Can An iPad Break A Charger?

Electronic devices are wonderful, but like everything else, they have their limits and their weaknesses.

There is nothing more frustrating than having your iPad charger break at the last minute, especially if the charger is brand-new.

So the question is, why is the charger malfunctioning, and is it the iPad’s fault?

Is it possible for an iPad to break a charger?

iPads don’t necessarily break chargers. Sometimes if an iPad’s charging port is dirty or damaged in some way, it will not hold a proper charge. It might also have a problem with its system that will require IT support. However, none of these things means the charger itself is damaged or unusable.

It is extremely frustrating when things like this happen, but it’s simply a part of life when you have electronic devices.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that a broken iPad (or a broken charger) can be remedied.

Why isn’t My Charger Working?

When a charger stops working it’s either broken, or there is something wrong with the iPad.

There are a dozen different reasons as to what might’ve caused either of these things.

Let’s first explore why the iPad could be the culprit.

An iPad will not hold a proper charge if the charging port is damaged.

This could happen if the iPad has been dropped onto a hard surface or even if the charger was driven in at an awkward angle.

The charging port can be negatively affected by any form of rough handling.

A dirty port may also be the cause of the problem.

Within the charging port, dust and dirt accumulate over time, resulting in the lightning cable connecting improperly.

This is why it is important to regularly clean your device so you can prevent dirt and dust from entering its internal workings.

Despite the fact that the iPad may have issues with the charger, the charger might contribute to the problem.

Over the years, a charger may also suffer wear and tear, resulting in eventual failure.

It is possible that the outer layer of your charger has been ripped off and the wiring has been exposed.

It may be at the end of its life and requires replacement.

There is also the possibility that the metal on the charger has become bent or torn.

If the cable is bent, you may have difficulty charging with it, as well as having trouble fitting it into the port.

In this circumstance, it is easy to diagnose the problem since the metal of your charger that fits into the iPad charging port is readily visible, especially if it has been bent.

iPads and chargers repaired

In some cases, an iPad charger may suffer enough damage that it must be replaced, however, you can try a few things before deciding to toss it away.

You should clean the charging port of your iPad if you notice that your iPad is not charging properly.

An appropriate tool for this task is a soft cloth, a cotton swab, or a toothpick.

Cleaning out the charging port will require you to take extra care in order not to damage it. However, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the way your iPad charges.

The charging port of the iPad should be repaired at an Apple store if it is damaged.

Doing a repair on a damaged iPad port yourself can be risky, particularly if you do not have previous experience doing so.

We recommend scheduling an appointment at your local Apple Store so that a technician can begin working on it right away.

There are a few other things you can do if your charger has been damaged in some way.

It is possible to close the tear in the cable’s outer layer by using electrician’s tape if the cable’s outer layer has been ripped open.

In addition to super glue, you can also use liquid glue, but it must be applied with extreme care in order not to damage the delicate wiring.

Make sure you have power at the outlet you are using.

In some cases, a quick reboot of your outlet may be all that is necessary to restore its functionality.

Try resetting your power outlet or plugging your iPad charger into another outlet.

Maintenance Needed

From time to time, chargers and electronics malfunction.

You can, however, take a few measures to ensure your devices last as long as possible.

Keep your iPad and chargers in a safe and secure location.

Keep them in a secure, well-ventilated area at all times.

iPads will be broken if they fall from a high table, especially if they do not have a protective case.

An important aspect of maintaining your iPad is keeping it clean.

Cleaning the screen and exterior surfaces is essential.

Be sure to clean the charging port and speaker holes on a regular basis since these are critical components of the device.

Consequently, you will have less difficulty charging your iPhone in the future.

It is imperative that you store your charging cable properly, but it is also important that you use it carefully.

The rubber coating immediately stretches and tears upon bending the cord, particularly near the plugs.

Moreover, the wires will be worn out over time and may even be severed.

Typically, if the iPad charger only works occasionally, the wires are separating and the cord needs to be replaced.

You should also consider purchasing an iPad case.

There are many iPad cases on the market that are extremely durable, but they are not all the same.

In case of a drop, your iPad will be well protected if you choose the right kind of case.

You should get your device repaired as soon as possible if you need to take it in for repair.

In this manner, the problem will be diagnosed and solved in a timely manner, and it won’t worsen.

Visit an Apple store to have your damaged iPad repaired.

Even if you have it repaired correctly, if you take it to someone else, the warranty will be void, and the device will not work.

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