Can Verizon Change iPhone Batteries?

In addition to providing comprehensive cell coverage, Verizon Wireless also provides device support and protection to its customers.

Customers of Verizon can choose between two different protection plans, depending on their location and the type of device they use.

However, if you require a new iPhone battery, can you simply take your device to a Verizon store and have the battery replaced there?

Is it possible for Verizon to replace iPhone batteries?

Verizon does not have in-house staff that change cell phone batteries. Rather, Verizon works in collaboration with Asurion Insurance Services to provide device repair services to their insured customers. 

Claims can be filed online through Asurion’s website, and same-day repairs are available at select Verizon locations nationwide.

Getting a new battery for an old phone can breathe fresh life into it. Fortunately, if you are a Verizon customer, acquiring a new battery is a straightforward process.

Additional information is provided below on how to determine if you have device protection, how to enrol in mobile insurance, and how to file a claim.

How to Determine Whether or Not You Are Covered

Don’t be concerned if you can’t recall whether or not you purchased iPhone insurance. There are a variety of methods for determining whether or not you are covered for battery replacement.

Checking with Verizon is the most reliable approach to determine whether or not your cell phone is insured.

To speak with a representative, contact Verizon by phone, visit their website, or visit a Verizon store near you.

A second option is to have a look at your phone bill to determine if you’re being billed for device protection.

You might find this option beneficial if you already have your bill saved in your email account.

Finally, if you have kept your original Verizon contract, you can go through it to find out about warranty information, device protection details, and other basic Verizon regulations and procedures.

Instructions for Obtaining Verizon Insurance

Depending on whether or not you discovered that you did not have device coverage, you may be entitled to enrol in Verizon’s device protection.

To do so, contact Verizon at 1.800.256.4646, visit their website at, or go to a Verizon retail location.

Verizon Protect is currently available for a monthly fee of slightly less than 15 dollars.

Alternatively, you can purchase multi-device protection for 45 dollars per account.

As only certain devices are eligible for coverage, you should double-check that your device is among those that are eligible before signing up for service.

The enrollment period is limited to 30 days following the activation or update of the device.

As a result, you have a rather short period of time to decide whether or not you want to purchase insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, if you have already passed the 30-day grace period, obtaining device coverage will be difficult, if not impossible, at this point.

Furthermore, if the device’s battery is already faulty, you will be unable to obtain insurance.

Verizon’s insurance is preventative in nature and does not cover damage that has already occurred.

However, it is always a good idea to double-check the warranty on your gadget.

When it comes to worn-down batteries, depending on how long you’ve had your device, you might be qualified for a replacement even if you don’t have Verizon Protection Insurance.

If your equipment is malfunctioning and less than two years old, it is imperative that you verify the warranty!

How to File a Claim with Your Insurance Company

Make certain that you are the account owner before attempting to submit a claim. Also, make certain that you are familiar with your Verizon account PIN number.

In order to file a general insurance claim, you must call Asurion Insurance Services at 1.888.881.2622 or log onto your My Verizon Account.

These types of claims are for gadgets that have been lost, stolen, or damaged.

Call Asurion at 1.866.406.5154 if you need to register a claim for a battery replacement.

Please keep in mind that this is a different number than the one used for general claims.

The cost of gadget repair or replacement varies based on the type of equipment and the extent of the damage it has sustained.

Your deductible can be as little as 9$ or as much as 250$, depending on your situation.

Make certain that you understand the expense of filing a claim before you decide to forward with it.

What to Do If You Aren’t Covered

When it comes to iPhone battery replacement, going directly to Apple is a great option.

For a device that is within warranty or covered by AppleCare+, they will replace the battery for free.

The only stipulation is that the device, aside from the battery, must be in good working order, which means no cracked phone screens.

Additionally, Apple will replace iPhone batteries that have reached the end of their warranty period for a reasonable fee.

Battery replacement for older iPhones is only $49 for the first year. Newer models are only $69, which is a significant savings.

Third-party repair services are also available to replace a battery that has become ineffective.

Look through your local phone book to find a reputable independent repair company. Make sure to read reviews and to double-check that the service you choose is dependable and reputable.

Is Verizon Protect a good investment?

I personally have chosen not to get Verizon Protect.

Verizon is the service provider I use, and I am very pleased with their offerings.

However, I’ve found that the device insurance is more expensive and frustrating than it is worth.

At $15 per month, I will be able to pay off a new battery in less than four months. In just one year, I’ll be able to replace the battery, repair the screen, and install a new USB port.

In three years, I’ll be able to purchase a brand new refurbished phone.

When you factor in the additional cost of the repair deductibles, Verizon Protect becomes even less financially advantageous than before.

Verizon Protect, on the other hand, may be worthwhile for some customers.

It’s possible that a family with young children who is covered by the plan will suffer more damage, repairs, and loss than I will.

Large families are more likely than smaller families to require repairs, which makes the insurance more affordable.

Paying for a new screen every month for a teen who is active is significantly more expensive than enrolling in the Verizon Protect programme.

Getting insured could result in hundreds of dollars in savings for the family within a year.

In addition, someone who is at high risk of having their phone lost or stolen may find the insurance plan to be much more financially sound than other options.

As previously stated, it would take three years to save enough money to purchase a different phone with the money saved by not purchasing insurance.

If the loss is likely to occur within three years, then purchasing the insurance policy may be worthwhile.

Verizon Protect may be worthwhile in the final instance, particularly in the case of an expensive and recent iPhone model.

It is worthwhile to insure a $1,200 phone because the financial loss incurred if it is lost or broken is significantly greater.

Plus, the phone is likely to last longer, meaning you have more time to take advantage of the insurance coverage.


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