Can I Use a Portable Bluetooth Speaker In My Car?

I would like to begin by providing some background information: I recently purchased a 2004 Pontiac Vibe after my Honda Accord’s transmission slipped.

As it happens, my new car, Betty (named after the Golden Girl), has almost everything I could desire – other than a Bluetooth-enabled audio system.

This was at least one of the advantages of my old Accord.

So, after getting behind Betty’s wheel, I began to wonder whether I could use a Bluetooth speaker so that I could at least listen to all of the albums I had stored on my iPhone.

Can it be accomplished? Must I listen to CDs again? Would it be appropriate for me to begin saving for a new sound system for Betty? During my driving, will I be able to make or receive calls hands-free again?

This query of mine immediately prompted me to begin researching, and I soon discovered that there are several other owners of older vehicles who have the same concerns. I assume that you also have these concerns.

I have some good news to share with you, my dear reader.

Is it possible to use a Bluetooth portable speaker in my automobile?

Bluetooth speakers enable you to make hands-free calls and play music in your car with high-quality sound. Some are designed specifically for use in a motor vehicle. Several important factors should be considered before purchasing one.

Using a Bluetooth speaker in your car is, indeed, a bit more cumbersome, but it is possible.

The re are indeed true of using a Bluetooth speaker in your automobile, however, there are also some advantages.

Some Bluetooth speakers have been designed specifically for use in vehicles.

What is the best way to select a vehicle-mountable Bluetooth speaker?

Which are the best currently available on the market?

What is the procedure for connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your vehicle? Is it possible to connect it to your radio?

Please continue reading to learn how you can install an in-vehicle Bluetooth speaker.

How to choose the right Bluetooth speaker for your car

You can choose from several portable Bluetooth speakers on the market right now, and you can use any one of them for in-vehicle use.

There are, however, a few that stand out from the rest due to their unique characteristics.

What are the most important features to consider? I will discuss them briefly.

Automatic waking and pairing

This feature allows your speaker to automatically pair with your host device (such as your smartphone).

In most cases, you will not have to do anything; it will automatically turn on and off when you enter and exit the vehicle.

The Voice Prompt

Want to make or receive calls without pressing any buttons? Many speakers have a voice prompt feature that enables this functionality.

You need to provide the Bluetooth speaker with voice command so that it can perform the task of making and answering calls for you.

Reduction of noise

Even with a well-muted cabin, driving can be quite noisy.

By using noise cancellation, it is possible to reduce some of the noise pollutions.

There will be less noise on the other end of the line when someone calls you so that your voice is more clear.


Of course, you will want something that can be easily carried around.

Most of these portable Bluetooth speakers are small and lightweight, but some are exceptionally compact.

Ideally, you should choose a product that does not occupy excessive space within the vehicle.

A mode for the night

Do you make calls at night when you are driving? As a result, the blinking light will be turned off in night mode so as not to cause a distraction while driving.

Quality of sound

In terms of audio quality, your speakers should be at least as good as those in your vehicle, if not better.

You mustn’t downgrade here.

With a speaker with a wide frequency range, you will experience better sound quality.


This speaker will be transported from place to place, so it must survive potential drops.

Additionally, it must be capable of withstanding liquids.

There are water-resistant models available on the market that can withstand the occasional splash of rain or spilled coffee.

What to Consider When Choosing Bluetooth Speakers

I have experimented with quite a few Bluetooth speakers over the years.

The following are two of the most user-friendly portable GPS units I have found.

Freeway of Jabra

In addition to being portable and easy to install, the Jabra Freeway has excellent sound quality and an integrated dual microphone.

You can easily hear your voice while on the telephone thanks to the noise cancellation feature.

You can make and receive phone calls using a voice command, and the speaker will read the name of the caller for you.

Speakerphone for the vehicle, VeoPulse

The VeoPulse is another excellent option. You need to slide the portable speaker onto your car’s sun visor to install it. It is small, lightweight, and easy to carry around.

Siri and Google voice commands are supported, so you can operate the telephone entirely hands-free.

Rejecting an incoming call is as simple as saying “no”.

It has a rather impressive battery life as well.

Roadster Pro from Motorola

Due to its noise cancellation feature, Motorola Roadster Pro allows you to easily be heard on the other end of the line.

The model has four built-in microphones, unlike most other models, so sound can be heard from any direction.

The battery of this speaker should last for an extended period if it is regularly charged.

Orient Angle 3

The acoustic driver on the Oontz Angle 3 provides exceptional sound quality.

The bass radiator is projected downward and, as a result, distortion is minimized.

It is a versatile speaker that can be used indoors, outdoors, or in a vehicle.

As for the battery life, it offers 14 hours of operation.

What is the connection process between a Bluetooth speaker and a vehicle?

Connecting can be accomplished in several ways.

The first step is to ensure that you have enabled Bluetooth on your host device and that the speaker is in pairing mode.

You will need to do the following to connect your portable Bluetooth speaker to your phone:

  1. Install the speaker in the desired location.
  2. To charge the speaker, connect it to the car’s charging cable.
  3. Find the name of the device under the Settings > Bluetooth section of your phone.
  4. Pair the device by tapping on it.

Is your car’s radio compatible with your speaker?

Your vehicle’s radio can be connected to your speaker. Nevertheless, the only way that you can do this is if you have a double din smart or Android stereo system installed in your vehicle.

What is the process for installing Bluetooth in my vehicle?

In my car, Bluetooth is not available.

You may be able to integrate it into the stereo system of your automobile.

To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  1. A universal Bluetooth car kit is ideal since it will function in any type of vehicle.
  2. Use a Bluetooth car adapter to connect your factory-installed radio.
  3. Incorporating a brand-new stereo with Bluetooth functionality. This option is the most time-consuming and expensive.


Using a portable Bluetooth speaker does not require your car to have Bluetooth built-in.

Several methods are available for attaching it to the vehicle, and you can also select from the various portable speakers available on the market.

Many of them are certainly worth considering, but a few are particularly noteworthy.

I can assure you that Betty and I were extremely pleased with the addition of Bluetooth technology to our driving experience.

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