Can Apple Watch Take Temperatures?

The Apple Watch has amazed us with its vast variety of features since its launch in 2015.

It has an electrocardiogram (ECG) App, can count your calories, send and receive SMS text messages and phone calls, check your blood oxygen level, and even has an electrocardiogram (ECG) App.

So, yes, the Apple Device can do a lot, particularly in terms of tracking your health, which is the main draw of including this watch in your daily gear.

Is the Apple Watch, however, capable of measuring body temperature? Is it possible to take your temperature with an iPhone if you don’t have one? Is it possible to get apps for that?

Is the Apple Watch Temperature Sensitive?

No, the Apple Watch won’t be able to detect your body temperature. Other smartwatches, such as the Fitbit Sense, can accomplish this, so it’s unclear why Apple hasn’t included it in the Apple Watch. While the iPhone cannot take your temperature, you can use it in conjunction with a suitable digital thermometer to keep track of your body temperature changes throughout the day.

Many of us are now forced to take our temps before going to work or sending our children to school, thus having this feature would be really useful.

I use the thermometer a lot at home as a parent of little children, but I don’t have anything for when we’re out and about.

Many other parents want to take their children’s temperatures, so why not use the iPhone to do it? Why not use the Apple Watch to take your own temperature?

With such a huge demand for this type of feature, you’d think Apple would include a built-in thermometer in the Apple Watch.

After all, it’s capable of measuring a wide range of biometrics.

You’ll be sorry to learn that this is one of the few functions that the Apple Watch lacks.

Allow me to explain why this is so.

Why isn’t the Apple Watch capable of detecting your body temperature?

To be honest, I’m surprised Apple didn’t include a thermometer as a function on the Apple Watch.

Given everything that has transpired since the outbreak began, individuals are more interested than ever in taking their temperatures.

While body temperature, blood glucose monitoring, and blood pressure tracking have all been mentioned, it appears that these features are still a few years away and will not be included in the next Apple Watch 8 Series.

Which biometrics is the Apple Watch capable of tracking?

That being said, the Apple Watch can measure and track a lot of other biometric trends.

Here are just some of the things you can do on the Apple Watch regarding your health and wellness:

  1. Tracking your sleep is a good idea.
  2. New workouts are being added.
  3. Detection of hand washing
  4. Keeping track of your caloric intake and outflow.
  5. Keep track of how many steps you take each day.
  6. Measurement of blood oxygen levels.
  7. Receive notifications about your heart rate.
  8. An ECG application.

To put it another way, the Apple Watch monitors a lot of your physical activity and delivers incredibly accurate feedback and analysis.

How can you find a digital thermometer that works with the iPhone?

So you’re considering acquiring a digital thermometer for your iPhone or Apple Watch.

There are various compatible models on the market right now, as well as a number of useful apps, but ThermoWatch is by far the finest.

This software is designed to operate with the Apple Watch and allows you to record temperature readings from a digital thermometer.

If you search for “thermometer” in the App Store, you’ll discover a few apps that will function with your iPhone and a compatible digital thermometer.

Before you register your basal body temperature into the app, you’ll need to take your temperature with a thermometer.

Will smartwatches ever be able to take the place of digital thermometers?

Smartwatches can accomplish a lot of things, but they’re not going to replace the tried-and-true techniques of biometric assessment anytime soon.

Digital thermometers are still very much a ‘thing,’ and will likely continue to be for many years.

Smartwatches, on the other hand, are beginning to incorporate these features.

It’s possible that once the Apple Watch can detect body temperature, more people will want to get it.

The more health and wellness features Apple adds, the more appealing this watch gets.

What apps can detect your body temperature?

If you’re looking for a good app to take your temperature, the Health app is a fantastic option.

It’s a built-in app for iPhones and Apple Watches.

It has a lot of features and allows you to add new apps, such as Dexcom G6 for continuous glucose monitoring.

You can even use it to learn more about your sleep patterns and how to get better sleep at night.

Is purchasing an Apple Watch worthwhile?

To be honest, with all of the other features, the Apple Watch may be worth purchasing.

To set up your Apple Watch and have it operate with all of your biometrics, all you need is an iPhone and a Bluetooth connection.

It effectively acts as an extension of your iPhone, allowing you to work out while leaving your phone at home or in the gym locker.

The Apple Watch is one of the most accurate smartwatches available for individuals who want to track their health. However, it is not inexpensive.

You’ll need to set aside some money in your budget for it.

Closing Thoughts

While the Apple Watch does not yet have the ability to take your temperature, it can assist you in recording temperatures taken with a digital thermometer.

Many of your other biometrics will be tracked, making it a useful device to have on hand (well, on wrist) when attempting to keep track of your health.

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