Can An Alexa Echo Be Connected To Two Phones?

Recent years have seen the proliferation of smart devices in homes, but most people are still not familiar with how to use their home assistant devices. 

A device such as the Alexa Echo, also referred to as the Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo, falls within this category. 

Is it possible to connect two phones to an Alexa Echo device?

Can an Alexa Echo be connected to more than one phone?

There is the possibility of connecting two smartphones to a single Alexa Echo device. This is accomplished using an app on a smartphone. Even though the Alexa Echo can be controlled primarily through voice commands, some settings must be adjusted via the Alexa Echo app. You can also set up your Alexa Echo device via the app.

It is true that the Alexa Echo is an amazing device that is simple to install, but it can sometimes be difficult to use all of its features.

Please read on to learn how to connect two smartphones to one Alexa Echo device.

How do I connect two phones to an Alexa Echo?

The Alexa Echo app allows you to connect two smartphones to one device.

The person who used their phone and app to complete the initial setup of the Alexa Echo device will have greater access to the app than the person who connects theirs after them.

The Alexa Echo can also be connected to multiple smartphones via Bluetooth. 

It will not be possible for you to alter any of the settings, but will be able to access and play your music even if you do not have Amazon Music.

The Alexa Echo can, however, only be connected to one smartphone at a time via Bluetooth. 

The person who was connected will be disconnected if their phone is connected to Alexa Echo while another is connected. 

You will need to ensure that both your smartphone and Alexa Echo are connected to one another via Bluetooth before you can play music through your Echo. 

Fortunately, that is fairly straightforward. You simply need to go to the Settings of your phone, select Bluetooth, and then click on the connected devices.

How to connect two phones to an Alexa Echo

The following instructions will explain how to connect two smartphones to a single Alexa Echo device:

  • Download the Alexa Echo app to both devices
  • Using one phone to set up the Alexa Echo
  • And the other phone to sign in to the Amazon account.

The two devices should now be connected to the Alexa Echo device. 

The Alexa Echo can only be operated by one person, but the other individual can still use it.

You can connect two phones via Bluetooth to the Alexa Echo if you do not wish to download the Alexa Echo app.

You will need to place the Alexa Echo in pairing mode in order to connect your phone. 

Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone.

Go to your phone’s settings and click on Bluetooth. 

You will need to click on the Alexa Echo device. 

Depending on how you named it during the setup process, it may appear under a different name from Alexa Echo.

Having two Amazon accounts linked to an Alexa Echo is possible?

If you plan to connect more than one Amazon account to your Alexa Echo, make sure that all accounts are within your Amazon Household. 

Switching accounts is a simple matter of saying “Alexa, switch to ___ account.” Alternatively, you can say, “Alexa, go into ___ account.” 

Once you enter a passcode that you created beforehand, you’ll be able to use Alexa Echos to give commands, order Amazon products, add things to your list or your family’s list, schedule events, and send messages.

Using your Amazon account settings, you can set a passcode for your Alexa Echo. 

Enter your four-digit pin by selecting Voice Purchasing.

Using that code, you will be able to switch accounts on your Alexa Echo device. 

It is especially useful if you wish to prevent purchases from being placed without your consent or knowledge.

Please refer to your Amazon account settings if you need to add another account to your Amazon household. 

Once you have done this, click on Manage Your Amazon Household. 

You will need to complete this process as the primary user of the Amazon account will be in control of the Amazon household.

The Alexa Echo can, in general, be connected to two cell phones simultaneously, but not via Bluetooth.

It is not possible to connect Alexa Echo devices to phones that are not smart.

Even though non-smartphones are rarely used nowadays, some individuals still have them.

To control the Alexa Echo device, you must use a smart device if you have chosen not to control it directly.

Alexa Echos can be controlled mainly through voice commands, so you will not typically need your cell phone. 

If your Alexa Echo device does not recognize or respond to your voice, you can use your phone, however this is unlikely to occur most of the time.

Only the person who set up your Echo device can make changes to its settings, so choose ahead of time who you want to control it when it comes time to change its settings. 

If you are experiencing problems connecting your smartphone to your Alexa Echo device, please contact Amazon Support. 

They will be able to assist you with connecting all the necessary devices to your Alexa Echo.

Try to reset your Alexa Echo if it won’t connect to the WiFi or won’t respond to your voice commands. 

Contact Amazon Support if you are not able to resolve the issue. They will give you advice on how to resolve the issue.

Please ensure that both your phone and Alexa Echo are available to be found by other devices if you are experiencing difficulties connecting your phone to your Echo via Bluetooth.

Before they can be connected, one or both may have to be placed in “Pairing Mode.”.

If that doesn’t work, contact Amazon Support.


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