Can Dropping AirPods Break Them?

It’s okay to be a little clumsy sometimes. The reason Apple is so drop-safe is because it cares about its customers. AirPods look teeny tiny, but they’re actually pretty powerful.

Apple’s Airpods have been a popular purchase for iPhone owners since they were introduced in 2016. Since headphone jacks are gone from the iPhone 7, we’re stuck using Bluetooth earbuds for listening to music.

They cost a lot more than regular earbuds, but they’re built to last much longer. They’re made of thick polycarbonate, so they’re able to withstand regular wear and tear.

Certainly, your Airpods can be damaged after being dropped, as other user reports tend to suggest. It is possible that poor Airpods maintenance is to blame. It is also possible that bad luck is to blame. Regardless of how you choose to use your AirPods, it is crucial that you take care of them, and the best way to do so is to store them in their case when not in use. The purpose of this is to protect them from potential accidents and to recharge them as necessary.

The purpose of this guide is to discuss the consequences of dropping your Airpods.

Dropping Airpods can they break?

It’s unlikely that dropping your Airpods will break them. It is unlikely that they will be damaged unless you drop them from a rather high height onto the ground. Yet, it is always better to err on the side of caution and store your Airpods safely when they’re not in use.

What is the durability of Airpods? What happens if they are dropped in a puddle? Will the case be able to withstand a few drops? Please continue reading to learn more.

How durable are Airpods?

The wires of conventional headphones can break after prolonged use. The Airpods don’t have that issue although they are more susceptible to accidental drops due to their wireless nature. What if they get dropped? Is there any damage?

There’s no denying that the Airpods are expensive, but it’s worth it. These earbuds are made from an exterior chassis made of solid (but light) plastic that holds the internal bits and bobbles in place. It’s basically a protective shell.

How many people have dropped their Airpods by mistake from the wrong height onto the wrong surface? Plenty. How do you care for Airpods properly? Maybe. You’ll find that most Airpods are pretty durable.

Can Airpods be used in the water?

Your Airpods Pro or the third generation Airpods are water-resistant – both are rated IPX4, meaning that they can withstand accidental splashes. Given that the first or second generation of the standard Airpods do not appear to have an IPX rating, it is difficult to predict how they will perform.

Having said that, if you drop your Airpods in a puddle or snowbank, find them quickly, pat them down with a paper towel, and place them in a Ziploc bag with brown rice. The rice will remove moisture, preventing any potential damage to the iPods’ electrical components.

How durable are the Airpods Max?

The active noise cancelling, high-performance Airpods Max headphones have an integrated electromechanical hinge. Because of this hinge, the headphones are more flexible.

Nevertheless, some customers have noted that dropping them can result in the hinge malfunctioning, which can cause playback problems. Consequently, while a full-on headset may appear to be the best choice, it may not actually be the most durable option.

What is the case’s strength?

Watch this YouTube video to see how well it handles drops from various heights if you’re wondering how durable the Airpods case is. Even after being washed in a washing machine, Airpods and their case have only suffered minor damage to their sound quality.

The case is constructed of lightweight plastic, so, although it does not weigh much, if you drop it, it can withstand the impact. This is the very purpose of the case. The case provides your Airpods with yet another layer of protection when they are in it. The only issue with this is that the Airpods might fall out of the case when dropped. There is also the possibility of damaging the charging components located inside of the case.

How long do Airpods usually last?

Airpods and their case should perform at their peak for at least two years if properly maintained and stored. These tiny buds require regular maintenance.

Where can I get replacement Airpods?

If your Airpods have been dropped and they are actually damaged, it is necessary to purchase a completely new set from Apple. The warranty that comes with Airpods only covers factory defects. For replacements of damaged items, you must pay a fee. If you are still within the warranty period, there will be a $29 charge per incident. You will be charged $89 for each Airpods pro if the warranty has expired.

It might be more cost-effective to discard your old Airpods and replace them with the newest generation.

Closing Thoughts

Drops from average heights are not a problem for Airpods. It is even possible to wash the contents of the case in the washing machine. The fact that they are able to take a beating does not imply that they should.

By taking good care of your Airpods, you can increase their lifespan and reduce the amount of money you will have to spend on repairs and replacements.


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