Can I Bring My Bose Speaker On A Plane?

When you plan to bring electronics on your flight, packing for a flight may be quite stressful.

You should know what is allowed by the TSA before you pack a Bose speaker in your luggage.

Can I take my Bose speaker on a plane?

There are no restrictions on portable speakers like Bose on airplanes. You can check your Bose speakers or pack them in your carry-on. When you pass through the TSA checkpoint, make sure you put the speaker in the plastic bin.

It doesn’t have to be stressful to pack for your next flight.

You’ll find information below about what electronics are allowed.

Bose speakers packed for travel

Say you’re getting ready to fly out for Spring Break with your friends, but if there’s no music, will it be Spring Break? No, it won’t be, so the Bose speaker is a must.

The good news is you can take Bose speakers on a plane.

Speakers can be in checked bags and carry-on bags, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). 

Your airline may have different rules, so you should talk with them for more details.

Technically, you can place speakers in either a checked or carry-on bag, but many factors might determine which bag you use.

Most portable speakers are powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Excessive heat can damage these batteries.

Some planes have extremely cold baggage areas. 

These, and other reasons, make packing tricky.

It says that Lithium batteries with 100-watt hours or less can be checked or carried in a carry-on bag as long as they’re installed in the device.

Since most Bose speakers have an installed battery, this means you can store the speaker in either bag during your flight. 

Please note, however, that if you have a speaker whose batteries are separate from the device, or if you have a spare battery, it should be packed in your carry-on bag.

When packing your Bose speaker in your checked baggage, you must always switch it off. This is recommended by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

There should also be a method of preventing it from being accidentally activated. 

Make sure you wrap your Bose speaker in bubble wrap or with a cloth before putting it in your checked bag to avoid damage during the flight.

The Bose speaker can be placed in your checked baggage, however, this bag will be tossed and stacked under other bags during the flight. 

It is possible to wrap the item in bubble wrap or with a soft towel, but it will still be damaged. 

You should pack your Bose speaker in your carry-on if the speaker has a battery installed. 

Security instructions must be followed, of course.

How to get a Bose speaker past security

The next step is to have your bag checked once you have packed your Bose speaker. 

We assure you that carrying your Bose speaker through security will not make you feel like a criminal.

Your Bose wireless speaker may be brought on the airplane if it is in your carry-on bag, according to the AskTSA Twitter account.

It may not be possible for you to utilize this device on the plane, but you will be able to utilize it once you reach your destination.

While you are going through security, please remember to remove your Bose speaker from your carry-on bag and place it in a plastic bin. 

If anything is placed under or over the speaker, the X-ray machine will be affected.

You may even wish to place the Bose speaker in its container during the security checkpoint. 

It will then undergo an X-ray examination and be returned to your bag afterward.

The TSA and airlines permit the use of speakers on the flight, but if the TSA agent deems the speaker to be prohibited, you will be asked to leave it behind. 

Your safety and the safety of others are at stake. 

You may want to pack your Bose speaker with other luggage if you are concerned about this happening. 

The baggage, however, will not necessarily be handled with care, so in both ways, there are potential risks.

If there is any chance that your speaker won’t be allowed on the plane, you might want to call the airport before flying.

Other technologies allowed on planes

It is rare to have to transport large, expensive electronics onboard a flight, but it is possible to do so occasionally.

Would you be able to bring other electronic devices and Bose products onboard your aircraft?

You can bring Bose headphones or earbuds on your flight if you own a pair. It is possible to pack headphones either in your carry-on or checked baggage. It may be best to place it in your carry-on luggage so that you can listen to it during the flight.

What about the Bose sunglasses speakers? Do they qualify as speakers or as sunglasses? 

The Bose sunglasses you own can be brought on the flight with you or even worn on the aircraft. 

If, however, the TSA agents become confused and/or suspicious, bring along the owner’s manual.

The Bose soundbar speakers can be used with televisions, even though the company does not sell televisions.

The Bose soundbars can be taken on the plane, but what about the televisions? You may be able to take it on board if you find a suitcase or TV that is large enough. 

If you wish, you may even bring it as a carry-on, but you will probably not wish to do so since planes are extremely crowded.

You will likely need a gaming system to accompany your Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset when you take it on your next flight.

Gaming systems of full size, such as Xboxes, PlayStations, and Game Cubes, are permitted in the cabin. 

It is possible to pack these items in either a checked or carry-on bag. 

This type of device must also be packaged for protection and then put into a separate bin during x-ray screening.

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