Can I Charge Beats Flex With A MacBook Charger?

You may have noticed that your MacBook and your Beats Flex use the same type of port to connect your charger due to the proliferation of charging ports that use the USB-C standard. This is because USB-C is the standard for charging ports.

C-to-C is the connection that is used for the Beats Flex’s standard charging cable.

This indicates that the shape of a USB-C port is present on both ends of the cable.

Twenty watts is the standard power supply for the Beats Flex charging block.

Is it Possible to Charge Beats Flex with a Charger for a MacBook?

Because the MacBook Air and newer iPads use a 30 Watt USB-C-to-C charger, you can use the charger that came with your MacBook to charge your Beats Flex up to its maximum capacity

However, MacBook Pros require a charger that is significantly more powerful, ranging from 45 to 60 Watts. That is two to three times the Wattage that Apple intended for the Beats Flex to be charged with when it was first released.

You will be able to charge your Beats Flex using one of these powerful chargers, but there is a risk that your earbuds will become damaged due to overheating if you do so.

The capacity of the battery contained within your Beats Flex earbuds is only sufficient to provide power for approximately 12 hours when the volume is set to fifty percent.

In terms of its dimensions, it is roughly the same size as a quarter.

Even if the cable that is used is the same one, it is possible to cause heat damage to the device due to its smaller size if you use a charging block that is significantly more powerful than what is recommended.

The capacity of the battery may even decrease as a result of the expansion that can result from overcharging.

Can you tell me about the Charger that comes with the Beats Flex?

The USB-C to USB-C charging cable that comes included with the Beats Flex earbuds is attached to a 20-watt charging block.

Because of the high power throughput, your Beats Flex can go from having no battery life to having an hour and a half of battery life in just ten minutes.

In a little under 90 minutes, it is even able to completely charge the battery to its maximum capacity.

If you use a charging block with a higher capacity, such as the 45 Watt block used for MacBooks or the 65 Watt block used for MacBook Pros, it will charge even more quickly; however, you run the risk of your earbuds becoming damaged due to overheating if you do so.

Even though Apple products come with built-in safety features designed to protect against the damage of this kind, it is still possible for your battery to overheat and expand.

You are free to use virtually any USB-C to USB-C cable you want.

Just check to make sure that the power supply that it is plugged into does not exceed 30 Watts.

The 20 Watts block is the one that is suggested to be used.

It is not something I would recommend taking a chance on. Even though the Beats Flex is not the most pricey earbuds on the market, you still don’t want to risk damaging them by occasionally charging them at a higher rate than they were designed for.

Can Beats Headphones Be Charged Using an Apple Charger?

Using an Apple Charger to power up your Beats Flex is not at all out of the question. A good example is a block that is utilized in the process of charging Apple’s iPhone. It has a connection port that is USB-C and has a power output of 20 Watts.

It is recommended that you use this charging block in conjunction with your Beats Flex.

On the other hand, as was mentioned in the preceding paragraph, not all Apple charging blocks are built the same.

Different devices have different Watt ratings, which indicate the amount of power that is transferred from the wall outlet, through the cable, and into the device that is being charged.

Apple’s charging blocks, also known as power adapters, are available in the following ratings:

  • 5W USB
  •  12W USB
  • 20W USB
  • 30W USB
  • 45W USB
  • 61W USB
  • 85W USB
  •  96W USB
  • 100W USB

Some of the blocks do not have a USB-C port that can be connected.

For instance, the 5 and 12W both come equipped with a regular USB-A connection port; to connect your Beats Flex to this port, you will need an adapter.

These can be used to charge your Beats Flex without causing any harm, but it will take significantly longer for your Beats Flex to achieve a full charge. The Beats Flex comes with a power adapter rated at 20W as standard.

If you have the opportunity, I strongly suggest going with this particular power adapter.

If you find yourself in a situation where you do not have access to your standard charger, you can still use a power adapter that has a 30W output, such as the one that comes with a MacBook Air.

Once you reach 45W and higher, you should probably avoid them altogether.

Even though they can charge your Beats Flex, there is a risk that they will overcharge it, which could result in irreparable heat damage.

This could result in the battery expanding, an explosion, or the device melting, depending on the severity of the situation.

What is the correct charging procedure for my Apple Beats Flex?

There are three things that you will need to charge your Beats Flex headphones.

  • Beats Flex
  • cable that connects two USB-C ports
  • Power Adapter 20W If a 20W device is unavailable, a different power source can be used without issue, but it is not advised.

Connect the power adapter to the USB-C cord.

Then, connect the power adapter to a wall socket for charging.

Now, all that is required is to attach the Beats Flex’s USB-C port.

In around 10 minutes, you will have 1.5 hours of battery life.

If you keep it plugged in for slightly less than 90 minutes, it will be fully charged and ready to play audio for up to 12 hours.

Can Beats Studio Buds be charged with a MacBook charger?

It all depends on the MacBook model you own.

Chargers for the MacBook Pro are far too powerful to be used with your Beats Flex.

The USB-C cable will connect to your Beats Flex and also rapidly charge it.

It may also cause your Beats Flex battery to overheat and swell if it is overcharged.

This can sometimes result in a hazardous explosion.

A battery that has been overcharged may explode long after the charger has been disconnected.

Given that these earbuds are designed to be worn around the neck, any explosion might be fatal. It is essential to avoid overcharging your Beats Flex earbuds.

In addition to the dangers of battery growth, it will cause your earphones’ battery capacity to decrease and diminish their lifespan.

I recommend that you do not charge your Beats Flex with a power adapter above 30 W.

If you are without your Beats Flex charger and need to charge your headphones, you can plug them into the USB-C port on your MacBook.

It will deplete the battery of your MacBook, but only to the extent necessary to charge your Beats Flex.

This is the greatest emergency charging solution.


Can other USB-C charging blocks be used to power the Beats Flex?

As long as your Beats Flex has a USB-C connector or you have a USB-A to USB-C cable, you can use other brands of charging blocks and power converters.

If you are around other individuals with USB-C earbuds or headphones, it should be okay to use their charger to charge your Beats.

Ensure that they are not utilizing a power adaptor that exceeds 30 W.

It should be identified on the outlet-pronged side.

Can the iPhone charge my Beats Flex?

Your Beats Flex cannot be charged wirelessly.

Through the use of a USB-C lightning connector, Beats may be able to receive power from the iPhone’s battery.

This is somewhat complicated and may not work.

As a precaution, the answer is no.

Your iPhone’s charging port was not designed to charge other devices.

Why doesn’t my Beats Flex have 12 hours of battery life?

Apple’s 12-hour playback time is contingent on listening to music at 50 percent loudness.

Both the audio drivers and wireless adapters within your Beats Flex require charging.

The greater the volume, the greater the power consumption.

Depending on the age of your earphones, you will likely only receive between 8 and 10 hours of battery life if you always listen to music and watch movies at full volume.

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