Can I use iPhone 12 on any carrier?

Yes, the iPhone 12 ships unlocked and ready for activation on any US wireless carrier. All models of this device support 30 LTE bands as well 20 different 5G frequency ranges so it will work great with your favorite cell provider no matter what you’re looking to do!

But what about when you want to buy an iPhone? Well, if it’s with AT&T there are some restrictions. You’ll have access only through the carrier and they won’t let go of your phone even after payments end!

Only one model of each iPhone 12 variant is manufactured by Apple for use in the United States across all carriers:

US iPhone 12 model numbers (unlocked)

  • iPhone 12: Model A2172
  • iPhone 12 mini: Model A2176
  • iPhone 12 Pro: Model A2341
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: Model A2342

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