Can Roku Browse The Internet?

If you enjoy watching TV and movies, you must have a Roku in your house. Roku has been a household name for more than two decades. Roku gives you internet access to both free and paid video entertainment on your TV. 

To make things even easier, Roku TV was introduced, which has all of Roku’s features integrated. Netflix was the only streaming platform accessible when Roku originally launched in 2008. 

Streaming Internet TV has acquired broad acceptability over time. Streaming media is putting a lot of pressure on cable TV these days. There is practically little cable TV material that a Roku device can’t stream to your TV. 

However, have you ever wondered if Roku can access the internet? We’ll learn more about it, as well as Roku, in this post.

Can Roku Browse the Internet?

Is Roku able to access the internet? Yes, Roku has a web browser via which you may access the internet. It is, however, neither a native built-in browser nor an app that is supported. 

As a result, setting up a Roku internet browser is simple. There are only a few web browser alternatives for Roku, and they only provide minimal functions.

Continue reading to find out what the best web browser for Roku is, as well as a workaround for improved browsing on your Roku.

What Is the Best Web Browser for Roku?

This is a common query from TV and movie fans who want to get more out of their Roku. Only two browsers are available in the Roku Channel shop, which has been active for nearly two decades. 

Even though Roku’s competitors provide internet browsers on their streaming devices, Roku has resisted the urge. Roku does not create any of the browsers offered in the shop.

Here are the two best web browsers for Roku that are available on the Roku Channel Store:
  • Web Browser X
  • POPRISM Web Browser

Web Browser X: The Top Web Browser for Roku

The finest web browser for Roku is Web Browser X. It’s a basic browser with a minimalistic graphical user interface (GUI). It does not have the same slickness as web browsers like Chrome.

It’s a simple browser that just performs the bare minimum of functionality. Its typography and user interface are the minimal essentials.

The browser is designed for lightly viewing the web. Complex pages may occasionally fail to display. It comes pre-loaded with Google News, ABC News, and CNN, among other favorites. 

However, you may still get to any website simply by typing the URL into the address field. You may also add websites to your favorites list that you visit frequently.

Web Browser X is a simple program to use. Use the left and right navigation buttons on your remote to hop from one link to the next on the page, and use the up/down arrows to scroll through the content on the page to visit a web page.

Unfortunately, the browser is unable to play YouTube videos or other comparable websites, nor can it fill out web forms such as login, sign up, or password entry.

PRISM Web Browser

On the Channel’s shop, this is the other web browser accessible for Roku. It’s the second-best Roku browser. The sole disadvantage of this browser is that it does not read anything but text. The first version is unable to interpret visuals such as pictures.

It lacks a graphical user interface (GUI), CSS, and JavaScript. As a result, it will return unformatted text for each page you visit. As a result, the browser is unable to display the most recent web pages.

The bulk of websites nowadays is jam-packed with graphics, music, and video. However, it is sufficient for accessing online bulletin boards, text-based RSS feeds, and websites with a lot of text content. Additionally, key Google search results can be displayed nicely on this browser.

Installing A Web Browser on Roku?

You may be wondering if you can install your favorite web browser on Roku due to the limited number of web browsers accessible. This is a subject that many fans of television and movies have pondered.

It’s really helpful to have a browser on your Roku since it eliminates the hassle of moving from one device to another when you need to access the internet.

Additionally, some streaming services offer weblinks that need you to be connected to the internet. It’s more convenient to access the links directly from your Roku. Even if the finest options for you aren’t the best, they’re the best you can get for your Roku.

Can I download a Web Brower on Roku?

So, can I get a web browser for my Roku? Yes, a web browser for Roku may be downloaded and installed. Screen mirroring is the most effective approach. You may use this to transfer a browser from your PC or smartphone to your Roku player.

Apart from downloading and installing the Roku internet browser from the Roku store, the only other option is to use screen mirroring to transmit a browser from a smartphone or other device to your Roku. You’ll be able to utilize any browser available on your phone this way.

You will be able to utilize the browser capabilities that you are accustomed to on your phone with this method, and you will be able to view practically any website without limitation.

How to use Chrome on Roku

One of the most popular web browsers is Google Chrome. Many individuals prefer Chrome over other browsers because of its simplicity and ease of use. Have you ever wondered if Chrome can be used on a Roku device? If you answered yes, keep reading to learn how to accomplish it.

How to get Chrome on Roku

Is Chrome available on Roku? Yes, using the screen mirroring method, you may use Chrome on Roku. You can mirror your Chrome on Roku and browse the internet using a conventional web browser whether you’re on a Windows or Android smartphone.

How to Cast Chrome Web Browser on Roku from an Android Device

If you prefer to utilize your Google Chrome browser to browse the internet, Roku offers a solution for you. Chrome may be installed on Roku by mirroring the Chrome web browser on your smartphone.

Whether you are using an Android smartphone or a tablet, you can follow these steps:

  1. On your Android smartphone or tablet, go to Settings.
  2. Select Connected Devices from the menu, then Pair New Devices.
  3. Allow Android to track your Roku device’s location.
  4. By tapping the Roku device name, you may wait for the connection to be created.
  5. On your smartphone or tablet, use the Chrome Web browser or any other browser you want.

Make sure your phone or tablet supports Miracast before proceeding with the procedures above. This is the technology that Roku Screen Mirroring uses. This technique is limited to devices that are linked to Windows and Android and can cast their display natively.

Because Miracast isn’t supported by iOS or macOS, you’ll have to rely on a third-party program to accomplish the same. The finest third-party program for casting Roku on iPhone is AirBeamTV.

Screen mirroring is a great option if you need to utilize a full-featured Google Chrome web browser on your Roku device despite the limits.


Your Roku device has internet access. They do so, however, with several limits. On your phone, tablet, laptop, or personal computer, you won’t be able to obtain the clean and sophisticated experience of utilizing a web browser. Regardless, you’ll like the simplicity of using your Roku to get online.

Roku devices are still one of the most effective methods to broadcast entertainment to your television. Unfortunately, Roku devices do not have a Google Chrome App. If you wish to use Chrome on your TV, you’ll need to use a Miracast-enabled device to mirror your screen.

If you’ve been wondering if Roku can access the internet, this in-depth article provides an answer. Unfortunately, the number of alternatives available to you is limited. The browsers on Roku devices aren’t as good as those on Fire TV sticks or Android set-top boxes, for example.

There are just two alternatives available to you: Web Browser X and Prism. Prism can only show text and cannot display images or flash content. The greatest choice for accessing the internet on Roku is Web Browser X. 

When you try to browse websites that are heavy or have a lot of CSS and JavaScript, it is still unstable. The good news is that you can retrieve all of the search results by going to the Google search webpage. 

If neither of these browsers works, your only alternative is to mirror your Android or Windows screen onto your television. This will allow you to view as many pages as you like, but it does have limitations.

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