down and walk away.

The other person will be able to hear you just as well as if you held the phone up to your ear.

Is it possible to forge an AirPods serial number?

A pair of AirPods’ serial numbers cannot be forged. Each Apple electrical gadget has its own unique alphanumeric serial number that distinguishes it from other goods of the same type.

The serial number can be found on the gadget itself, as well as on the original invoice and packaging, and is used to contact Apple for assistance if you have any problems with it. An invalid serial number will never be found on a genuine Apple product.

Defend Yourself Against Fake AirPods

AirPods are stylish, high-quality, and, most all, quite practical. The popularity of Apple’s AirPods has spawned a slew of competitive alternatives with truly wireless technology from major brands like Samsung and Bose.

There are, however, a slew of AirPods knockoffs on the market that fall short of Apple’s offering in terms of battery life, audio quality, and charging capabilities.

They could be poorly constructed and difficult to use. Manufacturers of off-brand AirPods strive to make them as similar to the real thing as possible to sell their product.

If you want to get your hands on a pair of AirPods, the best method to assure you’re receiving the real deal is to order them directly from Apple’s website.

Avoid utilizing Amazon or eBay as a third-party distributor.

While third-party websites sell genuine Apple AirPods, they may also sell off-brand wireless earphones alongside the genuine article. If you see what appears to be a brand new pair of AirPods for less than what Apple is selling them for, be cautious and do your homework to ensure you’re getting what you want.

Price Points for Different AirPod Generations:

  • $129 for AirPods (2nd Generation).
  • AirPods are $179. (3rd Generation).
  • AirPods Pro is $249,
  •  while the AirPods Max is $549.

AirPods from the first generation are nearly six years old and can be difficult to come by online. The battery life, design, and pricing point of the second-generation and third-generation AirPods differ.

The AirPods Pro is a higher-quality device that comes at a premium price. The Pros offer rubber-tipped earpieces for added comfort, active noise-canceling (ANC) and sound transparency technology, and overall better audio quality.

Apple’s AirPods Max are wireless over-ear headphones. Because of differences in size, material, and quality, over-ear headphones are nearly usually more expensive than in-ear headphones, and the AirPods Max is no exception.

If you’re looking for AirPods on a third-party website, be sure the brand new gadgets aren’t more than $20 or $30 less than they are on Apple’s website. Certified refurbished products are a more cost-effective alternative.

They are NOT real Apple AirPods if you see true wireless earphones that look like AirPods for $15 to $30.

These can be used for a long time and are significantly less expensive than Apple’s products, but if you have a problem with one of these gadgets, Apple Support will be unable to assist you. Even if the goods you have has a serial number, you should not use them.

It’s not in Apple’s system, and Apple isn’t used to or interested in diagnosing problems with non-Apple items.

Using the Serial Number on Your AirPods

The serial number on your AirPods can come in helpful if you have any problems with the item. While your device is connected to your AirPods, you can discover it under the Bluetooth settings. 

If your AirPods are genuine Apple products, they will have a serial number in Apple’s system. Good luck with your listening!

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